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394141394141B000WVY4PEA3W2MCLG5VA7DHkikobrat3351306368000Helps many ailments! I take it every day!I originally started taking this for muscle spasms/twitching. It seemed to take care of that in a matter of a few hours after I took it. I've been taking it every day for about a year now(so has my husband) and we have been sleeping better, and I truly do feel a bit more relaxed. I also started taking it in the morning and evening and have noticed I have been having less panic attacks. I am not saying it "cured" them, but I definitely have noticed a difference (for the better) in severity and occurence. I have not missed a "dose" in months. This stuff rocks!
394142394142B000WVY4PEAHAYUF9O8ZNGKevino J3351301788800Good stuffI had been eating pumpkin seeds for magnesium for a while, but there are times when I want to get the mineral without a bunch of added calories (like late at night before bed). This stuff is great for that. It doesn't upset my stomach like a magnesium pill sometimes can, and it tastes good, and has no sugar. Maybe it is just placebo effect, but it seems like my teeth are smoother after I swish it around in my mouth for a while. Also, it sometimes helps me relax. I certainly will continue to buy it regularly. I recommend it to my family but none of them listen to me; their loss!
394143394143B000WVY4PEA2VKPJVWUUH5DMC. Montrois3341301184000Might be working?I am an anxiety ridden person who just needs to calm down, so I tried this. I think it has helped a little with restful sleep. It also impacts bowel movements, so watch your dosage. Read the directions: it needs to fizz in warm water before you drink it. There's a raspberry-lemon flavor I would probably have liked better but didn't see it until after I ordered. The flavor is bitter but it's such a small drink (2-3 oz) that it's acceptable.
I think valerian root works better for immediate relief. This needs a longer time period to work well.
394144394144B000WVY4PEA2KY975UH0HOMCGabriel DeMello3351299888000Great Magnesium suppliment, sweet dream lie ahead!Was turned on to this product at a local store. This company makes excellent products, and this keeps the quality going. I feel more refreshed and feel like there are some recovery benefits as well. Tastes like bitter lemonade, but it is passing. As always do not take magnesium with calcium as is negates its effects.
394145394145B000WVY4PEA13V1UXUTPXZWEAndi U3351299456000Don't want to live without thisMy daughter (who worked at a natural foods store as the supplements specialist) recommended this to me to help with muscle spasms, and it's really been of great benefit. After going through two 8oz packages, I was unable to afford it for a while. I really felt a difference without taking my Calm Plus Calcium twice a day. I found it much harder to relax and sleep at night, and started having spasms in my leg and back again. Recently purchased this 16 oz container thru Amazon, and have been taking it regularly again, and finally the spasms are mostly gone again. I hope they never stop making this product - I suppose I could live without it, but I would rather not!
394146394146B000WVY4PEA9P5AGBWNZ8MLKathleen M. Diehl3341299369600one of my favorite supplementsMagnesium deficiency can affect all aspects of health. I have tried various magnesium supplements, and this is my favorite. I feel, as the label says in bold letters, more CALM when I take this. There is less muscle tension in my body. I enjoy the taste as well, mixed with just 3-4 ounces of hot water, for a soothing warm lemon drink. I often take this with my calcium hydroxyapatite supplements, since both will work better together.

