Amazon Fine Food Reviews

395341395341B001THZ38CA1DFMOZ00P09TFE. Color1151341792000Best cocoaAdd milk and this stuff is the best! I actually recommend not mixing the cocoa thoroughly before microwaving it. Let some of the cocoa bake on top as you microwave it. It sounds strange but it's really good.
395342395342B001THZ38CA2OOB10INOZMMHbdemps0151298332800cocao amore love it moreI have tried it several times and find it the best I ever had. I will use it again Iam sure.Cocoa Amore Gourmet Cocoa, Everyday Caboodle Variety Pack, 8-Count Packets (Pack of 3)
395343395343B0000E6T2NA11EYMH9UV9XG7greenmantis0051176940800Good teaI bought my mom this tea and I think she's addicted to it. She's real picky about teas, seeing as she'll blow cash on high-end jasmine and oolong teas. I wasn't sure if she'd like this at first so I bought a smaller amount. But she said this particular tea is very fragrant and has a great taste. Green tea is probably one of the best teas: chocked full of antioxidants and benefits if you drink it without cream and excessive sugar. Enjoy.
395344395344B004NEKT8WA1W92HT4NQJIIJJudith Johnston0051349913600One of my favorite K-Cups!Very good price at Amazon. The Donut House are one of my favorite brands of K-cups. I just purchased more locally yesterday. Very good! Thank you!
395345395345B004NEKT8WAQ1IZZHKLTV85Linda Karabinchak0051315180800Donut Shop CoffeeOne of my favorites. I love the taste of it. I received it promptly and it was well packed. Would buy again
395346395346B00085F7SCA9NJ9FY9QX1BMViet Nguyen "love snacks"0051341100800True colorThis purple candy melt is true to the picture. It's sooo pretty. I made some cake pops for a baby shower and this purple really stands out. Also the lilac dust gives it a shine. I would highly recommend this product to anyone.
395347395347B00085F7SCA3197QJT5D96BOGrad Mom0051336348800Perfect!We purchased these for cake pop decorating and they worked out perfectly! They were easy to work with and just the right color too!
395348395348B000CQ44C2A8LIRCT9MBF2VLandras "landras"7751271376000Excellent qualityThis product is extremely good, using vanilla beans instead of vanilla extract in your desserts makes a big difference, I love this pods, they have a very nice aroma. The size of the pods is pretty decent most of them are between 7-8 inches and I got 112 pods in my bag. I separated them in groups of 5, vacuum seal them and storage them in a dark and dry place, they keep fresh as the first day in that way.
After you used the seeds for a pastry cream or any other preparation you can wash the pods and let them dry on top of your refri when they are dry you can pulverize them and use it to flavor sponge cakes or genoise.
395349395349B000CQ44C2AJYXY40UWIZS8Andrew Ramstedt "The Good Worm"5551229472000Awesome BeansThis is an awesome deal. Rich and plump and large beans. Yummy. One quarter of the price paid at the grocery store. Highly recommended. Thank you for providing such a great deal.
395350395350B000CQ44C2A2PTS0MSFEM9D3ztlits3351229904000Premium Bourbon-Madagascar Vanilla Beans- 1 lb.The vanilla beans were exactly as described- plump and moist. Shipping was super fast. I highly recommend JR Mushrooms & Specialties and will definitely do business with them again. Thanks!
395351395351B000CQ44C2AKH00JX78KHOFaith760051340064000Amazing product!Amazing, moist, plump beans. Arrived in great condition, love the reusable ziploc storage bag. The only way I will make ice cream! Great product! Highly recommend! Remember to store in a dark, cool cabinet.
395352395352B000CQ44C2A2D6AOK65I01I8Victoria Risigner0051338681600Good value fragrant plump beans
395353395353B000CQ44C2A3SIV7SBTNBU9Dpavel0051336003200Excellent vanilla beansPerfect product. Great taste and life period. Does not dry even if you leave it open for a while (1 week). I like it.
395354395354B000CQ44C2A2R08HXCC4R3XDalamo sam0051324857600Great qualityThe vanilla beans I received were high quality - nice and moist. Also, they were delivered exactly when they were supposed to be, which was important to me. :)
395355395355B000CQ44C2AB0FQ560I1I06J. Abegglen0051301616000vanilla beansthis was my first time purchasing vanilla beans and I was very pleased with them. I bought them to make homemade vanilla and it turned out wonderfully. I will definately be buying these again!
395356395356B000CQ44C2A33F1152R30129EB0211341273600Where's the beans?!?I ordered the 108-count, 16oz package of beans, and what I received weighed 2 ounces and had maybe 14 beans inside. Maybe this was a labelling error? I have no idea, but it's annoying in any case, and I will be returning the product for a refund.
395357395357B001BW6NA2A2R4JCEFLTFU8Fgoldilox "goldi"1151331683200Cajun DelightI bought this for my husband who loves to eat sausage for his favorite snack. This was the first time he ever tried this variety and he absolutely loved it. We'll definitely order this delectable sausage again in the future!
395358395358B001BW6NA2A25TMHK2OFJQJUZen Druid0051350691200Spicy and flavorfulFabulous! Finally, a product is labelled spicy and is really spicy! Very hot and delightful salami and fennel flavors. We love this product. My wife makes a mean antipasto plate with olives and aioli and fresh slices of several vegetables, with Triscuit rye caraway and that makes me very happy. Great product -- so good we wrote the Columbus Company to tell them. Only 6.99?? Crazy good price.
395359395359B004UKJS6IA1TWVA7DNY4F33Cindi Murrah "catfreak"2251327190400Cheaper than the grocery storeI buy raisins as a healthy snack all the time. Found this 4 pack on Amazon at a price that is cheaper than my local grocer. I also used subscribe and save to get the price down even more. I love subscribe and save and raisins!
395360395360B004UKJS6IA2J574UDNLO0KRTigreAzul1151324339200Plump and MoistNot what I am used to in a raisin. These are plump and moist, not as withered as most raisins. They are absolutely delicious though. Totally habit forming.
395361395361B004UKJS6IAUOJEXT54C9TSfrogladysmiles1151323734400Good dealSun Maid Natural California Raisins, 24-Ounce (Pack of 4)Use this in my oatmeal every day. Good price, convienant, like getting it when I want it. I get it on subscribe and save. Free shipping, excellant price.
395362395362B004UKJS6IA3JA2ORXXFB8FFTopper (Linda)0041332720000Raisins... mmmm good.Raisins, love 'em. hand snacking or in cookies, bars or cinnamon rolls..

