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395551395551B001TZU2Q2A1BZM7SNGSWANND.P.Josephson0051315526400Key to ItalyThis key ingredient in Tiramisu made my evening table rich with amazing Italian flavor of sweet and love. Try to make for your loved ones. They will be with you specifically tender that night.
395552395552B003GU0BLEA1TDBWH4OO0GIWC. Yeatts1151321228800One of the Best Tasting Protein/Energy Bars I Have FoundI just found Honey Stinger Protein bars at a local supermarket and bought the Dark Chocolate coconut almond flavor, out of curiosity. I am always trying every protein bar under the sun, hoping to find one that DOES actually taste great, without being loaded up with too much sugar and chemical additives (and soy). This bar is delicious-- and the label even claims 'gluten free'. I recommend this.
395553395553B003GU0BLEABYE4XT9OBLY6David V0111297900800Hard as a rock.I am a big fan of this product, but something is wrong with this box of bars. They are hard as a rock. The expiration date is not for a couple of months, but the bars are so hard they could send you to the dentist. This is the first honey stinger product that I have been unhappy with.
395554395554B0073G516CA33FHBVJ5PIZ4MAnnette Chickering0051342483200wonderfulThese are very crunchy and have a wonderful bbq taste. I love these chips and this flavor is great. I have purchased these in jalapeno as well.
395555395555B003XCH1W2ANQ6M9A76RNIGSal Moccio91051292976000Great Tasting StarterI received the dry starter in the mail and immediately fed it. Within a day I had a bubbling mixture. Baked with it a few days later and was impressed by the taste but it was not very strong. So I kept feeding it for a couple weeks and now it has blossomed into a wonderfully strong culture. The aroma makes me smile every time I feed it. I live in South Florida and there must be really great little critters floating around to help it grow. Thanks for the great starter but now I think my 'pet' has graduated into the big league.
395556395556B003XCH1W2ACECXVG5ZVPM6donrijo1151331769600sour dough heavenI was raised on sour dough hot cakes. This starter is a little different than what i remember but then that was 65 years ago. I got this to show my grand children what my breakfast was like. sourdough hot cakes and chokecherry syrup(what i could find they stretched the chokecherry as far as they could.
395557395557B003XCH1W2AMGOFOE7S4O1GY. Pragne0051349049600Great Product From a Great CompanyWith all of the warnings on the internet on how things can go wrong with getting started with sourdough, I anticipated I would probably screw this up pretty thoroughly. Luckily, my fears were unfounded. The instructions included were detailed and were supplemented by a large amount of information on their website. I had a question through the second day and they responded immediately with an answer (I was afraid I might have inadvertently made yogurt instead of bread, but the smell was normal) . By the third day, the starter was developing just the way it should (probably because I didn't have to worry about maintaining temperature in Florida). By the fourth day, I had bread. Keep in mind, you are dealing with living organisms, so it's not like buying a TV. It's more like buying Sea Monkeys that you can eat (just don't picture those adorable cartoon monkeys when you make a sandwich or it could impact your bread devouring experience).

Some reviewers have complained about the shipping vs. product costs, but the seller explains that this is due to Amazon's policies rather than an inflated shipping costs (it used to be $9.99 with free shipping, now it's $3,99 plus $7.00, so the price remains the same).

I really can't say enough good things about the product and seller. I have no doubt that if there's a problem with the product or the order, they'll take care of it and make it good. The customer service is really some of the best I've ever dealt with. These are good people.
395558395558B003XCH1W2AQX64TO81WB6Chris Hanawalt111931298592000Be patientUnless you are already familiar with working with sourdough and know what you are doing (which I didn't), you need to be very patient and experiment with this product. I have now been working with the starter for about a month and I am still trying to get a loaf of sourdough bread similar to an 'artisian bread' from the market. I have tried a variety of receipies; those provide and from the internet. The sourdough flavor varies greatly with the receipe. The flavor has developed and the starter become more active the longer I have worked with it. This morning I found my overnight rise spilling over into the (cool) oven where I had it rising. I had no idea how long it took to make a loaf of sourdough bread; almost 16 hour using the provided receipe. It did produce an excellent batch of sourdough pancakes, but still a long process. Keep trying!

