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394891394891B00474VPY0A30VFVQ1PX5FTRG. Golightly0051336867200Fantastic Stuff !!!Strong smooth velvety flavor. Mahogany describes the color and the mood you get when drinking. Absolutely the best. I've found my favorite.
394892394892B00474VPY0A8OHJUH0WSPVIJean Strahan "SuperNonna"0051336003200Great Coffee!Of all the coffees I've tried -- and I've tried A BUNCH -- this is hands-down my favorite. Great bold taste but no bitter aftertaste. I drink coffee all day, and I like it strong and fresh. It can be difficult to find a stronger tasting coffee that's really great without cream or sugar, I drink my coffee black. I've not yet found anything I like better. Yum...
394893394893B00474VPY0A3KCWQMEOLRC2UR. Richardson "Home Theater Geek"0031335657600Nice smooth flavor - but not strong enough for meToo mild for me... I like a strong flavor. My wife likes this coffee. Has enough flavor and boldness to keep it enjoyable and not feeling like water downed coffee. If you like strong, bold coffee, you will be disappointed. For a mild coffee, I found this good, but not good enough to warrant the higher cost over many of the other brands.

I will not be re-ordering Caribou Mahogany. My wife prefers Donut Shop brand over this. Again, not strong enough for me, but still makes a good cup of coffee.
394894394894B00474VPY0A107SVKYGPGBPPAngle Side Side0051335398400Best K-Cup to DateIf you're a fan of full-bodied coffees, give this one a shot.

For my taste, the vast majority of k-cups are too watery and weak (even on the small cup setting), so I gravitate towards the extra-bold varieties. I had previously been enjoying Newman's Own Extra Bold and GM Dark Magic. After reading some favorable comparisons between those and Mahogany, I decided to give it a chance.