They arrived promptly and in excellent condition, the raisins were plump and juicy and perfect.

I cut one star for my own personal dissappointment. From the pics I made the assumption that they were packed in plastic containers, they weren't. They were cardboard cartons with plastic lids.
395363395363B007SYC9O6A1ZCDRSFTTR2GGFiskars0041340236800Easy and looks amazingI bought these for my daughters birthday cake. They were very easy to put on and looked amazing. Everyone asked where i bought the cake from because it look so good. I recommended these to everyone at the party for an inexpensive way to get an expensive looking product.
395364395364B005V9Z7T4A3SWCA2NEHRL0ZXL0041346544000Any way you brew itThis is good coffee. Haven't tried as espresso so far, but it's a good morning cup when dripped, french or aero-pressed.
395365395365B004EDOGHCA2XBPE3AWE2FPPChattyLinda110251311897600A Gift For A FriendI bought this for a male friend of mine, cause he said everywhere he went to get some they were the same old flavors. So when I got this for him he was surprised to learn of all the flavors it came in.. He doesnt drink it everyday, just when he wakes up late for work and needs alittle get up and go!!!
395366395366B002ZP4HAMA2IOYN4FP5CD9GR. Lane0051347148800Yummy yummyLove it. Not an overpowering scent of fruit. You can still taste the green tea through it. We use 5 bags to brew a 3 qt pitcher of iced tea. (and in this heat it is very welcomed!). I will buy the case from now on!!
395367395367B0018CJXFCA1LOZM3QVMQYFIkathy121251301875200Excellent dog food!I have a 10 yr old & a 7 yr old dog. The 10 yr old will eat anything, the 7 yr old is extremely picky & has a delicate stomach. We were using brands of dog food you find in the grocery store until a trainer opened our eyes to the difference in qualities of dog food & the effect it can have on behavior as well as overall health. There are 2 websites we checked before we chose Premium Edge Healthy Weight II, one was the Whole Dog Journal 2010 Approved Food List ([...]),the other was Dog Food Analysis ([...]). On both websites this food is recommended. Both dogs absolutely LOVE this food & I feel so much better knowing that they are getting quality food.
395368395368B0018CJXFCA9TFKOQ57V1QBResa111151285113600Good quality, affordable food.It's really important to me to feed my pets quality food. My first dog had severe allergies to food, and all of the vets we took her to caught that. She had terrible skin rashes, raw hot spots, and constant ear infections--all of which are indications that she had food allergies. I wish I had had the Internet back then so I could have saved her life. She eventually ended up getting stomach cancer and dying at the very young age of five. I truly believe that if we had switched her to a quality food, she could have lived a longer, happier life. It was an important lesson for me to learn, and I will never feed any of my animals sub-par food ever again.

I have had my current dog on Natural Balance Ultra Premium as well as Solid Gold Hund n Flocken. Both of those foods are of good quality, but are also very pricey. If you would like to do your own research on different food options and brands, [...]and [...]are great sites.

Natural Balance, Solid Gold, and Premium Edge have all received 4-star ratings at dog food analysis. The biggest issue with Premium Edge (and all of Diamond foods--including NB and SG) was the fact that there weren't any written guarantees that they did not use Ethoxyuin as a preservative. I emailed Diamond foods, and received an email stating that they and their suppliers no longer use Ethoxyquin as a preservative.

I'm really impressed with Premium Edge. It is a good quality food and it comes at a much better price for me (on top of being significantly cheaper, the bags are 35lbs as opposed to NB and SG's 33lb. bags). The final selling point for me is that my dog really LOVES her food now. With both previous brands, she would eat half of her food and then walk away and eat the rest of it later when she got hungry enough. With Premium Edge Skin and Coat, she scarfs everything down right away. She even BEGS me to feed her in the morning and evening now.

All in all, I'm really happy with my choice to switch to Premium Edge. It's an affordable, good quality dog food, and my dog LOVES it! I highly recommend giving it a try. :)
395369395369B0018CJXFCA3C1ARBUCZPVMWG. Lawrence4451310515200Best in Quality and PriceI was introduced to this dog food over tens years ago. One of the local pet stores recommended it for our golden retriever because of the skin problems that he was experiencing. His skin and coat were back to normal once he had been on this dog food for two weeks. I've been feeding it to all my dogs ever since. I have four dogs now and so the price on Amazon is really appreciated...Along with the quick delivery. As an aside: My dogs love the taste so much that I have used the kibble as their behavioral treat as well (e.g., sit, stay, etc.) Can't get a better taste review than that!
395370395370B0018CJXFCAKTS23FLHVSHNCharles J. Mckinley "Graverober"4451289606400Great dog foodWe did a LOT of research before settling on this brand. It is some of the best and highest quality dog food for the price. My wife was concerned that it would not be good for our small dogs (2 pugs), but the pieces are plenty small for them and they both chow down on it.

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