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394801394801B004FJK85OAD12X609SGOX5leithq3321325376000Dozen+12 free? arrived only 12 pcsThe product photo really deceiving, and i don't know why but the product info clearly stated One dozen rainbow roses + 12 free.
but all i received is a dozen flowers ONLY and the arrangement far off from illustrated product photo.

feel free to see the actual product i received froom the URL below:
394802394802B004FJK85OA34BO0A5EPPUT5Duncan's mom1151337040000Beautiful rosesThese roses were so beautiful. They arrived on time, in perfect condition and lasted for almost a month. The colors were vivid and they smelled so good. My daughter loved them.
394803394803B004FJK85OA21TD5CAJZKJXNA. Mandujano "angeemand"3431274054400ok for the pricewell let see I got this for mother's day for my in-law. cheap item less than $30 dollars w/ vase and delivery. not bad but if u really want a nice bouquet have then hand deliver yes it makes a big different.. pro flower.. they where beautiful roses all the colors. about 7 days they started to die. overall ok!
394804394804B004FJK85OATIOV9NWQGFZRdaniellemparker2351318896000My Grandmother Loved ThemI sent these to my grandmother while she was in a rehab center. She loved them and they lasted longer than most floral arrangements she received. Proflowers is wonderful. Have used them several times and my recipients always love what they get.
394805394805B004FJK85OA1HML2C0J5JKGJack Beggs "Music Is Life"2351304380800Lovely Flowers - Great Packaging + ServiceThey were delivered right on rime the morning of my wife's birthday. The packaging was great including the lovely flowers, flower food, a glass vase and instructions. I could not have asked for more and will use them again.
394806394806B004FJK85OAPDHKHPIKRJDLMark Houle "Guy who buys stuff"1251324944000Flowers are right on the moneyThe flowers arrived quickly, and were beautiful. The arrangement delivered was yellow and orange, and quite stunning. She was extremely happy, and that makes me extremely happy. Extremely pleased.
394807394807B0018CIGMSA1CN0H3RVS2XXHsusan2221341273600Dogs love them, but they are MADE IN CHINA!My dogs love these. But when I looked on the package to see where they came from, I had to pull off a sticker on the back, and in very small print it say made in china. Very disapointing, to say the least, especially when they were clearly trying to hide that fact.
394808394808B0018CIGMSA1RN1SI78BPMQIDiane L. Kraft "diane l. kraft"2241237161600dog treatsfast shipping & the product was as promised. a little more then i wanted to pay, but i am glad to have found it. i have a very finecky dog & these are all he will eat
394809394809B0018CIGMSA3VL40EYKO9C4EJ. Young "avid reader"2251222992000Free Range Dog ChewsFree Range Chicken Wrapped Beef Liver is a big HIT in this family! I have a very finiky Cocker, who also has all the food allergies a dog can get, but these are natural and won't hurt her. But the best is yet to come- SHE LOVE'S THEM! That's all I need to keep getting them for her. So go ahead, take a chance, these are a winner!
394810394810B0018CIGMSA15VOSVNLI3ZAS. D. Williams "Pack Leader"2251218412800All-time FavoriteI have 2 Yorkies and a Maltese. These chicken breast wraps (with liver especially) are their favorite. Since these are over an inch long, I slice each piece into about 5 bite-size pieces so I get a lot more from one bag. My kids will sit, lay down, crawl and do whatever it takes to have this treat. If you want full attention from them, just wave the bag!
394811394811B0018CIGMSA1P8P6QKO7GX9UOlga Abella0051344470400My Dogs Love ItAll three of my dogs love these chicken breasts wrapped with liver, but the little one, a chihuahua mix, who turns his nose at all foods and treats will actually eat these treats. The fact that they have no additives and are from free range animals makes me feel better about this being his only meal some days.
394812394812B0018CIGMSAIQKBVM1DJW9Wcbowman660051333238400Dog's love, Love, LOVE THEM!!!!Just received these a few days ago and have already ordered 3 more packages of them! They are expensive, but my dogs went absolutely crazy for them..even my picky liitle guy! Highly recommend!
394813394813B0018CIGMSA2TMIIISR6WBAFCarl Apter0041332806400Doggie crackAfter searching for this product to return to market, I found that not only did Amazon have it, but that their pricing was the best. Not that it's cheap. These treats are kind of pricey, even though they are made in China. Who knew that even dog treats came from there. But my dogs absolutely love these. This is one of the only treats that never gets refused, and I mean never.

