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395041395041B003D4OAM4A2M6QCS3UAAGB2R. Jefferson2241278979200More Mango PleaseThere seems to be a good balance of mango and lemonade; however, I prefer it to be a little more on the mango taste but still tasting the lemonade. So I added just a little mango puree and it was perfect.
395042395042B003D4OAM4A2TZEWKXB9V8BQBlin0041339804800Cans have different taste than bottlesA few years ago Costco sold six packs of 20oz (or some similar size) glass bottles of this. I was hooked, it was quite seriously one of the best drinks I have ever had. I think I bought maybe 6 or 7 packs of them. Sadly they stopped stocking them after a couple months.

I haven't found them in other stores (though I am sure they exist somewhere out there), so I decided to give it another go from Amazon. Everything arrived fine and on time.
However, from the first sip it tasted different. I think it is due to fact that it is stored in metal cans instead of bottles, but the taste was noticeably not as awesome as I remembered. Still quite good, but didn't quite live up to my memories.

I don't think I'll be buying it again, but if you know you'll love them, don't hesitate to buy them.
395043395043B003D4OAM4A1ASA4SIU5FLCYEileen Wilkens0051325808000great sparkling juiceI first tried this in Arizona at a restaurant. It's got a great balance of tart and juice to it. There is also a touch of sparkling water that doesn't overpower the drink. It's hard to find in my local stores but this is really great sparking juice !!!!
395044395044B002Y2QTEIATF3A1MYUB2NImaggie clark0041350604800community decaf coffeeThis coffee tastes fresh and flavorful . It was not noticeably less flavorful as a decaf product. The French vanilla flavor dominated and came through most robustly
395045395045B002Y2QTEIA2DL0KSH39MB0WPat0021284854400community decaffeinated private reserve ground coffee, french vanillaI am quite disappointed in this coffee. We usually purchase Millstone brand coffee. The french vanilla flavored coffee in the COMMUNITY COFFEE brand leaves a not so pleasant oily film in ones mouth. It smells ok, but....I will Never purchase this brand again though.
395046395046B006D0POUWA1THRR0D57P4WYDPackard0051346803200Different than othersYou put on at night then shower and do your regular routine
395047395047B006D0POUWA1G9IBPG8E8NR3Ryan1521339200000Smells way too strong.It says on the back to put on before sleeping but I shower when I wake up so the majority of the deoderant comes off my armpits. After I take a shower I put some on before I leave but the smell of it is really really strong. Try another deoderant.
395048395048B000LKX4IOA12OF4LNK8ATUMarilyn Rivera "mmr145"3351288483200Originals are always the best!I've tried other peanut ginger chews and these are by far the best tasting. I've shared them with my friends and now they want to purchase these delicious chews as well. It's just a shame that they are not sold locally. I'm glad I'm able to find just about everything I need on Amazon.
395049395049B000LKX4IOA1IQDHGWHJXPFVC. Harris "reviews by cech"5651191715200Too Good!These ginger chews are too good to be true. I try to limit myself to one a day or I could probably eat the whole box! If you love the taste of peanuts and ginger, there is no finer treat out there.
395050395050B000LKX4IOA1HQT85NXENWVJmark twain "good cook"2251278720000better than I would have ever imaginedThis product is mild in ginger flavor, and fairly strong in the peanut flavor. A perfect combination. I have yet to find a person who does not like them, even those who do not like ginger.
395051395051B000LKX4IOA39RI8XSNR69ESJoyce A. Lloyd2251275782400Addictive!These chews start with a burst of peanut butter taste in your mouth and end with a chewy, ginger flavor. They are addictive!
395052395052B000LKX4IOA13C3PU5CTJJT3SURPRISINGLY ME! "The only!"2251257552000THESE ARE AMAZING!!!These are amazing and I can't imagine why they would be discontinued by the Ginger People. Any time I walked into a health food store and saw these, I'd buy them out. I use to eat the regular ginger chews until a friend had me try these... I was BLOWN away and they ARE addictive... IN A GOOD WAY!!!!!
395053395053B000LKX4IOA3BJ9NS09YGQT5Atl Chris "Atl Chris"1141314057600Popular candy in my desktop candy bowl!People are uncertain about trying it, and then they love it. The ginger is noticeable but not strong in this flavor from the Ginger People.
395054395054B000LKX4IOA1A7ITU970OSA4keyesme1151285545600Peanut Butter Candies!These Peanut ginger candies are so good we eat them as candy at my house! Unfortunately my local health food stores only sell plain (original) but I've talked to them about ordering this kind. I also have tried the Spicy Apple. It's intense but I like it, most of my friends don't though. I can't wait to try a sample of the Hot Coffee variety! (hint, hint)
395055395055B000LKX4IOA3H852IEZVVXPSRia Carlile "tedbear"1151255219200Ginger JunkieLove, love these chews. All the benefits of Ginger plus a little sweetness. Great
395056395056B000LKX4IOA1CUOA6A15L8I2Dawn Jensen "book maven"0051342483200Ginger Peanut ChewsPeanut chews are the best snack item ever. It gets a little hotter as you chew but it is a good bite. I like the peanut ones better than the hot cinnamon apple or any of the other because of the texture. It isn't as gummy to chew so it isn't as bad for your teeth either.
395057395057B000LKX4IOA1YBXKTLY7WESRM "Mda0221a"0051335139200I love theese!These chews are great. While I like the original chews too I prefer the milder flavor of these, and they still do a good job as a digestive aid (if I don't eat them all as candy first!) One caution, sometimes there are chunks of peanut in the chews. Personally I like these, but use caution when giving them to children or anyone with chewing or swallowing problems.
395058395058B000LKX4IOA5NUZOWI52WXBVersican0011316995200Love the original chews but not these peanut ones.My son and I are a huge fan of the original (non-peanut) chews, but we don't like these at all.
395059395059B000LKX4IOA2RNS1O9PI5FP1C. Tran0051300492800DeliciousI first got these as a gift and they are AMAZING. Perfect combination of sweet peanuts and warm ginger. Highly recommended.
395060395060B003D1028IA1BBUYQMETRBJYMasterMind1141282262400TastyLoved snacking on these especially the chipotle nori and nori nachos. Great to eat individually or on a salad. However the cheddar kale chips made by this company are by far my favorite.
395061395061B002AUF0Q2A3MU1NB6OL01KHThis ain't no dress rehearsal212151250553600Best Oatmeal EVER!I won't even delve into the fact that this oatmeal is gluten free, because it doesn't matter. This is by far the best instant oatmeal I've ever tasted, and I've tasted them all. Take it from this died-in-the-wool oatmeal addict, you don't want your cupboard to be bare of this product. Forget the dried out packets that lurk in your grocery aisle, because they not only look but taste like cardboard. These oats have a higher moisture content already, and so they are naturally more plump in the bowl, and their taste is more consistent with long-cook-time oatmeal than any of their other counterparts. The added ingredients really are only the finest, and the taste proves it - raisins are yummy when plucked directly from the packet! I don't care for cooked bananas, but the banana oatmeal is just as delicious as my favorite maple flavor. The price is reasonable for this organic, gluten-free product. The taste is without parallel. This is a product I can recommend at the highest level without a single doubt or qualification!Glutenfreeda's Instant Oatmeal, Variety Pack Instant Oatmeal, 6-Oatmeal Packets (Pack of 8)
395062395062B002AUF0Q2AINI5I3WFPNMFMichelle F.101051257033600Boxed Joy!I have been gluten-free for over 5 years and dairy and soy-free for 9 months. My daughter has been corn-free for quite some time and gluten and dairy-free for the past 10 months. We were ecstatic when we learned about Glutenfreeda's Oatmeal being safe for both of us. It had been soooo long since I could make a packet of flavored oatmeal in a jiffy. And with my daughter's corn-allergy, it has been even longer for her. We are now in heaven and love all three flavors, but my favorite is the Banana Maple and mu daughter's fav is the Maple Raisin. We eat it for breakfast, snacks, whatever. It isn't as sweet as we both like it, but a spoon of demerara organic sugar and we're both ready to enjoy.

