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394831394831B002RBOCZEA2YXH1G054HDLKJ. Dawley3351271462400Very smoooothe!So nice and smooth......I break little pieces off and let them melt in my mouth...sometimes.... When I can actually not chew it up! It's a very nice bitter-sweet chocolate.....I love it. Thank goodness, nobody else around here likes it at all....I can have it all to myself!!
394832394832B002RBOCZEA15YHOJO5XGRUGPhilippe Rothman2241331337600Great item, terrible priceI love the 90% Lindt and find it superior to most other (too sweet) chocolates i have tried. Imagine my surprise when the "bulk" price on Amazon turned out to be significantly higher than the NON SALE price my local supermarket charges for individual bars. $2.95 per bar for Amazon 12-pack, versus $2.69 at the store for an individual 3.5 oz bar. When it goes on sale, as it often does, for $2.00 per bar, I will stock up. What a shame they con people with these overpriced so-called "bargains". Check your local Stop'nShop.
394833394833B002RBOCZEA2I3RRG4D0Y7R9RAD2251328572800Most amazing chocolateAfter trying some 90% chocolate at a local store I decided to buy it. Unfortunately, I will never be able to eat regular or milk chocolate ever again. The 90% chocolate from Lindt is just plain amazing and full of flavor. After you bite into it, let it sit there and melt. The flavor is something you won't be able to find in a regular sugar filled chocolate. I will never eat anything else than real chocolate every again.

After eating Lindt chocolate for a month now, I can say that I can't taste the bitterness. It is highly fatty though and may not be for regular joe schmoo who is used to sugar and not real chocolate taste.

I highly recommend this product.
394834394834B002RBOCZEA1GTK3ND75DGFCThatGuy2251298332800Wonderful stuffJust like other people were saying, the chocolate was very bitter at first but once you start eating it you will love it. Remember to start sucking on it then you will appreciate the chocolate taste also you will be able to taste the sweetness.
Takes about a couple weeks to really get used to it.
I have started eating this kind of chocolate and now, the chocolate you get from the store is very nasty.
This is some good stuff.
Another thing I love, my children used to eat up all my other chocolate but now this chocolate does not have all that sugar but my children hate it and I love it.
394835394835B002RBOCZEA6HUBJTO2J0LEmassemaj1151331596800best high concentration chocolate for the moneyAfter a year in France buying very high quality chocolate of 70% or higher, at a typical price of about $1.50/100g, I was dismayed to see that in the USA such products routinely fetch $3 or $4 per 100g. Outrageous! Then I found Lindt 90% (and others) at Amazon for nearly as good a price as in supposedly expensive France. This is the smoothest textured high density chocolate widely available in the USA.
394836394836B002RBOCZEAYBWPKCODEPXSPop Fanatic1151329350400The best ultra dark chocolate I have ever tastedThis is the smoothest 85%+ dark chocolate I have ever tried. Some ultra dark chocolates can make you want to scrub out your mouth due to either a chalky texture or too much acid or tannins. However this 90% chocolate had none of those problems! Just a rich earthy chocolate flavor that slowly melts in your mouth.

Like other reviewers have stated, you really can't taste any sweetness in this chocolate but that tiny amount of sugar balances out the flavors in this chocolate and makes this a delightful treat!

It is rather waxy due to the high cocoa butter content so the best way to enjoy this chocolate is to let it slowly melt in your mouth.

The price on Amazon is pretty high though... I've found this at supermarkets in the US for $2 or less ea. and currently in Europe it's about $1.88 depending on the EUR/USD exchange rate. I'm going to take advantage of the falling EUR and stock up on some more before I fly back!

Update: Okay, so I've tasted some really amazing varietal dark chocolates in France like Bonnat, Cluziel, and Bernachon Chocolat and these absolutely blow Lindt out of the water. However these chocolates are also very $$$ at 6-10 EUR for a 100g tablet. So while Lindt is no longer the best dark chocolate I've ever tasted, it's still really good considering the price.
394837394837B002RBOCZEA360V4D19OVRTAMarc1151322784000Best dark chocolate aroundLindt 90% is the best dark chocolate I have found; and I have tried many different kinds.

