Amazon Fine Food Reviews

394741394741B001B4VOQIAJ6QSIPKRWTG3Marsha Moore McKeever0051347840000Canine Crack!Delishus, pleeze give mee more Gimborn Livur Treets. Everee dog should havve these. I don't know abowt kats, they probabbly don't deserve them. Kats skare me.... Anyway these treets are delishus and yoo should buy manee buckets for yore dog. If yore dog doesn't want his bucket of livur treets, I will take them. Thank yoo, love, Sonar.
394742394742B001B4VOQIA371KZ5U8RQ5PLrpatter0051347580800Gimborn Liver Bits TreatsWe have been using these treats for a very long time, decades, and find they are accepted by almost any of our pets: dog, cat or ferret. They are their reward for taking their meds nicely. We prefer the largest size tubs for economy and convenience, which are usually not available at the pet stores. Thank you for carrying these.
394743394743B001B4VOQIAFGHXL0I9BYXDdiana "Peace!"0041346889600Travis loves them inconsistent in size.
394744394744B001B4VOQIA2JCG7KT8HRSUJB. Le0051346716800Dogs favorite treatWe have a variety of treats for our two shitzus. Their favorite are the freeze-dried livers. Nice big container that always has the dogs running when they hear me opening the lid. Bought two of these.
394745394745B001B4VOQIACBK6OXAMOHTEAndrew Fox0051345248000Great for dog trainingour dog responds to this more than any dog treat.
We have tried many different treats, but this seems to be the one that is most preferred.
This brand was recommended by our dog trainer.
394746394746B001B4VOQIA12L1NY994GXSFDawn Rene0051343001600Freeze Dried Beef LiverI have been giving the Stewart's Pro-Treat Freeze Dried Beef Liver to my maltipoo named Elvis Lee for many years now along with his daily meals. It is all PURE Freeze Dried Beef Liver which provides him with protein since he is a very active boy who likes to go for long walks and play ball! Elvis Lee is very particular about what he likes and this Freeze Dried Liver is on his list of FAVORITES!!
394747394747B001B4VOQIA3P5V207OED3JSI. Wong "Y Square designs"0051342915200Dogs go crazy for thisAs another reviewer noted...This is like crack for dogs! My dog likes jerky but loves freeze dried liver. The tub may be a but much but is the best value.
394748394748B001B4VOQIASST51ORV4IEKDeborah Dean0051342483200Great for treats and trainingI purchased the product to use with training my dogs, as treats, and as a supplement to their dry food. My dogs love them and best of all they are natural - nothing artifical. A good value for those seeking multiple uses from one treat.
394749394749B001B4VOQIA3KIRC8DQF0Y9QDavid Zhang0051342137600Delicious, pure treatsThese smell delicious and my dogs love them. The big tub is the most cost-effective package of high-quality treats that I've found. (Those chicken jerky things from China are not high-quality.)
394750394750B001B4VOQIA26DDK7ACX8QKKDonna C. Bondioli0051340928000Dogs Love ItI've been buying this product for over 10 yrs. It is a special
treat and reward for our dogs - I will continue buying this.
394751394751B001B4VOQIA30M06JH5R1831JAE0051340409600Great TreatMy dogs love this treat. I use it to train them and just for fun. The nice thing about this product is that if you want the pieces to be smaller, it's easy to cut them up without it crumbling apart. Also, it was a great deal.
394752394752B001B4VOQIA1KJH57UFCFUN0Rocco &0051340323200dogs love these!
394753394753B001B4VOQIA25HD3SZ9HFODYJane0051340323200Dogs love'emI was introduced to these treats when I took my dogs to the vet, and saw her giving them these treats.
The dogs went crazy for them!
Not only that, but there is nothing in this but pure liver. No added salt, etc....

Healthy treats that my dogs love. And the price is right, too!
394754394754B001B4VOQIARYMKWDYJM1TGmom0031340236800Delicious for the DogI must say that my dog and all at the dog park LOVE these treats. Even the very fussy boxer sniffs at my pocket waiting for them. The sizes are quite variable which is ok.

The product arrived with no protective covering on either the outside of the tub or under the lid which bothered me a bit (not sure if they had been open, returned by someone, then sent to us) so that is why I rated 3 stars.

The amount of product for the price is great!
I would most likely purchase again.
394755394755B001B4VOQIA19J97YZF9IR5Kseapearl0051339632000Great for training.My dog loves these and so do I : ). No yucky texture or greasy feel such as with hot dog pieces or cheese pieces and no grossness in your pocket or treat bag. And my dog will do a lot for a taste of these treats.
394756394756B001B4VOQIA272NYWBBGVAEOP. Shih0051339459200Great treat to use as a high value reward!My 4 month old aussie loves these! Whenever he's fixated on something (like another dog while we're on a walk), I quickly wave it near his head to redirect his attention. It's one of the only treats that can bring his focus back onto me. The other thing that works is hot dogs, but those aren't as easy to carry around as these freeze-dried pieces. Because of the power it has over my dog, I mainly only use these treats for special training sessions when I need a high value reward (e.g., for recall training). They aren't especially smelly, but some dogs can smell them yards away. I've been followed many times at the dog park by doggies that smell the leftover powder in my jacket pocket!

