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394561394561B000FKGT8WA3NMZIUAFBXC6ZBrandon Moody1151188950400Salsitas are incredible!I had to come to Amazon to purchase these chips because they are not available to my local area. It is well worth it! These are the best chips I have ever had. If you have any taste for tortilla chips and salsa, these are the chips for you. You will not be let down!
394562394562B000FKGT8WA1Y3DQKU66C1P1R. Hess1151186963200Super ChipsExcellent Chips I have a limited diet, and I am happy to say these I can eat. Some of the best I have ever had.
394563394563B000FKGT8WA1JZM96XEIB5VXPaul "Paul"1151186099200Best flavored tortilla chips you can find.The Salsitas Spicy Salsa tortilla rounds are some of the best snacks I found. Packed with flavor. I recommend these to anyone who likes spicy flavored snacks.
394564394564B000FKGT8WA2N3GZEL50LPPNC. Druck "Lot Boss"1151184976000The best tasting chipsEl Sabroso Original Salsitas, Spicy Salsa Tortilla Rounds, 12-Ounce Bags (Pack of 12)
We enjoyed these chip so much. They have a great spicy taste with out needing salsa. I will be getting more of them and that is for sure!
394565394565B000FKGT8WA1YLT99MYX93AURachel2351177545600OMG, have you tried these?????These chips are AMAZING!!!!!!!!! Seriously, it's like you are eating chips and salsa. The flavor is very "complex" (if you can say that about a chip), and the chips are very light and crispy. If you like Doritos, you will be BLOWN AWAY by these!
394566394566B000FKGT8WA3AAOI6Y8R7T1TMCPO West0051315008000Absolutely The BEST!!My wife and I discovered these fantastic chips at a rest area in Texas while on a road trip. The price for the 7.5 oz bag in the vending seemed high, 1.00 ea., however; after the first crunchy bite - we were hooked! Can't seem to find them anywhere at any type of retail outlet. We are in Broken Arrow, OK on another road trip and I just got back from the vending machines. The snack machine was packed with these, but the owner of the vending service is very clever indeed. The chips are always behind bags of other chips and snacks. I had to buy three bags of assorted snack chips before I got the three SALSITAS - SALSA CHIPS! I spent 6 bucks altogether! But these are so tasty and really far better than any other chip from any other company, of any other falvor - that I would pay the price again and again! I am sure the vending service owner must have tasted these and has strategically placed them about, knowing that folks will buy the other chips "out of the way" in order to get SALSITAS. Damn fine chip!
394567394567B000FKGT8WA51Z650AFQUP6Chip Eater0051304380800Best Chip I've eaten today!!!This is my second bag today and I just can't stop. A great chip for rainy days or even when the sun is shining. I eat them with my friends and eat them by myself. They are the perfect subsitution for a girlfriend or a wife. The vending machine once gave me two bags by mistake... talk about your lucky day!!!
394568394568B000FKGT8WA3KT85K6QPMGSVtrp "serencymru"0051242950400Flavorful chips need no salsa !!We love these chips !! They are spicy and flavorful enough for us, but not too spicy for the heat-impaired. It's as if the salsa is incorporated into the chips, so no salsa is necessary to give them extra flavor. The only problem was the packing, which seems to be an ongoing theme with Amazon -- sometimes they arrive packed in only one box, rather than a box within a box.
394569394569B000FKGT8WA2YCUCEYXT9VHXDonnica Carter "AKA DCSquared"0051238630400The New Chips and SalsaThese chips are the BEST!! I am a lover of chips and salsa. They ahve taken the flavor of salsa and enfused it into the chip! WHOA!!! Each bite tastes as if you have just dipped it into salsa! These are great!!
394570394570B000FKGT8WA24T48IMVW48VMcowboy0041237939200positiveel sabroso salsitas chips. pleased as i am most of time. great flavor, great service.
394571394571B000FKGT8WA3B8CF4V636M8UH. Le0031236297600Good, not greatFirst, I would like to state that the free shipping was very fast, it took about 3 days to arrive.

The chips weren't as flavorful as I was hoping. The spices are pretty mild and lacked kick. It was a generic southwest flavor. It was hard to distinguish the avacado. After the reviews, I was expecting better. They are still good chips, but I wouldn't have bought a 12 case of them if I tried them before.

