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395401395401B0018CJXFCA36TDCR3BJZNS6shannonsebastian1221320710400Maybe just not for my dog?I bought this food for my dog (who has very sensitive skin), and, maybe either a) it is not for him, or, b), I didn't introduce it gradually enough, but, he did develop some vomiting and loose stools when eating (fed him only for about 3 days). It sounds like fabulous food, with quality ingredients, but, I am afraid to give him any more, since I don't know if he can handle/tolerate it. I still have about 32 lbs. of this food left at my house :)
395402395402B0018CJXFCA5MXEC72GVO2Kfair-n-simple1251297987200Smells better than others?What can I's dog food and my dog loves it. I am pretty sure any dog would love this product too...its food!
395403395403B0018CJXFCA2JGWDPGYD5X0NAnn Joy1411329955200Not so great..Expiration date soon..I decided to try this dry food on my two dogs, because of all the great reviews.

However....Neither dog will eat it. One dog took a couple bites, and refuses to eat it..The other dog wont even take a bite.
I tried mixing it with their favorite can food, but this only made matters worse. They would not even touch it.

I was confused about this, since one of my dogs will eat just about anything, while the other will eat dry food mixed with cannned.
The reviews were all good, so...

I checked the package...And, I think I may have found the answer...There is a last sale date of April 11, 2012....That's only about 6 weeks away.
I would never purchase a food that was going to expire so soon, even on sale in a store.

I now have a huge bag of dog food in the kitchen..I have tried daily to give each dog a little, but no go. They will not eat eat it!
The pieces are all the same size and color...Not appealing, and there is not even a smell that says "eat me, I am food". Could be cardboard, judging by
the dog's reaction.

Kind of hard to return, since it is opened and is 18 pounds of dog food.
I have a feeling it is either because the food is so old, or it is tainted. Dogs can sense when there is a problem with food!

Sorry about the bad review...But, This was money that will just end up getting poured into the rubbish.
Maybe I was only the unlucky one...Check the last sale dates on your package if any of your dogs wont eat it!

I will stick to Pedigree and Mighty Dog..less expensive, not as healthy, but both my dogs love it.
I cannot recommend this brand..I have two large dogs, mixed breed and are not usually choosy about what they eat.
Except for the Premium Edge, which they give a paws down to!
395404395404B002R10A3MA2GJ8E2JIJW08EG. Staffiere "Commercial & Graphic Artist"0051312848000Happy HoundMy Majestic Hound Dakota loves these biscuits. She wont turn down any of the flavors but Liverlicious is her favorite.
395405395405B002N2LH6YA3RXMX7KY9YRDAKarla J Hood1151328572800Cousin Willie's Kettle corn is Incredible!Picture yourself at a county fair, gazing impatiently at the big cauldron where an elderly gentleman is stirring up a giant serving of kettle corn. This is exactly what you get. Slightly sweet and salty, it is far more satisfying that caramel corn. And this brand delivers JUST that taste, minus the light crunch you get at the fair. YUM!
395406395406B0037YPV1YA2OIJDYCWWM3A2WJM "Wayne"6651306540800Love Instant Breakfast - er - Breakfast Essentials!The name may have changed but still tastes the same. Although all the flavors are great Malt is my favorite - and has been since the 80's! Problem is that my local stores stopped carrying the 10 count Malt packages and I had to buy the Assorted. With only 2 Malt envelopes I found myself rationing - and still when I craved a malt I found I had run out already. I happened to stumble upon it here and found the price acceptable. Now - I never run out! Once in awhile I'll have a desire for another flavor and that's where the assorted comes in handy but I am pleased I'm now fully stocked with malt. It really should be added to the subscribe and save program.
395407395407B0037YPV1YA2DKK7IZ0SZVC1sally2251298419200Good and healthyFirst, I have to say that I only spent about $28.00 for a pack of 6 vs. the $52.00 that's shown online now. I hope that the price goes down soon so that I can buy more since this flavor is not available at our local grocery stores. With that said, I will say that the malt flavor is my favorite and for one simple reason. It's the only flavor from Nestle Carnation Instant Breakfast drinks that contains no artificial flavors. To me, that's important since this is what I give my two kids for breakfast every morning. I used to buy them the regular chocolate flavor, but then noticed that it had artificial flavors, whereas this one did not. I guess to them, chocolate is chocolate because they did not complain or even notice when I switched and started buying this malt flavor.
395408395408B0037YPV1YA2T8AVS9CPWVFCartscontentgirl1141318809600The only way to get the "Malt" flavor without others...I like the "malt" flavor because it's less sweet, and this is the only way to buy JUST the malt flavor. I used to have to get the mixed pack, and suffer through the "strawberry" and "vanilla" which are FAR too sweet and fake tasting.

