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394681394681B001B4VOQIAI6BIBH6R1JBRSurela1251279670400DOGS LOVE IT!Great product. Dogs love this treat. It's hard to get them to eat only a few at a time. However, this product is pure protein and therefore not great for their kidneys if they eat too many. Limit to a few treats per day.
394682394682B001B4VOQIA31PX9L81BQ6ZSHoward B0151314489600Lucky's FavoriteWe have used Pro-Treat Beef Liver, Freeze Dried Dog Treats for several years. It's our 110 lb. hound's favorite treat and great to use for training. It's a fairly expensive treat but if used properly lasts quite a while. I would definitely recommend.
394683394683B001B4VOQIA479H261D2695S. Berry0141239321600Good treats, somewhat falsely advertisedThese are my dogs favorite treats, so I ordered three containers because the site advertised that I would receive a fourth container for free. The three containers came in a timely fashion, and my dog is very happy, but I never did get the fourth container. I, and my dog, were both pretty disappointed.
394684394684B001B4VOQIA2WDF9UM0M1VADsusan m. kaitz3611317859200Review of Freeze Dried Liver Treats For DogsI received all containers previously opened - all seals were opened. On the top of containers was decent pieces of liver and below that were grisley pieces and a lot of powder on the bottom. I will never buy liver treats from Amazon again. BIG RIP-OFF!
394685394685B001B4VOQIA1EJ7AF4H919CLsunny3731278374400Not satisfactoryI bought 21 0z freeze dried liver. Half the container was filled with powder instead of pieces/chunks. I feel I was betrayed by the company. Hence I did not get what I paid for
394686394686B001B4VOQIANW9G620WDPVEKay M "kay"2721237334400great treat, but too expensiveokay, it's freeze-dried liver cube-lets. my common sense tells me that for a lot less than the price of this treat i could buy real liver, cube it and freeze it. it would serve the same purpose for a lot less money, and it would not be over-processed.
that said, our dog would do back flips for this treat, so if you're made of money, go ahead. you'll make your dog's day :-)
394687394687B001B4VOQIAE9ZBY7WW3LIQW. K. Ota51311219363200Why sbould I get crums?I selected this company over the other even though the price was higher. I was hoping the pieces would be more consistent in size. It tuened out the container was filled with smaller crum like pieces, worse than the other company's. I will never buy anything from this company.
394688394688B001B4VOQIA2QHCF0OYJ2N33Jackie0431245456000Overpriced!Dogs love these things but `I do feel they are overpriced for the quantity you get.
394689394689B001B4VOQIA21F5EJGLBH2QLG. Speciale1751189209600pro treatYou asked for my review of this purchase already, I said fast shipping and good product. Do not bother me with these reviews any more, if i have a problem i will let you know. I will stop using amozon in the future if you don't leave me alone.
394690394690B001B4VOQIA12OC9ZA779927Nancy Watts "Nan Watts"12221134172800no shipping charges in December if over $50 on DrFosterSmith.comSame price as Dr. Foster & Smith.
394691394691B001B4VOQIA1R87YSXT4SDS4Robert J. Ruddy101051139270400Freeze dried liver treatsMy dog has never stopped loving these treats for over a year.

Service was great and shipping was prompt.
394692394692B001B4VOQIAHFT1TU6FEFQ8Howard S. Frierman7751171411200The Very Best For Your DogAltho you can't give too many of these to your dog on any given day (not suggested by the manufacturer), I have never found a treat that my German Shorthair Pointer really loved, until we discovered these. Buzzy just loves them more than anything....even more than the meatballs I through in his food to entice him to chow down (he's very finicky)!!! Get em for your best friend!!!
394693394693B001B4VOQIAJD41FBJD9010N. Ferguson "Two, Daisy, Hannah, and Kitten"395151233360000NO waste at all ---- great for training ---- all dogs love liver treatsFreeze dried liver has a hypnotic effect on dogs. They LOVE it and will do just about anything for it, so it is a great treat to use for training. (Powdered freeze dried liver is even added to many dog medicines nowadays-- heartworm and arthritis tablets, etc.-- because it causes the dog to scarf the medicine down like a treat.)

Freeze dried liver has a dry, hard, yet powdery/easy to chew consistency. It comes chopped/cubed. It is extremely lightweight due to the fact there is so little moisture in the product (thus the low weights on product labels).