The product says free shipping, but for some reason I paid more for shipping ($4.49) than I did for the starter ($2.99). The product arrived in a standard business envelope with about two ounces of dry starter. I used about half (as per instructions) to create my starter. The instructions are primative and poorly formatted for use in the kicthen. The ad says you get a 12 page booklet, I got 3 - 8.5 X 11 single sided pages. And the instructions do not provide an email address for the "free unlimited tech support." I found the same basic bread receipe on which is much easier to read and follow. You can also find receipies for starter on the internet. However, I am hoping that this one will produce something more like the authentic San Franciso sourdough as advertised.

So 3 Stars. It would be 4 but for the shipping cost and instructions, and perhaps 5 when I figure out what I am doing.
395559395559B003XCH1W2AOJJCLFIZ3Y0Joutlawstar1001531333584000Typical San Franciscan not Tough Enougn for East BayThis starter just doesn't work. it makes a bunch of Hooch (alcohol byproduct) and goes dormant. It can't hang in the East Bay.
395560395560B004MS0LZUA338U1PMLSO9Q0ambero0051349395200Good StuffI love this product..Fast delivery and it makes my horses coats shiny.I even use it for my dog. I also use this for my horses soreness as it contains lots of omegas in it.
395561395561B004MS0LZUA73RVOKRG4YS6Linda L Blum0051342051200Bulk flax seedI've purchased this product three times. I use 1/2 cup per horse. All of the horses readily eat it mixed in with their grain. It has put a nice bloom on their coats. I also like that this product is offered with prime shipping as I generally only buy items offered with prime shipping.
395562395562B00433GC3EA3OFLJTQKMHOI2Susan0041348876800Easy to eat version of dried mangoI absolutely love dried mango and the Philippines definitely has the worlds best mangos. The only problem I had with dried mango is that it was always too difficult for my kids to eat so when I found these bite sized treats I was really happy. They love them and can easily eat them without any help other than opening the package. My only concern is that they are coated with sugar on the outside but it does keep them from being sticky which is another plus in my eyes and I still would much rather have my kids eating these with the extra sugar added than candy so it isn't a huge deal.
395563395563B00433GC3EA1KRDCF7U84KTS1 of 470051334448000The BestThese dried mango treats make the tongue dance dance for joy. Also very good to accompany baked goods and mixed drinks - A real Party Starter!
395564395564B00433GC3EATMDVKBZYNKNDmoderatelymoderate0031322006400too much added sugarMangoes are sweet enough, they shouldn't need much added sugar. These cross the line & are just a form of candy.
395565395565B00433GC3EA1WPVK40NTCCKPtembermorn0051317686400philippine brand mango ballsi tried the philippine dried mango balls and loved them would love to get my hands on them a friend of mine brought them back from a trip he took for us and i cant get einough of them please let me know when i can get them from you cant wait till i can they are very good tast just like candy only better for you
395566395566B0006ZN4WUATU2G7MRP1XO7John Reynolds "optimal health seeker"151651256256000***compare price to honeyville website***I buy a good deal of liquid egg whites and just recently discovered the powdered form, which would save all kinds of time/money/energy. I went ahead and purchased the 2.25lb jar, but not from here. Honeyville's company website lists the exact same 2.25lb egg white can for 23.99 and 4.49 flat shipping for any order. Amazon's price as of this writing is 32.49. shopping tip: if there is only one price shown for the product, as opposed to a 'list price' with a line crossed through it and a cheaper, generic 'price' underneath, then there are likely better options available elsewhere.
395567395567B0006ZN4WUA2RI8YKYH5NLLKCharles J. North Jr. "Chuck"9951153872000Egg whites simplifiedI recently started a diet where I could only eat the egg white, not the yolk because of the fat content. I make a fruit smoothie every morning using egg whites as my protein source. The powdered egg whites have simplified my mornings and saved me alot of time in the kitchen (anyone who has spent time seperating eggs knows what I'm talking about)...not to mention not having to worry about salmonella anymore. I also saved a boatload of money compared to buying the whole eggs. This is a fantastic product and well worth the cost.
395568395568B0006ZN4WUA1BU9GLN6UEFG1Gloria121351154649600SUPER FAST SERVICE-HONEYVILLE GRAIN INC is a great company to do business withRecently on a new diet (that works) - Cannot eat whole eggs so was trying to find a large container for a good price. Honeyville grain company has this 2.25 lb can for $14.99. I paid $13.99 for 57 egg white in a 8 oz can - Figure this out - This can has 301 egg whites.