Down sides: Need to be careful when making it, or it will fizz itself up and out of your cup. Also, if you get loose stools, adjust your dose down because it means you are taking more than you can absorb. Unfortunately, this is also a sign that your body isn't ABLE to absorb magnesium properly, in which case you may need to look into temporary IV or topical formulas until this is addressed.
394147394147B000WVY4PEA1V2UCCPGKRUN2Marlene Frey "autodidact"3351295740800It Works!My husband has Parkinson's Disease which affects many mobility issues including the intestine's ability to move normally. Calm works. He takes 2 teaspoons in 1/2 cup of warm water each morning and that pretty well takes care of his former problem.
394148394148B000WVY4PEADXSGDJ1SI2ZIS. Ng3351292371200Great stuff!I've been using this product for the past few months and I've seen a difference in my health. It makes me more calm in stressful situations and it keeps me regular. I love the taste - it's just like drinking raspberry soda on a daily basis!
394149394149B000WVY4PEA1X7AAVLNXDOSIJudy Edwards3351264982400Natural CalmI have been dealing with high blood pressure for years. Natural Calm has helped me considerably. I still take BP meds, but am hoping in time I will not need prescription medication to control my blood pressure.
394150394150B000WVY4PEACO1YBDX803ZWNicole M. Fanelli3341256169600It really works.I give this supplement to my son before bed every night. I was advised that Magnesium can aid in preventing headaches and migraines. It also helps to calm and sooth my children before bed. I find it very helpful. And it's all natural!
394151394151B000WVY4PEA1B8QDHY9SEEZDPaul T. Hobelman3351218585600CALM Powdered MagnesiumNatural Vitality - Natural Calm Rasp-Lemon, oz powder, 16 powder is the most efficacious way I have found to get the amount of magnesium that my system requires.
394152394152B000WVY4PEA2TCX64TD6UX7EGonzo "G"3351214006400Good stuffWhether for sore muscles or high blood pressure this stuff is easy to use and seems to be absorbed quickly by the body. It really helps.
394153394153B000WVY4PEA2RGMRDD3H0AVFMM3351195948800Great for sore muscles, helps with sleep, helps with menstrual cramps.I've been using Natural Vitality Calm magnesium powder for years. It helps me get to sleep at night, especially after a stressful day or when I'm worried. I use it after I work out at the gym; or if I've got sore muscles from other activities such as gardening or heavy lifting. It is great for "that time of the month." It helps with cramps and mood swings. Calm comes in a few different flavors such as lemon, raspberry-lemon, and orange. I like the orange flavor the best. It's easy to use. Just mix a teaspoon or more of the powder with hot water. Then add a little cold water or cold juice and drink. A hint: If you have trouble sleeping, try taking Calm and also take Vitamin B1 about a half hour before bed, to help with sleep. My chiropractor recommended that and it works for me. The magnesium in Calm has been formulated to absorb into the body and take effect quickly. There is a little booklet that is usually attached to the canister of Calm that gives more info on all of the benefits of magnesium in this form.
394154394154B000WVY4PEA27L4C6U6CE778oceansoulsurfer915651310428800CALM By Natural Vitality****A Must Have For Anyone!!!!!!****I love this stuff!!!!!!! It works quickly, efficiently and tastes good too. It works for headaches, stress, mental disorders like Schizophrenia, ect...a must have for any medicaine cabinet!!!! I take this first thing in the morning upon waking because I have ADHD and Schizophrenia so this stuff helps to calm my thoughts. I take this with my morning medications and then I'm good to go for the day. Also, when I feel really stressed out I take this and it works like a charm. I believe everyone should always have a bottle of this on hand.
394155394155B000WVY4PEA245U42YXIRXRBJenB2251349740800Like it, more absorbable...This product works better than other forms of magnesium I've tried. I was a little over-zealous with it when I first got it and got the runs. Now I use a serving size before bed, I sleep well, I feel relaxed and things move well.
394156394156B000WVY4PEA10443LYX7DN89H. Chadwick2251347408000Love it! - helps my stress and anxiety, sleep, and blood pressureI'm so glad my doctor told me about this stuff. I was having high blood pressure, anxiety attacks, just stressed out. Also losing my hair but I haven't been taking it long enough to tell if that will help with this problem. But, I'm not on blood pressure meds anymore, and I just feel calm, just as it is called. Work has, and still is, very stressful, but this stuff helps me get through the day without the need to go home and have a glass of wine, or something stronger, every day. It does not make me sleepy (I was afraid of that happening at work), but it does help me sleep better through the night. I'm now hoping that this, in addition to some other things I'm taking, will help with my hair loss.
394157394157B001FA1KYOAB0I68H3KXQTRMaame Akoto "AK"2251212278400Delicious cereal for infantsMy friend recommended that I try this cereal for my 5 month old baby. The most convenient place I could get it was my favorite web market place (Amazon- of course!)

