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394591394591B0000DJ7YRANOLK0H7U1SS1Femme Fatale "Syren"22513136256003 out of 4 are very goodI loved the Breast of Chicken Cordon Bleu, Kiev and Broccoli & Cheese but Breast of Chicken with Wild Rice was so nasty! No seasoning or sauce to go with it, if they can fix that then this would be perfect.
394592394592B0000DJ7YRA2DYW9Y2D8E43LKris Cayocca "Cayotejr"2251223164800Awesome!Man are these things good! Pop them in the oven for 40 minutes and you have a very nice start to a great meal. They come shipped on dry ice in a styrofoam container and were frozen solid when I received them. They are large servings and just taste fantastic. This is my first try with Omaha Steaks but they have definately made me a return customer!
394593394593B001W3FJ1EAHH4JSVBKPFDBEarl A. Shepard1151326499200Lemongrass Tea (individual bags)Excellant service and prompt shipping from this merchant. Tea (lemongrass) was not available anywhere we shopped, but found it online at this merchant. Wife really likes the tea. Recommended merchant.
394594394594B000GW46EIA1MYHD98LM6LHFJason Parker4441178236800A bit dusty but good flavorI have gotten this stuff from convenience stores a few times before, and the first thing that jumped out at me was it's a LOT cheaper to buy it in bulk like this. Like a 60% difference. The taste of this is good, although I prefer to just eat it with a spoon than to actually dip it like tobacco. A word of warning, though. Don't breathe, sneeze, or talk over the container, or it goes everywhere!
394595394595B000GW46EIA3H7S9D7KGOL7Ajlespin0051332115200ought to be in the food pyramidI used to eat this stuff as a kid and forgot about it for a long time. So when I came across a 24 pack on Amazon I had to buy it both for its AWESOME flavor and nostalgic value. I can't find a single thing wrong with this stuff, I think I could live off of this and sushi forever. I would highly recommend this to any jerky fiend, I already placed an order for another pack.
394596394596B000GW46EIA3RQXEI2LT8H2THawk350051327449600Honest Review of this 24 pk jerky chewIts purely amazing the product i got and the shipping and the over all experience. I got free shipping because it was over 25 dollars and so i could upgrade to 2 day shipping for just alittle more and i did (I ordered this early afternoon) and i got it the next morning. I was so excited to knoe i got it about 21 hours later. Great taste and over all great experience.
394597394597B000GW46EIA294I67LEMHMIKmediamst0051321920000Great Dip SubstituteI have quit using smokeless tobacco with the help of this product. Tastes great and the price for buying in bulk is fantastic. It is a tad salty, but hey, your eating cured meat. I like it like that. If you havent had this before, buy ONE can of it first. They sell it at Walgreens if you have one near you. They also have it in many gas stations.
394598394598B000GW46EIA3ED51ZTC1CIRUValdese0051294617600What can I say?What can I say? My son loves this stuff, so I bought some in bulk to keep from paying the high price of the individual cans in the convenient stores. If you like shredded jerky, evidently this stuff is pretty good!
394599394599B000GW46EIA2I8BXNZR6LVM5Kevin S. Maxey "Books & Tech!"0031285113600Good Flavor - too fine a grindThe flavor of this jerky is great, but I didn't expect that it would be more of a powder than something identifiable as a meat product. It is very messy though it tastes good.
394600394600B000GW46EIA3IAZT0DSZN1SYC. Clark0041274054400Better then the real thing!I received a whole box of the Teriyaki flavored chew for my Birthday, and have eaten one, sometimes two cans per day since. When it's fresh,like mine was, it is so good. IF you like Beef jerky you will love this stuff. Try it, you will seet what I'm talking about.
394601394601B000GW46EIA1B7YHU2AI9EACS. Melvin0041274054400Good, but King B betterJack Link's chew is good, but King B jerky Chew is better, it just a juicier flavor and I like the color better. However, King B which was acquired by jack Link's, has been DISCONTINUED by Jack Link's. I am very annoyed at Jack link's for doing this, but their jerky chew is still good and I will buy it when I need it.
394602394602B000GW46EIA2DMQAF3M8VOB3Christian R. Atlakson "Aflack"0051255132800simply addicting delicous.I used to chew sunflower seeds, so much my mouth would hurt. Jerky Chew has been the best replacement...going on 13 years now. It helps me at work, in between meals...and its safer/less harmful than chewing tobacco. (which i have never done) I try to make a case last me to every other month...I usually dont make it. It is the best out there, I have tried other brands but all fall short of the glory of Jack Link's Teriyaki Jerky Chew!
394603394603B000GW46EIA1G8USRY17IR1XMichael D. Adams1231249516800OK, but could be a lot betterI have tried the Jack Links Jerkey chew a few times, mainly as a way to have a little flavor in my mouth while working in hot/dusty conditions. This seems to be the only brand you can find stocked on convenience store shelves.