Also, Steel Cut Oats from Honeville Grain - a 70 oz can for $7.99 - You can't beat this price.

395569395569B0006ZN4WUA6ZUIKQJL95JRKaren5551176940800A protein shake that tastes goodI have been weight training and trying to eat a higher protein diet. I can no longer bear the sight of turkey, egg-white omelets or cottage cheese. I dislike artificial sweeteners (mostly due to their taste) so I don't care for any pre-made shakes I have tried. I turned to whey protein (bleck...maybe more experimentation will yield something better)and soy protein (bleck redux) but couldn't stand them.

But I like this! I wouldn't eat it plain (it's not THAT good), but the taste is easily coverable with yummy and healthy additives. This morning I made a "shake" that was 1C OJ (Tropicana Grovestand), 1/4C (appx) pure pomegranate juice, 1/4C egg whites (22g protein), 1/4C (appx) plain non-fat yogurt, and one banana. I blended these together with a few ice cubes, and yum! Even my kids love it!

It probably has a lot of naturally occuring sugar from the fruits and yogurt, but I am happy with the content and nutrients, and I can drink it happily without forcing it down!

I have tried the Honeyville dried fruits and been pretty happy with them as well (much better blueberries than for pancakes), so I will look forward to adding these for variety when I can't find good fresh fruit.
395570395570B0006ZN4WUA3IF29VV0CH70BE. Smith223011285891200This Product Contains Sodium Lauryl SulfateI purchased Honeyville Food Products' Powdered Egg Whites for many years directly from Honeyville Farms. During that time, the ingredient labels on the cans have always stated: "Ingredients: Powdered Egg Whites" and nothing else. I will say that I love this product. Even cooked in butter as scrambled eggs with just a little salt, it tastes like whole fresh eggs to me. Definitely no offensive odor or taste.

Eariler this week I was going to purchase another can when I happened to look at the ingredients listed on their Web site -- "Ingredients: Egg Whites, less than 0.1% sodium lauryl sulfate (added as a whipping aid)". This came as a great surprise to me, I thought they had started using SLS as an additive. I decided to do some research and couldn't find anything about SLS except that it is used in soaps, shampoos and toothpastes. Nowhere was there a mention of it being in food. I went so far as to question the FDA. Yesterday I wrote the following e-mail to the Director of E-Commerce of Honeyville Food Products, Inc. and received a reply today:

"I have purchased your powdered egg whites for a number of years and have been extremely happy with them. I also purchase some of your other products that do not contain additives or preservatives...

I am very unhappy to see that Sodium Lauryl Sulfate has been added (to your powdered egg whites). Although this additive is approved by the FDA, I see little use for it to be in an egg product. I realize SLS has been used for many years in soaps, shampoos and other products that are expected, by the general public, to foam. But, these are products that are used externally and then rinsed off. Even then, SLS is an irritant to some people. I also realize that the FDA requires SLS to be used in lesser amounts where foods are concerned, but when using a product daily as I do the powdered egg whites (for smoothies) I worry about the build-up over time.

The only possibility I can see why this additive is being used is because of meringue. I made meringues numerous times with your egg whites and they have always come out high and beautiful -- there was never a need for SLS".

Following is the reply I received today:

"I'm sorry to hear that we've lost you as an Egg White customer. Our Egg Whites have always had the small amount of Sodium Lauryl Sulfate as a whipping aid. When Egg Whites are pasteurized they lose the whipping characteristics that fresh egg whites have. I appreciate the feedback and will weigh it against that of the customers that need the Egg Whites to whip up. Thanks and have a great day.

Chris Ondatje
Director of E-Commerce
Honeyville Food Products, Inc.
(888) 810-3212 ext. 1001"

Well, now I know why my meringues turned out so beautiful -- because of a surfactant used in what I thought was a simple and pure product. I don't want to vilify SLS, I'm just looking for honesty in marketing so I can make a choice.

