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394441394441B001EO5X4OA221MKMM23JH4AVictor Clydeson0051262822400Love Those Beer NutsFor some reason, beer nuts have practically vanished from supermarkets in my area. Our local HARDWARE store sells the smaller party canister Beer Nuts and only the peanut variety. Cashews are incredible and very difficult to stop eating once you've started. I'm glad I did a simple search for Cashew Beer Nuts on,
my new source for yummy snacks!.
394442394442B001I7I3F8A1D7SKBDFLSKFXN. Albanese-levin "Healthy Girl"3351306886400Delicious, my favorite brand of tulsiThis is plain tulsi, but it's anything but plain. The sweet and spicy basil flavors make a well rounded cup of relaxing tea. Drink everyday for a build-up relaxing effect.
394443394443B001I7I3F8A2TPH171QFO6ZHJane2251323907200Light peppermint flavorI love peppermint and mint in all of it's forms - but this is a really nice light peppermint, delicious and refreshing. It's not strong enough that using honey would clash flavors, works perfectly with all sweeteners or no sweetener at all.

I like how strong and high quality these teas are. :)
394444394444B003Q4TPAIA2CNGD2H546NCXD. Simmons6631318204800More sweet than spiceI'm directly comparing this to the Tazo Tazo® Chai Tea Concentrate (32-oz.) tea. I've had both for a long time. The Tazo is much more of a complex flavor with tea, spice and then sweetness. The Oregon is much more sweetness, tea, then spice. Both are 1 part tea, 1 part 1/2 and 1/2. If you are being frugal, consider the price of the 1/2 and 1/2 as well. Currently, the Oregon is slightly cheaper on subscription. I've decided to go with 1 subscription of it and after 2 boxes have decided I will switch to the Tazo. Everyone's tastes are different.
394445394445B003Q4TPAIA6P2DZE8M7IUUmerrymayo4511332720000sickly sweetI'm used to the Tazo Chai concentrate. Tried this because the grocery store ran out of the Tazo mix. First of all, this stuff is way too sweet (even when using 1/4 mix with 3/4 milk). The spices are barely there (with 1/2 mix 1/2 milk). The tea did leave my mouth dry. Will not purchase again, wondering if I should dump the rest down the sink. I'm going back to Tazo.
394446394446B003Q4TPAIA12IRGQLFE4EBAChristine "If at first you don't succeed, try...4511330905600Hot dishwater...?Never having consumed dishwater I can only imagine that Oregon Chai is what it might taste like. Having had superb chai at my local Indian restaurants, I assumed (wrongly) that I wouldn't be able to recreate the exquisite experience that is an awesome cup of chai. I found my exquisite cup of chai by chance ... literally picking a brand at random (Third Street Chai -- -- beyond awesome). Then I tried Tazo Chai -- -- very average. Then I tried Oregon Chai... this is the weakest, most tasteless chai I've consumed thus far. It literally almost tastes like nothing. I can barely detect the spices that are common in chai nor can I even taste the black tea! I'm surprised at the 5 star reviews for this product. If the 5 star reviewers were bowled over by something this tasteless, Third Street Chai would rock their socks and send them into the stratosphere. Try Third Street, folks... way better than Oregon Chai.
394447394447B003Q4TPAIA26KIN6LSNH840R. Huffer4551302480000My Favorite for yearsI used to have this all the time as a teenager and recently refound my love for it. No other chai compares, even most hand brewed ones from coffee shops.

Stick to the best, the original Oregon Chai.

