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394051394051B000WVY4PEA2G6HY8LWUXKYMR. Foutz1251210550400I can't find Calm anywhere except here!!!I been to health food stores, vitamic stores, very kind of stores, and no calm, so, THANK YOU for carrying it!
394052394052B000WVY4PEA88USYRFGDUTKK. Simmons2451326931200Wouldn't Go Without ItI've had frequent headaches, muscle cramps, and headaches since I was a child. I have vivid memories of laying awake into the late hours of the night before exhaustion and sleep would settle in. When I reached high school, the stress transformed the frequent headaches into occasional migraines. I treated them for a while with prescription medicine but eventually decided I'd rather live with the pains and adjust in the necessary ways than continue taking medication. About a year ago, I read an article about Natural CALM and figured `What the heck.' I was highly doubtful. I've never been so glad to be wrong.

I buy the raspberry-lemon flavor. To me, it tastes like a bit of raspberry lemonade Crystal Light mixed with an Alka-Seltzer. I certainly wouldn't drink it just because I'm thirsty, but I can tolerate a 12 oz. glass of it in the evening. In the beginning, I didn't feel much of a difference. However, once I started taking about 1 teaspoon - which you have to work up to - I noticed a difference in my quality of sleep. I kept slowly raising the amount and now use about 2 teaspoons nightly. I don't find that the CALM makes me fall asleep earlier/faster, but I have found that I don't constantly wake up like I did before. The nighttime leg cramps have almost completely gone. And the headaches - the constant pounding and throbbing and aching in my head has diminished to just the occasional headache. As an added benefit, I seem to deal with stress (especially work stress) much better than I did before. I tried something else to help with sleep (see below) and, after I stopped taking that, I didn't start taking the CALM again for a little while to see if I could actually tell a difference in the way I felt, slept, and reacted to events. I did - and so did some others around me! From now on, I don't plan to go without it.

I love this stuff and I turn as many people onto it as I can. A friend purchased some CALM (the regular flavor: it worked but tasted pretty bad and made the nightly dose challenging to keep up with) and decided to try SERIPHOS - 100 - Capsule when she ran out of CALM. While I was visiting, she gave me some to try. We both found that it gave us the oddest nightmares and made us very groggy/tired in the morning. My mother, at her doctor's recommendation, started taking a small dose of melatonin to help her get to sleep and stay asleep through the entire night (she'd often get up about 3 AM and couldn't get back to sleep). Several times after she started taking it, I called her and she slurred her words as if she were taking some sort of narcotic and she wouldn't remember that she'd even spoken to me on the phone. I sent her a bottle of the orange flavor (she said it tastes ok - like a Sunny D Alka-Seltzer) and she actually adds it to her morning and bedtime cups of decaf orange tea instead of using the melatonin. She's sleeping like a champ now.

If you're considering the purchase, do it! Like everything, it may not work for everyone, but it's worth a try if you're even thinking about it.
394053394053B000WVY4PEA1IT5CNO698OWUPriscilla Basdeo0151328572800Great!This product was shipped in a very timely manner and is exactly what was advertised. I was very grateful for the quick turnaround time, and as it worked out - it was so much cheaper than my local vitamin store! Thanks so much!
394054394054B000WVY4PEA25O3WEZ0CA34TMona Lisa "book lover"0151327449600best product to calm myselfI like this Natural Calm for the taste and for calming down. I do not have to take any medication because this is just perfect.
394055394055B000WVY4PEADD6MQGCGFGJFPhenix "SukiSuki"0141318291200HeadachesI am getting serious headaches from using this product. I know it is supposed to help with migraines but it seems to be having the opposite affect on me. I took 2 teaspoons yesterday and i got a raging headache. Is this too much for the first time? i've been using Mag supplements for years and thought my body would be used to it. Any suggestions or recommendations i would surely love to hear them

I still gave this product 4 stars because i think it is great and has huge potential. Like i said i've taken several high quality mag supplements for years and none of them stopped leg cramps and muscle spasms, eye twitches so quickly.It did give me better sleep but not the best but i'm sure that comes with time. The pills i was taking were big horse pills and i didn't take them alot because of the size. I am taking this because of my Vitamin D deficiency that i just can't seem shake, although it's only been 7 months. You have to have Magnesium for Vitamin D to absorb properly. This does loosen your stools some, but i've never had a problem in that area, thank goodness.

