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394291394291B0015DA1HIA3OKWPPFB1PU2CSODA1251325721600Great Sugar Free Jelly Belly CandyI love them.
As with ANY sugar free candy read the label and follow the instructions. They mean it. Some folks are much more sensative to the sweetener than others. Remember to always follow the instructions and you will be fine! I am ordering more today and I have never had a moments problem with the sugar free Jelly Belly candy. I could eat a lot more than i do but, lucky for me, I CAN read.
394292394292B0015DA1HIA1TYODM6PUYV6JRebecca1211308268800BEWARE!!!Sugar-Free Jelly Belly 2.3 lb caseI want to warn you about the possibility of extreme diarrhea, NOT merely a "laxative effect," from a 3.1 oz. bag of sugar free Jelly Bellys. It has been 4 hours since I ate them (yes, I know I shouldn't have eaten so many!) and I am still in distress. This is not just a "laxative effect"! Laxatives don't usually keep you "running" until there is nothing left. I think that this could be a super-fast prep for a colonoscopy - it certainly is just as effective, if you get what I mean. I am just lucky that I was at home and not at work or traveling. The warning should be stronger to save someone who is truly medically compromised from the danger of dehydration or worse. I would hate to see a child or an elderly person go through what I am experiencing.
394293394293B0015DA1HIA3JA8EXHWOUV6MFish Head Soup1211278720000A Great LaxativeThe taste is OK but stay away from these unless you want to spend some time on the pot. Within 30 - 45 minutes of ingesting I am on the pot in intestinal misery. I do not know what they use as a sweetener but it IS NOT Splenda. I use Splenda DAILY and it never effects me like these do. Go for it if you want to dump your guts but if you want jelly beans go with the regular ones. If your diabetic and want these.....just eat at home, make sure you have no plans for later and see that the bathroom is free.
394294394294B0015DA1HIA1E9W351Y83CWFwishiwasrich0211345593600gave me gas and diarrheaI bought 2 small bags of the Jelly Belly sugar free candy and about 2 hours after eating maybe, 20-25, jelly beans my stomach began to rumble and it became uncomfortable. I called Jelly Belly and offered to scan and email the receipt for a refund and I was told they could not help me and that the receipt was not enough for a refund,that I had to have the bag itself. I am disappointed in the company and will not make any additional purchases of any Jelly Belly products.
394295394295B0015DA1HIA3HLEFTYMOWXU4Mark Twain0311270771200Stay AwayThese taste nothing like regular Jelly Belly's. Not only are they medieocre in taste, I spent the entire evening in the bathroom. See the warning label on the back: "WARNING: Consumption may cause stomach discomfort and/or a laxative effect." That is an understatement.
394296394296B0015DA1HIAI0XENQ5AOTPZKate "disappointed"0511222387200gross aftertastethis product has an unbearable aftertaste immediately after you eat it. don't waste your money!
394297394297B003M5ZKD2A2HL8W8DE89QWEJ. Hulett2231321747200Turned my grass yellowWe were initially feeding our lab puppy Eukanuba Naturally Wild North Atlantic Salmon & Rice Puppy Growth Dog Food, then switched to this on a breeder's recommendation. In short order, her urine began killing off my lawn, so I've switched back. Other than killing my grass, she looked really, really healthy on it; good weight maintenance, and her coat had a nice sheen to it.

The Eukanuba was discontinued, so I've gone to the adult formula of Royal Canin. Same lawn issues persist, but I've started using Nutri-Vet Grass Guard ( ), and the lawn is recovering again.
394298394298B003M5ZKD2A1954UXJEJLMFHChris Levine2251320537600Stops labs from inhaling their food!Immediately stops pups from eating too fast. I am a vet and I love the royal canin line because of the amount of research they put into their food. I used to think breed specific diets were silly, however they have legitimate reasons for each food they produce. Stopping labs from inhaling food if just one of them!
394299394299B003M5ZKD2A25WFI2BO4N5BUS. Christ "SVFXC"2251308960000EXCELLENT PRODUCT, convenient, and a great valueMy Yellow Labrador as a puppy would vacuum his food up at feeding time. This product controlled that immediately. My current puppy is the fourth one using this dry kibble. I know they are being optimally nourished using Royal Canin. Their only treats are carrots, apple slices and frozen broccoli. All four grew up into magnificent specimens with no problems or issues. They all had a great coats, no digestive problems and clean teeth. While I only have them for 18 months while puppy training, I do get to see them as they graduate as Guide Dogs knowing they had a good start with this kibble.

