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395101395101B002AUF0Q2A3QUVIXRTPIK1CClaire Abel "Book Lover"0051300060800Yumm!We love this product! Even our non-GF son eats this. I orginally purchased this product for camping but we loved it so much it has become an everyday staple. definitely worth the price!
395102395102B002AUF0Q2A14SGQ58QCVNWWJ. K. Irvine0051299456000GlutenFreeda OatmealBeing on a gluten free diet can be a challenge. But being able to have Oatmeal in an instant is great. I can take it on a trip and not worry about cross contamiation when eating out. Thank you GlutenFreeda
395103395103B002AUF0Q2A2KA236G57KA4SV. KENT "Vicki"0051297814400Second Case - Very PleasedMornings are so hectic and I don't like eating that early before work anyway. I missed having instant oatmeal at my desk, and now after over 5 years, I have it back again! My kids love it. Not too sweet, so sometimes I spark it up with a few drops of flavored or plain liquid Stevia to keep the calories down. Bravo!

395104395104B002AUF0Q2A13EHAFQCY15LPabsfl0041287878400At least we have optionsThese oats are pretty good, with decent flavor. They are a bit heavy on the flax, however, as this flavor is prominent. The oats are gluten-free and therefore I will stick with this instant option for oatmeal.
395105395105B002AUF0Q2AWXFKC5CYBYVXCheriss0051283299200Great productThis Gluten-Free oatmeal is delicious! It's great to have something I've been missing for so long.
395106395106B002AUF0Q2A1ZG9XF72EO4D2Pettie "pettie"0051282867200DELICIOUS GLUTEN FREE OATSI'm new to Gluten Free/Dairy Free/ Soy Free Food.
I found this Oatmeal on Amazon and ordered all three different tastes. Really tasty flavor and I love it. Eat this now every morning. But I put only hot water on it and let it sit for a few minutes. I like the taste better then cold water and microwave, which tastes stale to me.
395107395107B002AUF0Q2A1OKDGU7WXUS4OMacaroni Girl "Gluten-Free Pastry Chef"0051279756800This is WONDERFUL for camping!!!My son and I have been gluten free for 3 years now. Our family also happens to love camping and I struggle to find easy, portable meals. This oatmeal is absolutely perfect for a quick camping breakfast and even my four year old son loves it! Yes, homemade oatmeal may be superior if you have the time....but this is a VERY close second. I also keep a packet in my purse in case I end up somewhere that doesn't have "safe" (gf) options.
395108395108B002AUF0Q2ATHUWAFWMLVP2Jessica E. Dzangue "JMAngel99"0051274313600Yummy!!Very Yummy!! Tastes like the quaker oat ones I used to eat before I was diagnosed with Celiac. Will be buying product again.
395109395109B002AUF0Q2A3GXH3Y2OH7VYTMolly Mae0051272931200Amazing!For those of you who miss having a hot breakfast since the diagnosis of your gluten intolerance, this product is a lifesaver! It's delicious! Obviously it's much more expensive than regular oatmeal, but the price difference is something a lot of us Celiacs just have to accept for now, and I think it's worth it to be able to eat oatmeal again!
395110395110B002AUF0Q2A32T2Z82GL0B3IFoodieJen "FoodieJen"0041272326400Kids Love It!Very good oatmeal! Wish it wasn't quite as pricey, but certified GF is no matter what. Easy and quick to make!
395111395111B002AUF0Q2A3N7RPB60WFNFNMarian Makins0051271894400GF instant oatmeal at last - and it's DELICIOUS!I found that one of the hardest parts about cutting out gluten was having to give up oatmeal. (Oats in and of themselves are generally not a problem for people with gluten sensitivity, but oats can easily become contaminated with wheat and other gluten-containing grains if they are processed nearby.) I had really come to depend on instant oatmeal as a quick, nourishing, and tasty breakfast food that I could also take with me when I traveled. And I couldn't get excited about the GF hot cereal alternatives available to me.