Kudos for fast shipping, ho hum on the chips.
394572394572B000FKGT8WA3832409TQ6PQNAlexandra Woodworth "fan"0051235001600found them again!!!I use to be able to buy them locally, but they stopped about 1 year ago. Now theres a convient store where i work that has them for [...] bucks for a 3 oz-FORGET IT! so i finally did a search,bought them and i have 1 bag left and its been 1 month. These are great with salsa's,avacado dips or just plain. I love them and every body ealse here does too.
394573394573B000FKGT8WA23AJAW4FZV1LIqsnexus0041223337600Good chips, great valueVery good value from Amazon and a very addicting taste. Good chips to get if you don't want to mess with dips. The expiration date was 4 months away from purchase so no worries there. I managed to eat the entire case within one month anyhow :) A response to the single 1 star review earlier, the chips were not supposed to be cheesy like Nacho Cheese Doritos taste. These were very crispy and fresh. I may try their other popular flavor next. The only small negative was that one out of 12 of the bags had a small tear in the center bottom and leaked a bit and there were some crumbs inside the shipping box. The chips shipped directly from the El Sabroso factory in Los Angeles, 60 miles away.
394574394574B000FKGT8WA2H5ROZZC74XN1Rock Bottom0051218499200YUMMY!!!!!Salsitas Spicy Tortilla Chips are outstanding. Great flavor, crispy. A great chip on its own without a dip. Fabulous too for quacamole............yummy!!!
394575394575B000FKGT8WA2M7CLVA0KIHQFJ.S. Knapp "ViperMan"1251213056000Try them in your cooking!This is either a new adventure or an all-new low - reviewing a snack on

But I'll keep this quick - this are a very uniquely flavored snack. I first tried them from a vending machine at a power plant out in Conesville, PA. Before long I was emptying the machine, and actually began adding them to Campbells (tm) Chicken Tortilla soup - in which there isn't much chicken or tortillas. The flavor these chips added to the soup was remarkeable. Unfortunately the vending machine was no longer stocked with the chip, and so I have turned to of all places to feed my hunger!
394576394576B000FKGT8WAZ5RJLIKJ9PETL. Smith1251205798400Missing...Great chips!! Great flavor!! Better than Doritos!! Salsitas are sometimes offered in our vending machine at work. They sell out before any of the other chips. I have purchased three (3) boxes and given then out to my friends (and have eaten a 'few' myself). Everyone loves them. I received my most recent shipment today and when I opened the box, I realized that there were only eleven bags. The box had been taped up as it had been previously opened. To Whom do I file a complaint?? I will no doubt order these chips again but I want to make sure I receive my full shipment the next time!
394577394577B000FKGT8WA2P727YNJ99039John Vince Kovach1251194825600Gotta Love 'Em!!After I read the reviews on the Salsitas Salsa Tortilla Rounds I decided to buy a 12 pack case, and Oh My God are these delicious!!! I turned alot of people I know on to these, so try them you will not be sorry!!
394578394578B000FKGT8WA23RH04H2EH8Y3K. Price1251188000000SALSITAS IN A BIG 12 OZ BAG WOW GREATIt's about time they have these in the BIG bags. I love them and so do the guys I work with. Hope they keep making them.
394579394579B000FKGT8WA21U7PUHMRNKKPLinda Walterscheid1251180742400el sabroso great chipsthese chips are hard to find in stores, and everyone at work loves them. so i have to keep ordering them. great taste
394580394580B000FKGT8WA1AE0R20CQ0ISUCarrie A. Scharenbroch1251173657600My Rating-Love em'! I wish local stores would carry them! I will purchase them again in the future.

