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394491394491B000KEPB9QADI3749WBZ86DVoice of Zip0051337731200OUTSTANDING!Great granola at a great price, free shipping, and no need to worry if someone has sneezed or or coughed into the bin at the health food store. This granola makes a meal anytime...Superb with yogurt. After reading some of the whiner's comments about the size of the almond pieces in Bob's Granola (you eventually do chew it, don't you?), no doubt someone will be expecting half a coconut in the package. Well, it wouldn't be America without a few disappointments. Live a little....enjoy your granola.
394492394492B000KEPB9QA2BLJGGWN8GTXQSean0051330992000Thick oats not too sweet...
394493394493B000KEPB9QA3L61G6N7AT8N2Hieronymus Trotsky "A casual stroll through t...0051318896000runchy CroconutI am addicted to eating this Granola while watching horror movies late at night. It's very clean, crisp and has a lot of flavor, I have also tried the apple Granola, both are great for an night of broth eating.
394494394494B000KEPB9QA1UKLOMTC6TEMSWil0051306540800Very Good Cereal!I'll keep it brief. This cereal is not crunchy really, but has a nice oat flavor, light coconut taste and is very filling. I order this over and over again and never get tired of it. Bet it would be good sprinkled on top of muffins. Will have to try that. Enough said.
394495394495B000KEPB9QA12V8VXN61CLCRPickerelCreek0051271808000Perfect flavor and texture!Ok, so there's lots of different preferences for granola out there, right? This is the best one I've found for my taste. If you like lower sugar, chewy texture, subtle coconut flavor, and whole grains, this is for you. Fantastic with walnuts on top.
394496394496B000KEPB9QA2ZNLRFD4PEH1Nlucykate4001251321488000Good stuff...Hearty.I use this in my greek yogurt (Fagee) with organic honey for breakfast. This stuff is awesome. It's really fresh, and there are no "surprising" grains that find their way into my mouth. You can open the bad and immediatley smell the freshness of their grains. I love it. The taste isnt too sweet, just right. This grain also sticks with you throughout the morning. It's a bit high in carbs, but it's worth it for me.
394497394497B000KEPB9QA2LZDBA902001GAmazon Customer1231314576000First pack out of 4 tasted great, the second tasted raw - also higher fat contentI ordered a four pack of this product and the first pack had a great tasting stuff, but the content of second one was probably under-toasted as it tasted rather raw.

Also, for those who watch their fat intake, please note that it has higher fat calories percentage than a typical granola cereal (40 out of 130), and canola oil is listed as one of the ingredients.
394498394498B000KEPB9QA1SKK2QOZTGZCIHoracio E. Schwalm1251310083200Sustain life indefinitely on this stuff.Looking for an alternative to oatmeal every morning, I tried this granola. I'm glad it's good for you because I went through an 18 ounce bag in two days. I like to do triathlons and off-road marathons, and I use this stuff like the space shuttle uses rocket fuel. Not only does it taste good, the price makes it an exceptional value.
394499394499B000KEPB9QA2NNW157X302E1GPereira1241278201600Good but not greatBeing a big fan of granola, this is not even close to the best granolas I've eaten. I decided to buy this item from because buying granola cereals from Publix or even Walmart was getting too expensive. This granola is pretty basic, and comes with small slices of coconut which taste okay. If you're like me, who likes granola cereals that come with a whole mix of different grains, you might wanna go with something else. Other than that this is a good granola cereal; not great, but good.
394500394500B000KEPB9QAZ357WNYVF7GOGo Penguins1251261785600great stuffi was hoping this was good, natural granola. i didn't want anything similar to grocery store granola. bob's red mill did not disappoint. this is a chewy oat granola. delicious. healthy. very filling. great cold w/ milk, or served warm. if you want sweeter, add a little honey or try bob's red mill muesli. when you eat healthy, you will feel it. your body will thank you. a huge plus - the price is very good. health food stores charge a lot more for less quantity, and less quality. thanks amazon and bob's red mill. great partnership that benefits our health.
394471394471B001M1V54GA7YVARNQ71PF5S. Thomas2351326067200Price is right and product is consistently goodI began ordering these using the "Subscribe and Save" program while we were posted overseas, and now that we are back in the States, I will probably continue to buy from Amazon. The price is way better than any grocery store around, and the only place that can compete is Wal-Mart, which is a bit of hike (not literally!) for me. My son loves this cereal and it mysteriously disappears much more rapidly on the weekends, when my husband eats his breakfast at home. Although there are healthier cereals out there, I am happy that this one is made with whole grains and has a relatively low sugar content, especially compared to the sugary cereals available overseas (believe it or not, more so than in the US). Thanks Amazon for carrying this product!
394472394472B001M1V54GAFNG8O2DXRCUVAmazoned0051343174400"I want Bursty"My boys used to love this Strawberry Yogurt Burst in 2011, but lost interest for a while. Now the 6 year old wanted bad, saying "I want Bursty!" but its no where found in grocery stores. It's understandable that different flavors keep coming out and if a supermarket is to carry every flavor of Cheerios it would have to dedicate entire isle for all varieties of the brand!