Even though your dog will love liver treats, you shouldn't overfeed it. The manufacturer recommends 1-2 cubes daily for small dogs, 2-3 cubes for medium dogs, and 3-4 cubes for large dogs.

The largest package sizes of liver treats tend to be far more economical. I recommend buying the larger tubs, as you will save lots of money, you'll have a handy treat supply around for a longer time, and your dog will never tire of this product.

There is really zero waste with this product. When you near the end of the tub you'll find some powdery bits of dried liver at the bottom. Your dogs will go CRAZY if you sprinkle this dust over their dog food-- it's a wonderful reward that is easy to use.

Here's the nutritional analysis:

-100% freeze dried liver
-NO additives or preservatives.

-Crude protein..... not less than 50%
-Crude fat..... not less than 5%
-Crude fiber..... not more than 3%
-Moisture..... not more than 6%
394694394694B001B4VOQIA3D0PV8Y6577NND. Gilbert6731307491200Size inconsistent, needs waterMy dog enjoys these treats in moderation. Because they are dried, he seems to enjoy them less the more he eats them. With water, the treats may be much more flavorful. After having a fair amount, he starts to lose interest in them until he can drink.

This brings me to a question regarding serving size. The container recommends 2-3 cubes per day for a medium breed. The issue I'm having is that the size of the cubes is so very inconsistent. Some bits are the size of a pea while others of a grape. The rest are a variety of sizes in between. Some consistency would be preferred.

Also, this product comes highly recommended for training because it is low in fat. My dog certainly won't learn anything with just 2-3 of these per day. Like most dogs, he is highly motivated by food so 20-30 treats is more accurate. To make this possible, I have to dice them up into smaller pieces or shift through to find the little bits.

At least these treats are natural and thus healthier than some of the other options. I just didn't expect to have to prepare them first.
394695394695B001B4VOQIA1BMOH6U3TG99JTTO3331333584000Great for travel, but too expensive, too much prepThese are great training treats when you need something lightweight that won't make a mess of your pockets. I have a couple problems with them though. First, they are too expensive for every day training. Second, the sizes are so inconsistent that you need to cut some of the large cubes up (at this price, they should be ready-to-eat). Actually there is a third, which is that the powder leftover on the bottom is useless to me.

I've found it much cheaper to just put some sliced beef liver from the store in the oven and bake till dry. Cut it up, put it in small portions, and freeze. My dog likes it better than the freeze-dried anyway. I do a whole bunch at a time so I am not prepping frequently. But I figure if I have to prep something, it might as well be something cheap!
394696394696B001B4VOQIA184K5PFSEL337J. Yu3351279670400Two paws up!My dog goes bonkers for these treats! They seem to be crazy delicious. Some of the pieces are so small, Lulu doesn't have to chew them; she seems to swallow them whole. I wonder how she even tastes them! But she must, because she whines and acts like a obnoxious brat every time I go near the bucket.

I like that the treats don't have any additives. They really stink, though, and the smell stays on your fingers. The smell and the price are the only downsides. Also, I wish the container said how many calories the treats have so I could compare them to other natural treats like Fruitables. The vet said Lulu is getting fat (to which I replied "Yo momma is fat!") and that we should start watching her calories.

If you're curious about the consistency of the size of the pieces, please see the photos I posted. There's some variation in size, and when I tip the bucket, I see more crumbly pieces at the bottom, but I don't foresee Lulu turning her nose up at them!
394697394697B001B4VOQIA2YYTZDZD7V7MXEdeltraud E. Daley3351263686400A great treatMy young Havapoo was very unhappy when I put him in his cage at night.
After I bought this product for him as a treat before going to bed, he is readily willing to enter his cage, munch a few little pieces of the dried liver and go to sleep quite happy. I can recommend this product to all pet lovers.
394698394698B001B4VOQIA3RPJGRMYTU59UJoseph J. Rinaldi2251347235200Best treat on the marketExcellent Product,,My 15# dog loves these things--Turns her nose up at every thing else--I would very much recommend this product for dogs !!Big Plus--There made in the U.S.A.
394699394699B001B4VOQIA34BRSDS9MJXTZP. Neely2241327881600Dogs love them, but pieces aren't sized uniformly and they melt when wetI buy a big tub of these for my dog about every 3-4 months. He loves them. I do mix them in with other treats, so he does not get a steady diet of them. They are given out as the "special" treat, being one notch above a standard, wheat-free dog cookie.