In terms of the flavor, the "Original" is pretty mild. As noted by a previous reviewer, I also found the can didn't seem to have much in it. However, it only takes a small pinch at a time. For me, I thought it was a little too much on the dry/powdery side. Realistically, it's probably the "ground up" pieces that probably fall to the side when they are packaging their regular jerkey. It does highly resemble the "genuine" bacon bits that you buy at the grocery.

For what it was, it was OK. I would like to see it a little more "shredded", so it packs better, and a little less ground up (like coffee grounds). I'd also like to see it a bit more moist, so it would pack better. As it stands, you have to be careful opening the can in a strong wind, or you might lose half of it. Finally, I think it would be interesting if they had a mildly nicotine-infused version, but that would restrict over-the-counter sales and bring on a whole new level of rules. Otherwise, I don't see where it would really help someone get over a dipping habit.

One reviewer noted that this could easily be considered a "gateway" path for children to using real tobacco. To that, I would agree on some levels. Much like "Big League Chew" resembles a pouch of chewing tobacco, or "cancy cigarettes" resembles a real smoke. The important thing, if you are allowing your child to "eat" this, is that you convey the dangers of tobacco use and make clear that this is not the same thing. The packaging does not "make" the product something else.
394604394604B000GW46EIA1ZB68PM7UTM6BPaul T. Lewis0121255910400Would be better if it wasn't expired.My shipment was all over 2 months overdue. Too much flavor lost by then, and too dry.
394605394605B000GW46EIA1T2RTR5MMZ4RSsurefire0211305936000Active Lifestyles is a Terrible SellerOrder the jerky because it is good and makes for a great snack, but don't order through Active Lifestyles because they only ship a third of what is promised and don't even match up the right flavor with the order. Twenty-eight bucks for twelve canisters? That is robbery and deceit. Awful company. Great product.
394606394606B000GW46EIA2DYW9Y2D8E43LKris Cayocca "Cayotejr"'s dried beefIf you are trying to quit using tobacco this is probably not going to do it for you. It didn't work for me. It tastes fine but is way too dry. Also, naturally, there is no nicotine so you won't get any of the stuff you are hooked on in the first place. I don't know what else you'd use it for except as maybe a substitute for "bacon bits" on your salad or something as due to it's dryness it's tough to get out of the can.
394607394607B000GW46EIA1Q51RFBBLGR2UC. Waters1821247788800Not Sure the Point-Bad PackagingCAREFUL!! My nine year old stepson is around people that dip REAL tobacco in similar packaging. Therefore, he idolizes this as a way to mock the older guys and their bad habit. When he came for a visit he wanted some so we bought it. Next thing we know, he was asking for a snack. When we inquired about the jerky, he said it was not to eat but to "put in your mouth and suck the juice". He even packed it like grown men do their tobacco chew. Granted, a child will absorb what he sees around him but I feel the packaging makes it look too much like a child's version of adult chew; reminds me of the candy cigarettes. So, this product in my opinion is either for a child as a stepping stone to chewing tobacco or an adult's step down from it...otherwise, what's the point?
394608394608B001B4VOQIAU2LNDRGFOS8JJanice Garner "jg"0051309046400very goodThis product is a very health snack for your pup as it is made of 100% beef liver. My puppy does all of his tricks to get this treat. It is a little pricy but the container is large so it should last a long time as long as you don't overfeed.
394609394609B001B4VOQIA3RRSB7FFM07ZUMercy0051308787200Dogs Love These!My girls love these. I cut them up smaller and use them for training. Definately able to keep the dogs attention when they know something yummy and tasty is coming their way. The price was right too for the amount. As long as the price remains perfect I plan on having a steady supply of this great product!