The only problem with the product has been uneven availability.
394814394814B0018CIGMSA11GS6EMB2FXLVNadia0051303084800My Yorkie loves these so much that she actually gets posessive of it...We have given my dog many types of treats and she's liked them all. But with these, she LOVES them.

I recently bought a handful of these from a local boutique dog store and my dog was so ecstatic to have them. After we gave her one, she became a bit posessive of it (which she has never done with any of her food or toys or anything!) We tried to (jokingly) take it away from her but she growled a little.

I know you might think it's a bad thing for her to love her treats, but it was her birthday so she deserved a little something different.
394815394815B0018CIGMSA2BHXJ97FY0CWBC. Assor0051268438400the best treatThis is the first dog treat I've bought that my dogs actually fight over. They love them.
394816394816B0018CIGMSA191VGSFM0E40MAileen Jones0051267574400dog treatsthese treats are my little dogs favorite, they beg for them. I can never run out!
394817394817B0018CIGMSA1FNOU87B00NZZDivaGal0051246060800The BEST dog treat ever...My Mini Poodle won't eat any dog treats. I have wasted hundreds of dollars. I bought this & she goes hog wild over it. I can't believe her.
I have ordered many other flavors of this brand. It is also very healthy & no by-products in it. Try it..your dog will love it.
394818394818B0018CIGMSA2PYT9RP5YCTMAWendy Ziemba "WZESQ"0051245628800HEALTHY, NUTRITIOUS TREATS!My super picky dog LOVES these Free Range chicken-wrapped treats! All the varieties are great; but, I think his favorite is the chicken breast wrapped liver. "Paws down", they are his #1 snack and I never feel guilty about handing them out because they are good for him.
394819394819B000MTY00UA27UPLV1D4OBQWSusan from Tennessee2251295654400Easy and tasty.I've purchased most of the MCormick Recipe Inspiration packs at the grocery store and have foound most of them to be very good, especially this Quesadilla Casserole and the Asian Sesame Salmon. The recipe card is included, so after you make it once, you need only have the spices on hand to make it again. This casserole is a favorite with the men in my family. Sometimes certain of the packs aren't available at the store. It would be nice if Amazon would carry these in bulk and with Prime shipping. I was told by a relative who works at McCormick that these recipe inspirations are experimental and so I don't know if they'll be around forever or not. I personally wish they would keep bringing out new recipes.
394820394820B000MTY00UA5H86XYSS0OU6Beth E. Settje0041338163200Family gave it a thumbs upWe were looking for a Mexican meal, and I did not want to use the prepackaged products with lots of extra chemicals and sodium. This recipe inspiration fit the bill perfectly. It was a hit - which is not always easy with a 14 and a 9 year old!! As another reviewer noted, the recipe comes off the package, and I have the spices in the house, so it will be easy to recreate. There is definitely room for modification if you want to alter it too. We added sour cream at the table, which complimented the food well. You do have to purchase the ingredients of course; this is just the spice. But it was very helpful the first time making it, to have it all premeasured and ready to go.

Definitely worth trying.
394821394821B000MTY00UA1ER5AYS3FQ9O3K. Corn "reviewer"0131304294400Good in a pinch but consider the cost and other factorsFirst of all, this isn't a complete quesadilla casserole kit. It is simply the spices and seasonings you add to the quesadilla recipe on the package. So you'll need extra ingredients. And once you've made one quesadilla casserole, you don't have to buy the packets again. Why? Well...see below.