Amazon makes it easy to have it delivered to your door at substantially less cost than the big box pet stores. No driving, less cost, great product delivered to your front door.
394300394300B003M5ZKD2A27UAKQX7YEXE4AverageJoe0051340755200My lab/springer mix loves it!I waited a while (2 months) before reviewing this so I could get a good idea of how my pup would take to it. I am pleased to say he absolutely devours this stuff. I had him on Nutro Max for a while and his stool was runny and yellowish in color. After switching over his stool is firm and consistent. He is a 4 month and 1 week old Black Labrador and Springer Spaniel mix. He's eating around 3 cups a day and he's grown from 11 pounds when we got him (2 months ago) to a healthy 27lbs at 4 months and 1 week of age. He gains right around 10lbs a month, which is what the vet said is expected.

His eyes are clear, coat is soft and shiny. I haven't noticed any yellow spots forming in the grass like some other posters said. The only time that happens is if I miss a spot when using the pooper scooper and it sits for a while. Overall I would highly recommend it to anyone!
394301394301B003M5ZKD2A1L56CSYQ24OTWKaren Dawson0051328486400BeautydawsonLove this puppy food.My chocolate lab could not handle Iams or pro plan he would poop up to seven eight times a day.He now poops normal and his coat is really shiny.
394302394302B0000DIX2RA2ZR3YTMEEIIZ4Christopher Wanko "-C"191951099612800When you graduate from Sudden Death.I can't believe it happened, but it did: Sudden Death was no longer a one- or two-drop test of strength. I'm actually putting tablespoons of it in the sixteen-ounce salsa jars now. Two years ago, I'd have run outside and eaten grass to put out the fire. Now? I've gotten my tolerance up. It's time to go a little further.

Mega Death is that next gradation of heat, spice, and taste. Really tasty, the single-most important criterion when picking a sauce. It adds distinct flavor and, when properly used, gives you the blend of heat and spice that turns you into an addict. You could literally overindulge with a good sauce, so be careful.

I have to revert to my one- or three-drop amounts, and that's not only economical but good sense when dealing with Blair's sauces. If not graduallly tested, you could end up eating grass instead of salsa, and that's not a good way to get fiber.

394303394303B0000DIX2RA1BV0VYS8RW6G8D. R. Byers111151104105600A very hot, very good sauce!I have loved hot food and hot sauce since I was quite young. I only found out about the "Blair's Death Sauce" range recently.

Firsly I must say that I found their "After Death" and "Sudden Death" tasted very much alike but the "Mega Death" is by far and away their best sauce.

First one is hit by the great taste, you can really tast the Habanero Chile (something you can do with their other sauces)plus it has a slightly sweet side to it. Then you are hit by the heat, I say "then you are hit by the heat" because it's not the first thing you notice with this sauce. Though it is much hotter then their other sauces it sneaks up on you.

I would use about five drops or more on a big staek but I like a lot of heat so try one drop at a time.

The best supper hot sauce I have yet tried!
394304394304B0000DIX2RAN2L4SGD2LDX2Marc Tomko "Absence of evidence is not eviden...81151191283200God Almighty.God Almighty. That pretty much sums up this sauce.

If you're looking for great flavor and usability you've come to the wrong place (although considering the heat its really not THAT bad..)

This sauce will humble you to the God's of spice. You will truly know what pain is. I had a small spot on the top of a fork and my tongue was burning for about 20 minutes. I had a spot on a cracker and my entire mouth (not just my tongue, my cheeks, gums, throat, roof and floor of my mouth, and sinuses) were burning, this lasted (even with milk to stop the pain) for about 20 minutes, if I didn't have milk in my mouth it felt like there was 100 white hot knives stabbing every spot in my mouth.