Anyone who can buy any brand or kind of instant oatmeal off the shelf just can not fathom our excitement, but it is truly a wonderful thing to be able to enjoy instant oatmeal again!!
395063395063B002AUF0Q2A1D0ENLCPR6XOVPatsy8851258329600Yummy oatmealMy husband has celiac disease. One thing he missed is his oatmeal. It is a little
bland from what I have been told, but a little honey, stirred in makes it very good. It is a welcome site for someone that hasn't had oatmeal in 10 years. Thanks Glutenfreeda!!
395064395064B002AUF0Q2A1Q6SKK3SS2STWKristine4451250553600Have a delicious day!Have a delicious day! Wish I wrote that but it's off the box.So is this "We make glutenfree's what we do" and boy did Glutenfreeda do it again.I've been hooked on Glutenfreeda products since they introduced their frozen cookies years ago. I was delighted to see them come out with instant oatmeal and I wasn't disappointed.I was doubly delighted to see the oatmeal offered on Win,win! When you read the ingredient list you will see why- Off the Maple Raisin with Flax box :certified gluten free oats, raisins, organic maple sugar,brown sugar , flax meal and salt.That's it and yes you read the ingredient list correctly.Real ingredients for my real family.I was very happy to see a very low sodium content and the addition of flax.

I always have a packet with me for a quick snack or those "eat at the desk" lunches. My husband who is not on the gluten free diet loves this oatmeal.He says the oats taste fresher. And for my Celiac college student this product has made his life so much easier.He can have a healthy breakfast in his dorm room or at the food court with no worry of cross-contamination.Like me he always has a packet in his backpack for snacks or a quick lunch.

