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393931393931B000E1DSPEA1LYG8VBXVW7PRP. Ushakov0051206403200Kraft to the rescue!!I'll admit this it sad compared to real mac and cheese. The cheese only remotely tastes like cheese, it's not gooey and and thick and delicious with the burnt crusty top. But who has the time to go out and buy all the ingredients, prepare it and wait for it to cook? And then you have a giant dish of calorie laden, atery clogging cheesy goodness staring you in the face. So this is the perfect solution. It takes about 10 minites to make, and it's good enough to be worth the calories. For about 550 calories with a little I cant believe it's not butter you have a generous bowl. Its' cheap too so I can stock up and always have some on hand. It's a staple in our apartment where we're both lazy and dont like to cook. It doesnt taste amazing but considering everything it's a solid 5 stars.
393932393932B000E1DSPEA8WRN6S6XGAG9Brockeim "Playful Literary Adventurer"5851175472000Fills Young Bellies While Mending Broken HeartsKraft Macaroni and Cheese beckons back to lonely days running home at lunchtime. As I lay heart-strewn and crying about the harsh rejection meted upon me by the fairest of the playground beauties, soft noodles in a cheese cream sauce would ease my ache.

Daily, at morning recess, I would smile weakly and say hello to Heidi, who, in return would grimace. There stood I, in a pile of sadness, swings and slides all around, alone, and she, having moved on, would toil no longer in my presence.

Today, all so many years beyond, I do not remember if it was her kickball skills, or the way she whispered, "Green Eggs and Ham," ever so flirtatiously, just within earshot. Her gentle words were never meant for me no matter how I thought her eyes caught mine, and with clarity, at recess, I was reminded of her tease.

Recess would pass into lunchtime, and as the bell rang, I blew out the door and ran the quarter mile home. Anger, grief, all inside boiling, looking to be purged, pushed me homeward. Second grade happiness would be found where my mom made lunch.

Resting on our kitchen table, steaming with freshly ground pepper, was the golden orange macaroni and cheese. A bit of butter and a few drops of milk converged with the cheese for the smooth-sweet-salty taste with which I could indulge my insatiated heart.

My mother, forever smiling, and me, upset at Heidi who was forever guiling, until soon, I, with my belly full, was no longer riling. Fair maiden was never won by macaroni and cheese, but my broken heart was oft-mended by its flavor.