I am open to suggestions about the dosage. I will wait a few days and maybe start with 1/2 teaspoon ans see how that goes.
394056394056B000WVY4PEA1045NW0WUEBP8D. Boswell0151268784000Calm ReviewNatural Vitality's products are excellent and exactly as advertised. It's the best price I have found for Calm.
394057394057B000WVY4PEA3FB7HNV5IY8J8John Bryant "Txnfamily"0151262822400Very goodI bought this based on reviews. It really seems to work. The flavor is fine, but my 10 year old hates the flavor. I will try another flavor for her.
394058394058B000WVY4PEA3TFNYQLGTH4NJDebbie0151198195200An excellent supplement!This is the best magnesium supplement. Highly effective and absorbable. It tastes great and doesn't have any sugar in it, how cool is that?! It's sweetened with stevia, what a novel idea, a health product that's thoroughly healthy for you! I love the raspberry-lemon flavor-yummy!
394059394059B000WVY4PEA3JOD2HKMR2OY1A. Wold3641256428800Hopefully seal was actually sealed?This product came in a timely manner & seems to be in perfect shape & at a great price. My only concern was that the seal didn't actually have to be even broken to open the container. It seems fine though & I am using it as usual w/ no problems. :)
394060394060B000WVY4PEAKXW2P5YPW6Y0marcjt1341343520000goodi would buy the mag plus calcium. tastes ok. wow 2o words? i am happy happy happy happy happy happy with the product.
394061394061B000WVY4PEA2HHIURM6FVOPSRandi Kuhne2551198368000Great ProductI've been using this product for several months, and it works very well. Since I only use half the recommended dose, I use half the amount of hot water recommended to dissolve it. Then I add it to my morning smoothie. It's also delicious by itself in water.
394062394062B000WVY4PEA3QEHWN3OGC8FCMacGuyver0211350259200Taste is terrible.I bought this to help me sleep because of the tons of great reviews. I couldn't get down more than a sip. I didn't expect it to be great, but it was down right unbearable. It's impossible for me to take. Huge waste of money,
394063394063B000WVY4PEA13JXCB1WJXZHWBIG EASY BARB0251272758400NATURAL VITALITY - NATURAL CALMNatural Vitality - Natural Calm, oz, 16 oz powder FAST DELIVERY. EXCELLENT!
394064394064B000WVY4PEA2ZJ07CLYM9R06paconj0341331424000good productCalm is one of those products you must research before buying and using. If you use it for calming effect, I have not realized it. I have been using as a laxative, it is magnesium citrate after all. It works as a an intestinal irritant and one should be aware of its side effects. Again, do your own research before using.
394065394065B000WVY4PEAIKK0O36ZIWM0Julie S. Hurley0341252627200magnesium powdervery high quality health based item with great prices on Amazon. If magnesium powder has helped you in the past or you just want to give it a try then this is a good buy for you.
394066394066B000WVY4PEA2WN4WXBH2B8ANMs. V. L. Adams "madlou"0351200268800Great flavor, great price!I've purchase Natural Calm regular flavor from my chiropractor. Imagine my surprise to see a bottle twice the size at a lower price. I use it in hot water like tea. The raspberry-lemon flavor is very pleasant.
394067394067B000WVY4PEAVUF9YJWWNDHLIrene Reyes1551294185600My reviewI order four of Natural Calm and I receive one only I have been calling regarding this order and I have no sollution to this situation. I hope they send me the rest of my order.


