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395461395461B000UYC2K2A29N66WIWNN8JKOne Reviewer0051348617600The Only Pretzels I WantThese Snyder's of Hanover Olde Tyme Pretzels are the only pretzels I want, I love everything about them. The size of these are one size down from the largest bagged size and are very lightly salted, which I enjoy very much. The texture is not rock-hard like some other larger pretzels I've had; rather, when you bite into one of these, it has a flakey, slightly (but pleasantly) crumbly texture that is easy to chew. The flavor is mild and just plain good. I enjoy making chocolate covered pretzels once or twice a year during holidays for my family as well as bundle up packages of regular and white chocolate pretzels as treats to give away, and everyone enjoys them. I have found these pretzels are also very good when one is getting over a sick tummy because they are so mild. I never cared very much for pretzels before until I tried this brand and have been buying them ever since!
395462395462B000UYC2K2A1G1X16SEWDKHOReed More "Wanttoreadlots"0051348531200Crispy, low salt, flavorfulI'm a habitual pretzel eater and I've tried many brands, but most of the time I have to pick off the salt chunks before eating them. With these I don't have to so much -- the salt is perfect as is. Very crispy and flavorful. The best I've ever had. Unfortunately they're hard to find in my area. Fortunately has them available.
395463395463B000UYC2K2A1D052VH4WKRNBRCarmer0051345334400Okay so I'm addicted!I love Snyder's Olde Tyme pretzels. And now Amazon has agreed to hand deliver them with scheduled deliveries. We're a match made in heaven! oh! Health-wise.....these pretzels have a lower salt content then most other pretzels. And Amazon's prices and scheduled deliveries are hassle free. All facts that are good for your blood pressure!
395464395464B000UYC2K2A2A8KWCE8RKB9TDavid Glazer0041341446400Really GoodI have bought several varieties of Snyder's pretzels on Amazon Warehouse. Like all of for me it always comes down to getting them on sale. may end up eating more than you thought you would..
395465395465B000UYC2K2A20F1SEQWPH4TOpam Hinrichs0031315094400Old Tyme PretzelsThe pretzels were good but there were many broken pieces in the bags. I think this was from coming in the mail
395466395466B000UYC2K2A2KCD2PFUDXPPXSuseshopper0051298592000Not too salty, good tasteI also grew up in Pa. and had Snyder's regularly. For those who aren't familiar, I particularly like this brand because they taste less salty, but have a good taste. For this particular one, they are similar in taste to the sourdough, but much easier to chew.For pretzel lovers like me, it is great to have them on hand at a good price.They are a "healthier" snack.
395467395467B000UYC2K2A3QAAOLIXKV383Danny K. Tilley "Dan Tilley"0041297382400Snyders olde type pretzelsOur local stores rarely have this on the shelf. I prefer these to other pretzels because they are not too salty.
395468395468B000UYC2K2A2RRD58H4MI4QSJean D. Viguers0051272153600so goodsince moving from Penna. to Texas, can not find my favorite pretzel, so glad to have found them on Amazon. Seemed like a lot of pretzels to buy at once, but with sharing them with friends, and being able to store them for quite a while its a great deal.
395469395469B000UYC2K2AGNGQUHM50QCUdavelom "davelom"0051262649600None better than Olde Tyme.This is the absolute best snack pretzel you can buy, IMHO. Great flavor, just enough salt, not too hard and perfect for dipping or eating plain.
395470395470B000UYC2K2ALJ2KUXFTCP28Snorks0111315267200Too crumbly, not enough saltTo each his own, but IMHO, these are possibly the worst pretzels I've ever had. They don't have much flavor, and they are too soft and crumbly--almost the consistency of a crusty Lorna Doone cookie. Not much salt at all. I'd go for the sourdough variety instead.
395471395471B001EO5RS6A1UAO75XNA6DOGgardener973351319155200fiber content is wrong on the label, not 11 but 6!A fellow dieter corrected me today and directed me to the Nature's Path website where it says:
"March 22,2012 ...This cereal does indeed have 6g of fiber per serving and the product details and nutritional panel on the website have been updated to reflect this; we're sorry for any inconvenience."
[...] then scroll to the Optimum Slim

I am very irritated at the difference in numbers. Amazon's label says 11 grams of fiber, my box says 9 and their own site says 6. Corrected to 6.

