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394231394231B000OSOMDOA2N11YPX95JSSTEnigma0211229126400Wasn't thrilledStrawberry Pocky didn't thrill me at all. I was angry at myself for buying because rarely do I like strawberry flavored things, for instance I hate that famous strawberry powder for milk. If you like it, then you'll like this pocky. I found it too sweet as well. If you're a pocky fan, then you know the pretzelly cookie stick well. If you've never had it before, the stick is bland and goes well with it's coatings. The coating consistency is kind of weird and soft. Kids who like strawberry flavor will probably love it, not many adults will. Neither I nor the kid in me liked the strawberry pocky.
394232394232B0000DIX2MAN2L4SGD2LDX2Marc Tomko "Absence of evidence is not eviden...6651187049600This is definitely HOT...If you are a beginner, seriously think twice about using this as you would a tabasco or any type of louisianna hot sauce.. After having this sauce, those seriously don't even feel like they have any spice at all. Take the top of your finger, touch it to the top of the bottle, and your mouth will be burning for at least 10 minutes. This sauce has a great flavor, and really meshes well with other sauces / foods. I enjoy it thoroughly!! (It's really good on pizza :))
394233394233B0000DIX2MA8RIOFEK4ZP5GMary4451204502400Fo the HOT sauce lover!I bought this sauce as a gift for a friend that puts hot sauce on everything. He was thrilled! Blair's is a big name in the hot sauce market according to my friend. (He was impressed that I cared enough to know, which I didn't! lol :)) This is a great gift for the hot sauce lover in your life.
394234394234B0000DIX2MA2ZU2US5W2POQXMada3351334448000Put hair on my chest when I looked at itThis sauce, while extremely hot, do not sacrifice overall flavor to do so. It is a tasty addition to any dish that you feel could put more hair on your chest. The heat lingers with you as you eat, settling in the back of your throat. I will be buying this sauce again and exploring Blair's other offerings.
394235394235B0000DIX2MA1VDPAUBS71M1BDean Swiatek "fps_dean"2251330041600Great flavor, hot, great hot sauce!I'm a bit of a chilehead and have had many different hot sauces but to date, Blair's After Death is one of my all-time favorite hot sauces. It's not so hot where I can't use a good amount of it, but hot enough where I still notice it.

While an extract sauce, I can't specifically taste extract and is a great tasting hot sauce. Additionally, it's flavor goes nicely on just about anything I can put it on. It's a great hot sauce to put on a bowl of rice, but goes equally well with on wings, chicken, burgers, or fish. After Death is basically all the flavor of Blair's Original Death but about twice as hot.
394236394236B0000DIX2MAZASB5CBSZP93Psycho01242251316908800A must-try for hardcore chili-heads!I picked up a bottle of this stuff expecting the same old story; flashy packaging and a mediocre spicy sauce inside. I had 12 drops on a half-rack of babyback ribs this evening and it was incredible. By far the spiciest sauce I've ever tasted and with a great flavor to boot. I developed goose-bumps on my arms, my forehead was pouring sweat and my lips turned red while I was eating. What a rush! :^D
Probably not for beginners but for the avid chili-head, this stuff is amazing!
394237394237B0000DIX2MA2J1MM17K49B1PTammy Treit "Freedom isn't Free"1151326844800Love it!I got this for Christmas and already have found many uses for it. It packs heat without ruining your dish with unwanted flavors. I can eat pretty hot food and just a few drops is all it takes to heat up some pizza, stew, hamburger, etc. My roommate made spaghetti the other night and browned the hamburger with some After Death Sauce and was some of the best spaghetti I've ever had. Packed just the right amount of heat.

Do be careful with it. This is not tabasco - this is hot. It will take some experimenting to figure out how much you want use. If you go to far it's painful.
394238394238B0000DIX2MA22UJL9OWU58FIS. Zeits1151326758400It's surely hotit's definitely, especially being 4 down from the hottest on the list. flavor is good too. mainly used on tamales over the holiday and was very good. couldn't use too much, as it was definitely a mouth burner.
394239394239B0000DIX2MA1SV2A25A0WMSZJames Huntsman "douglas"1151309824000Good, hot stuff!Not for the faint of tongue.

Having said that, I'm somewhat used to it, but it still brings the heat. Though, I can really savor the flavor, now. If you never used anything beyond Tobasco strength, you may want to proceed with caution. Otherwise, great stuff. I also like collecting the keychains.

