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394921394921B00474VPY0A18K14K26PMZTFNick0151323475200Best coffee everMy favorite blend of my favorite coffee. Used to have to smuggle a few pounds of the stuff back in my suitcase everytime I went out to the midwest! Now I can get in k-cups. Yay! Good price on amazon, but super saver shipping takes forever! Fedexing it to the post office makes no sense. just fedex it to me and shave 2 days off the wait already!
394922394922B00474VPY0A15WR69VD5E5I1Joel OConnell "PhantomJoel"0141318032000Smooth But FlatThis coffee is very smooth but rather flat compared to Starbuck's brews. It doesn't have any bite to it.
If you like a mild coffee, you will enjoy this one.
394923394923B00474VPY0A1R7E9MD733HXJ. Douglass0211339632000Didn't like itHonestly, I'm not sure why so many folks like this coffee in their reviews. It's a little weak but mostly just doesn't have a rich flavor. It is really missing something. I drink coffee black. Maybe it tastes better with cream and sugar? Before buying this coffee, I had been drinking Starbuck's French Roast and Folger's Black Silk, both of which taste SO MUCH better than this coffee.
394924394924B0016LL3AIA31777OH416IWMA. Bell "movie fanatic"0051344211200Monin Gourmet Sauces Dark Chocolate Sauce 12 OunceI have seen Monin products used at Reed's Coffee Shop in the downtown area. I personally love the dark chocolate sauce. It is rich and not bitter like some dark chocolate sauces can be. It is a nice, thick sauce that still pours easily. I love it and I use it at home on ice cream and also in my coffee to give it that coffee shop taste. Monin also offers a white chocolate and a caramel sauce. All three of these sauces taste fantastic. It comes in twelve ounce squeeze bottle, however I have seen it offered in large pump bottles as well. Monin also offers high quality syrups for your coffee as well. I have not found a bad tasting Monin product yet!
394925394925B007X9SGV6A2BXEYXJ08UA3JLeigh T.0041345593600I was pleasantly surprised...I bought a package of these as an impulse/add-on purchase, and was not familiar with the brand, or the cookie. There's not a whole lot to say about them, they're essentially a blondie Oreo, but they have a nice vanilla-y kind of buttery flavor, and a pleasantly crisp texture to the cookie part when I first opened them, but were somewhat softer by the next day. (I live in a humid area, though, and I didn't repackage them in a more air tight container, so that's probably not the cookies' fault; and they still taste good.) The flavor is subtle, but rich for what it is; a perfect answer to a sweets craving.