393933393933B000E1DSPEA3M7VVJ6ZQUIEWC. M. Brankovic2421163116800review of Kraft Macaroni & Cheese, Spiral, 5.5-Ounce BoxesThis type of Mac & Cheese pasta doesn't produce as much as the elbow mac & cheese. Other than that, it tastes the same. Good stuff!
393934393934B000E1DSPEA338XEO4K0KBKZscotdog "KC"0241178582400My kids favoriteI am giving this a 4 star only because my grandmother's homemade recipe is better. This one is still a kids favorite & easy on mom.
393935393935B000E1DSPEA288BX0EQTD727Marshall Astor "Marshall Astor"2631150934400FYI, the spirals are smallI bought this shape of Kraft Mac & Cheese for variety's sake. The spirals are not the large spirals that you may be familiar with from pasta salads and such. Dry and cooked they are about the same size as the regular elbow macaroni that's in other Kraft Mac & Cheese products, FYI.
393936393936B000E1DSPEA30BCRSABL9AYIMusic Lover2651150329600Make it even better!My kids love their Macaroni & Cheese but one day all we had was a generic brand. They didn't eat it all that well (Kraft really is the best) so I decided to try to make it a little better for them. Follow the recipe on the box with a couple exceptions. Put one slice of velveeta chees in while melting the butter (I melt the butter while the noodles are draining so as to melt the butter and velveeta faster) and add 1/3 cup milk. What you'll have is a less expensive version of the really creamy macaroni and cheese that Kraft sells for a lot more money. By adding extra milk and cheese they're even getting more calcium. My kids love it when I throw in hot dogs and even peas so feel free to throw in other things since it's so cheesy (the extra cheesy sauce will take things like peas that kids don't normally eat and make them taste good). Give it a try and see what you and/or your kids think!
393937393937B000E1DSPEA1RO4DEPDT1UJJD. Calvert0311275523200The Spirals are a rip-offKraft is ripping people off with this product. I made up a box of this for my two granddaughters, and it barely made enough for one small bowl each. Buy the regular Macaroni & Cheese, but I'm sure it won't be long before they cut the servings in the regular box down.
393938393938B000WVY4PEA1BENRNL86IXGDebbie2251343001600magnesium powder drinkThis drink is easy to mix, tastes good and is very effective. I was able to go off my current medication for irretable bowel syndrome and the leg cramps I have at night are gone.
393939393939B000WVY4PEA16UIPWWBUXDY4Wally Alief2251338249600It worksI bought this product to calm heart palpitations that were caused by a magnesium deficiency. After taking it as directed for a couple of weeks, the palpitations had pretty well stopped. I continue to take it daily.
393940393940B000WVY4PEA190B0KSKA55ZTRoxanne Bruckhoff2251336953600Natural calm Magnesium Raspbeery-lemonI have used this Calm for over two years and is very happy with the product it has help with stress muscle tension and many other thing. I take it very day and when I forget to take it for a day I can see the differant in my body. My Chiropractic told me to try it. Very Please
393941393941B000WVY4PEA318D41ZQ9OPNAPetiteSweet2231333411200The jury is still out....Was recommended this product by my acupuncturist to help with sleep and to keep the body 'regular.' Been taking Natural Calm Plus Calcium for 3 nights now. I am a small person, so only started with a half a teaspoon. I put it in Decaf Green Tea and take it before bed. It tastes fine, a little sweet. Now it's Day 3, and I don't know if this is one of those products that require 8 hours of sleep, but I feel foggy and exhausted, and have that 'sleeping pill' feeling, like I took a sleep aid but didn't sleep enough. (I sleep about 7 hours a night.) It's really not pleasant.
Am willing to try it some more, and will also be trying just the 'plain' Calm without the Calcium, Potassium, and Boron. Maybe those are messing with my head, not sure. Yesterday afternoon I was feeling funny, nauseous and also foggy in the head. I will say that I am sleeping more soundly at night, but to wake up feeling this groggy, and to have it last well into the morning is not fun. I will be testing more, but it seems to be doing funny things to me.
393942393942B000WVY4PEAPYNLIVIK3PQTJ. Yaskow "Janice"2251331251200No more cramps!I had been waking up with cramps in my feet and calves. I only used one scoop in my juice once a day and this product stopped the cramps within a couple days.

I recently ran out of the Natural Calm and started using Source Naturals Magnesium Malate (I had bought both products so I could compare the two). Within a week the cramps are back. I also have been getting restless legs at night, which I had forgotten about when I was taking the Natural Calm. I'm ordering more Natural Calm now.
393943393943B000WVY4PEAFOEOYSYD04J5Gerald M Crowley2251322611200good stuffWhen I am not having lemon, lime, tea, or nut milks. I want my Calm. I have heard that your teeth can take up more calcium if they are clean and magnesium is present. I think it is working to remineralize my teeth.
393944393944B000WVY4PEA2PFCD5KZ44HKZBen Jamin "Benjamin"2251321920000Drinkable Supplements Rock!The flavor of CALM is great and the children love it too. Prefer liquid supplements and because of strenuous workouts, needed to take calcium magnesium supplements. Got pills and was not taking them regularly because i generally don't like taking pills. A friend had this product, and after i tried it,was hooked. Just add to water and it is delicious!
393945393945B000WVY4PEA2WUNBOM5RIYEHK. Anderson2241321574400Calm-orange flavorSupposed to work to balance calcium and magnesium after hard exercise.
Helps in relieving muscle cramps.
Flavor is a tart orange.
393946393946B000WVY4PEA3JAUYUOHSUX41Rosanne Fischer2251319760000FibromyalgiaI had been enduring an agonizing week-long episode of what appears to be a fibromyalgic Tetany Syndrome of excruciating pain radiating from hip-joint to knee-joint along the muscles between the joints. In trying to describe to myself the electro-convulsive nature of it, I said it appeared to be like a fibrillation - only deep in my hip, and immediately the word "magnesium" popped into my mind. Dunno why.

Tottered out to kitchen and One teaspoon of Natural Calm and 20 minutes later the convulsive constant spasms stopped. I was free from pain and able to sleep. Have had to keep a steady repeated dosage to keep the spasms at bay and it is difficult to admit that I probably have Fibromyalgia, but thank God for a remedy to the pain.

