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394321394321B0006I8J5EA235UFZGCFN3J5Eva3351232150400DeliciousI've tried many brands of fudge and can honestly say this is my favorite. It's fresh and creamy and very addicting. I love it!
394322394322B0006I8J5EA18GIYBW40JMWNClarice White1151282608000Fantastic Fudge !!I received this Fudge in just a few days and the Fudge is just Marvelous !! It was like pure heaven eating this wonderful fudge and I Will be Ordering Again.

I also contacted Customer Service and they are Just Great about that to. Don't Hesitate to order, you won't be disappointed. Fresh Fudge and it's very indictive !! I ordered this for my daughter and she loves the Maple the Best and so do I.

Thanks Much for the Mackinac Fudge ~ Keep Up the Good Work !! :-)
394323394323B001E5E1LEA1E7FNP7WZKPA3Jac Blades667021178409600great for the colon, not so great for your taste buds...the fiber content of this "powder" is amazing but the the taste and texture are almost unbearable. while hemp is not going to taste as good (by good taste-i mean an absence of taste) as soy or whey, it should at least be better than this.

my gripes:

texture- this product should not be called a powder at all. it's more like the contents of a tea bag. the product should be more finely ground.

taste- this hemp has a stronger taste than other brands i have tried. i haven't found anything that really goes well with the "earthy" taste.

the good news:

fiber-i believe one serving provides 54% of the DV. that's 2-4 times as much as other hemp powders. this is why i gave this product 2 stars instead of one.

the good news about all hemp:

it's not highly processed like whey, soy, rice or other protein powders.

it's organic. most hemp powders are organic because hemp is naturally resistant to pests. ever wonder why you never see organic soy protein? hexane. this is the chemical (similar to gasoline) that must be used to isolate the protein from the bean.

it's raw. yay!

other brands:

i have tried nutiva, ruth's and living harvest. i currently use and recommend living harvest. it has the best consistency and taste. ruth's contains slightly more vitamins than living harvest but has a slightly stronger taste. nutiva is by far the worst with the strongest taste, grainiest texture and least vitamins.

i find that the best recipe for a hemp smoothie is just a frozen ripe banana (use one with lot's of brown freckles-it may be a little gooey going into the freezer but as with banana bread, those bananas have the best taste), 2-3 drops of vanilla extract, some soy or almond milk and a scoop of hemp. hemp doesn't really seem to agree with berries or non-creamy fruits.

bottom line-unless fiber is your #1 concern, go with another brand.
394324394324B001E5E1LEAMBNBHK41GWAGLinda Vargas303151175385600Fiber-riffic!Have you ever described a food as tasting "healthy" when you mean it tastes so bad it must be good for you? Fear not! It is pleasantly adaptable to use with any fruit on hand. I honestly will say, though, that it does have an earthy quality. It may take the uninitiated some getting acquainted with--just a little! If trying for the first time, I heartily recommend trying the Hemp Goddess Supreme recipe on the jar's label. Surprisingly palatable! You'll be proud to have done something nourishing and healthy for yourself. Easy to digest. The powder is indeed rather coarse. When you find it'll tide you over very well until your next meal, you won't mind. Including this in one's eating habits can only be an addition for the positive.
394325394325B001E5E1LEA3PI8JJ2E4VT5ETiberius272851181174400great product and keeps the body happyI use this product everyday and I have continued to buy it since I discovered it. I put it with rice milk, or with fruit in a smoothie, etc. If you just put it in water and drink it, then yes it is grainy. I don't do that and don't recommend such. It really helps to balance the blood sugar and keep the body happy. It is satisfying in keeping the appetite down. It keeps my lower tract running well. It is high protein and has carb balance as well. Be sure to add it with something to avoid the gritty taste. It wasn't designed to be drank with just water though a person could do it. I've tried the more expensive Nutiva blends that have flavors added and they are great. Nutiva does a good job in producing healthy products. This particular hemp protein powder is effective and it is the cheapest among the hemp protein lines so I just add my own fruit, maca, etc. If you want to stay economical and add your own blend to it then you have a program that works great. If you want a sweeter taste then buy the other types of Nutiva hemp as they have several great flavors. I highly recommend Nutiva hemp.
394326394326B001E5E1LEA2BQPONSF4A3N5Matt Monarch111151172534400Tastes GreatI love the taste of this hemp protein Powder. I love to mush up bananas with a fork, add some dried figs with raisins and pour this hemp protein all over it with the Nutiva Hemp seeds. It tastes great and satisfies me on every level.