Luckily Amazon carries it and price is reasonable. 5 stars for both the cereal itself for the Yogurt Burst lovers and Amazon.
394473394473B001M1V54GA1U50ODCEG4E0SJon0051313366400Tasty enough for sugar ceralCereal is good and cheap and packed with tasty sugar. This one tastes good and is a great deal through subscribe and save!
394474394474B001M1V54GA38X8S3I16TD88R. Price "Blues Rocker"0051278892800The Best!!!!!These are the best cheerios on the market!!!!! All the stores in my area shrunk the Cheerios section so I am glad Amazon added this to the subscribe and save program. Now our cheerios ship automatically. Great buy!!!!
394475394475B001M1V54GA3PE6SS8V7FH0YD. McDonald1241277337600Hard to find in local grocery storeMy husband loves this cereal...eats it dry as a snack and with milk for breakfast. I was happy to see Amazon carry it and ordered two sets (8 boxes) for Fathers Day. He was delighted!
Since then I have found it at Target for a bit less.
394476394476B003MXIN88A2W5G5QR76XH4MZombieWolf7751333411200SlammingI have never and I mean ever seen such a blatant price slammer in my life , Locally this soda sells for about $4.50 at a gas station and that is considered high compared to a sale in the supermarket.
People like this should be barred from these sites .
Or if you prefer contact me I will beat that price and gladly pocket your money.
394477394477B003MXIN88A2FDP255JBJJA0Wilson Moser1151347494400THE best tasting Mtn DewTitle says it all. In my opinion, this is the best tasting Mountain Dew out there besides the original. I am very upset at Pepsi for making this flavor no longer available around where I live. I really wish they would reconsider making this a region only product. I would buy it by the gallons.
394478394478B003MXIN88A3MDETK0D5UAINxoxo "woodfairy"2351275782400Best Citrus Flavor! Tangy Orange!If you like orange sodas you'll love this flavor from Mt. Dew! It's not too sweet and has a tart orange taste that's almost peachy! Reminds me of a perfect tangerine!
394479394479B003MXIN88A3Q462QWK3H8XIThirsty Boy0051349481600Orange YummyOh. My. GAWD. Someone please buy some and send it to me and I will drink it and it will be delicious.
394480394480B006RN8HHCA2WVF9ZQ068DN0Living it up1151326758400BEST brown rice at a fantastic price!I picked up a bag of this rice at the Baton Rouge farmers market a couple of years ago while on vacation. Tried it, was instantly addicted. This is not only the best tasting brown rice our family has ever tried, it is one of the most "stable" shelf-wise as well.

This is the only rice I use now unless a recipe specifices something specific. I've found it tastes great regardless of whether it is being served with Cajun, Oriental, Italian, or any other type of ethinc recipes.

I cannot imagine anyone not liking this rice...wish it were sold in national grocery chains for convenience sake. We always have a bag in the frig and multiple in the freezer.