I suggest eating this bar with a side of your favorite fruit! The natural sugar of the fruit combines with the amazing cocoa taste of Lindt creating a one of a kind experience! :) You will never want, or need, "normal" sweet chocolate again! (Not to mention great health benefits of almost pure cocoa)
394838394838B002RBOCZEA31W55J90T8NFFD. T. Socci-Brown1151296172800Now That's ChocolateA chocolate this dark is an acquired taste... a delicacy to relax and savor. This is the kind of chocolate you nibble on, and it is so rich that it doesn't take a large amount top be satisfying. I also find the 90% to be a wonderful melting chocolate, and an excellent addition to the unsweetened chocolate I use while helps take my brownies to another level.
394839394839B002RBOCZEA1SCWY8O0IL2HUrhhardin "rhhardin"1151289347200Nibble a little a dayIt's also decent for cocoa, just add a square to boiling hot water, maybe some sweetener and milk and stir. Tastes for strength probably vary.

It's only $2 a bar at Kroger grocery though.
394840394840B002RBOCZEAZB8ZNBCSGKRLWayne Cross2341315180800BLACK COCOA?I enjoy this bar and appreciate the mellow flavour for such a high cocoa percentage. However, there's one aspect of this bar that's nagging at me...

I believe that they use BLACK COCOA in the recipe. Not that there is anything innately wrong with that, it just speaks to the lack of bitterness and the fact that, to my palette, the flavour is reminiscent of Oreo cookies and ice cream sandwiches...

Correct me if I'm wrong, but one of the ingredients listed on my bar is "FAT-REDUCED COCOA" - could that not mean it is Dutch process cocoa (e.g. black cocoa) and thus less bitter?

I am definitely a fan of this bar - my most frequently purchased chocolate product, period - but I really want to resolve this question that's burning a hole in my brain...
394841394841B002RBOCZEA366B9INEAOGH8Camper "Phantom Knight"0051349222400Yum!The candy arrived promptly, and was well packaged. It arrived in the heat of last summer and was packaged in a styrofoam box with and ice pack. The candy itself was delicious.
394842394842B002RBOCZEA1IKOG44PHFNYSBrigitte Hoch0051341446400Delicious chocolate!Being lactose intolerant, I learned to like dark chocolate. Mixed with a low-carb diet, it was difficult to find a chocolate to satisfy my sweet tooth while keeping in my diet restrictions. I was really surprised by this chocolate. While it is 90%, there is a nice sweetness to it that other brands don't have.

Two squares seems to be enough to satisfy a craving for sweets, but if you're not careful you could find half the bar gone before you know it!
394843394843B002RBOCZEA3BCDH5J7A2UXBMangoGirl0051340755200My little not-so-guilty pleasureI have been on the SCD diet for a couple of months now and we aren't supposed to have any grains or sugar (only honey is allowed)or potatoes among other things, in order to heal our damaged intestines. I had been really sticking to the diet but then one day in the store I looked longingly at the dark chocolate with no intentions of stopping and picking a bar up, but out of curiosity I wondered just how much sugar the 90% had in it. I picked the Lindt because I love the chocolate balls, and mainly because the sugar content in 2 squares is about 1.5 grams. I decided 2 squares a night can't hurt, and I am happy to report eating 2 squares a night has not caused any intestinal upset. The other day I thought about eating a square with a dab of peanut butter on it. I am going to try this next. I may even melt some into some nut milk, add some honey and have some cocoa, or toss a few squares in with some dates into my kefir for a chocolate smoothie! I am also going to try making a healthy iced mocha. I am planning to premelt the chocolate with some honey, bring my own almond milk, and hit Starbucks for an espresso on ice, and fix my own mocha. No more looking longingly at others enjoying theirs. My body is saying ok to this low sugar, deliciously rich chocolate and my taste buds are saying YES!!! Warning though, this is not very sweet tasting at all. It is highly cocoa-buttery which means it melts in your fingertips fairly quickly. Another reason I wanted to eat a couple squares a day is for weight gain since it's pretty high in fat and I was losing too much weight on this diet. I will be a regular consumer of this chocolate from now on.