Maria Irene Reyes
394068394068B000WVY4PEA12B2H42QXCG3GMandala3931239408000Tastes horrible but I think it helped.I was told to use this product for tight muscles. It seemed to help with that. It tastes so bad, I have to put it in juice to hide the taste.
394069394069B000WVY4PEAYUG441AEDXFQP from SC41111314662400DissapointedI read all the reviews before buying this product. I can not tell a difference by taking this supplement. I think it may have caused upset stomach. For the caling effect I have noticed nothing. I have been taking a week and a half and will allow more time
394070394070B000WVY4PEA8GLWWOM0OMFIStyleeC112411282089600Beware: 8 oz only!!!The weight of this product was not specified by the seller and the picture is too blurry to see the details. The product description says 10+ oz, but it's only shipping weight. The actual bottle you get is only 8 oz.

I was very disappointed when the product arrived and saw the tiny little bottle. Won't purchase this item again.
394071394071B000WVY4PEA2L93QHTY267GTkarenso10431343174400not as impressedas the rest... Have been taking the product for over 3 weeks. Didn't notice any improvement or change in anything, and it tastes AWFUL>
394072394072B000WVY4PEA2TKXUCU8ZCA61liz0421342656000YUCKI bought this product, based on many positive reviews, and was not satisfied. I got the original flavor, which I followed the directions while preparing it. First of all, it is vile. My husband tried it also and agreed it is like the taste of acid, and burns the throat just as bad. I purchased this in hopes of getting some relief from my anxiety and also to relieve my IBS. To put it nicely I'm lucky to "poo" twice a week, but when I'm stressed it is non stop. So every week is different. This product boasts its ability to regulate you, as well as to relieve stress and anxiety. I have not found this to be true so far. The taste is hard enough to get over, but it is not the worst part. After drinking it my stomach fills with air to the point that it is painful. I still can't "poo" but my husband will not be pleased tonight while I fart all over him in my sleep. It sounds funny, but it sucks. I gave it two stars only because I seem to be the exception rather than the rule. I am disappointed.
394073394073B000WVY4PEA17R1ETU3HI9TJcorky212921318291200Nothing great day 2I bought this product once before and took for about a week. I did not notice it helping with sleep. I continued to wake every night. I also don't notice that it calms me down. I just had a screaming match after taking 1 teaspoon in hot water and hour before. Maybe it takes a longer time to notice? I didn't notice anything the last time either but I will continue to take it as I need magnesium.
394074394074B000WVY4PEA3DN9L5KILW0HPHealth Nut "Health Nut"21221279929600does not work-causes loose bowlesI have been taking this for several days on the advice of my acupuncturist and it has not had any effect on my chronic muscle pain and also has caused me to have loose bowls when going number 2 in the bathroom.