Imagine my joy when I discovered that Glutenfreeda's instant oatmeal is not only gluten-free, it's also DELICIOUS. Seriously. It's true that it's not excessively sweet - which I think is a good thing, personally - but it's easy to add a bit of honey or sugar to taste. And the variety pack is handy for figuring out which flavor(s) you prefer, or if you just like to have a little, um, variety in your breakfast choices.

Highly recommended!
395112395112B002AUF0Q2A211UFEF2L88GKCourtney West "c.west"0051271635200super delicious!this oatmeal is hands down the best oatmeal i've ever had. it has amazing flavor and takes a minimalist approach when it comes to ingredients. i can't say enough about how tasty and fantastic this oatmeal is! since discovering my gluten intollerance, i'd been craving oatmeal and hadn't found one that was GF and tasted great...until now. try it - you won't be sorry!
395113395113B002AUF0Q2A1BM4LRE5R536KSusan L. Ringsmuth "suering"0051271203200Great breakfast!!It's wonderful to be able to have GF instant oatmeal for breakfast now, which is something that I haven't been about to have for at least 10 years.
395114395114B002AUF0Q2AATHGFV25SFWVE. Pearson "Celiac Mom"0051269302400Celiac MomThe product is excellent - especially for cold mornings where you want something to stick to your ribs. It's great to know it is gluten free (so safe to eat for me and my daughter) and buying the value pack saves money, too.
395115395115B002AUF0Q2A3RUAVQHZQPLEGA. Carter0051267574400So glad I found a gluten free oatmeal! I've missed you oatmeal!Really good oatmeal, couldn't be happier. I haven't had oatmeal in years and now I have it every morning!
395116395116B002AUF0Q2AITA68K11PTP3LuvMyKids "LuvMyKids"0051267315200AWESOME!My six year old son has celiac disease and can't eat the same things his brothers and sisters do. He LOVES oatmeal but hasn't been able to have it. I found these and ordered them right away. He LOVES it!! He doesn't care for the raisins, so if I could change anything, it would be to have options of selecting boxes of just the flavors he likes. But this was a great price at $30 for 8 boxes of oatmeal! I highly recommend this product!
395117395117B002AUF0Q2ATU2WBD99KXAIB. Rhodes0051265155200The kids love it!We have struggled with gluten free oatmeal for two years. I was skeptical when I ordered Glutenfreeda's Instant variety pack, but took the chance. I am so happy that I did. My very picky 6 and 4 year olds love it! They have not tasted the banana-maple flavor, but the others are a huge hit.
395118395118B002AUF0Q2A1FOGN1SMSZSOQChristina Gladden "gluten free mom"0051264809600Gluten free instant oatmeal your kids will love!Finally an instant oatmeal that my kids love!! They get to choose which flavor they want every time and all the flavors are very good and not too sweet. My kids love the apple cinnamon and almost always choose that first, but they like the other flavors as well - and so do I!!
395119395119B002AUF0Q2A1CAWJ69WEHCF5V. Hunter "Triskele"1241268265600Not bad!I have to disagree with the reviewer who said this oatmeal is too sweet! I actually thought it was kind of bland, although my previous brand was Quaker Oat High Fiber Instant Oatmeal. I actually wish it was a bit sweeter, but keep reminding myself that it is probably much healthier for me without the extra sugar. It is certainly still tasty and I like that I am getting the flaxseed too.

Since I'm not a true celiac, but just someone who has noticed some adverse reactions to wheat, I haven't been too worried about possible trace amounts of the grain in oatmeal. However, with an option like Glutenfreeda, I decided I may as well go with a product that promises to be gluten free.
395120395120B002AUF0Q2A3MFFUU973C47MSunnyvale Reader0141270944000great basic idea, don't like the flavor combosWe're gluten-free from necessity, and always seeking healthy breakfast options. I love oatmeal, but Glutenfreeda's flavor combos don't do it for me. I hate maple, which is in 2 out of 3 flavors, and wish they'd make a cinnamon banana instead of cinnamon apple.

Also, I could do without the flax. It is nice having the convenience of the single serving packets, expecially when we travel.