My baby loves it! It is absolutely delicious and the whole family eats it from time to time. Try it, you will not be disappointed.

Thanks Amazon.
394158394158B001FA1KYOA2WI0R0XFO80INA.G.2221212192000too sweetThis one has 14 grams of sugar per 55g serving. Our 10 month old turns her nose up at the Nestum with Honey but goes crazy for the Nestle Nestum, Wheat, Rice and Corn Cereal, which has 6 grams of sugar per 55g serving. We highly recommend that one, we re-ordered 3 cases!
394159394159B001FA1KYOAAE9K71VPQ5LIL. BUULTJENS0051350086400Great price and great productWe have been buying Nestum for generations and when my son was a baby overseas. Could not find it in stores other than the Latina food store but for double the price of what it is on Amazon. Walmart started carrying it in the last 3 years. This Cereal is very easy to prepare. Just beat it in to hot or warm milk. From my experience the milk would need to be a little hotter than warm to get the cereal to dissolve. It thickens as it sits. It is very mildly sweet which is better than the sugar-packed cereals. My kids have been having this Nestum since they were 6 months old and they love it. Even on a cold day, a warm mug of milk with a couple spoon of this Nestum Cereal makes a yummy drink and it's my favorite to have. This is not baby cereal but is meant for any age. Amazon price is the lowest I have seen anywhere and the super saver shipping just can't be beat! Thanks Amazon!
394160394160B001FA1KYOA1Q089APWGG6BJSam0051345939200excellent breakfast for little onesthis is the only cereal both my 4 year old used to have and my 2 year old has in the morning. with milk it is a nutritious beginning to their day. the price at which we get it at amazon with the free super saving shipping makes it the best deal!
394161394161B001FA1KYOA373AOQ5FUI0GFAddicted...0051337990400Great productMy wife cant go a day without having her Nestum!! It tastes great and its quick and easy to make.
394162394162B001FA1KYOATUYFWGSHO72ZVictoria0051335312000I like these products...My granddaughters enjoy this cereal, either with their bottle or as regular cereal in the morning.
It is very refreshing to be able to get it online... delivery is prompt.
Thank again.
394163394163B001FA1KYOA25WF4LIO1KPKODelroy0051332979200Exactly what you can get locally for less!Simply amazing. Wasn't expecting to receive the exact same product as I usually buy from my local grocery stores. To my surprise, it's exactly the same. It deserves all five (5) stars. I've used this product for years and it has not disappointed me.
394164394164B001FA1KYOAFHM2EYCY4PFGAlexa00513326336002 y.o. likes it with cheese!I tried just along, just cereal - nope, not work ))) I tried with goat cheese (thinking that usually babies don't have allergies on the goat cheese) and a little bit of milk...Wow! This mix taste is good, even I eat with pleasure, really nice! Try it - you will not be disappointed, especially you little ones!
394165394165B001FA1KYOA2K6VXPL8C8EBGSameer0051326067200OMG, I am amazedI was in San Antonio, TX and friend of mine recommended this product for me for my baby girl (5 months) his son (7 months) loved this specific product and he's been eating it since he turned 4 months old. When we borrowed a little bit of it for my baby girl before we buy the whole can for my girl, she loved it and she cried a little every time my wife took the spoon away! hahaha
We deferentially knew she would enjoy this cereal and I went ahead and bought one can from the nearest Wal Mart and I was happy to find it there but I though every Wal Mart sells it! unfortunately not every Wal Mart especially when we got back to Indiana, so I kept looking for it everywhere but most places are expensive for 1 can around $7 with tax. I went online and AMAZON my AMAZING AMAZON had it (6 packs) for the most reasonable price I could ever ask for

