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394278394278B0043ZBBECA1N4E40SX53UWFNYCARDZ11151323129600So much better than Sobe and Vitamin Water!For years and years I never enjoyed just plain bottled water. I always needed it to be flavored and God knows I have tried ever single product and flavor that has hit the market in the past 10 years. All I can say is that I ABSOLUTELY LOVE ALL the Skinny waters!!! My favorite is the Skinny Acai Grape Blueberry! It's not sugary sweet, it's absolutely delicious and satisfying! I certainly get an energy boost without even realizing it! No extreme energy high with that horrible crash! It just gives you a nice even rise in metabolism and you don't even realize that you're not tired any longer! The flavor is unmatched by any product on the market!

I can't say enough! I no longer buy any other brands...I ONLY buy Skinny Water!!

Keep up the good work and keep getting those bottles on the shelves!!

Steve in Staten Island, New York
394279394279B0043ZBBECA47DGFXANWTY0William J. Holton0051338422400Excellent ProductI had heard about skinny water and saw it in my local Target last week and thought I would give it a try. I bought two different flavors (Acai blueberry and orange) and they were both excellent. Really impressed with the taste and the fact they have zero calories and zero carbs.
394280394280B0043ZBBECA1GY6ER8KKKOXTRMH "rmhampton"0041331337600Excellent LoCal Great-Tasting Energy DrinkThis is my favorite energy supplement. This flavorful, lo-cal beverage is best consumed with lots of ice. I advise you to sip it slowly in order to avoid Vitamin B flushing and caffeine jitters. Because it is hard for me to find this product in stores, it was efficient and economical to order from
394281394281B0000DIX2UA17HMM1M7T9PJ1Timothy B. Riley1121339027200I was so excited when I bought this but I just might throw it awayI love hot sauces and I have quite a collection of them. When I saw this product at an Austin hot sauce shop (the apply named "Tears of Joy") I snatched it up. Of the 5 different sauces that I bought that day this was the first one that I opened. I have to say that I am very disappointed.

I am really not too sure why it tastes so bad to me. Here is what the label says is in it:

Purified water, soybean oil, jalapeno chilies, cane sugar, wine vinegar, fresh tomatillo, Wasabi Rhizome, salt, lime juice, cilantro, ginger, mustard powder, green tea leaf, vitamin C, garlic powder, onion powder, turmeric, citric acid and sodium eritobate.

It could be the large amount of soybean oil but the sauce tastes dull and cloying. I was hoping for that nasal-passage-clearing rush of Wasabi but I could barely delete it's flavor. For a brand that has HEAT on the label it's too bad that there was none inside of the bottle. The green tea leaf adds to the visual aspect of the condiment (with all of the floating bits of it and the cilantro) but not the taste. I just could be me or the bottle that I purchased, but I don't like it and I regret buying it.
394282394282B0000DIX2UA3KAK751KX41Yqsilver461151309478400Not very hot, but delicious!Sounds like a gross combo, but I think it's delicious. It's not very hot--if that's what you're looking for--but it provides a great, healthy alternative for those who need condiments on their sandwiches! I think the wasabi flavor comes out more than the green tea.
394283394283B003YKVLW4A1SA49LENVCC3Kfastskier "fastskier"0051349222400Great teaThe tea arrived 2 days before it was suppose which was great. I buy it in bulk so I don't have to keep running to the store. Good price. Great tea I would buy it again
394284394284B0015DA1HIA1OXTFBWJVHM2Agv4035551298851200Delicious but laxative effect is explained.Ok... the laxative effect is a secondary sweetener called maltitol. It is known to cause a laxative effect. Its very similar to sugar so it can be used in the same manner. However it is known to cause irritation on the GI. Maltitol is a very slow absorbing sugar and excess can cause gas, bloating and diarrhea. However, these jelly beans are delicious and taste very similar to the non-sugarfree variety. But, as the other reviewers cautioned self-discipline is going to be heavily recommended. These things are extremely powerful. On my first go I was warned by a friend who told me he had a bag and he almost died. I didn't believe him and I had a whole bag of these delicious beans... before I continue... go ahead and read the warnings on the bag. It suggests no more than 8 beans at a time... I tested this and it was best way to go and caused no problems. HOWEVER, if you DO consume a whole bag prepare for several hours of repeated bathroom visits, bloating like if your intestines were going to explode and and severe intestinal gas. So, go ahead enjoy a couple from time to time and it will be a very good purchase. But again, caution and self control!
394285394285B0015DA1HIA2OJ2M4PBP156YJ. Dryfoos3351227052800great for sugar-freeI love these. For a sugar-free candy, they are wonderful. Made with Splenda and no aspartame aftertaste. They are one of the few sugar free sweets I actually enjoy.
394286394286B0015DA1HIA2WISTRZ17G6R8J. Vincent Legg4521282003200Keep the lid up!Taste: Almost as good as regular Jelly Belly