Side note that doesn't affect rating: Like the old packaging better as the clear bags let you admire the beautiful grains. Also felt more like a farm to table kind of package. This new package is to sterile/modern or something for my taste.
394481394481B006RN8HHCA1M1DSXTLQNYMGKaren W.0051329955200The best rice you can buy!This rice is the most delicious we have ever tasted. We were introduced to it by my daughter who used to buy it directly from the farmer when she lived in New Orleans. It does not need butter, gravy or anything. It tastes great all by itself. We rarely eat any other rice.
394482394482B006RN8HHCAGI4ZFUSN5Q9GD. Greene "fussy"0051325980800the best brown rice I've ever hadI know this seems like a lot of money for rice, but this is so nutty, delicious and easy to cook... nothing could be better. I make extra when I cook it for dinner, and enjoy it at breakfast. (The package I have contains wild red rice as well.. apparently that isn't available right now, but I'm about to buy the cajun grain without wild red and I'm sure it will still be fantastic) The New York Times Magazine section had an article about this a few years ago and I was happy to find it at Amazon.
394483394483B005IDLS4GA4JSQFCKVKX2AJ. Kort1151328659200Diabetic nirvannaMix one packet with 5-6 ounces water and refridgerate. Mix a small amt with lo-fat greek plain yogurt (my fav is Chobani 2% plain). You will have the most rich tasting 120 cal/6 oz. meal (or dessert) there is. 17 grams of protein (makes one full and satisfied) with NO added carbs per serving and believe me this fat is not bad for you. Makes great cocktails too.
394484394484B000KEPB9QA2W98CMIE2PLTGGreg in Nashville "gregvilleusa"101141171065600Great natural granola for the priceThis is a good, natural, no-frills granola that tastes good right out of the bag, with milk, or in yogurt.

I like the clear bags that let you see how simple the ingredients are, and was surprised how good it tasted despite its simple looks. The sweetness is just right - not overly sweet like mainstream corn syrup sweetened granolas.

A slight on the chewy side for a "crunchy" granola, but not to where it's bothersome - just takes a little more masticating than some other granolas.
394485394485B000KEPB9QA1TV06UMYEXB1RRanWiz3351316217600Bob's Coconut GranolaBasic granola product - Bob's usually makes pretty good products...buying on Amazon was decently low price ... expiration date was also reasonable (not true of some other on line purchases I've made). Serving suggestion: get Coconut Beverage (milk like product similar to soy milk) to add to granola. Serving suggestion: add to hot oatmeal AFTER cooking.
394486394486B000KEPB9QA33T13AGSDUGUVFiat2241258243200Yummy!I was pleasantly surprised by this granola. I cannot eat raisins or nuts, so I have a hard time finding granola that I CAN eat so I tried this one. Its rather chewy, but I don't mind that. It does NOT have a strong coconut flavor which is a bit disappointing, but otherwise the taste is very good. A little goes a long way, as it is very filling.
I love eating it with cold milk for breakfast! I would also recommend keeping it in the freezer, it stays fresher much longer...and can be eaten right out of the freezer without a 'hardness' worry.
394487394487B000KEPB9QA1N7KG9HSMM50LJo-Ellen Constant1151309824000Simplest way to buy this!I enjoy mixing 1 cup of this product with 1/2 cup unsweetened coconut and 1/4 cup whole flax seeds to munch on instead of junk food. It's a crunchy munchy full of fiber and a little protein. I am so glad that it comes to my door at a reasonable cost. Thanks to the 'Super Savers' discount, that is.
394488394488B000KEPB9QAETYJZC09HXY0Cat's Mom1151307145600Wholesome food!Bob's Red Mill is really a king of whole grain food, period! This is particular coconut granola is a fantastic tasting whole grain cereal that will make your heart, body, and mind healthy! It is not overly sweet, yet contains the best nutrition and flavor nature has to offer. Amazon is great but if you do not wish to buy in bulk (4 packs), buy individual bag from iHerb dot come for less than $5 a bag. iHerb offers coupon code HIH374 for $5 off on your first order.
394489394489B000KEPB9QA32WYC4BKTOQZKV. Tulsiani3421247616000Almost no coconut flavorI purchased this product since I like coconut products. However, I was disappointed in that this granola had almost no coconut flavor. On the plus side, it was not extra sweet (like most other granolas) and otherwise had a good flavor. I would not purchase it again.
394490394490B000KEPB9QA325RWA8LHK2QJNettie Scott2351260403200Just what my husband wantedMy husband eats LOTS of granola. I used to make it for him, but once I found Bob's Red Mill granolas I quit. The quality is great, the flavor good and I think it is much healthier granola than many store bought granola. There is plenty of flavor and sweetness, but not an overdose of sugar or oils. The quality is consistent as well. Overall, an excellent granola.

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