First, consider the price ($6.99 at the current time). That's hefty for a few teaspoons of seasonings! By the way, I've also tried Mccormick Recipe Inspirations for Rosemary Roasted Chicken with Potatoes and while it was delicious, I didn't need to Inspirations package to create the exact same meal the next time around.

Why? Because McCormicks lists each ingredient (in that case, paprika, crushed rosemary leaves, garlic and ground black pepper) and even notes the required amount of teaspoons to use for each spice or seasoning. So all you really have to do is save the back of the Inspirations packages and you can create the same meals - at a fraction of the cost.

Yes, it may cost more the first time you purchase an entire box or jar of spices. But you'll end up saving money in the long run because they'll last far longer, making them far more economical. So by all means, grab a couple of the Inspirations seasoning packets to get the recipes for some yummy meals. After that, you can easily recreate the results. After all, it is all spelled out for you.
394822394822B003LN4BTEA2JTS3HZNC953EDislexicX0051331942400Perfect.Ordered these for a family member. My only regret is I have to keep eating the salsas and chilis made with these, i'm catching some extra pounds. I was told they were dried correctly and that they taste great. So this gets the full 5 stars.
394823394823B002RBOCZEA33WWN6KSWUEHFNicky Hajal "Nicky"404151289260800My new favorite chocolateI'm a bit of a fanatic when it comes to Lindt Chocolate, especially their Dark varieties. 85% has been my primary indulgence for awhile, with some 99% on occasion.

Then I discovered 90%. It is truly a confection masterpiece. I expected it to be like 85% but darker or like 99% but sweeter. It isn't, it has a totally different flavor, rich in cocoa, lighter on the bitterness. I actually find it to be much smoother than 85%.

For those that don't like Dark Chocolate, please realize that like wine, coffee and dark beer it takes a little bit of time to acquire the palate to appreciate the complex flavor. But if you go slowly, starting with 65% and going up to 70, 85% and 90% as your palate adjusts, you will discover how wonderful it can be.

When you're starting out, don't chew on the chocolate, just let it melt in your mouth.

I find that when I eat milk chocolate, it tastes good but it never satisfies me. Dark chocolate is different, it is rich and deeply satisfying.

Enjoy your 90%,

p.s. This used to be much cheaper on Amazon! Now it's outright expensive. I can get 12 bars for $24 at my local supermarket.
394824394824B002RBOCZEA3P2I5ITZPOHI5Matthew D. Huwiler292941318550400Really good but...I was inspired to go out and buy this bar by research released by Harvard this past march about the health benefits of flavanoids in cocoa. I just went out and picked up the bar with the highest cocoa content assuming I'd be getting a the highest dose of flavanols (the class of flavanoid that is found in cocoa)... after a little more research though, I realized I'd picked the wrong brand for that. Looking at the ingredients, you'll see that the cocoa is "processed with alkali" (aka Dutch processed chocolate). Apparently, 60-90% of flavanoids are removed during Dutch processing (according to wikipedia). From what I read, you're much better off trying trying to find "natural" chocolate if you are going for the health benefits.

On the other hand... I'm totally addicted to this chocolate! At first I found it too bitter and ate it along with some grapes to help sweeten it up, but after a few nights my palate has changed and am loving it just the way it is. Too bad about the Dutch processing.

If you are going for the healthiest brand regardless of price, it looks like the Xocai brand is the way to go. Not only is it natural, but it's cold pressed (heating the chocolate also removes flavinoids) and is sweetened with açai berries. I couldn't find any data on how big of a difference in flavanoid content of cold pressed and non-cold pressed chocolate, but I doubt it's worth the current cost.