I often am rushing out the door in the morning without breakfast, so this gets my metabolism going when I don't have time for a sit down breakfast.
395409395409B0037YPV1YA2ALVGJPRP3UT6TheHollyLlama "Holly"1151294790400the best flavorOMG the best! I work late & by the time I get home I'm exhausted but STARVING! So this is a great solution quick to make & consume, filling but not heavy and this one tastes just like a chocolate malt, yum! It is kinda expensive but worth it for me.
395410395410B0037YPV1YAWUUACHY0V1XLbuyer2020051350604800Long Time UserI have been drinking Carnation Instant Breakfast as my breakfast for many years, almost since the product debuted. At the current time the Chocolate Malt flavor is my preference but it is no longer available in our local grocery stores. Amazon is the best source I have found. I order a 6 month supply at a time and the price on this purchase was less than earlier. I hope they continue to stock the product.
395411395411B0037YPV1YA20HHCGR2RWWINKLKD550051347926400Perfect for Breakfast and a Great ValueA lot of times I don't really feel like eating breakfast so early in the morning because my stomach feels sensitive in the mornings. So I prefer to drink my breakfast. Nutrition drinks are my favorite for in the morning. However when looking through stores these drinks can be a bit pricey. I was fortunate enough to find such a great deal on Amazon. There are so many flavors I have yet to try. If you drink these on a daily basis I highly recommend buying them in bulk from Amazon.
395412395412B0037YPV1YA132V45NYZ3J03kjkanjohnson0051347321600I love this product!I love this particular flavor of Instant Breakfast(chocolate malt). I can't find it in any of the grocery stores unless it is in a variety pack. I don't want the variety pack, only this flavor. It is nice to get 6 boxes at a time so I don't have to keep ordering over and over.
If I have this in the morning, I am full until around 12:30 or 1:00.
I can't tell you how glad I was when I found that I could buy it through Amazon. I do quite a bit of shopping on Amazon for all sorts of products. Thanks Amazon!
395413395413B0037YPV1YA2MB9Z3PQ4VINCLaury Render0051337299200MMMMM GOOODI absolutly love this stuff. I also have Crohns Disease and this is great for when i dont feel like eating. Im so glad that amazon carys the malt only boxes as it is my favorite too.
395414395414B0037YPV1YA1ESMKR7LPWTL6CBUCKD "Carey D"0051331424000I love this stuff!The price is not always that much different than in the one store where I can find this, but I like to have a lot on hand so I don't run out. So getting 6 boxes at a time is great for me! :) It's hands down the best flavor and I hope they never stop making it.
395415395415B0037YPV1YA3VQBX8VJKC2D9Marty L. Mathieson "famedsnake6"0051325462400Makes a nice gift!This product is for my husband and youngest daughter who love the stuff. We live 20 miles from the nearest Carnation Instant Breakfast outlet so buying it in bulk is really handy! Thanks, Amazon!
395416395416B0037YPV1YAUV4KCE3RWIWHZilbanne "Zilbanne"0051307059200Yummy Malt Flavor!Yes just like other reviewers say, this chocolate malt flavor is great! The texture of the powder is a bit smoother than it was years ago and I like the coarser texture it used to have. Still can't have everything. Since my local stores no longer carry the chocolate malt flavor, Amazon is doing us all a real favor by stocking it! way to go!
395417395417B0037YPV1YALIHWIU9H7S5EJT0051305158400You are gonna love it in an instant.I have to say that Carnation Instant Breakfast in the chocolate malt flavor has got to be my all time favorite. It is very tasty.
395418395418B0037YPV1YA21UJLA54L2MZOThomas Measday0051302393600Available at AmazonOne of our favorite flavors , haven't been carried by any of our local stores for years. A classic flavor. Thanks Amazon.
395419395419B0037YPV1YA3SS1KTMZKDYJ5Barbie "Sue"0051301961600Chocolate MaltLove this stuff. Have tried to find it in stores, with no luck. This is the best of all the flavors.
395420395420B0037YPV1YA2YN2U2EARKSTLSH0051301875200Perfect!!!My boyfriend loves the Malt Chocolate, but they don't sell only Malt in the stores. So he saves the 2 packets that come in the multipack until the end. Since he got these he has had at least one a day. I think I should have waited until he finished the multipack in the cupboard...oh well. Will order again for sure!
395421395421B003OB2E60A39RMEXRQABVDHMary Morales1151349654400Spicy & Delicious!We do not eat a lot of Ramen noodles at our house, but we discovered this one at a local Mexican grocery and everyone loves it. The taste is really delicious, probably the best one I've ever had (out of maybe 6 common ones that I've tried in my life.) If you don't like some good heat, you may want to steer clear. I actually add extra water to mine, and it's still delicious and quite spicy. The price here on subscribe and save is off the charts good...12 packages arriving at the door for under $4? Of course, this is not a healthy meal, so you have to be careful of the sodium and carbs, if you have high blood sugar, or high blood pressure. For us, it's an occasional treat, not something to eat every day.
395422395422B003OB2E60A2942ER9PGA57LH DiddY1151319068800Yum!!Tooooo Good, probably the BEST. Way better than just the spicy one, but don't expect any chicken!