This is made with few, but natural ingredients. It's got a number of seeds to it, but that's what makes it good, to me. If you want nothing but pure liquid, this may not be for you.
394240394240B0000DIX2MA217D6L33W8GKXjimbo_laya1151295568000I Would Seriously RecommendLove this stuff, but do not, repeat do not pour it directly onto a soup or stew or you may get too much and ruin it. Pour it onto a spoon first then stir it into the pot and enjoy.
394241394241B0000DIX2MA2YXOWH8P5QYY7GJT "GJT"2351306281600it is what it saysthis is a nice conversation piece or a "I dare YOU" prank at a drunken party. This stuff will hurt you. A friend of mine took the dare and he had to be rushed to the hospital. Whatever you do -DO NOT COOK WITH THIS PRODUCT UNLESS YOU ARE EXPERINCED IN THE KITCHEN...THIS STUFF WILL NOT ONLY RUIN YOUR DISH BUT IT WILL HURT YOU". i cook with it but i know what I am doing. Use only a tooth pick dipped 1/4 of the way into the bottle if you are going to use this stuff in a dish. Trust me that 1/4 will take care of two quarts of liquid with no problem . This one bottle can last you for generations. it is unreal
394242394242B0000DIX2MA2OG0U4R7SVF2BJ. Engler0051346630400Good heat level, still has lots of flavorThis is the hottest sauce that I can use liberally, straight out of the bottle onto my food. The hotter ones, like Ultra or Mega Death, are too hot to do that.

For example, with Ultra Death I use a few drops (globs, really - that stuff is thick) in a bowl of chili or salsa - and that's enough to make it too hot for 'normal' people.
After Death is 'mild' enough that I can put it on my pizza or a hamburger and not really worry about using too much. Yes, it is still HOT - but that's how I like it.

This is the hottest Blair's sauce that does not carry the "do not use without dilution" warning on the bottle. Take those warnings seriously - haha.

Intense heat, great flavor.
394243394243B0000DIX2MAHTQFKMDBNIDPMichael Tran "anotherSFer"1341327104000RIDICULOUSLY spicy!WOW, this is super spicy. I usually like a kick to my food but wow, literally 2 drops keeps my mouth on fire throughout the meal. It's a great prank to use on people at BBQ's (as long as they can take a joke) and is a great attention grabber at the office. Over the past few months I've owned, I barely used 20% of the bottle. I would definitely recommend if you like the extra "umph" in your food or just a morning wake up!
394244394244B0000DIX2NA2ZR3YTMEEIIZ4Christopher Wanko "-C"6651073606400The absolute benchmark of hot sauce.Blair isn't joking: that plastic skull is a cogent, stark warning not to take this sauce lightly. And another note: this isn't so much a sauce as it is an additive.

Here's how you can literally fire up your mouth: take one 24 ounce jar of generic hot salsa from your supermarket. Let's say you laugh at their idea of "hot", which means you're ready to go with Blair's Sudden Death Sauce.

Put the salsa in a blender. Do not blend yet. Pour about 1/4" of water in the empty jar, shake it up, pour into the blender (get all of your salsa's worth). Put four-six drops of Blair's into the blender. Cover and blend on "Liquify".

Pour into a serving bowl. Take a nacho chip, dip, and eat. Now run to your kitchen sink, and stick your mouth under the tap. After five minutes, the burning should stop.

Repeat until the bag of chips are gone.

I add a few drops to canned chicken soup, and it really makes it far more tasty and hot than you could ever buy. I'm impressed at how tasty the sauce really is, if you use it properly. It takes a little practice to get the right balance of flavor-to-hot, but it really does add flavor to soups, salads, chili (man, does it ever), hamburger, just about anything. A single bottle might last you about three months, and you'll sneer at lesser sauces in your grocer's aisles.


394245394245B0000DIX2NAGB0CUPJOJSQWGir Zimski "insert sig here--->X"0041345593600a mouth full of angry bees!ok, so i'm not the sharpest tool in the shed. i went to grab the bottle of blair's after death sauce, but picked up sudden death by mistake. i proceeded to spill about a full teaspoon worth onto my plate, then dipped some battered fish into it. i realized my error the moment i started to chew. instantly my mouth felt like it was bursting into flames while angry bees began stinging my tongue. sweat started running from my head like a faucet. holy cow! it is waaaay hotter than dave's temporary insanity!!! taste? it's ok but who buys hotsauce for taste?? even milk didnt help. the good thing though is that it stops killing you in about 15-30 minutes... that is , until it exits the other end!!!
394246394246B0000DIX2NA1VDPAUBS71M1BDean Swiatek "fps_dean"0051326931200Another great Blair's sauceI picked up a bottle of Sudden Death and Beyond Death. I have previously had After Death, which is very similar, except half as hot. After Death is the best in terms of pure taste. Sudden Death is almost as good but twice as hot. I didn't really care for Beyond Death which is just as hot as Sudden Death, but had both a sweet and a sour flavor at the time time that didn't sit well with me.

To date, I have mixed this sauce in with ketchup on a burger, and with BBQ sauce on chicken drumsticks. I was able to use a good amount of it without finding it overly hot, but my threshold for heat is a lot higher than most people.
394247394247B005IGU9Y8A1HSNE8E9YMRT1Pam4451326412800Tasty! Except for the black licorice. :)Awesome honey sticks. We have a hard time finding them where we live.