There's a few good dark chocolates available here at amazon that are natural and dairy free with high cocoa content including: Dragoba makes an 87% cocoa organic chocolate bar, and Endangered Species makes one at 88% (Black Panther Extreme Dark Chocolate). Stay away from bars that don't post their ingredients on Amazon (such as Green & Black's organic 85% cocoa dark chocolate bar which contains whole milk).
394825394825B002RBOCZEA1TBBEFGJC49ZXJim111151261526400Not really candy but not bitter eitherAs expected its about a third less sweet than the 85% Lindt version. But even at 85% the sugar hooks me a little while with the 90% Lindt the taste of sugar is so faint I don't experience anything except the fullness of chocolate. So if you like the taste of chocolate but can't stand the bitterness of 99% this may be the bar for you.
394826394826B002RBOCZEARX081ZXLOSLLRobin H.8851293667200My Favorite Eating ChocolateI don't have much of a sweet tooth, but I do love chocolate. I have even been known to nibble unsweetened baking chocolate on occasion (when desperate), but this is WAAAAY better. I'm a little baffled that some people think this is so bitter. I suppose it has a slightly bitter flavor, but it's so creamy and smooth and delicious that who cares! Cappuccino is bitter too, but does that make it unpalatable? I actually find this much mellower tasting than American dark chocolates of 60-80% cocoa which tend to have an acrid, sour after-taste. Granted this is not very sweet AT ALL, so if you need an intense sugar fix, this won't do it. Personally I find that more than a touch of sugar gets in the way of the cocoa flavor anyway. For my taste, this chocolate is extremely fulfilling, not to mention that it is probably borderline good for you :)

By the way, another great one (though slightly inferior) is Chocolove 77% (Belgian).
394827394827B002RBOCZEA37MH7ICH80QOXKate McMurry "Young Adult Author"121441303603200Heart-healthy, extremely dark chocolateLindt is a famous Swiss chocolate maker, and all its various chocolates are wonderful, including this extremely dark chocolate--in its own way. For those who are used to semisweet or sweet chocolate, the flavor of this bar may seem surprisingly bitter and take some getting used to, but if you are a connoisseur without a strong "sweet tooth," you will likely enjoy this chocolate very much. As for my own particular tastes, I found it rather too bitter, and so did my husband. I personally prefer dark chocolate with a bit less cacao, such as Ghirardelli Chocolate Intense Dark Twilight Delight 72% Cacao.

The question some may ask who love sweet, milk chocolate is, why pay more money (often quite a bit more) for dark chocolate such as this that doesn't taste sweet? The main reason for most people in the over-50 crowd is the health benefits to be gained from consuming dark chocolate. The more chocolate contained in a chocolate bar, the more of the good stuff--cacao--that you are getting. In short, the more "bang" for your "buck."

Over the last four years there have been dozens of scientific studies analyzing and confirming substantial health benefits from a small amount of dark chocolate consumed daily. The latest findings from a Harvard study released in early 2011 indicate that as little as 6 gm. of dark chocolate (about 30 calories) is a sufficient daily "dose." The original German studies in 2007 used Ritter Sport chocolate, but I haven't so far been able to discover which kind of Ritter's dark chocolate was used by the researchers. However, since Ritter's only makes two types, 50% cacao and 71% cacao, this product, at 90% cocoa, fits well within the parameters of that study. An equivalent amount of this chocolate compared to that in the study would be a little more than one-half of one of its 10 gm. individual squares. (Note: the package lists a "serving" as "four squares" which is 40 gms. This is almost seven times the 6 gm. amount that researchers found is sufficient to improve health.)

The health benefits of dark chocolate are due to the flavonoids contained in cocoa. Flavonoids act as antioxidants in the body, which both prevent and reduce inflammation. Over many years of medical research, inflammation has been found to contribute to or directly cause a host of diseases, including high blood pressure, heart disease, and cancer, as well as autoimmune diseases like arthritis.

Flavonoids are found in the pigments of fruits and vegetables which give them their color. The darker and deeper the color of a fruit or vegetable, the greater the amount of flavonoids it contains. Cocoa is derived from the dark-brown cacao bean, which is the fruit of the tropical tree, theobroma cacao. In any chocolate product, such as this one, the higher the percentage of cocoa/cacao, the more flavonoids the chocolate contains.