394610394610B001B4VOQIAFH6TT0SWN59LW. Gates "RoeWill"0051308787200Fast shipmentThis is 2.5 oz larger than what you can find in pet stores and less expensive. Shipped day the it was ordered and arrived 2 days later with prime.
394611394611B001B4VOQIALAA0P3GK1VBRM. Kresge0051308528000Dogs Love ItI have one dog that is a picky eater. I crumble this liver treat into her food bowl and she loves it. If you have a dog that doesn't eat, try this, you won't be disappointed.
394612394612B001B4VOQIA3EKHSRZKXRIFKRosebud0051307318400Golden loves them!My Golden can get picky and eating is not a priority for him. I was worried during training he was going to be too anxious to not eat any training treats. Well...these he will eat and I am very great-full! However, they do not have the best smell (definitely not something I would eat). :) Will be purchasing more.
394613394613B001B4VOQIA12MGOJOF9FY8PR. Avolio "Goose"0051307059200Corgi CocaineWe cut these up into small pieces for our Corgi pup (so each treat actually becomes 8-10 mini treats) to prevent throwing off his diet. This allows us to give him multiple treats for going potty outside (like 3-5 mini treats each time). We also use these whenever our puppy meets a stranger -- we make sure all four paws are on the ground before we give it to him and he has already learned to inhibit his desire to jump up on people! These are amazing and I appreciate that they are made in the USA -- no weird chemicals to worry about -- and our pup loves to work for them!
394614394614B001B4VOQIA2KJO9EPX17ZXEMusical E0051305849600Healthy High Quality Dog TreatYes, they are a bit expensive but, they are high quality, and pure nutrition. Good training treat and not too high in calories. Highly recommend this!
394615394615B001B4VOQIA3XT9UO2Z8IKZK. Bonnar0051305331200Save the best for trainingI have two German Shepherds. I use these as training treats. I also use them when I brush them, which they don't enjoy so much but know they will get treats. We have tried every treat available. These are the best.
394616394616B001B4VOQIA1FZ2I81RT0AUXAugust Luna0051304553600great product & valueExtremely big bucket of yummy treats for training! This is a great value. The pieces are large, but I cut them up into smaller pieces for regular training purposes.
394617394617B001B4VOQIA3HU1E3N2G9PF0M. Collins ""0051303948800Best Dog TreatsThese liver chunks are like crack for dogs. The niblets are magic for training dogs because the critters will do anything for these. Although freeze-dried liver is pricey, you can cut the chunks into tiny chinks and use while training, rewarding, or just saying, 'I love you, my good dog.'
394618394618B001B4VOQIA3W35OAAB4XNX9Maryann Aniela Royster0051303862400dogs love themall natural,dogs favorite treat. Don't give too many because it will constipate dog. My dogs will do anything for these treats!
394619394619B001B4VOQIA2Z7T96L8XQKOGS. Zmek0051303516800Liv-r licious!My dog trainer recommended this to our obedience class. I found the best price here on Amazon, and my puppy LOVES the treats. Great training treats if used in moderation (too much organ meat isn't good for anyone). Also excellent if you put some of the treats in a container with non-liver treats/cookies. Use the container as a shaker to help train your dog to come, and the other treats get a liver flavored (dust) coating that makes your dog love them even more! No limit on liver dusted treats!

Two paws up for this stuff!
394620394620B001B4VOQIA2G1LRD120SJPCK. Hill0051303171200Excellent Product and Made in U.S.A.My three very finicky dogs love this product, and I like the way I can cut them up into small pieces for training. There is only one ingredient in this: liver, all sourced within the United States, so I feel confident and safe giving this to my dogs. I buy this on a regular basis. It's priced better than any pet supply store I've seen, even the larger chains. Qualifies for free shipping, which is also nice.

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