The variety pack was good, but the sour variety pack was the BEST!
394248394248B005IGU9Y8A2MHB2O2H7JGIKJohn D Blackstone2251335830400The kids LOVED themBought these to fill a beehive pinata, and the kids loved them! Very tasty - just like I remembered having as a kid. I highly recommend them.
394249394249B005IGU9Y8ARGFVFI1NDBEZV. Price "Victoria"1151343779200Fun and TastyI love honey sticks, but I didn't want to get a massive amount of one flavor of honey sticks. This product was a great idea! There were 47 total honey sticks, two of each flavor and one of each sour flavor. The honey sticks were really tasty and the perfect natural "candy" for me!
394250394250B005IGU9Y8A3DU06WB2NBF3QAnna21611328745600Titanium Dioxide Danger!This honey sticks contains TITANIUM DIOXIDE!
I couldn't fine any information about it in item description!
This is a product which goes directly into kids mouth!
394251394251B000MBRX8YAKZKG2Z7CNV27BreezyPaige0021332547200Decent, but not greatWhen I first started to use IAMS Savory Sauce, my dogs loved it. After a few weeks, they don't seem to care too much for it anymore. They still get a little drizzle in their kibble every once in a while, and will eventually eat it when they are hungry, but they don't consider it to be a treat anymore. I still buy it once in a blue moon when it is on sale because of it contains vitamins and its decently priced, and low calorie. One big negative I have noticed about it is that their face is getting dirty from it. They are white dogs and this product tends to cause increased tear and around-the-mouth stains. I used to buy all different flavors of IAMS Savory Sauce, buy my groomer told me that this flavor, the chicken flavor is best as the beef and pork based flavors can cause an even worse increase in face staining. VitaGravy is a similar product that contains more vitamins, so if your must have some sort of gravy, I recommend VitaGravy a bit more. Or you can also just mix in some warm water with your dog food and let it sit for a bit before you feed it to your dog. This creates a "gravy" like texture and aroma that most dogs love. Not the greatest idea if your dog has dental issues, but a great free solution for picky eaters.
394252394252B000MBRX8YA1O9U4ZW5OU1ZZMedals "novice user"3531282867200Where is this product headed?It seems that whenever I need to order this product, one or more of the flavors is not available. That means that often I'm forced to purchase untested (by my dogs) flavors I would normally pass on.

Where is this product headed? Will it be available at all soon? IAMS needs to make up their mind as to whether they are going to continue this product or not.
394253394253B00741XQLSA3KCP4MSBBRNS6cookw/spice0051348099200excellent comboI bought this California style Garlic Pepper some time ago and was initially reluctant to use it because of the amount of black pepper in it but it is amazing if you shake it thoroughly before using to get all the spices in it mixed well, and use it sparingly, it goes a long way. It has a rich garlic pepper aroma that is great on almost anything, especially as a marinade on chicken, pork and burgers. I also like that it has no MSG in it. Highly recommend.
394254394254B008OSHLHAA1H5XBH69BER4LCathleen "CATHY-GRACE"0051349481600What's Not to Like?This is delicous. I love it with a cup of coffee. I prefer the dark chocolate bark to the milk chocolate bark. This was also a good deal on Amazon. I have not seen this seasonal item in the local stores yet this year.
394255394255B008OSHLHAA3IMX0GX93Q0TJdean0051348012800YummmyIf you like dark chocolate and pepermint you will love this!! It is one of my favorites! It is seasonal and I am glad I was able to find some online and didn't have to wait until Christmas!
394256394256B000FQ0RCUABPQH325FXL86Arielle "MountainWitch"3351170028800Dreamfields PastaFor those of us wanting to eat healthier and a little less "carbolicious", this pasta is really good. It is difficult to tell the difference except this pasta has a bit more texture to it. But hey, it's good, and to me, that's all that matters. I stocked up.
394257394257B000FQ0RCUA3R4D8AEQX09ZPJennifer L.3351168905600Best low-carb pasta on the market!!I've tried many low-carb pastas and Dreamfields is by far the best! It tastes just like regular pasta!
394258394258B000FQ0RCUA3RV0ITFS6RBPCYvonne2251188172800The BESTI am now a big fan. Simply the best low carb pasta that I have ever tasted.
394259394259B000FQ0RCUAWPN47SSWK1JVK. Nordhus1151194566400Tastes WonderfulSuper fast shipping, I ordered on Monday and ups dropped it off on Wednesday. This pasta is wonderful! I made macaroni and cheese and everyone loved it. You really can't tell that it's low-carb. It really makes sticking to your low-carb diet a lot easier.
394260394260B000FQ0RCUA3F0Q9BUT89RY2L. Lundahl "LL"1151192406400Love this- have been buying for years!This is great pasta! It is the only kind I buy. Everyone loves it, and has no idea they are eating a low-carb pasta. It's simply not noticeable. Also, if you prefer al dente pasta, this brand really holds up. It does not turn to mush.

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