Hey, Glutenfreeda! How 'bout making some straight oatmeal, no flax, with just fruit flavors? You've already got customers waiting for it!
395121395121B002AUF0Q2A2Y10JZ2YNSFNWE. Vatkova "Evelina Kosta"0141266278400It's great but too sweetI love it but it's a bit too sweet. I wish the sugar was less ,other then that it is pretty good breakfast.
395122395122B002AUF0Q2A3MK558JHKJNIVVictoria David0141262995200convenient, easy, and tasty productI ordered this Glutenfreeda's instant oatmeal, variety pack again because the oatmeal is tasty, convenient to have, and fast and easy to use on busy mornings.
395123395123B002AUF0Q2A3AKFKZGLZ1GBYGlutenFreeFreak0311310256000Sugary Sweet GlopThis item is fine if you are without any other gluten free breakfast items. But be warned, eating this is like eating a bowl full of processed chemical tasting WAY!!! overly sweet gruel. I really do appreciate the company at least attempting a gluten free instant hot oatmeal type product. Maybe a trip back to the food lab to reformulate with much less sugar.
395124395124B002AUF0Q2A16VQMPQ6LJ62DPaul S. Lunsford "Fat Guy"12021268352000Gluten Free-Higher SugarsThis product has 8 times the sugar the Quaker Oats Low Sugar brand (1gm for Quaker, /8grm's for GlutenFree) and does not taste as good. I would recommend buying the Quaker Oats Low Sugar and not the GlutenFree brand.
395125395125B000V9LPTKA27362AMQR75KTDennis Kelley0021334102400Average coffee, but mislabeled - this is not Espresso RoastI was greatly disappointed when we received this coffee. We prefer a dark roast, bold coffee, and this definitely was not a dark roast - it even says on the label that it is only Medium Dark. So how come they call this an Espresso Roast? It's not even close. I feel duped! At best, this is a Full City Roast. The coffee these beans make is OK - maybe average - but if you are looking for a true dark roast coffee, this is not it.
395126395126B000V9LPTKA3Q36CZLEY3BBSI. Glukhovsky0051323388800he only coffee that realy does wakes me up in the morningLove this coffee, I making perfect cappuchino on my DeLongi Gran Dama,
I consumed already 25lb :) Suprisingly, it makes much better effect to wake me up in the mornings than any other coffees I tried till today
395127395127B000V9LPTKA23VLI2ASN0UKKVACOWGIRL "K.B."0021300924800Not A Good EspressoI have been drinking espresso over 20 year and make my own at home. As a former barista, I expected by the write up on this espresso bean to taste a fantastic espresso and I was totally dissappointed. Flat and weak, this espresso is one of the worst I have had. Coffee people has a better espresso for less money!
395128395128B000V9LPTKAVZEY71RU2JDAJB0051291161600Fantastic flavor!This coffee is delicious. We expected a 5lb bag to last us much longer than this has. We found ourselves brewing an extra pot just so we could drink more. I typically enjoy some flavored creamer in my cup of coffee. However, I enjoyed the flavor of this so much I would just add a little bit of sugar and cream then enjoy. We use it for cappuccino and coffee. Just depended on if I felt like being lazy and brewing a pot of coffee, or take the time to make a couple espresso drinks. Surely if I was making one for myself I had to make a 2nd for my wife. :)
395129395129B000V9LPTKA1K4SUT2FJJLUInvdog0051254614400Nice BeansHey, no coffee expert here but i love this coffee and the price. At my house the 5lb bag is broken down to 1 lb packs, vacuum sealed and put in the freezer. i use the fabulous AeroPress Coffee and Espresso Maker to make regular cups of coffee and when combined with the Froth Au Lait FAL-W Frothing Unit, White your lattes are professional. The Aeropress is a little extra work for the smoothest cup of coffee on the planet and the froth au lait is a lot of extra work for an outrageous at home latte. A little extra money for the gizmos but none of my cash goes to the coffee shops! Final note, the subscribe and save program is handy and gets you a discount.
395130395130B000V9LPTKA1D2KSKNY6DZF5Regala "Sooner"0051246233600Great!!!Huge, fresh, and great smelling!!! Wonderful taste just what I was expecting of this product. I needed a stronger coffee bean, no bitter taste, or after taste, and Camano Organic has it all and more.

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