I've kept the Natural Calm in my cupboard because of a peculiar muscle flutter/twitch I would get around the eyes when magnesium levels were low. Know this is just an anecdotal tale, but screaming pain one moment and no pain 20 minutes later, only difference being the magnesium is a tale that needs to be told.
393947393947B000WVY4PEA8XZ2URT8MH97Jen2251315699200Great Stuff and moreI like this produce its great stuff and it really works . I would buy it again and again, that is how much I love this
393948393948B000WVY4PEA2T0NT5M6GSDHWMimi in Nampa2251306972800Natural Calm Raspberry-Lemon magnesium is good for regularityI purchased Natural Vitality's Natural Calm Raspberry-Lemon 16 oz as a magnesium supplement to help me absorb calcium better because I was diagnosed with osteopenia--precursor to osteoporosis. I will have to wait until my next bone density test in about a year and a half to find out if adding this readily absorbed magnesium product has helped my bones. In the mean time, however, it has helped with my chronic constipation. I had been using stool softeners for the past couple of years and this works much better. It is a powder which you mix in a cup of hot water and stir. I usually take 5 grams (a heaping teaspoon) once a day. After it is dissolved, I add a little cold water so I can drink it quickly, although it does taste good.
393949393949B000WVY4PEAIDPKNFYTTJ9Yjlo56162241303862400Tasty & effectiveI really like this particular magnesium supplement. In ice cold water it tastes much like lemonade! It helps with minor muscle aches, headaches, and constipation. Just don't take too much! Start out with a 1/2 tsp and you can gradually increase it, and you'll know when you've found the right amount for your body.
393950393950B000WVY4PEA2IEC5KK5RY4TUP. K. Nolen2251302652800Natural CalmThis is an amazing product. I had bought it years ago and really liked the way it made me feel. I lost contact with this brand and found it again and am back on it and feel great.
393951393951B000WVY4PEA1M5D4N88ZZM3SSandra Tobias2241292284800Great productCalm products are wonderful. Used as directed will bring positive results. I gave this a 4 star rating because I tried the orignal flavor Calm and like it better.
393952393952B000WVY4PEATBRBWM00I3K8ginger AZ2251283644800ginger AZThis product works well with oxy powder, or is a mild laxative in itself. It also helps ones feeling well being.
393953393953B000WVY4PEA1AA7IHMNANRGPJoan "reader"2251278892800great productThis is the most absorbable form of Mag. Citrate. Best price I've found yet. Must use if you have cardiovascular problems. muscle inflammation or cramps, helps constipation.
393954393954B000WVY4PEAJRHMTSVM2D16B. Foster "ladyiris313"2251266624000Happy DrinkThis product helps keep my mood up during stressful times, promotes sleep and good digestion.
393955393955B000WVY4PEA2I6CI2HK055MCKathy "kathyah"2251245801600Less stress please...In the stressful world we live in it's nice to relax with a warm cup of Natural Calm Magnesium at the end of the day - I get better results with this product than any magnesium pill I've tried. My kids love it too and say it helps them fall asleep faster. Arrived quick, and a better price than at the local store!
393956393956B000WVY4PEAPW42T8EA3MUXMert "mert"2251240444800Great RelaxerWe have used Natural Calm for some time now, drinking it hot each night. Finding the item on Amazon makes it easier and less expensive to enjoy.
393957393957B000WVY4PEA16LXREVMX4O4KR. Kosko2241240358400CalmProduct was as promised. I found that it lessened the cramping I was getting. I also actually enjoyed the taste.
393958393958B000WVY4PEA3IYU31RZVWLXGRosalynd Doneghy4551341964800This product has really helped me!I use this every night to help with sleep and restless legs. It also helps if I feel an anxiety attack (panic attack) coming. I put some in a drink and the symptoms subside very quickly. I no longer have to take a prescribed anti-anxiety medicine. Highly recommend this.
393959393959B000WVY4PEA1UREYHLSN760THeidiCSR4551298937600Love this stuff!!!I don't usually leave product reviews, but this stuff is worthy of doing so. I have taken magnesium supplements in various forms in hopes that they would help me get to sleep and stay asleep. Natural Calm is the only supplement that has helped with my insomnia. Every evening, I have a mug with a heaping teaspoon of Natural Calm in some water. It really does help with my ability to fall asleep quickly and stay asleep all night. I used to lie in bed and wait to fall asleep, sometimes for hours. Now I can't even remember trying to get to sleep. This product is wonderful!
393960393960B000WVY4PEA3T42G3TCOTB0Adale4531287446400Not Sure It CalmsIt's hard to say if this product has had any kind of calming affect.

It's not hard to say if this product affects your bathroom experience. It does! Be careful how much you take.

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