Edited to add: I just discovered a dark chocolate I love even more. It's Alter Ego 85% Cocoa Blackout chocolate. It's fantastic. Kinda blows this Lindt one away.
394844394844B002RBOCZEA3JWERT7IM40NAMidwest reviewer0051340496000This stuff is really goodUnlike some other reviewers, I didn't find this item to be bitter at all - and that's coming from someone who was used to much sweeter chocolates. Instead, this product is all about chocolaty goodness. I do agree that it is far less sweet than many other offerings - and that is part of the appeal to me. Only 3g sugars per serving, I think. The saturated fat content of this product is very high, and because of that, I'm careful to enjoy it in small doses. Maybe that's a good thing - because if the saturated fat were lower, I'd feel less guilt, and I'd be liable to gobble up the entire bar in one setting. That's how good this stuff is.
394845394845B002RBOCZEAN4CTMC95EJ5YB. Young0051330041600Lindt's most "intense" chocolate - for conoisseursFor those seeking more bitterness than the 85% Excellence bars, the 90% is ideal. That was my exact situation a few years back, so I was delighted when Lindt came out with this option, in between their 85% and 99% offerings. If you are looking for a flavor almost devoid of sugariness, this bar is ideal. It's obviously not going to be to the liking of those who view chocolate as "candy."

As you make the transition from a lower percentage of cacao, don't be surprised if this chocolate tastes faintly like dirt (or the earthy flavor I suppose dirt to have). As your taste buds adjust, the "dirt" notes will disappear to be replaced by more subtle (and pleasing) overtones.

I personally am not a fan of the "cocoaness" described by an earlier reviewer, and prefer a strong presence of cocoa butter instead. Unfortunately, the 90% Excellence is not as good as the 85% in this respect, most likely due to the constraints imposed by incorporating such a high cocoa content. However, the difference is quite subtle, and the greater level of bitterness more than makes up for it. The 90% Excellence bar undoubtedly provides the most intense chocolate experience available.
394846394846B002RBOCZEAHWWT58FO5TW4Brandon Thomson0051328745600Really amazing tasteI don't know about the business practices of this company, but I can tell you that the taste of the chocolate is excellent. The people who don't like it or claim it is bitter are sugar addicts, unfortunately. They will have to wean themselves off sweeteners in order to enjoy this wonderful chocolate with only 3g of sugar in 4 pieces.
394847394847B002RBOCZEA3EZKPXGPE8MGMB. W. Miller "Love To Read!"1251285113600Chocolate good, Amazon price good, other price outrageous!This chocolate is great although it is an acquired taste. I worked my way up to chocolate this dark and pure because I was trying to cut down on my sugar intake. And now this is the chocolate I prefer. If you are new to chocolate this dark, you don't chew and swallow like you would with Hershey's. Just bite off a small amount and let it melt in you mouth... amazing! My kids say it tastes like dirt which is great because they don't touch it!
These same 3.5 ounce bars are available at Target and other places for under [...] bucks each. Also, I have bought them on Amazon in the past by the case for roughly the same price as Target. It is a joke that this private seller thinks he can get more than double what everyone else charges!?

Enjoy this fine dark chocolate, just buy it somewhere else.
I have updated my review since Amazon now has these back in stock for half of what the other guy was charging. Go Amazon!!!
394848394848B002RBOCZEA2NSMJVQY0RV9SJ. Howell0141337644800Very different from Lindt 85%I've been eating Lindt 85% dark chocolate as a healthy treat for a while now and have a pretty good feel for what that chocolate is like. I expected the 90% to be somewhat similar to that, only stronger, but I was very wrong.

Lindt 90% has a drier, more chalky composition than the 85%. It also has hints of what tastes like marshmallow (though I'm sure it's something else). The 85% by contrast, is creamier with a strong, organic woody flavor. The 85% comes across as a more traditional dark chocolate while the 90% seems like a different product all together. I will say thought that the 90% seems to lack the "bite" of bitterness that the 85% did.

So overall this is a nice product, though you do see some eccentricities start to creep into the product as you get close to 100% pure cocoa. I would very strongly advise working your way up to this dark of a chocolate to acclaimate your taste to it. Try the 72% and the 85% first. Most people will want to stop at the 85%, though this gives you an option if you want a little something more.
394849394849B002RBOCZEA1W8BFB232W1MOneedsmorecoffee41221307836800maybe good for baking?I love Lindt and was really hoping for great things with this 90% bar; alas, it is just too bitter and chalky to eat straight.