Texture: A little odd...not as good, but tolerable

Laxative effect: OMG! Ex-Lax is no match for these babies! Clear your schedule!
394287394287B0015DA1HIAQM2GZ90GZN8VIconoclast1151277251200Remerkably good!I'm a long time jelly bean lover. Since I am perennially dieting, I haven't had them very often, and not for a long time. So, I had to try these. I'm really surprised at how good they are! They taste like...jellybeans! Good jellybeans. They aren't fakey or cloying. In fact, they are so good that I have to be careful not to overdo it with them. Start slowly, as they can give you a kick in the gut if you are sensitive. But for me, dong low carb now on my doctor's orders, these babies are truly a tasty little blessing and a treat when handled with care.
394288394288B0015DA1HIA2JSHUKYW1S2X6creative tastes0031350950400Expensive Treats!I have been enjoying these sweet, chewy, flavorible treats and have learned how to control allowable portion size for my body.
However, I do have ONE complaint!
I just got back from CVS pharmacy where EACH package was $.70 cheaper than these that I have been ordering from Amazon.
I saved $8.40 on 12 packages!
394289394289B0015DA1HIAT8MONN9BAYJSStephanie0021346457600Good, but badEven after eating the just 1 serving size, I get horrible pain in my stomach and my stomach starts gargling and turning and I get HORRIBLE gas. They taste great, but are bad for the stomach.
394290394290B0015DA1HIA1XK29NSHFQ0Q5KoolVeg "KoolVeg"0051345852800Great!I love these sugar-free jelly beans. They are very sweet. My favorite is the cinnamon and buttered popcorn together. I also really love the licorice. But I think they are all great and better then most fruit flavored sugar-free candies. I eat between 10 and 20 at a time each day and they don't bother my stomach.
394261394261B000FQ0RCUA1V0OYW5M7BNGCRobin E. Corn1151189123200Wonderful Product!!!This is a wonderful product! Being diabetic I have to really watch my carbs. This gives me freedon to partake of pasta again.
394262394262B000FQ0RCUA25UNGSQB14G4PTX Storm "LJ"1151178496000Great pasta... low carbs... tastes wonderful!If you are counting carbs... Dreamfields is for you... it cooks and tastes just like regular pasta (no falling apart like whole wheat). You'll love it!
394263394263B000FQ0RCUA3UU2HL8A2GRGER. B. Applehans, Jr.0051282435200Deamfields PastaI am medically on a low carb diet and their products increase the quality of my life!
394264394264B000FQ0RCUA16QYG51RXJGI0Tina Zona0051280534400This stuff is the real dealI tried this last night. I made our regular pasta and the Dreamfields and no one in my family could tell the difference. If eating right were always this easy, everyone would be thin. This and sugar free jello are my new favorite ways to watch what I eat.

My local grocery store doesn't sell all of the varieties. But, they had the spaghetti and rotini. Give it a try...
394265394265B000FQ0RCUA2JAQYZU5M1UIPmoose mom0051260921600Perfect Pasta!We like this pasta BETTER than regular, high-carb pasta. I always keep a stock of it and all the other types Dreamfields offers.
394266394266B000FQ0RCUA1KTABGKK6DJ7TTerri Cox0051243209600Dreamfields pastaTastes just like regular pasta, I think it needs cooked a little longer than the regular pasta.
394267394267B000FQ0RCUA3OXHLG6DIBRW8C. F. Hill "CFH"0051241740800Fantastic Low Carb Pasta! Highly RecommendedThis great tasting pasta is a diabetic's Godsend! Being a Type 2 Diabetic, I am always looking for ways to reduce my carb intake. Up till now that has meant avoiding pasta completely since a single serving of normal pasta has about 35 - 40 carbs. This has been one of the biggest impacts to my diet as we love Italian cooking. I was not sure about Dreamfields' claim to only have 5 carbs, but we gave it a try anyway.