Dark chocolate such as this product is better for your health than milk chocolate because it contains more antioxidants, which are good for you, and less sugar, which is not good for you--especially if you have diabetes or are struggling with your weight.

The FDA defines categories of chocolate based on how much cocoa/cacao is in a given product:
1. Unsweetened chocolate with no additives is 100% cocoa. Most all brands of unsweetened baker's chocolate fall into this category. Their ingredient list will state simply, "chocolate."
2. Bittersweet chocolate contains 35-99% cocoa (35% is the minimum), and it must contain less than 12% milk solids. There is a large range of products in this category, and the product names reflect the amount of chocolate they contain. Unsweetened chocolate is very bitter, and the more cocoa in a product, the less room for sugar, and the more bitter it will be. In order to avoid frightening off customers who are used to sweet chocolate, marketers often substitute the words "dark," "extra dark" or "intense" for "bitter" if that word is not paired with "sweet," for example as "bittersweet" or "extra bittersweet." This product lies at the top of this range.
3. Sweet chocolate contains 15-34% cocoa (15% is the minimum), and it must contain less than 12% milk solids. It is sometimes also marketed as "dark chocolate," even though it has a much lower percentage of cocoa solids than bittersweet, which can cause consumers, in such cases, to purchase a product with less cocoa in it than they realized they were getting. Everything else besides the cocoa and milk solids is essentially sugar.
4. Milk chocolate is only required to have a minimum of 10% cocoa, a minimum of 12% milk solids and 3.39% milk fat. The rest is sugar and milk.

The ingredients of this particular dark-chocolate bar, per the package, include:
Fat (pure chocolate contains a very healthy saturated fat called cocoa butter)
Fiber (pure chocolate is also rich in fiber)
Protein (pure chocolate contains some protein)

People who are allergic to nuts (including peanuts and tree nuts), soy, and milk should not eat this product since it is manufactured with the same equipment that processes those things and traces could be in this chocolate.
394828394828B002RBOCZEA3OIJYUJZTTOAKSteph5531344470400Booo... processed with alkali which signifantly reduces health benefitsI usually purchase the Lindt 85 on Amazon. However, the last time I went to purchase, the usual supplier was temporarily out of stock so I purchased the 90 instead. It is definitely smoother, even though it is higher in cocoa content. This made me curious, so I checked the ingredients... the 90 is processed with alkali which significantly reduces the flavanoid (antioxident) content of the chocolate thereby significantly reducing the health benefits of eating such high cocoa content chocolate. Very disappointing.

If you are looking for a very dark chocolate that is not too sweet and is very smooth, the flavor and creaminess of this chocolate is very palatable. If you are seeking high-flavanoid chocolate for heart health, look elsewhere.
394829394829B002RBOCZEAVCA4Z9OEHDP1Michelle4451319932800Surprisingly smoothThe natural bitterness of the intense cocoa is very well balanced by the carefully chosen quantity of other few and simple ingredients -- especially the vanilla. It melts slowly in your mouth into a very fine, rich, and especially smooth presentation, allowing one to really appreciate the taste of cocoa. I'm not a food snob, but I've tasted a LOT of dark chocolate, and the other ingredients in this Lindt dark chocolate really "dress up" and present the cocoa well. Not overdone with too much sugar, nor underdone leaving it neither too bitter in taste, nor too chalky/chunky in texture to enjoy.

I have to agree with other reviewers, too: the 90% really is smoother than 85%. Essentially that's the challenge, right? Get as close as you can to enjoying the bean for what it is. They work harder to do this (and succeed in my opinion) with 90% versus 85%.
394830394830B002RBOCZEANP2UDFLE5VQHLindsay S. Boggs3351319328000Good for atkins/paleo eaters......I find this chocolate an amazing little cheat if you're doing atkins or paleo.

I used to HATE HATE HATE dark chocolate of any kind and was a big milk choco lover, but after 2 weeks eating paleo without much fruit I find this satisfies me even better than my old milk chocolate.

It's still considered "junk food" for a paleo guy but it's about the tamest junk you can eat.

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