These are just an old-fashioned, plain little sandwich cookie, perhaps much the same as some of us used to have with a glass of milk after school, or a few with a cup of hot tea now. I have enjoyed them so far, and would buy them again.
394926394926B0002DSXVSA158JYFVAAQ10TOatmeal Mary5551127174400Eureka!Best cocktail onions you will ever encounter. Large. Not too salty. Not too vinegary. Eensy amount of perfect sweetness. Nice big jar. Fast delivery. Buy 2 or 3 - you'll want to gift a couple to your favorite watering holes. Write your name on them.
394927394927B0002DSXVSA3DAIA8AJNHK1BWilliam J. Dunaj2251272240000Best Cocktail Onions EverI first encountered these onions at a country club in North Carolina and got them to sell some to me, as they are the best. I finally found Amazon had them, and have bought them there ever since. It may be a matter of taste, I drink straight frozen Stoli with an onion,no vermouth, but I can no longer stand any other onions in my "martini."
394928394928B0002DSXVSA1VBZ455BHBRD0James B. Martin2241249776000A bit sweet but huge and delicious anywayThese onions are HUGE -- 23 to 25mm diameter -- almost an INCH. They are delicious and crack like a fresh vegetable when you chew into them. The vinegar is a bit too sweet for me, so I poured out half of it from the jar and filled the jar back up with plain white vinegar. This made the onions perfect. I haven't met a pickled onion that I didn't like but even so I'd put these close to the top of my list. I noticed that they came from Israel so I assume that everyone in Israel drinks martini's or gimlets and puts these onions into them. My only problem with these onions is that they cause me to drink too many martini's. But is that a bad thing?
394929394929B0002DSXVSAM1LABEHB7I3DDebbie0051350950400WonderfulMy husband had tried these onions in a cocktail at a restaurant. He thought they were great. He ask the waitress for the brand and then I found them at and ordered them. He was delighted.
394930394930B0002DSXVSADV5TQCTXHDTHJacqueline Kohl0051325203200cocktail onionsThese cocktail onions are so good. Not sour like the ones in most stores. We had them served at a local restaurant/bar. I looked all over for them, and could not find them so I went on line and found them at
I bought a case, as they last for a long long time
394931394931B0002DSXVSA3JO4LSFAX2UD1GB0021286582400SoggyHow old are these onions? ... they have certainly lost their crispness.Onion Cocktail 23-25mm 32 Oz
394932394932B0002DSXVSA1AS3MXOYY4QHEScott Fisher0031265760000Company promptly replaced damaged productI ordered four jars of these great cocktail onions, but got only two, each of which was open and leaking. Don't know whether this was a packing issue or UPS's fault, but the company did promptly replace all four jars at no additional charge either for the product or the subsequent shipping. Hard to argue with the service!
394933394933B0002DSXVSA2SZLPBSBNJ7QVBlake 22160151337644800Best Onions for MartinisI was hooked on the Smith and Woolensky cocktail onions. They would really make a martini something special. I was not always able to find them though. Also the price was very high. But these onions are identical in quality and taste but cost one third the price. What else could you say.
394934394934B0002DSXVSA29T0H6KDWAUI4Grace C. Schulz0111221436800did not receive item!!!!!I would love to review it but I have not received my cocktail onions and have not gotten any responses back about that from them!!!! Would you please respond???!!!!
394935394935B000OCO76MA3S9AXOHUZHCSSJ. Thompson131451189728000Fantastic, at a great price!I love these pasta sauces - just about every flavor this company makes is amazing! The Arrabbiata is pretty spicy, so watch out! The Tuscan Vodka is creamy and flavorful, the Puttanesca is tangy and chunky with lots of olives and capers, and the Marinara is a great base for just about any dish calling for a good tomato sauce. These are great with simple pasta, with ravioli, or just plain out of the jar! Yes, I do sometimes sit and eat these out of the jar with a spoon - they are THAT good.

As other reviewers have pointed out, the jars these come packed in are top-notch. I have never had the seeping-sauce problem others mention; perhaps it's because I use Prime and have these shipped via two-day instead of ground.

This product is an excellent example of why I'm addicted to Amazon - it is a fantastic product that is very rarely available in stores, especially in smaller towns, and this price is unbelievable! Look elsewhere on the web at what these sauces are selling for, and then remember that you can get free shipping with Amazon. Unbelievable deal for a very high-quality product. These sauces would be worth it at the "eight bucks a jar" charged by most other online stores; five bucks a jar is ridiculously cheap for the quality of ingredients you'll get in these.