Thank you Glutenfreeda!
395065395065B002AUF0Q2A2L2H9ICTIOFRYSara Arnold2251336089600Delicious GF Instant OatmealOatmeal is a tough one for people who are gluten-free out of medical necessity. Technically oats are naturally gluten-free. However, oats are a rotation crop with wheat, barley and rye particularly in the United States; your mileage may vary in other countries, making it even more confusing! What a "rotation crop" means is the verboten grains planted in other years pop up in the field with the oats, thus cross-contaminating both in the field and within the harvesting & processing. Gluten-free oats are grown like organic oats, requiring the field to be unused for four years prior to planting, and then processed on specific equipment only for the gluten-free oats.

Up until recently, the only option was Bob's Red Mill gluten-free oats. Don't get me wrong -- their oats are great, especially for baking into recipes, but it is complicated and time-consuming to make oatmeal as a dish on its own the old-fashioned way. I've found they rarely come out the way I want them for that purpose. Additionally, they only come in plain.

Enter Glutenfreeda with flavored instant oatmeal. Let me repeat that: flavored instant oatmeal. And it's delicious! It comes in several flavors: apple cinnamon, maple raisin, banana maple, natural (plain), strawberry & brown sugar, cranberry cinnamon, and a variety pack containing the first three listed flavors. All of them contain (extremely healthy) flax except for plain. Like any "normal" instant oatmeal, this product can be prepared with piping hot water from a kettle or in a microwave. Easy peasy!

I buy this variety pack almost exclusively; I prefer the apple cinnamon & maple raisin flavors and my toddler daughter prefers the banana maple, so it works very well for us. Like most if not all gluten-free packaged foods, it's not cheap but it is so worth it for the pleasure of having instant oatmeal and being able to easily give it to my child. We both love this instant oatmeal!
395066395066B002AUF0Q2A12GK5JUYAV0HMM. Spencer "Kitty"1141346371200Gluten Free CuriousI've been researching going Gluten free, or at the very least drastically cutting dense carbs from my diet like breads and certain pastas (no white rice or bread), and paying more attention to blood sugar inducing foods. I've found I'm happiest and healthiest when I do this. I don't want to cut things out like oatmeal, I love oatmeal. It has many great benefits, isn't going to max out your blood sugar, and improves lipid numbers. But the majority of the store brands are loaded with various so called "healthy grains" along with the oats, sugar & sugar substitutes, and ingredients that have to be googled in order to understand what they are exactly. I don't want emulsifiers, fillers, preservatives, and binders, I just want some tasty oatmeal for breakfast. This isn't bad for gluten free and I can recognize everything listed on the ingredient panel. Again, the flavors are not as intense as other brands. Your "taster" has to adjust when you are recent to cutting down on sodium, sugars, etc. Eventually, you won't notice that the sweet in this isn't ridiculously cloyingly tart, and appreciate the subtlety of the flavors.
395067395067B002AUF0Q2A3WI3857X5T1OJC1131320192000HeavyThis Oatmeal is not bad, but not great either. It is significantly heavier in the stomach than regular oatmeal. I have trouble eating it for breakfast because it is so heavy in my stomach, but it is good for lunches or snacks. I also don't find the taste to be as good as other oatmeals I have tried. I add cinnamon and brown sugar to improve the taste.
395068395068B002AUF0Q2A19JJIGSV2K50DCarlita1141265846400Tastes Great I was told!I bought this for my son who is Gluten intolerant and he said it was really good (he's 23).
Apparently regular oatmeal can have traces of Gluten depending on how/where they manufacture it. But this was successfully devoured without any illness. For as many packs as you get, it's probably one of the better deals in the gluten free world....unfortunately.....most all specialty products are pricey.
395069395069B002AUF0Q2A8YIRV7ITZA4QJ. MILES "JM"1141265328000A lifesaver for backpacking Celiacs!I was surprised to find that I could get 48 packets of instant gluten-free oatmeal for $30. Being a Celiac, I'm accustomed to being gouged for every GF purchase. I like the price!

As for the product, it's good. It's not the best instant oatmeal I've ever had. I'm not a big fan of flaxseed. It seems to be an unnecessary addition. But the cereal is by no means unpleasant.

The product serves its purpose well. I no longer need to eat a cold, bland GF cereal bar while watching my friends eat hot instant oatmeal on a cold morning deep in the mountains.

Thank you, Glutenfreeda!
395070395070B002AUF0Q2A1EI9L23PXZSV8Tamara Musgrove1151264377600Absolutely The Best!To echo the sentiments of other reviewers, this oatmeal is without a doubt the best I've ever tasted, regardless of the fact that it's certified gluten-free. I have been gluten free for almost 2 years, and I was excited to find this product. The quality of the ingredients is superb, the texture is perfect, and the flavor is just right! My favorite is the banana maple, but all 3 are fantastic. I look forward to trying other products from Glutenfreeda's and I highly recommend this one!

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