I also sensed there was much more fiber in the powder compared to other brands. I couldn't believe when I saw that there was 14 grams per serving. Considering that 90% of Americans are lacking in fiber, this Protein Powder can be a great service to millions.
394327394327B001E5E1LEA332PQWY745ZVRKenneth Botelho "KennyB"253011172102400Not the best tasting hemp porteinI had tried almost all the hemp protein products out there, and love eating the powder raw. But Nutiva's product does not taste good at all, compared to the other products it tastes like dirt, and its not milled to a fine powder, its very coarse so it will be crunchy if you decide to blend it with anything. The only thing going for this product is that it packs in more fiber than other brands. If your looking for a good tasting hemp protein go with Living Harvest, Manitoba Harvest or Ruth's Hemp Protein. I eat hemp religiously so trust me, take my advice and avoid this one. Bottoms Up! Hemp powder is the most complete source of protein out there, and easy to digest.
394328394328B001E5E1LEA28C47LJSLIB81Janet Smith "Jan"8851180224000Wonderful productI love this product. All I care about is my health, (breast cancer survivor). Yes, of course I have bits in between my teeth afterwards, so what. I have already recommended this product to two friends. It does not bloat me out, it is zapped in a blender with almond milk, a banana, goji berries and a few strawberries and a bit of pineapple.

I know that I am getting a good and healthy breakfast, plus I have lost a few pounds in the last two weeks as well. I also have the hemp seeds and oil on a salad at lunchtime.

Thank you Nutiva!
394329394329B001E5E1LEA15LMTAOYKEFYOJ. Lhirondelle "jUjU"7751172620800The BestI was having blood sugar spikes and after adding Nutiva's hemp protein to my smoothies, I can cruise for a good 3 hours without hunger or spiking. This has been a godsend. I chose Nutiva because a few die-hard friends will use nothing else. Plus I am a Californian, and like that it's made here. I tried a few other products over the months and keep coming back to Nutiva. I just like it best, and Organic is really important to me.
394330394330B001E5E1LEA1HSD0LCS77F1TJT6641172448000Good substitute for soy proteinI mix this with orange juice, berries and a banana in the blender and it tastes great. It took some time to get used to the grainy texture, but it is much better than soy or whey protein.
394331394331B001E5E1LEA1Z26CP0SA9CV4Aliza6651189382400Used correctly, it's the best!As you can see from others' ratings, people either love or hate it! I hope this review helps you decide which category you'd fall into...

Its health benefits are totally loveable. Udo Erasmus, in 'Fats that Heal, Fats that Kill', rates the oils from hemp as those most beneficial to humans, surpassing even flax seed. On this recommendation alone I was favorably inclined towards Nutiva Organic Hemp Protein Powder, and I was not disappointed. It provides steady energy, and my body feels good when I eat it.

I find it completely palatable and enjoy smoothies with it. I personally use a Vitamix and blend 4 tablespoons of it, as recommended, into soy milk at top speed, adding half a frozen banana, and sometimes organic cocoa powder. Delicious!
394332394332B001E5E1LEA1WJVZJONVI7EWOmShiva6651172880000Protein PunchI've been using Nutiva products for years now and the protein powder is wonderful. I add it to a smoothie in the morning, and it keeps me going for hours. It's a staple in my diet, so I usually have one or two jars on hand. I highly recommend it.
394333394333B001E5E1LEA30LJCF1JMWJ2RC. Draper5551174521600Hemp ProteinI like the Nutiva Hemp protein. A great protein source that is easier to digest than whey and also provides half of the daily required amount of fiber. Can't beat that! It won't leave you feeling heavy and bloated like whey sometimes can. I like the taste and texture too. Mixes great with cranberry juice/cranberries, stevia, ice and water! I add some Berry Green for extra energy and nutrients! It's my morning breakfast.
394334394334B001E5E1LEA3PP3OW4Y5ZFIQKristi Wood "Gradual Dazzle"4451207353600High quality, and a change of paceNutiva Organic Hemp Protein Powder, 16-Ounce Jars (Pack of 2)

Just received in the mail today: Nutiva(tm) brand Organic Hemp Protein Powder.

I have tried many, many kinds of protein powders. I have hated them all, for one reason or another. Most of the time it's because they're pre-sweetened with aspartame or saccharine or even straight-up sugar. I'm not really "into" too much sweet stuff. Because I have to consume untenably massive amounts on a regular basis, protein powder will need to be as unobtrusive as possible.