The downside is that when I cut it into too small of a piece, it can crumble apart. Regardless, I think that these should definitely be diced down to a smaller size if one wants to use these treats as a training tool. The tub says that only a few should be fed per day, and it is to my understanding that too much liver isn't good for the dog. I've uploaded a picture of the feeding guidelines that are printed on the side of my 21oz tub and I'll also provide them here:
Weight........................3 Times Daily
10-30lbs....................1 to 2
30-60lbs....................2 to 4
over 60lbs..................4 to 6

So, for example, for a 60lb dog, about 4 pieces can be fed up to three times each day. Some people commented that only a couple can be fed to a large dog each day, but that information appears to be inconsistent with what is suggested on the tub. From my interpretation of the above table, the recommended daily amount is actually closer to a dozen than just a couple of pieces. I hope I'm not missing something here?

I've also uploaded a photo of the front of the 21oz tub showing that it is made in the USA. It has a May 2, 2014 expiration date printed on the underside of the container.

Hope this helps someone!
394757394757B001B4VOQIA3DLTQQJFTPURFuplayhard20051338422400This it like dog heroin. There's nothing my dog won't do for liver treats.I've been using Freeze Dried Liver treats to train and reward my dogs for about 20 years. It is like dog heroin for my dogs, there is nothing they won't do for these treats. It makes training a breeze. My current dog, Samson, will sit in front of the pantry and drool until I give him a treat. The treats are expensive so I cut them in quarters so they last longer. These are 100% meat, no scrap or filler. These are the only treats I give Samson, my Rottweiler. You can't go wrong with these treats.
394758394758B001B4VOQIA3MU6WPG4R7XIBElinor Stickney "mystery lover"0051337644800Loves liver treatsThese Stewarts Liver treats are the love of my wirehaired dachshund's life. Nothing else comes close.
I have bought them from several sources and sometimes they are crushed but those fom Amazon arrive in fine condition and ready for munching.
394759394759B001B4VOQIA31NOOFT502ZH9Len370051336867200excellenti always try to feed healthy snacks. My dog does not always like them as much as less healthy snacks.
This is the snack that we meet in the middle about.... actually she likes this the best of all her snacks!!!
394760394760B001B4VOQIA2CRE3753UMKEKsassafrass660051336435200Doesn't get much betterI was pet sitting recently and the dog I was sitting for had these in her treat pouch. She loved them so I tried them with my dogs. All 3 dogs were quite well-behaved whenever they saw me reach for these goodies. My son and I jokingly call them "doggie crack". They're good for them, they work as training tools, what else can you ask for in a dog treat?
394761394761B001B4VOQIA2EZW83S9IZFIHtghiorso0051336089600Dogs love this stuffMy dogs love this product and this was the cheapest I could find it any where. Shipped and received as notified when purchased.
394762394762B001B4VOQIA26LQTZXVRIH87Alex C0051335398400My snobby hound loves theseMy beagle/lab mix is fairly picky with treats, but she goes nuts for these. I've been trying to find something other than chicken jerky from China (after reading reports from the FDA showing illness/death in dogs) that my dog really loves, and these seem to fit the bill nicely.
394763394763B001B4VOQIA58VYTDIZJM77Tamster0041334707200Woof woof!!My three month old Westie loves this treat. The only bad thing is that it's huge for training. If I command sit, it takes him 20 seconds to finish eating it and do the next trick. I recommend breaking it into tiny pieces because the label says 1 or 2 a day only. My pup loves this treat and would do anything for it!
394764394764B001B4VOQIA2TKAV768UGP49Cynder0041332028800Dog TreatsMy Dogs love this as well as my Cat..I like this product except the treats start to get smaller about half way down the bin...
394765394765B001B4VOQIA7161PRO2YD3TAnn-M0051331683200One of the best treats for dogs!I know some people have suggested this product is not for training, and I couldn't disagree more. I have en English Bulldog who is solely motivated by these. I was able to teach her voice commands in a very short time with these liver treats as rewards. While the peices could be a bit smaller (I often cut them up a bit) these are very healthy treats. I love them and my bulldog loves them!
394766394766B001B4VOQIA2RAHVQXI12VGABeGreen0051329868800expensive, but worth itPRO:
-my dogs (maltese and poodle mix) go crazy over these treats. they are very obedient once they know that i'm holding these treats in my hand
-since they're freeze dried, i don't have to worry about these treats drying out
-although it comes in big cubes, i'm able to cut the cubes into smaller pieces with a plastic knife in order to lengthen the usage out of my stash of these dog treats
-my containers always came with very little crumbs/powder at the container's bottom

-not uniform sizes
-not cheap

Conclusion: still a great product, but need some modifications
*Since every morsel appears to be so flavorful, all my dogs need is a pinkie nail size amount to reward them.
*It may SEEM like the crumbs/powder is useless, but actually, it is still somewhat useful. I used the powder to coat bland chewy dog treats, dog food, toys, etc.
394767394767B001B4VOQIA2DE6B05NCDRK3hemihappy0051327276800dog treatsThere isn't much my puppy won't do or try to do for one of
the freeze dried liver treats. Gave one to another Springer Spaniel
we met at the beach and now when I see him he races, sometimes
a long distance, to great me and get another treat. great
training aid.
394768394768B001B4VOQIA2O65R7YQNOR3CAbby and Zoe0051326412800This is my dogs Abby and Zoe's favorite TreatMy dogs favorite treat. They pass up the other treats for the dried beef liver. I love the fact it is low in fat and healthy.
394769394769B001B4VOQIA186Y1BDGRGAOQCoinsign0051325721600Can't go wrongMy dog LOVES these treats. Great quality, and cheaper than buying at the big box stores. You really can't go wrong with these.
394770394770B001B4VOQIA37IG6KAHNLQAXIG's0051325203200Stewart's Pro-TreatsOur dogs love these treats - last a long time - light and easy to give our dogs. Amazon has the best price for these treats - will always have them in our house!

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