As others have also noted, the company is very nice too - I e-mailed them with a question once and the owner wrote back to me personally.
394936394936B000OCO76MA17GTGSS2E5QN0Barbara Bell3351187827200Scrum-a-lum for Scarpetta!We found this on a shelf in Whole Foods, Palo Alto, CA. Made in Somerville, MA, we wanted to support my home state and purchased this. Needing to fill 4 gift bags for our single friends, we wanted something scrummy and nutritious - and this fit the bill. We have not looked back. We constantly add it to gift baskets and care packages. Our personal favorite is the Arrabbiata Sauce. The product is good; the love story behind the company is fun; the containers are fabulous for re-use! Good people with a good product deserve to be supported and praised. Buon appetito!
394937394937B000OCO76MA1DK9EDAL310Q6Nishi Shah1151334188800Veggie-friendlyMy vegetarian parents LOVE these--hard to send them food gifts that they like as much as these. The varieties in the box are sufficiently different and the jars are big and substantial.
394938394938B000OCO76MASP7WZLP5C2MWRita Mizell1151318896000Oh, wow!!Never thought I'd see the day I'd say this: This sauce is better than I make,( and I am a pretty good cook. It is very very good! I will be buying this regularly.
394939394939B000OCO76MA1UD8UCA9Z5S8CTemple Lorenzo0051348876800Scarpetta Pasta SaucesVery tasty sauces. Quality ingredients used. My favorite is the Puttanesca. I really like the fact that they are vegetarian. Packaging was perfect.
394940394940B000OCO76MATKN6A1DDOIUKFrances D. Dillon0031330128000Good flavor, ok price.I like the taste of this sauce. It is much better than the cheap supermarket brands. I am not quite sure that it is as much better as the price is higher. I usually use a bought sauce as a base for a semi-homemade sauce or soup. I did use this sauce as it came on pasta for a quick supper. It was pretty good. I am not sure if I will continue to order this. I will decide after trying all 4 flavors.
394941394941B000OCO76MA1RPS8C9SIN7PJJames W. Lane "Jim in Boston"0051317600000Buy this and rediscover the joy of eating.I look forward to having a meal with this sauce, great texture and a fantastic taste. The last time I bought this I needed to buy 2 cases because my guest always want some for at home. This would make a great gift to send someone if they live in another state and I intend to do just that.

I live in Boston and this sauce as better then what I get in some of the restaurants in the Italian section of Boston (the North End).
394942394942B000OCO76MA1BTPH8D9DS0YQAllan H. Fradkin, MD "Honest doc"0051299196800Passion for PastaI have had this product before, but it is not available locally anymore. It is consistently outstanding and is as good as any recipe for a sauce I could make. Although it is on the expensive side, it is definitely worth it.
394944394944B000OCO76MA2Y1QSPDI8Q3O7S. K. Moreau "Sue"0051202774400Amazing Putanesca!This sauce is amazingly delicious. A loaf of bread, a bottle of wine and thine.
394945394945B000OCO76MA3TJKLNBS1G70DC "C"1221276041600Scarpetta Pasta Lovers Gift Box Pack of 4These were packed very good and the containers are nice for later use. I wasn't that crazy about the sauces.
394946394946B000OCO76MA3D81H6GXY7RXDEinstein1251188864000Variety is the spice of life...Scarpetta Pasta Sauces are the best. What else can I say? This gift box contains one jar of each of these sauces...Marinara, Puttanesca, Arrabbiata, and Tuscan Vodka. It is a nice variety pack to try the sauces before ordering a box of your favorite flavor. It is packaged in a box for giving and then Amazon packs it for sending. Unfortunately, two of the four jars were seeping sauce. I have confidence Amazon will make it right.
394947394947B000OCO76MA39NOO4U79MU0JGareth Jason2441200009600Super sauces, great giftI was told by the person who used this that the sauces were great. It was also a "Friday Sale' item and for about $5 a bottle including shipping, made a great gift.
394948394948B000OCO76MA2CN8ZEA9GZX97turbokitty1511206489600BlehThe taste of the sauce varieties are either too extreme or too bland. Wouldn't buy again.
394949394949B003P9XGI6AKZ93XMB9BDXVFluff Mom1151297728000Yummy...My girls love this Blue Buffalo canned food flavor. I purchase it by the case on Amazon. I don't have to lug it home from the pet store and two day delivery with Prime. It's a no-brainer. Try it, your kids will love it!
394950394950B003P9XGI6A2V48Q03FZUOSDBenjamin David "davios"1151293580800what dog wouldn't love BBQ?if this soft food was made by Purina or some other fast food for dogs company, i would never buy it. but because it is Blue Buffalo, it is hard to beat.

if you don't know much about dog food, Blue Buffalo is the best for the price point. furthermore, it's the only high quality dog food that my dogs really like, dry or soft.

all of the Blue Buffalo soft foods my dogs love, and the dogs act like they feel great after eating it, instead of half dead like they just ate a bag of potato chips.

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