In short : SWEET!
394305394305B0000DIX2RAV2HBHXHIOVR9Luca731151303084800"Feel alive"Yes, this is "the" sauce and not only for the heat, but for the feeling of it. It is very tasty, unique, very hot and lives up to its fame. on the bottle it says "feel alive" and i tell you, after you have tasted it you feel happy, relaxed, amazing sensations. Really, I'm not joking. I consume very hot sauces daily but i have never had such a rush. WOW!!!!
394306394306B0000DIX2RAVHH0CM6O5NUTILIKEFIRE1151294185600#$%* it's good!!!I was excited to try it the first day I got it in the mail. The flavor is a poppin' pepper flavor, really strong and intense. But the heat. Oh my the heat. The bottle is pure capsaicin. The first drop really kick in the heat and the flavor. After a few days, I put around half a spoon full into my spaghetti. It hurts so good it made me get more spaghetti just for the sauce. If you believe life should be live to it fullest, get this bottle. You won't be disappointed. Besides, the capsaicin in hot sauce is good for you!!
394307394307B0000DIX2RADTRAJV3A16HPgary e hellkamp1151289606400great taste with the heat you wantone of the the best sauces i have had, has all of the heat (maybe more)of the insanity line with a fantastic flavor-i need more
394308394308B0000DIX2RA2WHHLDZCT6IECChronic Mashedtater1151287964800Best hot sauce yetWhile sitting next to a boatload of sauces right now, I can honestly say this is the best tasting of the bunch.
Heres a rundown:
Melinda's XXXXtra Reserve -- decent, but not that hot
Asbirin Extra Strength -- obscenely salty
Ass Blaster -- salty and vinegary
Dave's Ghost Pepper -- bitter and nasty, it has a creeper heat to it
Mad Dog 357 -- hot as hell, probably a contender but only for certain foods since its too sweet for me
Dave's Insanity/Temp Insanity -- good, no real complaint, just not as good
Da' Bomb <all> -- taste is ok, heat is unbearable
Pain 95/100% -- decent sauces but not that hot
Mad Dog Pure Ghost -- tastes like the 357, only not hot at all
El Yucateca Green/Xtra Hot -- these are good sauces with minor heat, too minor for me
Mad Dog 357 Mustard Sauce -- great stuff, limited usage due to flavor profile, pretty warm
Pappy's Moonshine Madness -- awesome, but its a barbecue sauce, decent heat for such

So, based upon all that experience right there, I recommend this sauce for flavor and heat as a primary "use on whatever" sauce. I just ate a spoonful off of my Light My Fire Titanium Spork and its great all by itself. I barely pull a burn from it. I highly doubt its 550,000 rating. My bottle of Mad Dog 357 is hands down at least 2x/3x as hot -- confirmed by testing just now in the same amount. I'm actually starting to wonder if there was some mistake or I got a fluke bottle of 357, because its the hottest thing I have aside from my Da' Bomb lineup. It literally sets my mouth on fire and feels more like about 650,000. I have and have eaten some Da' Bomb Final Answer and this is around half that heat or so I think. I don't have the collector's edition either.... Oh well, YMMV. Have fun chileheads!