But it is a delicious cereal and so easy that you will be willing to eat breakfast - high in fiber (6) and protein (9) - and all organic. If you are really running late, pack up some in a zip-lock and munch it in the car. I like it so much I get it in the Subscribe & Save program on Amazon. It does cost less than in the grocery store.
395472395472B001EO5RS6A33FASP0A5373FPhilip3351278633600My favorite cerealThe best cold cereal I ever had and I'm in my sixties. Healthy, great taste, not overly sweetened, keeps its crispiness in liquid (I use Silk soy milk). Add some dried cranberries, almonds and fresh fruit for added goodness.
395473395473B001EO5RS6A216NSW58Q3SCJccincalif "ccincalif"2251289952000One of my Top Favorite Cereals! Can't wait for breakfast!I have been telling my friends to try this cereal because I like it so much. The best thing I like about it, after the taste, is that its actually GOOD for me! I tend to like some cereals which aren't the best thing for me to be eating as I'm in my mid 40s, but this one tastes fabulous (not too sweet, either) and is a very healthy choice. I totally disagree withe the other reviewer who says this cereal is "bland"-it is anything but bland. I am what most people would call a "foodie"; I live to eat, not eat to live. Most of my friends trust my opinion in foods because they know how picky I am, and I'm also a total "label reader." I feel good when I start off my day by eating something healthy as it sets the trend for the rest of the day. Hope they don't discontinue this product...I love it.
395474395474B001EO5RS6AZEKXV3K5ELSAmark from nc1151310428800Overall, best cereal on the market imhoFirst of all, the reason why I buy this cereal is because of the stellar nutritional stats it has: 9g each of fiber and protein per cup for only 7g sugar. The taste is perfect - there's a perfect amount of sweetness to it so your mouth isn't awash in sugar but at the same time you don't feel compelled to add any sugar or other sweetener to it. It's probably sweet enough that small children would like it, but I don't have any small children around to test this hypothesis. I also love its texture - it's incredibly crunchy, so if you have bad teeth it may not be the cereal for you, and by the time you finish a bowl it's still pretty crunchy and not at all soggy (not like other cereals that practically disintegrate by the time you're done with a bowl). It's pretty neutral in its flavor aside from the aforementioned subtle sweetness, so you could add whatever fruit you wanted to it. I'm a big guy (trying to become a bit smaller lol), and one serving of this with some soy milk will keep me satisfied for a couple of hours (a balanced breakfast includes more than just cereal, but I'm like most people and usually on the run at breakfast time so I have this with a glass of orange juice only).

So there you go: great nutrition for a cereal, great taste, great texture, it's relatively filling, and it's quite versatile. And the price on amazon is SO much better than what you'll get in the store.

Like I said though, if you've got bad teeth, it may be too crunchy for you, and small children may or may not like it, although you could probably get them to eat it eventually if they don't like it at first.
395475395475B001EO5RS6A25WLLSRUJR5Y2EducatedConsumer "J.C."0051327104000Great CerealThis is a good tasting cereal, with low fat and lot's of fiber. I add some fresh fruit and skim milk, to form a balance breakfast. This cereal is not carried in all supermarkets, plus, the price is great on amazon!
395476395476B001EO5RS6A3J7C36VE0JWD4Garrett Cook2921266019200Relatively bland taste, especially for the calorie countWe bought this cereal along with several others by Nature's Path, a company that makes some pretty good cereals. The taste this one however seems to be quite bland. That in itself would not be an issue, however it contains 210 calories for the standard serving size of 55g (3.8 calories per gram), which is a lot. Especially when Cinnamon Toast Crunch contains 4.2 calories per gram (only 10% more) and tastes like candy. If you mix those two together it's alright, and the result is good taste plus fiber.
395477395477B0037NVSXAA230PCARY2T6H1Andi0031341014400not what I thoughtThe coffee is good, but this flavor gets old fast! It has a film that will linger on your tongue and it is kinda gross. The first time you taste it its like heaven, but after really tastes like drinking liquid sugar
395478395478B000EWQPOOA2V2KEIB9OHRLOLiterary Equivalent1151168300800Gorgeous!This subtly flavored, sweet-but-not-too-sweet dessert makes the most extraordinary fruit salad. Just cook and set it as the instructions suggest, then toss it with tidbits of brightly colored fruit that harmonizes nicely with almond. I suggest pomegranate seeds and mandarins for a lovely contrast... don't feel married to the canned fruit salad the packet suggests, as fresh tart fruit is much nicer with it.
395479395479B008BREWMQA2NCCZ2W2TG8K8charley'slove1121345766400Fake Vanilla Taste--Skip It!I bought this newly-packaged large-sized product to use in my coffee when staying in a hotel for 2 weeks and wanting something better than the powdered Cremora often provided. (Usually you see these International Delights as single-use packets at gas station convenience stores.) Although the French Vanilla's consistency was like cream, the vanilla taste was **extremely** fake. When I looked at the ingredient list on the label to figure out what was causing the off taste, the label was elusive in saying only that it contained "natural" flavors rather than coming clean as to whether it had real vanilla (very doubtful) or the artificial-tasting "vanillin." They may technically call "vanillin" natural, but it's not the authentic flavoring and you can readily tell the difference. I disliked it so much that I ended up pouring it down the sink. I DEPLORE PRODUCTS THAT DON'T STATE ALL OF THEIR INGREDIENTS HONESTLY ON THEIR LABELS in order to try to get away with making formulations with cheap substitutes. Make a creamer with REAL VANILLA and don't dilute it with molasses or other cheap ingredients and/or preservatives, and I will readily pay for it! Meanwhile, I will never buy this International Delight again.
395480395480B002YVBVVAAPNJF07PAF02DThe Joneses1151320796800Great Salt, Good priceI bought a pound of this salt and I love it. It is a great finishing salt, very delicate and flavorful. Gets lost in the pan, so save it for the final splash. It comes in a zip top bag for storage. It is medium fine grain and small flakes, moist and white to slightly grey. The package says Premium, Fine, No. II by Le Tresor. I have had better salt direct from Guerande, but it cost more.
395481395481B0066A454UA2S173KNYA5LMCTi0051330560000Outstanding delightI am someone who enjoys a very occassional glass of wine but not brandy or other liquors very much. This chocolate was a true delight to the senses! The dark chocolate has a slight unsweet/bitter flavor with the alcohol being sweet sends the senses dashing with pleasure. It is smooth. I enjoy a small bite of the end of the chocolate piece an slowly sip the brandy and continue to nibble the dark chocolate. The after taste is lasting with a pleasant flavor. I would recommend this product to friends and family.
395482395482B001EPQ6VMAD7NFI4XGG0LEAndreas M. Alvine "Dr. Motorfinger"1151302566400This was a different experience for me...I was hunting for Gen Mai Cha when I stumbled upon another tea made buy the same manufacturer. I never had Hoji tea before. I knew from reviews of it that it was a golden colored tea. That it is. It was a blend of some odd stuff to me but that is the nature of tea blends. Hoji tea has a very unique flavor I never had before. Now the Genmai Cha made by SA is off the hook. This tea likewise is an excellent compliment for some meals. I would find it a prefect counterbalance to Teriyaki dishes. I would even drink this while eating tempura. It has a strange smoky woody taste. It is not bitter at all either like conventional tea can be. Some people say it has a seaweed like smell to it but this brand has a smell that reminds me of a field that has been burned and tilled for the next season's planting. It is not a smokey smell per say but a earthy smell. There is no chlorophyll like tinge of a cut grass field to this tea. This may not be everyone's cup of tea but I can say for myself this is another very high quality product. It is not as expensive as Gen Mai but for those needing something different tea wise I would recommend giving this a spin! If other Hoji teas let you down this one will not!