I ordered these for home and the packets for work (no milk needed). Both taste great.
394448394448B003Q4TPAIA3FG4TZNM0OTG7Ellen Maccarone4551299888000great productThe product is great as well as the price compared to local markets.
My only dissatisfaction is at time of order was never told it would take 3weeks to ship.
Seems like a very excessive amount of time to wait! Why was there no notification prior to checkout?
Will make me think twice if I ever decide to reorder
394449394449B003Q4TPAIA16YHCLH0V7BMYMary Sutherland1121334102400Good seller, packaging...lousy product.Okay, I LOVE Oregon Chai, but I've always bought the powdered packets, and I had heard that the liquid was better. NOT SO. This stuff tasted like condensed milk, it's so sweet it's terrible. With the powdered tea, you get a rich blend of spices and aromas, with this stuff, you get sugar water. I was really disappointed- I went straight back to the powder and I'll be giving away the 5 unopened boxes. Maybe it would make a good flavored coffee syrup or something. My recommendation? BUY THE POWDER! You won't regret it!
394450394450B003Q4TPAIA2859ME4VOOORSgracetraveler1121327104000WAYY TOO SWEET not enough SpiceThe Chai Tea is way too sweet and I love sweets!! But you just can't get passed the extreme sweetness of this tea. I reduced the mix of concentration to milk. I mix 1/3 parts to 1/4 parts instead of 1/2 parts (1/2 mix and 1/2 milk is instructed ) of this stuff with my milk in a cup and it is still way more sweet to spice. I can barely taste spices in this tea. I love Chai Tea I prefer Good Earth Vanilla Chai. This does not do Chai Tea justice! If you want to just drink straight sugar and liquid then get this stuff. You would have to down a nice glass of water to quench the thirst this drink gives you after you drink it. It is so sweet that it makes you thirsty even with less mix added than directed. It is like sweet tea rather than chai tea
394451394451B003Q4TPAIA2NKV4LPOET7TRQuilthappy1121325721600UghI like that it is organic, but this stuff is SO SO sweet, it's like drinking sugar. The sweetness is overwhelming. I could hardly drink it. So as not to waste it, I mixed it with a 1/4 of concentrate and 3/4 milk. Next time I'll try the slightly sweet concentrate instead.
394452394452B003Q4TPAIA3M7AAV17Z92CQkarensacctg1151320537600Oregon ChaiShopping online I am able to beat any local price and get the original Chai Tea. This means I don't have to settle for the powder or another brand. I have had Tazo chai but it leaves a grainy substance at the bottom of the drink which makes you avoid drinking the last bit. I love that I save money and get it delivered free each month and no hunting around to find out who might have one or two or pay $4.99 at a convenience store. The service is great.
394453394453B003Q4TPAIA3BIII7DPDZ6KQLJH1151311811200Oregon Chai teaThis is a great product and the most reasonable price that I have found. It came very quickly by mail.
394454394454B003Q4TPAIA2CAX9YIO72ZBYVictoria1151307491200Best concentrate for chai lattes at homeI love this chai concentrate. It's half the price of the Starbucks version, and tastes better! They have this at Wal-Mart for $3.28, but they are always running out, and don't carry the caffeine-free version.
394455394455B003Q4TPAIARFDKINV1TMDMM. Brown "M."2311332720000Not as good as TazoI have had both Oregon Chai tea and Tazo Chai Tai (both concentrate). Tazo is way better. I say the same thing that other reviewers have said, "Oregon Chai is missing something that Tazo has." Oregon Chai just seems to be too sweet.
394456394456B003Q4TPAIA37AO20OXS51QARoderic Rinehart "Roderic"0051350777600Love it!The regular and vanilla, both concentrate and mix, are the best two versions of chai anything in my opinion. I prefer the depth of flavor and sweetness of these to other brands such as Tazo or Big Train, or other lesser brands too. Bolthouse makes a good one, but it must be purchased refrigerated, and these mix with water, milk, or soy milk easily and well. The "Slightly Sweet" one is really not good at all; the regular version is SO much better.
394457394457B003Q4TPAIA33ZQGPSUAP17Gmommo0031349913600Very sweet, but okay if you spice itI found this tea to be way too sweet, but I found a solution. Pop open the package, dump in a big handful of black peppercorns, wait about a day, and the next day the tea is spicy and much better. Of course, don't drink the peppercorns. It's still not my #1 fave (I'm more of a fan of Bigelow tea bags and Tazo concentrate) but the pepper makes it better.
394458394458B003Q4TPAIA24K80NO644YUIP. Roos0051345593600Great taste and good priceMy fiance was going to starbucks everyday and spending $4 on a chai coffee or whatever it is. She decided to try this product and she likes it better. And, its a lot less expensive. One container lasts her about a week and its a fraction of the price and buying coffee somewhere.