Awesome Amazon!!!!
394166394166B001FA1KYOA111DK44LA8VT5Scot McColl0051320192000GREAT INSTANT CEREAL WITH FLAVOR AND NUTRITIONNESTLE Continues to make great products. I had no success finding Nestum Wheat and Honey cereal locally, so was very glad to
find it on I have had challenges to my health and must eat home-made baby food or products like Nestum.
Such a wonderful instant cereal gives me more options in my diet. As an adult I want good nutritious wholesome foods. I add
some fruit and milk and I have a complete meal. Everyone should be given the option of having some Nestum
Cereal -Wheat and Honey. I give it a thumbs up for ease of preparation and enjoyment of eating. My breakfast is truly a nice way to start the day now that I have my Nestum!
394167394167B001FA1KYOA1RUY6AGH10JW2loofie0051317686400slept through the night after drinking this cereal for the first timeMy baby is 7 months old and I have been experimenting with baby cereals, fruits, and other solids. I bought the Nestle Nestum wheat and honey infant cereal and mixed it to a drinking constituency with milk and my baby drank 8 ounces and for the first time ever he has slept through the night. The cereal has a great taste, it must the sugar!
394168394168B002HQOD2GA1SO1PGDNVMLXCkalyson9911264377600Poor customer serviceI ordered both xylitol and erythritol products from this company and found some of them had a very, very strange, foul smell. Kinda like mothballs. I called the company with my concerns, worried about possible contamination. I waited politely while the receptionist asked the CEO if I could have a refund just for the strange smelling items (even though it is listed on the web site as refundable). She came back and said, yeah, they'd take it back this once, but they would never accept another order from me again. Next she started to chastise me for ordering more than one of the same thing since I'd never ordered from them before. (Note: I only wanted a refund for the unopened bags of the item in question. I did not ask to return anything else in the order.)

I explained that I had ordered it before from another company, but she interrupted me to say that I should test one item from each new company before assuming the items are the same. Well, in chemistry class we've learned that pure chemical substances should be the same, and it says as much on their own web site. While I was pointing this out, she hung up on me.

I had ordered a wide variety of this companies products - xylitol, erythritol, candies, gums, etc. Some were ok, but the ones that had the bad smell had me worried. I was very surprised when they did not want to stand behind their product guarantee and told me not to order again when I was only returning the items that seemed to be defective.

NOW foods offers the same items that I have ordered and they smell and taste just as sweet as sugar. They are also available here on
Try them instead -- I am sticking with them from now on.

-I ordered a wide variety of things, including this item: erythritol, xylitol, gum, candy, etc. It included this item and a lot of other things.
-I asked only for money back on items I tried that were suspect as being defective, and then only for the items I had not opened.
-I asked the manufacturer if the items were safe to consume, given the very odd odor some of them emitted.
-My review concerns primarily the customer service problems I had, as well as the concern with the origin of their products I had ordered in general.

Personally I think it is odd that when I called to return a small part of a rather large order that the customer service rep did not want to honor the guaranteed refund posted on the web site. She literally chastised me for asking to return the items since I had ordered several of the same thing. How was I to know the substance would smell so badly? She said I should have just ordered one. What difference does it make since I had only opened one? The others were perfectly sealed. She said she would take them back after much ado, and then said they would never accept another order from me. (Like I would anyway after that).

If you have had a good encounter with their customer service, I am happy for you. That was not my experience. They should not post a guaranteed refund when they don't mean it.
394169394169B002HQOD2GA2CK6COXKLG6AJW. Patterson0051338336000Emerald Forest Xylitol SweetenerJust opened and sweetened my coffee with Emerald Forest Xylitol Sweetener....Very satisfied...Looks and taste like sugar but better for you...Shipping was easy and fast...Recommend product and company and will definately order again....Thank you for this product
394170394170B002HQOD2GA39AY977CWNFN2H. J. Teeples1251330992000Emerald Forest Xylitol--Great Product!I have been ordering this product for quite a while and have never had any problem with it. No odor, it tastes like sugar and I use it in cooking all the time. This is a great product. I had to write this review as the only other review wasn't too happy with the product. I originally bought it at Whole Foods, but was happy to find it online here at Amazon. You won't be disappointed.

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