I consider myself a hardcore chocoholic and can handle intensity on the choco scale. But this is more or less like baking chocolate. There is almost no sugar in it, and while that may be good for flavor, it's almost inedible on its own.

I'm confused by those who rated it so highly but I guess taste is totally subjective. I'm usually the one of my friends who likes the darkest, least sweet chocolate, but this is just not working for me at all.
394850394850B002RBOCZEA38KP1POQ191WTJudy Schinske "Veronica"1721286496000Talk about bitterI love dark chocolate, and always thought that I could handle any kind of dark chocolate. Dont expect this to taste sweet at all, it is bitter like you cant imagine. I could only take one bite and that was enough. The other reviewer is right, I am sure that this chocolate bar is an acquired taste. I prefer the 70% to the 80% cocoa content, anything above that I just think I am going to use for baking in cookies or something else.
394852394852B002RBOCZEA1ZFNHPU17ZEZ1T. H. Chan0831274572800Definitely an acquired tasteThis is all too bitter for most palates, and I could only enjoy it added to something sweet.
394853394853B002RBOCZEAATES29X3J082baldezar21311329004800Skip this, get the 85%I find this 90% to be too waxy and bland. The 85% is the right balance of chocolate and sugar, in my opinion.
394854394854B002RBOCZEA1HNCA3GR4J7ZPKurt D12511328140800WOW this is not sweetthis is a very flavorful chocolate BUT it has no sweetness and the fat level is INSANE if your looking for a good dark chocolate go with Hersheys dark chocolate its sweeter and cheaper
394855394855B00474VPY0A2QNGVSIHJ4LRXLady Who Longs to be South of the Border272951292544000New Favorite Dark K-CupThis coffee has a smooth, carmely, dark finish that I love! My husband gets other dark blends that taste like charcoal to me. This one is very smooth, with just a hint of sweetness. I wish that Amazon had it on its monthly purchase program, would love to save 15% on it! However, I was glad to find it someplace besides Green Mountain. As prime members, we can get our coffee replaced in 2 shipping days v. a week or longer over at GM. Sweet!
394856394856B00474VPY0AQQLWCMRNDFGISteven A. Peterson9951301616000Oooh. I like this!This is the fifth different type of coffee I've tried with my Keurig coffee maker. Right now, it is tied with a Newman's Own k-cup as my favorite. A couple k-cup products seemed fine when I first tasted them, but have come to pale somewhat in comparison with other flavors and makes.

This is a really smooooooooooooooooooth tasting coffee. It does not have a strong taste, but goes down very easily. There is a richness to the taste as well.

Bottom line? I will be purchasing this again when my supply runs out as I continue experimenting with different flavor k-cups.
394857394857B00474VPY0AP2NX17IS4661Jim151751297209600Great CoffeeGreat coffee. Rich, robust. A coffee-lovers choice. If you like French roast or Italian roast, you will like this coffee.
394858394858B00474VPY0A2VMB1J58SUVMCbarbarahl6651332892800AmazedI am a coffee snob. Yes, I admit it. I prefer fresh roasted Kenyan coffee, but also like Sumatran, Jamacan, Guatamalan, even Etheopian. I generally say that I don't drink Columbian. Most K-Cups are weak and less than stellar, though I have found several I enjoy. I was surprised by Caribou's Mahogany! It is excellent. Strong enough with an earthy, winey taste and smoothe finish (my description). I eagerly tried their Daybreak, to my disappointment. Just ordinary. I don't often write reviews, but if this can get someone else to enjoy Mahogany it is well worth the time. If you have similar taste in coffee give it a try!! (and no, I don't work for them.)
394859394859B00474VPY0A3CCKBF8HLSGP1Eric W.5551309737600Yummy!I love this coffee. Very dark but not at all bitter. I finally found one I like as much as Jet Fuel.
394860394860B00474VPY0A3O1I3KB7L1R9SVickie L. Kneisler "Vickie"4451312761600Caribou Coffee/Strong!My husband loves strong Caribou coffee but I like the milder one or "breakfast
type. I will drink this but Caribou of all kinds is a great coffee,no matter
how strong. It will not disappoint.

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