We continue to buy this all the time.
394459394459B003Q4TPAIA3IDOTBHNSZHD6acebabace10051344384000Better than TazoI love Tazo products, but I love Oregon Chai better than tazo. Unfortunately Oregon is usually more expensive, so I go with Tazo. They are both great products, Oregon in my opinion just makes better Chai.
394460394460B003Q4TPAIACWIM9AKC6YI5Z. Reneau1211329609600Watery and too sweetI gave Oregon Chai a try when my local grocery store didn't have Tazo. Big Mistake! It's somehow watery tasting and too sweet at the same time. And there's no spice. If you're used to Starbucks Chai, which is Tazo, then you won't like this stuff.
394461394461B003Q4TPAIA19YD9QIZH5NLTLaura1251318377600Yumm!I love this chai tea! I used to hate chai tea before I tried this kind. I love it so yummy!!
394462394462B003Q4TPAIA2YHJDC5U40G5HJessica E. Sullivan4811316044800Very sweet and watered downOut of all the chai tea pre-mixes I have tried, this is by far the worst in my opinion. The mixture is very watered down and just sugary tasting. The taste of the spices is not there. I tried adding ingredients and making it drinkable, but there was no fixing it. I threw it away.
394463394463B003Q4TPAIA2Y4GT7I0ZPGO5momicelh0251341964800This is the best Chai!This is by far the best tasting Chai product I have used. It tastes great hot, or as an iced latte. Amazon has the best price I have seen, especially it you subscribe to their automatic shipment program. Now I will never run out!
394464394464B003Q4TPAIA2M2YZFLZ3PB45Maynard Engeland0251337040000Balanced Taste/Oregon Chai TeaAfter trying various Chai Teas at the multiple coffee shops Starbucks, Tully's and several drive thru espresso stops - Oregon Chai has the best balance of flavors. This concentrate provides first the aroma/taste of tea then the tantalzing spice blends and thankfully the sweetness does not dominante the overall flavor. For my 'personal tastes' I find Tzao a bit overwhelming in the spices causing this to overpower any taste of tea (which is vague at best), sweetness is less than the Oregon Chai Tea but this obviously will suit those who don't care for sweeten tea. Amazon offers a six pack at a very reasonable price for those of us who don't want to go back n' forth to the grocery store every few days. I found that larger grocery stores offer both products in the coffee / tea aisle, or in the organic section. I love espresso and lattes but do try hot or cold Chai Tea - it's a great first or even second choice during the day!
394465394465B003Q4TPAIAB59UICA0JTJ6Sediment Deposit2711309046400Difficult to drinkI know this is totally a personal taste thing, but I simply cannot stand this stuff. The flavour of the spices and tea is extremely weak, I can barely make anything out past a very vague bit of tea taste. And to boot, it's disgustingly sweet (and I have a sweet tooth: I like pops, fruit juices, etc.). The drink leaves a terrible thick sensation in my mouth and an aftertaste that doesn't soon go away, and becomes difficult to even swallow after a few sips. The feeling in my mouth and throat after consuming a glass of it was not a good one in any way.

I prepared it to instructions and included exactly the suggested amount of milk, and I tried again with the same result. It's not user error.
394466394466B0046HC63MA297EG3C0F4WIXS. Smail "onnawufei"1151306368000Kikkoman is the best.This is a really good product to buy if you tend to take food to work that could use some soy sauce but don't feel like messing with bringing the whole bottle with you. Now both I and my husband have packets stashed away at work for whenever we need them.
394467394467B0002WT548A2MCTIL0M2064Rfro0021330560000poor excuse for pineapple teaThis tea does not taste at all like pineapple. I have had pineapple tea before and found this to be very disappointing -- this tasted like your basic orange pekoe blend.
The seller did ship the item right away (at a cost more than the product) so it was good service in that respect; however, the product was not one that I would recommend.
394468394468B0002WT548A3AU9AW55KSDQ9Robert Savage "savagewebb"0351135987200Generous companyOn a recent order I received the wrong tea. They sent the proper order out and were quite gracious to deal with. I was very satisfied with their integrety.
394469394469B001HTE4TGA3EBHHCZO6V2A4Amaranth "music fan"1151291248000Bowl of EnlightenmentSeeds of Change is a Santa Fe, New Mexico-based health foods company. Surprisingly, they specialize in Asian cuisine such as tikka masala and jalfrezi sauces, as well as basmati and jasmine rices. Then again, Santa Fe has such a huge number of Buddhists, and one of the highest number of Tibetan refugees outside of India.

Dharamsala Indian Rice is a delicious blend. It manages to redeem garbanzo beans, just as the lotus rises out of the mud. There are garbanzos, lentils and mung beans, blended with fragrant basmati rice. The spice blend is piquant and sweet. While it's meant for savory dishes, it tastes almost like a component for rice pudding. It's that sweet. I've combined it with macaroni and tomato sauce to make an Egyptian street food dish from Extending the Table: A World Community Cookbook. It's delicious and nutritious!
394470394470B001M1V54GAQJDANB0UPCR8Robert J. Wesley1131308700800Where's the berry harry?I expected much more flavor, but, no why give flavor the burst claimed in name, just jazz up package and let us believe there is flavor beyond sugar.Very disappointing product.

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