I wanted to try Nutiva's hemp powder because it also had a lot of other nutrients in it besides protein, and because all of these nutrients and protein were naturally-occurring, not chemically combined to form some alien mud substance.

Right away I noticed the difference. This stuff was powderized, but it's like powderized grass clippings -- olive-green in color, with a smell not unlike alfalfa hay.

And this stuff isn't artificial. Besides 11g of protein for every quarter-cup of powder, it also has Omega3 fatty acids in it, and a few other goodies.

I love the nutty flavor it lends to food. It changes the appearance of food, however, giving it a khaki-green cast, and it changes the texture of it a bit with a grittiness.

It's great in smoothies. Not being a big sweets-consumer, however, I also try to mix the hemp powder into other foods. Mashed potatoes is an interesting choice, particularly if you don't mind consuming green mashed potatoes! It can also be stirred into sauces.

I like it WAY better than any other protein powder I've ever tried.
394335394335B001E5E1LEA26X7W5UM5QFT4Grits3341184371200Great with shakes/smoothiesWe get large bags of mixed frozen fruit, fill a Vita-Mix to nearly the 1250ml line, add water just to the top of the fruit (sometimes we add mixed berries with the fruit), then add the Nutiva Hemp Protein Powder (we use a heaping scoop). Sometimes we also add in some chocolate mix, sometimes a little maple syrup, it just depends. There's a distinct but not bad taste at all, and it cuts the "just fruit" taste of the smoothie. We buy it mainly for the nutritional specs, not the taste, but don't find the taste at all disagreeable, ourselves. We've also tried the chocolate version - GREAT taste.
394336394336B001E5E1LEA3B6N54U4JEWE5R@ch312251327017600Way Awesome!!First I have to say, that I always want things yesterday, so I have to give a shout out to Amazon for their guaranteed next day shipping! Yahoo! Second, I am a first time user of hemp protein. LOVE IT!! I don't even mind the grainy texture. I have already switched to a more primary plant-based lifestyle, so my taste buds and body may already have been balanced enough to not notice any major "earthy" taste. The really weird thing is that I actually craved it. I know that Nutiva Organic Hemp Protein is an excellent product because I am normally a picky eater, and if I crave it...something has to be right about the product. I put 2 tablespoons of the powder in a blender w/ a cup of almond milk and strawberries. I don't know if it was the hemp, the almond milk or the strawberries, but DELICIOUS!! Normally I would use vanilla whey protein in that same mix, and while it was tolerable/good, I wasn't able to drink it fast enough. Not to mention I didn't feel full afterwards, and yet I felt the stomach gurgles and cramps like I had just had a full meal. With this hemp product I feel full, I feel energy, and I can't wait for my breakfast drink tomorrow. Maybe I'll add some to my lunch salad. Thank you Nutiva for making such a great product!
394337394337B001E5E1LEA1M8LMA7CADFJamanda2221292371200Strong Hemp Taste, Don't Recommend!This powder showed promise with the strong recommendations it received on this site. At first I thought it was just me and that after a while I would get used to the taste.. not so! I've tried every which way to mask the strange hemp flavor and there is nothing out there that makes this hemp powder taste good. I love that its an Organic Protein Powder from a plant source but when it comes right down to it, it needs to be palatable and this powder simply isn't.

I wouldn't recommend this product to anyone. There are better organic protein powders available then this.. it would be worth it to buy something you can use.. I have half a jar that's useless sitting in my refrigerator since I can't stomach the idea of another shake with that strong taste.

Keep looking.
394338394338B001E5E1LEA3A371I1MAC7UAP. McLoughlin2251198800000So glad to discover thisNutiva Hemp Protein mix was a great find for us.
My husband needs a lot of protein, phytonutrients,
and fiber, while he is fighting angiosarcoma with drugs
which deplete his energy and appetite. I've used the mix
with frozen berries, yogurt, soy milk, sometimes ice cream,
fresh fruit, pomegranate juice, orange juice, cranberry juice,
mango juice. We both like it a lot and will have it every morning
and for other meals when nothing else is quite appealing to a weak
appetite. It's a great food product.
394339394339B001E5E1LEA2CUSLPG7E6P6C. White "GreenCdub"2251191628800Hemp Protein is the best ProteinHemp protein is wonderful regardless the brand... Nutiva just happens to be a little less expensive... Highly recommended for protein and fiber, while not being Genetically Engineered or Modified, unlike most soy and whey products, and also remains organic. It also containd Zinc and Magnesium which are essential to life. Gotta love Canadian hemp.:}
394340394340B001E5E1LEAMXZL6AARFZO3Terri Henry "Onelove Livity"2251191542400Yummylicious!This is great stuff. I use it in fruit smoothies every day - it's amazing. I wouldn't recommend using it just in water as is sometimes suggested, it's icky!! Best thing ever for vegans and anyone who wants to be more vitally alive and healthy!