Not to spicy, not to limey, just right!
395423395423B003OB2E60A3FPDW6EO5KDVEcaterpillar0051350000000They are styrafoam cupsThey are not the plastic packages, ps. Kinda wasteful, but then good for on the go. They do taste good though.
395424395424B003OB2E60A58N07M0ZCYMBValentina0041348704000Very good, spicy with a slight lime kickI've had both lime and spicy lime. I prefer lime without the spice, but this one is very good too.

Regular lime: Maruchan Instant Lunch, Lime Chicken, 2.25-Ounce Packages (Pack of 12)
395425395425B003OB2E60A1A0FA2WFVHXFLBarbecue Enthusiast "Rico"0051342224000The best ramen flavorLime Chili Chicken ramen has a great blend of citrus and fire. Of the 20 or so varieties I've had, this is my favorite. If it goes on sale, by choosing Subscribe & Save you can get a case delivered for under $4, which is an insane deal.
395426395426B000WN0T74A2KBGQBFRN464KStewart Everard0051350777600Amazing Product.Amazing - our puppy won't touch his dog food for three days. We had been spoiling him with treats. Once we sprinkled the Liver Biscotti on his dog food he finished his bowl every time. Problem solved and greatly reduced treats.
395427395427B000WN0T74ADQVVP06WP6YYPAT0051334880000dog biscottiThe dogs will do anything for this stuff. They love it. I have to put it up so they don't treat themselves.
395429395429B000WN0T74A21U4DR8M6I9QNK. M Merrill "justine"0051322438400works, dog trainer rewiewThis is it, the holy grail of dog powders to convince dogs that they can work!
I pour it on dried hotdogs and it works! clients complain that the dogs love me. The dogs love this stuff. Happy to find on A, hard to find item. One bottle lasted3- 4 years.
Buy it, it works great. doglady oregon
395430395430B0026020A0A13S959ZBAOU53CFB1151303776000My Fave at a great priceMueller's is my favorite brand of pasta and the price here at Amazon was very good. Pasta is fresh and I'm sure we can use it all while it is still fresh.

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