After having a full serving, my blood sugar levels only took a modest rise, about what I would have expected from 5 carbs (plus the 15 others from the rest of the meal)!

It does cost more than regular pasta, but it is worth it to me to be able to eat pasta again.

Highly Recommended!
394268394268B000FQ0RCUA33CQ8HWCIGS0IJ. Schanbacher "low carb fan"0051219190400Excellent Pasta... we've been buying it for years...I dare anyone to taste test against any regular pasta - you absolutely cannot tell the difference. We love it and have been buying it for years. I just wish it was less expensive... my only issue with it.
394269394269B000FQ0RCUA3GG4JWK0LDVYXVirgil Craig Adams0051202774400Wonderful!This is one of the best food products available. It's a healthy alternative to traditional pastas and has wonderful texture and most of all - tastes great!
394270394270B000FQ0RCUAOOU4QQNSN2VPM. Richardson0051198800000Awsome PastaI am a new diabetic, and when I learned I needed to eat a low carb diet I thought pasta and rice were not for me any more, until my wife heard about Dreamfields Pasta. I tried it and fell in love at first bite. This is what keeps me on my low carb diet. My only suggestion is to cook it about 8 minutes instead of the time suggested on the box. Otherwise it is great.
394271394271B001RNE8XYA1SFGNVIGX6SBDRobert E. Goodwin1151238198400Fantastic OlivesThese are the best olives I have ever tasted. I highly reccommend these olives.
394272394272B000MSS6CEA3SZB5FTO7CN18Sherry6651253404800Easy, Excellent, CurryI love this curry powder mix. It's good for a variety of meats, I make lamb and chicken curry with it. It tastes like the good curry you get in an authentic Indian restaurant. And, it's easy to make, the directions are on the back. Just add meat, onions and plain yougert and you're all set. I also add a can of pigeon peas, but you can use any veg you want (although that's not in the recipe on box). You can adjust the "spicy hot" level by adding more or less of the curry powder. Try it if you're a curry lover, and even if you aren't --with this curry powder you may become one.
394273394273B000MSS6CEAFHUDZQYF8PMNjohn redington0041335830400curry powdergood, easy to use. mix with yogurt instead of frying in oil, does not bother wife as much. will reorder when i get low.
394274394274B005J260SKA2RKOUQCPFYX3FWillcoa1141343174400Totally fine!I could not find any source for a variety of actual reviews for the Ariel wines anywhere (some from a few wine snob bloggers- what I did read was very, very negative) so I decided to go ahead and review it here. I was infinitely curious about it and finally broke down and paid the $6 to try it myself, anticipating that I might have to dump it.

It is totally fine as the review title suggests. No real off smells or flavors as some report (perhaps more with the de-alcoholized reds?) and the flavor is pretty sweet, but not as sweet as the many juices, sodas, and spritzers I end up drinking as alternatives to alcoholic beverages.

I mix a little bit of home-brewed kombucha to cut the sweet and imagine it would also be good as a spritzer. I'll probably try the other varieties now but I bet this Blanc is the safest bet.
394275394275B0043ZBBECA3Q53SIQJYQ7GXJoseph C3351320019200WOW - So Much Better Than Vitamin WaterI am hooked on this stuff. Grape is my favorite but I am looking forward to trying all the flavors!
394276394276B0043ZBBECA11MBUCXOBKFVPJohn L.3351306972800TastyI don't know if it gives me any more energy but it has a surprisingly natural flavor with very little (if any) after taste for a no calorie beverage. You can really taste the blueberry.
394277394277B0043ZBBECA1X42HI816IFLFJeva1151329696000Awesome and Healthy and No Sugar and No Fat!This drink give me energy everytime! It is the most delicious and the healthiest drink I have ever found! My local store just don't stock it in this flavor, which is the very best of all offered! Amazon ships fast, and it is the only place I am buying this now. Why buy a few bottles at a store and lug it home, when you can order in cases of 12 and have it delivered to your door? Once you try it, you'll be hooked on forever!!

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