While these are great treats, they are not as "hypnotic" as real meat is. And, given the price, and how inexpensive some good-quality meat is at the grocery store, if you truly want to mesmerize your dog, go with real meat. Its pretty funny that so many of us are paying $7-9 for little bags of dog treats when we could be buying real beef for about $4-5 a pound.

However, most of us don't want slimy hands all day, so we use treats. I use these out when walking my dog, and carry them when we go out backpacking or on long day hikes. I like them because they are feather light, but just don't get them wet or they turn to mush. My dog's interest in them after they get wet goes down a lot.

I do wish the pieces were more uniformly sized, but they aren't too hard to break apart.
394700394700B001B4VOQIABEIRM40JQHHNJAH2251312156800JahGold standard for training treats. Have used for 10 years of training. Never met a dog that didn't love them. Fast easy service thru Amazon sellers.
394701394701B001B4VOQIA1E0TDGRVZKCWKEskimoDog2251309910400No Mess and dogs love them!Finally a treat both me and my puppy like. Doesn't have a strong odor, but dogs still love them. Plus, as a freeze-dried treat they don't make your fingers greasy.
A healthy treat that my puppy will actually eat!
394702394702B001B4VOQIA2EDWI5EGP4V9Nsharkychick2241290988800Really good treats for trainingI've been using these for my puppy with training and he absolutely loves them.

The only inconvenience I find is that, while each piece varies greatly in size, they are pretty large. So, I cut them up into pieces appropriate to the size practical for training. Each time he gets one it is just a little piece, and that works great.

Since I do cut them up, I don't find these to be expensive at all because they really go a long way.

The other important thing is the list of ingredients. They are not full of junk. In fact, there is NO junk in them. Just beef liver. I like that, as I really try to know that I'm giving him good quality foods and treats.
394703394703B001B4VOQIA143HKSYU2FQP0Diane Mathis2241271808000Dog TreatVery happy with the product and shipping. Thanks. Always like doing business with Amazon.
394704394704B001B4VOQIA21D27EKHICKY3C. Mayer2251262822400great treatsThese are the best training treats you can buy. My dog is more motivated in doggie class because of these treats than any other dog in class. He loves these treats so much that he is not very interested in most other dog treats, which keeps life simple.
394705394705B001B4VOQIA2EMJYWOXVQGINK. Rainey "Kathy R"2251257552000Best treats we've tried so farMy 5 month old lab goes nuts over these liver treats. Our vet recommended these as a healthy treat. Our pup acts like a cat with catnip over these. A big hit. The price and size are excellent and should last a good while.
394706394706B001B4VOQIA16J84BXTPH30J. Guyette "Cranky J"2251256947200Great treats - dog loves themThough they might be a bit pricey for just the average dog owner like myself (as opposed to say someone in a profession working with dogs), they're great treats.
Perfect size for the quick little snack on the run.
And yeah... my dog loves these. At 13, she's getting pretty finicky, and these will gather her full attention.
394707394707B001B4VOQIA2EIKJ2XFU6J9TWayne in Indy2241250380800Great but expensiveIt is a great product. It is very nutritional and our dogs absolutely love them. My only issue is that it is outrageously expensive. It is about four times as expensive as coffee per pound, and coffee is already expensive. Liver is a very cheap meat so why $25 per pound. Our problem is our dogs will do anything to get one of these treats, so were stuck.
394708394708B001B4VOQIAIBHCBMBC8Z66hazmat1151346112000All Natural and Dogs Love themWe have been using these dog treats for a long time. The dogs love them a lot! You cannot go wrong with these because they are all natural.
The only thing that I would say is a little disappointing about them is that some of the pieces are very small making them no good as treats. You end up with liver "dust" when the larger pieces are used. I generally take this "dust" and mix it into home made dog food for extra flavor. Therefore, no product gets wasted.
394709394709B001B4VOQIA3TFIDKZC95ZK7Norge1151336953600Pro treat indeed!Bought these based on the review and the type of treat. My Peagle puppy loves these more than cheese! Perfect for training and they can be cut up easily so you don't overfeed. Great price compared to other treats of the same quality. Highly recommended.
394710394710B001B4VOQIA129LFK27JMYB3Sandy "Sandy"1151334880000Trainng toolWonderful treat for training! Perfect cube size for large dog. Somew crumbling of product once you get to the bottom

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