394581394581B000FKGT8WA373HIYRXOARPHRick Giese1251172102400Just love them!They are the best chip I've had. They had one bag in the vending machine at work so I had to order them here. Try them you'll love them. Ordered a case from amazon and can't wait to get them.
394582394582B000FKGT8WA2YCUJ2XVWERAYJeffrey Abbott1251170979200SALSITAS ARE AMAZINGthese chips blow my mind, once people taste them they will buy more, you should buy as much as possible cause they are that good. its like having delicious salsa already on the chip!
394583394583B000FKGT8WA3SMVB6EXX8OVHRomeo Faison2451200528000Tasty chipsI had my doubts about these chips until I got my first case. I always loved and considered, ranch, & sour cream & onion pringle potato chips as the best until I open my first bag of these. Let me tell you, no chip is better than these are; I got excellent taste buds to prove it. Therefore, if these chips are extremely good to me , then I know they will be tasty to other people. Try a bag and you will see, trust me.
394584394584B000FKGT8WA131VT6DCQKT2IJames Sankey0221307232000Salsa ChipI am sorry to say, I hate purchasing OUT OF DATE products. Especially when it comes from a FRESH CHIP. Sorry, but the chips were so stale, I threw all the bags out to the garbage. THEY SUCKED. Now, don't ask me to write something nice and lie about it. Sorry. DISSATISFIED CUSTOMER
394585394585B000FKGT8WA127MXG1PU4P7BN.R.0411316476800Don't eat this crap.Got these from a vending machine and didn't like the taste. They use MSG, corn syrup, corn starch etc. Stay away from this stuff.
394586394586B000FKGT8WA27YWFBND9J7D4robert day "oogp7778"11231198886400THESE CHIPS HAVE MSG (Monosodium glutamate ) IN THEM!!!!!!!!!!!!!Answer
Monosodium glutamate (MSG) is a flavor enhancer commonly added to Chinese food, canned vegetables, soups and processed meats. Although the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has classified MSG as a food ingredient that is "generally recognized as safe," the use of MSG remains controversial.

MSG has been used as a food additive for decades. Over the years, the FDA has received many anecdotal reports of adverse reactions to foods containing MSG. But subsequent research found no definitive evidence of a link between MSG and the symptoms that some people described after eating food containing MSG. As a result, MSG is still added to some foods.

A comprehensive review of all available scientific data on glutamate safety sponsored by the FDA in 1995 reaffirmed the safety of MSG when consumed at levels typically used in cooking and food manufacturing. The report found no evidence to suggest that MSG contributes to any long-term health problems, such as Alzheimer's disease. But it did acknowledge that some people may have short-term reactions to MSG. These reactions -- known as MSG symptom complex -- may include:

Headache, sometimes called MSG headache
Sense of facial pressure or tightness
Numbness, tingling or burning in or around the mouth
Rapid, fluttering heartbeats (heart palpitations)
Chest pain
Shortness of breath
Symptoms are usually mild and don't require treatment. However, some people report more severe reactions. The only way to prevent a reaction is to avoid foods containing MSG. When MSG is added to food, the FDA requires that "monosodium glutamate" be listed on the label -- or on the menu, in restaurants.

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394587394587B000FKGT8WA1ABDQ02BCIGYQHM01011202515200Salsitas Salsa chipsI hate to spoil all these 5stars ratings for this product, but I did not like these chips at all. My reason for buying these in the first place, without tasting them first, were the 5star ratings. I felt the chips were not crunchy enough, it did not have a cheesy flavor, it taste too much of garlic and bellpeppers.I even tasted a cucumber flavor. it has like a vegetable garden flavor to it. I gave all eleven bags away. I would have spent my money better, if I had purchase Doritos instead.
394588394588B0000DJ7YRA2ECPBV25KNYT6A. Mewhinney4441179619200yumOmaha Steaks collections make a great gift. Especially the non-steak samplers. Good food to put in the freezer and use when you don't want to cook (which in my house is daily). Their steaks are ok - not great - but usually better than supermarket meats!
394589394589B0000DJ7YRAA47JSI7DSV42James A. Harbin3351269648000Deeeelicious!Omaha Steaks mean quality and these fit the reputation. There are four different stuffed breasts which is a problem when you have more than one eating! Sharing is recommended as long as you receive an equal amount in return. All four are excellent. These are made from honest-to-goodness chicken breast meat and not the kind that are shaped and formed by processing lots of chicken meat(and filler or edible adhesive stuff) into a chicken tunnel filled with some filling. If you want a real treat, try these. (Consider how many you are feeding, and buy accordingly!)
394590394590B0000DJ7YRA21T963HSJXVGXredbehelit "redbehelit"3351196380800Never knew frozen food could taste this goodI was completely blown away by the taste of these dishes. The chicken was extremely tender and tastey, as if it was fresh from the supermarket. You can't even compare these to any supermarket brand, such as Stouffer's. They aren't on the same level. Now I know why there is a satisfaction guarentee in each package.

The instructions allow you to either use a microwave or an oven. I used an oven.

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