I find that it's slightly less bitter (not that bitter is bad) than Newman's EB or Dark Magic, and a little smoother. I also think it's more full bodied without any burned bean flavor. I've tried the Mahogany on the larger cup setting and actually still liked it -- something I've never said before.
394895394895B00474VPY0A3JXSK9WWJU7RTR. Balakir0041335139200Caibou mahogany-k-cupI've sampled many different k-cup coffe types. I prefer a really robust coffee and Carbou mahogany really dosn't provide that. I would cassify it as medium roast coffee with a smooth melow taste. If that is what u are after , then give this blend a try.
394896394896B00474VPY0AEGL3OL0L6C0BRobert Kirk "Steve K."0041334102400Excellent presence, not too smokey, smooth finish.No bitterness. A strong, full-bodied, cup but does not taste like ashes. Smooth, very drinkable. If you like bold, dark coffee, this will please.
394897394897B00474VPY0AWIU562GSRC76Katrina0051333065600Best overall coffeeIn my office, and for me personally, this is the smoothest and best tasting coffee you can buy for your Keurig machine. Great price too!
394898394898B00474VPY0A1U4B3ZM2YVTK9Constance Peebles0051328918400MY FAVEI have tried about every k cup brand....Caribou Mohogany is my all time go-to brand. Flavorful yet not strong and no jitters. You get the same great flavor whether you make a small cup or a large one.
394899394899B00474VPY0A2VANMJUVLOE4BDonnae "Donnae"0051328572800Bold K-cups coffeeIf you like a bold cup of good coffee...and have a Keurig single up brewer, this is the flavor to buy! Never dissappointing with Carbou Mahogany!
394900394900B00474VPY0A1O299KDNQMPDYLois0051328400000coffee loversi have this strong flavorful mahogany coffee by caribou in my Keurig. I love the taste. I do like strong coffee and this seems to be the right blend of strong to medium. I use a vanilla diet supplement in the coffee every morning with a splash of torani sugar free syrup and there is breakfast on the move.Caribou Coffee, Mahogany, K-Cup Portion Pack for Keurig K-Cup Brewers, 24-Count
394901394901B00474VPY0A136ONZPRXT76SJellyt0051326931200We love this coffee.We love this coffee. It is the best K cup we've found. We like strong coffee and struggled at first to find one that we enjoyed. The prices on Amazon can't be beat and the shipping super fast.
394902394902B00474VPY0A2AM935YUELTVQBrenda0041325808000A bit too strong for meMy husband enjoyed this coffee. We usually use Newman's Extra Bold but thought we
would try something different. It was a bit too strong for me
394903394903B00474VPY0A3MYNUIK9ZZHHZL. Everhart0031325376000not my cup of coffeeThis coffee is inoffensive, but not strong enough for my tastes. I do use cream, and I'm sure that makes a difference.
394904394904B00474VPY0A1BQDW64U8VMPWTelcomguy0041323561600Nice balanced tasteI like strong coffee, but I don't want it to taste burnt or have an acidic after taste. Caribou Coffee's Mahogany is full bodied with a nice balance of dark notes and acidity. It's one of my "go to" coffees when my favorites like Coffee People's Wake Up Call are out of stock.
394905394905B00474VPY0A288G5GZV0A3PNGodivaobgyn0041323475200Great taste. Not bitter.I like my coffee strong. This is the first brand that I have tasted that provides the kick I need without the bitterness. I keep my pantry stocked with Mahogony and I do not share!
394906394906B00474VPY0AGKAZN550SIKAconnie0051323388800cariboulove to order my coffee on amazon. easy and shows up quickly.
This k cup is great coffee. dcaf is very good as well
394907394907B00474VPY0A4IYV8URADHYSJennC0051321142400Mahogany k cupsOne of the richer coffee for k cups! We typically grind our own even for the Keurig but the Mahagoney from Caribou is a great alternative. Order was shipped very quickly. Will definitely buy again.
394908394908B00474VPY0APWK2EKIA0PVNFiona's Mom0051316736000Lives up to its appealing nameThis is my favorite K-cup coffee (I've tried about twenty different types) and, so far, everyone I've served it to really likes it a lot. Even the pickiest coffee connoisseur I know thought this k-cup made an excellent cup of coffee. Two non-coffee drinking friends wish they liked coffee because they love the sound of Caribou Mahogany.
394909394909B00474VPY0A3N7T3Q56NR6UGPeter N. Deweese0051315958400YumThis is a great coffee. Its dark but not bitter, a little chocolaty, and it reminds me of an Adirondack lodge. I can get them for a better price in a Caribou Coffee store, however.
394910394910B00474VPY0A2LCOP87YZSFJGEric R. Spitler0051308268800Great simple coffeeI've tried quite a few coffees and many end up tasting the same. However, this and the Italian Blend by Timothy's are two that are very good black or with cream/sugar. If you're looking for a simple coffee without all the flavors, this is the one for you.
394911394911B00474VPY0A3ARWF586TVLWBSusan Macpeek "Coffee Lover"0051305504000I love Caribou Mahogany!I've tried over a dozen varieties of K-Cups and this is, by far, my favorite! It's strong but not bitter and just has a great flavor. This will be my choice from now on.
394912394912B00474VPY0AP4N2279BZFG2NCSoxfan "NCSoxfan"0051304380800Mellow, full bodiedWithout beating it to death - If you like a full bodied, but mellow brew this might be for you. It is hearty, but not at all bitter. It holds a nice full body, even when the Keurig is set to the oversize setting. It's now my favorite blend.
394913394913B00474VPY0A1857CFZ2N5LWGGizmoqt0051304208000SMOOOOTH!I go for the bold varieties of coffee and this Mahogany is not only bold but very smooth. My all time favorite!
394914394914B00474VPY0A163RZETDROJL5D. Johnson "Dr. Duck"0051303862400Best K-cup out there.So Far this is the only K-cup I've found thats tastes great with a normal brew! It's not watered down like the regular stuff, and dosen't taste burnt like the bold stuff. They only K-cup i'm buying from now on!
394915394915B00474VPY0A14FO1VXLQ74WWKnightlyScribe0051302825600Really excellentWe've tried every coffee brand available for the Keurig, and this one is, by far, the best. It's extraordinarily smooth and rich - the closest to Starbucks, if that's your thing. I add to it a healthy splash of Bolthouse coffee/mocha - very good.
394916394916B00474VPY0AVN3JX894CEZCZugg Zugg0051301616000Caribou Coffee's Mahogany ReviewThe Mahogany has a smooth full bodied character. I highly recommend this coffee to drinkers looking for a bold but not overpowering taste!
394917394917B00474VPY0A2491PZ4O3IRREchezsan "chezsan"1231319241600Good coffeeThis coffee is not really bold in my opinion - it falls more along medium roast flavor. It's a decent, smooth coffee, but I didn't think really bold. Like all k-cups though seriously overpriced!
394918394918B00474VPY0A34Q9ELBWNHOEKStrong coffee lover0111335139200DisapointedIf you like strong coffee, as I do this coffee is over rated. I found it weak, with a sickening after taste.
394919394919B00474VPY0A382TASR3P6LTRAodhan510131327363200Full bodied but bitterThis coffee is very full bodied, and has a great aroma; however, it is the only K-Cup coffee I've had that has a bitter aftertaste. I would still drink it if someone offered me a cup, but I won't buy it again.
394920394920B00474VPY0AP6VFQES99HAYK cup lover0151324080000Best coffeeThis was sold out at Cafe Express site. Thrilled to
Find it here. Quick delivery and great service! Happy to know that I can find it here.

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