Update: I got the Mad Dog collectors edition in the mail today. It is twice as hot as the original so there that is. I also have Ultra Death sauce now too. Its not much hotter than the Mega Death that I can tell. I'm thinking that the Mad Dog line may be the truest to its claimed Scoville rating that I have come across. Everything else has been all over the board, no wonder you have to be careful testing sauces. Go hit some Ground Zero with 214,000(my ass) Scoville rating.
394309394309B0000DIX2RA57LUDMVA2MKGAdam Smith0021340755200More of a heat additive than a proper sauce.I tried this on pulled pork and on a chicken sandwich, and I found that I dislike it for the same reasons I dislike the original Dave's Insanity Sauce: it's a heat additive with no attempt to make it taste good. What little there may have been to taste got washed down with the first gulp of milk, leaving only the bitterness, pain, and desire to have nothing more to do with this sauce. Lower-tier sauces in the Death series--like Pure Death and After Death--have great flavors and are worthy as condiment sauces, so I was disappointed by this one.
394310394310B0000DIX2RA13K6UZJOG2P8RThundershots "Bill"0041325116800The best flavor for me.For me this was the best flavored of the top 3 non reserve sauce and yes its really hot but not over the top. if you are ready to move up from here I would suggest Mad Dog 357 Hot Sauce Silver Collector's Edition. To me it didnt have the over powering extract taste that Ultra Death had. Good luck and enjoy in small amounts at first!
394311394311B0000DIX2RA2MNN64OG1WDVSk0051312416000Oh, YEAH!Good and HOT, but also Hot and GOOD! Just a drop or two will do, but this stuff is flavorful and hot...the kind of heat that stays with you for a good 20 minutes. Good in chili, salsa, sauces, etc. Love it!
394312394312B0000DIX2RA2NZJ6SDVL8I4OCasey Brown0151271548800not the right bottle, but still goodOK, i tried one of Blair's sauces before but i didn't know which one it was, all i knew was that it was the most painful experience that i had ever had and i wanted a bottle of my own, so I picked this one because 550,000 SHU sounded pretty high. alas, this wasn't the right bottle, the flavor is great, and i enjoy it don't get me wrong, this just didn't have me on the floor bent over in agony like the ultra death that I was supposed to buy, but it makes a great additive to just about everything.
394313394313B0000DIX2RA3T65L1AC2YDUXB. Perez "I love the gym!"0711290729600Hot with know flavor!I gave this Hot Sauce one star because i love hot sauce with heat and flavor but this Mega Death is to freaking hot, So hot it has know taste it just hurts you can't even taste your food you put it on so if your looking for a good prank item buy this and sneak some into your victims food and watch there face you'll get a good laugh! PS: Don't Forget To Record The Prank & Upload The Video On YouTube.
394314394314B0017K5HGYA3AQOJIMCMFRVYalw1151311465600The Best Vanilla ChaiI have tasted many different brands of Vanilla Chai and feel that Big Train makes the most flavorful. Most coffee shops in our area sell the Oregon or Tazo Chais. Neither are as creamy, rich and tasty. In addition, I appreciate that Big Train does not use artificial sweeteners & very little (only 1%)if any Caffeine in their vanilla Chai. All ingredients used are made from organic compounds that are not only nutritious but also very healthy Much more, this product has no synthetic flavorings, preservatives or food colors. Now if they would only sell K-cups!!!
394315394315B0017K5HGYA3K4Q3ISTVN784mommaross0051339459200Chai Martinis!We order this delicious mix from Amazon because it tastes Fabulous in the making of our Girl's Nite Martini's! It's been enjoyed by Ladies in Connecticut and Rhode Island at our Parties in CoCo's Salon!
394316394316B000N62EB4A2S0YEANFB5ORQKatchkaowner "Merrimac"7751252454400Cat who hated wet food, loves it!I don't see how anyone couldn't like this food. Our cat, a male about seven years old, hated any canned food. This is the only one he will touch! Our new kitten loves it also--she is about a year old. She eats a can per day. She was undernourished and had been viciously attacked out in the wild and on top of that had had a litter of kittens, even though she was still a kitten herself. This food has helped her so much. She is bright eyed and plays and looks like a different cat since we started her on this.
394317394317B000N62EB4A2FV5YQV866PVFA. C. Chitwood3351300924800One of kitty's favoritesRecently, I got as many varieties of Merrick's for my cat to try as I could. I got them from my local PetCo, not Amazon. I usually feed him a custom raw chicken diet, but for travel or when friends are taking care of him that isn't practical. I used to use Wellness CORE dry and wet cat food but it was just getting too expensive. I was pleased when I found Merrick's, and love that it is made in Texas (my native state!).

I do recommend researching how to switch your cat's food safely to avoid any possible digestive system issues such as diarrhea or vomiting.

My cat really liked the Ocean Breeze food. I mixed this with the Wellness CORE to get him adjusted and he licked all the wet food off of the kibbles before starting on the kibble.

I rate Merrick's Ocean Breeze five stars. It is made here in Texas, and with real quality ingredients, I can feel good knowing my cat isn't eating meat flavored corn and wheat!
394318394318B000N62EB4A386X4249V04D4H. Twitchell2341329523200Great BUT (!) My case came with BG can's in it instead of what I ordered!We have used Merrick's cat food for umpteen years now. Price is great on here. $1.09 can. Usually $1.29. BUT this time the experience was unusual.... We got can's in our packaged case of Before Grain... which is a great food as well... but NOT okay for my cat with his health problem! Bummer!
394319394319B000N62EB4AGQ1MCNVOVHLDPeggy "Peggy"5831182556800Ocean Breeze Cat foodI was disappointed when I opened the two cases of this product that I purchased. It was obvious that these were seconds as there were several dinted cans and each case had one that had broken the seal and leaked. This had to have happened at the factory as the shipping box showed no signs of dropping or trauma to it. The food contained a lot of water, so it seems the product is not as the quality as it has been in the past.
394320394320B0006I8J5EA2X1KIOH2FXPHAWendy5551204156800Fresh like we got it right off the islandFudgies everywhere will appreciate the freshness of this pack of genuine Mackinaw Island Fudge. The memories of time spent there are lived over again when you taste a bite of this fudge. This is not the kind of fudge you buy from catalogs, this is the real stuff from the store brought to your door. Yummy!

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