394341394341B001E5E1LEADBYEC1G85XNVJ. Downs2241188345600Doesn't taste bad, but 4 tbsp. is a lot!This product tastes alright, considering what it is. However, I find it extremely difficult to manage puting 4 tbsp. (which is one serving size) into my oatmeal. I suppose if I made a smoothie, it would be easier, but I don't ever find the time to make those. I end up using a 1/2 serving size at 2 tbsp. I like the fact that there is a significant amount of magnesium in a serving.
394342394342B001E5E1LEA2AZGR139IAX9FV. Smith6841186876800NOT Bitter nor Unpleasant in Texture- Ignore the Lies of an Unprincipled Competitor!Please note that the reviewer who said this product was "bitter" and "disgusting" thensuggests that he/she is going to "try" another product which is then named; Nutiva is NOT bitter at all and its texture is just fine. I tried 2 TBSP in under a cup of low-fat vanilla-flavored soymilk and it tasted quite pleasant. I had read that lie right after having come back from purchasing Nutiva for the first time at a health food store and was in dread to test it.I had gone on-line hoping to find it cheaper and this came on as the cheapest source. I was disgusted to see that someone would be so underhanded as to knock a product that is of such value; the product he/she is pushing is more expensive than Nutiva, btw.
394343394343B001E5E1LEA3ZAWSQZPYCIGS Read1141349136000HI-FIBERLets just say, yes it is high in fiber! Taste is not bad and worked great as a protein supplement. Anyone looking for a good hemp protein I would highly recommend this.
394346394346B001E5E1LEA2MMBVF73IJNVXA. White1141323043200Good source of daily fiber and proteinI usually add this to my Slimfast shakes so I can get some extra fiber and to help with the taste of the drink. I'm borderline diabetic according to my doctor and occasionally get the low blood sugar jitters but drinking this mix seems to help with that as opposed to just Slimfast alone. I'm just slightly disappointed with the change in the formula. It used to be a little finer powder so would mix better and had an extra 2 grams of fiber. The taste is about the same but now I feel like I'm swallowing a bunch of tiny seeds when I get to the bottom of the cup. Overall, I am still satisfied with the product and don't see myself changing.
394347394347B001E5E1LEA3JXADH6D2VUF8A.Sai "tofu review"1151319414400awesome taste, extreme fiber-full!!!the color if this protein powder is more like the green drinks (grass drinks, wheat grass shakes etc...) but it tastes nutty and has a satisfying mild sweet scent. I love it with a little bit of sweetner.

the fiber content is extremely high, so if you are already taking enough vegies and fruits, this may give you a cramp. I usually dont get any upset stomach from fiber tablets or oat meal or anything, but this one, I get too good digestion when taken too much. you might want to avoid empty stomach, because it has stronger effect from my experience.
394348394348B001E5E1LEA6HNN1CL0DG81Miki Mori "Damik"1141316304000Good Especially for Those Who Can't Take Whey or SoyTrue, the taste isn't amazing, but once you mix this with some almond milk, then you can't taste it at all. This is a great alternative for those who can't digest whey or soy protein. I have been taking this stuff on nearly a daily basis for the last 6 months or so. I plan to continue using this to supplement my lunches!
394349394349B001E5E1LEABQ9OBYOTKYL5JT1141315958400Pretty happy with itAs already said, the subscription price is great. I enjoy it very much simply mixed with water. I've been drinking this daily for the last 9 months and have had 2 instances where I received a jar where the powder has a slightly different consistency and it doesn't dissolve as well as it 'normally' does, so the last gulp is like eating sand. Otherwise 5 stars.
394350394350B001E5E1LEAKJ6GCCA96TZSSharon1151314230400Good PurchaseThe texture looks a little different. It looks very fine. However, when I am doing my whey protein I put in only a teaspoonful. It tastes good for me this way, and I would buy it again because of all of the nutrients that it has to offer my body. With so much obesity in the world, we need a good fiberlicious protein, and this is the one for me. So, I am very please with this product. :)

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