This was a remarkable introduction to Hoji tea for me! I think a lesser product would have not done it for me!
395483395483B000FW0NEQA1IFBOKIM9IG62Melissa E. Gaylor5551196467200Lundberg's Original Rice ChipsI'll bet you can't eat just one of Lundberg's Original Rice Chips!!They're delicious,crunchy,and have a wonderful flavor!!
395484395484B000FW0NEQAHQHLC9PVQC1BGF in Tempe5551182124800YUMMY!We are Gluten Free, and these are the best chips for salsa that we have found! They hold up great for nachos. Not a super healthy food, as mentioned previously, but boy are they good! My non-GF friends love them too!
395485395485B000FW0NEQA2L57CNHZYXMTHIma Crow "Viv"4451199836800best snack ever!these rice chips are far better than any rice chip or cracker I have tried. even the crumbs are good on salad!
definitely something to try if you never have!
395486395486B000FW0NEQA1FVJSP3070BNZK. Malone "Keithdude"4441198886400Great chipsIt's a great product. I take them with me to Mexican restaurants, and my friends think I'm a freak. Still, they really like them. While I do have an allergy to corn, there's not enough of it to trigger an allergic reaction (luckily). My friends and others are initially suspicious, but are surprised when they taste them.
395487395487B000FW0NEQA1W92PKR9AFLQWmagoo552241254960000delicious gluten free chips have other uses,tooi love these wasabi chips - the only problem is they frequently have more crumbled and broken pieces in the bag than whole chips - i started using them as bread crumbs in veggie patties and salmon patties ... work perfectly and give a nice horseradishy tang!!
395488395488B000FW0NEQA2AEGO5RUM8UNMV. Cummings2251235001600Lundberg Honey Dijon Rice Chips are the Best!!!These are the only chips I can eat since I have food allergies to wheat, gluten, milk, soy, etc. That doesn't leave me much to eat and I hated to give up my chips. Then I found these chips and I absolutely love them!!!! I order them by the case (12 bags) and they last me quite awhile.
395489395489B000FW0NEQA2SCCCVJ6SSUW0romanysoup2251188604800A Gluten-Free Staple...In some ways it bothers me the way I depend on Lundberg Family Farms products for so much of my daily food...if it weren't for this company this celiac would've starved to death by now!
These chips are absolutely wonderful, fantastic, and delicious!!! They are great on the road. They are a staple of my diet, as there is not much I can safely eat with my "truckload" of food allergies. If I had a complaint, it would be that they don't make the bags in any size larger than 6oz...Frankly 6oz. doesn't go very far for the $. That's why I'm so grateful to be able to get them through Amazon. Otherwise, I'd be much more hungry more often!
395490395490B000FW0NEQA2E4ROH3UVXCEJJake1141340582400Wasabi Pretty GoodI liked these chips a lot. Reasonably priced, relatively healthy, and taste pretty good. The chips have great textrue and are quite crunchy. The wasabi flavor is good but a little bit on the mild side (not too surprising since the chip has to appeal to a lot of different palettes). The chips can sometimes be dense and crumbly so they're not always great for dipping. Overall a very unique chip that I will be getting again.

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