does anybody know of a product that can help get lactic acid build up out of muscles?
394075394075B000WVY4PEA3US1QSEMTLW18L. Betz "Lauren"21521311638400Not sure bottle was sealedI srewed the top off the bottle without removing the hard plastic pull ring. Makes me wonder if it's safe to use. There is not other covering and I put the cap back on and it looks like it's never been opened! Since it's a powered supplement this doesnt look safe. I gave it a two because of the seal and the fact that I'll probably have to return it.
394076394076B000WVY4PEAXERH6EMBR7MCmanoka54021219449600Chemical supplements should be taken based on the advice of a qualified health care providerAs I have problems with sleep at night and tried all sorts of things which are most commonly recommended to improve it, I tought I try this well rated product. I tried it in all the various recommended dosages. But it didn't make the slightest difference for me. Thus I guess that it probably only works if the cause of the unrest is a magnesium deficiency.
"With supplements, overdose is possible, however, particularly in people with poor renal function; occasionally, with use of high cathartic doses of magnesium salts, severe hypermagnesemia has been reported to occur even without renal dysfunction".
"Safety Issues
The US government has set the following upper limits for use of magnesium supplements:
1-3 years: 65 mg
4-8 years: 110 mg
Adults: 350 mg
Pregnant or Nursing Women: 350 mg"
"It has been called nature's calcium channel blocker."
"Magnesium assists in calcium uptake, but it also competes with dietary calcium for the same absorption site in the intestine. Excessive dietary calcium (or phosphorus) is much more likely to block magnesium absorption than vice- versa in the typical American diet. Magnesium absorption is also inhibited by excessive dietary fat, phosphate, lactose, phytates and oxalates which form insoluble compounds with magnesium. Magnesium is also lost in diarrhea, long term use of diuretics, excessive sugar intake and protein malnutrition...
... there are lower levels of minerals in food today due to depletion of the soil in modern farming methods. (23) Modern methods of milling, processing and the preservation of food cause nutrient losses, eg 85% of magnesium is removed from whole wheat in the milling."
Thus it is advisable to consult a qualified health care provider if a deficiency is suspected.
It's usually best to avoid deficiencies by a healthy diet: "Kelp is very high in magnesium, as are whole grains, almonds, and cashews..."
394077394077B000WVY4PEA1HEI1CQHCNB0VMrs. Curious9951333756800The Best Supplement EVER!!!When I read one of the reviews that stated that this supplement changed their life, I was immediately excited because this supplement has changed my life as well! I started taking this supplement as a part of my diet plan (Ideal Protein). I took it to help me with bowel movements. Lucky for me, not only did it improve my bowel movements, it fixed my insomnia problem. I had insomnia and could not fall into deep sleep for years. Within 2 weeks of taking this supplement, I was sleeping like a new born baby! In addition, I became more relaxed and my anxiety completely disappeared!! It did not stop menstrual cycle is regular now and I no longer have muscle twitches. TOTALLY CHANGED MY LIFE!

I was soo excited about the improvement in the quality of my life, so I quickly spread the news to all my family and friends. I worked like wonders for all of my family members. The results from my friends was a mixed bag. I think that for the people that have a true magnesium deficiency, this is a miracle supplement. For those that may not have a true magnesium deficiency, this may not be the magic bullet for them. I hope that this review was helpful. I was compelled to spread the word about this supplement because it has truly changed my life!!!
394078394078B000WVY4PEA3GF6WXRV7YKQ7nem9931278374400Worked on leg cramps, no effect on sleepSince starting this powder about 6 weeks ago, I haven't noticed any effect on my sleep, but the number of times I have been woken up by leg cramps (a.k.a. charley horses) has diminished considerably. (I'm pregnant, so both sleep disturbances and leg cramps are common.) As to the taste, the powder mixed with water is not unpleasant and doesn't have much of a taste. I prefer to mix it with water, lemon juice, and pomegranate juice -- it's delicious!
394079394079B000WVY4PEA30VESJC65X8W3J. Ruckman "Books are the Greatest"9951178668800Peaceful LIfeThis is the absolutely best product. I have spent lots of money trying many different products to relax and calm me. The very first time I used it I could tell a huge difference. It relaxes me during the day so I don't feel stressed out. When I take it at night, I sleep great. When my shoulders and neck are tight and tense I take it and it relaxes them. I think this product is expensive...but it is SO worth it.
394080394080B000WVY4PEA2FU9YFTOUNARLM. Gaut121351309737600Weird and Amazing!I purchased this product because my muscles were very tight. It does a great job relaxing my muscles. The strange thing is, I can't take very much or I have the wildest dreams imaginable. It also makes me tired if I take even so much as a level teaspoon each day.

I started taking much less so that I wouldn't have those hyper-realistic dreams. I take 1/8 teaspoon twice a day. Here's the amazing thing. I get these spells of "skipped" heartbeats -- PVCs and PACs. A mere 1/8 teaspoon of this stuff nips it in the bud in minutes! I quit taking the betablockers I have on standby for this problem because this product is so effective.

This morning, my husband accidentally made me 16 oz. of caffeinated coffee. Since I have significant issues with anxiety, I *never* drink caffeine. I gulped it down and started feeling incredibly jittery and anxious. When I realized what had happened (and that I wasn't merely going crazy), I took 1/8 teaspoon of Natural Calm. While I still felt hyper-alert, the jitteriness went away entirely.

LOVE this stuff, and am so thankful that it is available!

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