I gave this review only one star because I was not given that choice.
395571395571B0006ZN4WUA3MRLUV27JO51LBrigitte2251173657600Powdered Egg WhitesThese egg whites work great and are economical. I recently started a diet where I can only eat egg whites. It seems such a waste to throw out the yolks, not to mention the mess of separating the eggs. I use these mostly for baking and to add protein when cooking other foods. Adding the powder has saved me a lot of time preparing the diet foods. The powdered egg whites do have an "eggy" odor and have a slight aftertaste which is easily overcome by adding vanilla or other extracts when making protein shakes or other sweets.
395572395572B0006ZN4WUA3SFET7B8UEPIJmatt2251168387200Good product.I use this as an inexpensive alternative to GNC protein powders. It is completely natural and almost 100% protein. Low carb count. Highly bioavailable protein.

When mixed with only water it does have a strange aftertaste. I use powdered Nestles that only has 2 carbs or so and it has definitely improved the taste and removed any aftertaste.

Do not use a shaker bottle with this. Shaking the egg whites will cause them to foam, ( since they want to increase in volume). Use a whisk or fork.

I have used this product for baking power-type bars and it has worked flawlessly. I am confident that it would work with other dishes. However, I am not sure if I would use it for meringues. I haven't tested it, but it does seem to increase in volume rather quickly. Maybe it could be used as a last resort for fresh egg whites.
395573395573B0006ZN4WUA3L9GZSZHOHIR5TC2251154822400Works well in protein shakesI add this stuff to my protein shakes, and it doesn't ruin the taste as long as you keep the mix in proportion.
395574395574B0006ZN4WUA38M5F9ZV9USM9TruthSeeker3431272672000WARNING: Watch out for ingredients not listedI was in the process of purchasing these when I thought I'd look at the Honeyville website first. But then I noticed that on the company website that there is sodium lauryl sulfate in these eggs, which is not listed on the ingredients on Amazon. Please be aware of this since there are various concerns over the use of this ingredient in all sorts of products.

UPDATE 11/16/11: SLS is not good for you and tastes like soap. I went with Del El Egg Whites from Amazon based on another reviewer. No SLS added.
395575395575B0006ZN4WUA1488DP6R9X3QKCollier D. Dodson, III0041350172800Different, Good but very different.This was my first experience with powdered eggs. I took this stuff on a two week camping trip to make omelets, & scrambled eggs. One container will last you a really long time. I probably only used 1/4 pound of this stuff at most over the two weeks. First, I was surprised at how fast they solidified when added to heat. I'm used to having a few minutes to add stuff & season my eggs while they're cooking. No chance here. Mix in whatever you want before adding to the heat. After they're cooked, they're have a kind of rubbery texture. I couldn't get any of the women to eat them. I added sun-dried tomatoes (re-hydrated in olive oil), sharp white cheddar, and some italian blend spices to the mix, cooked it, and BAM! I thought it was pretty good. You will need a whisk to effectively mix this stuff. I also noticed when I was mixing that the stuff tended to froth a great deal so I usually waited a few minutes after mixing for the froth to settle before trying to fry it. I bet it'd be good for making meringue.
395576395576B0006ZN4WUA2OY3MCJQSRSUOMusashi&Koyama0051329955200Great productI purchased this directly from Honeyville because it was cheaper. I bought this for making drinks initially but was curious how it will perform in cooking needs. I am impressed. I use 2 T lowfat milk instead of water for making 1 egg equivalent and used it for making stir fry dishes. Wonderful! Also, used to make scrambled eggs with various vegetables such as asparagus. Again, wonderful. Made shirred eggs for ramen - tastes just like fresh eggs. What a great product to have on hand and now I don't have to waste egg yolks.
395577395577B0006ZN4WUA3R5F96MY813V0My-2-Cents0051326931200Good DealIf you do the math, gram for gram of protein, this is a good deal for a clean protein to augment your diet.

395578395578B0006ZN4WUA1LZF0JO3106L3NJfamilyman0051290211200Great productMy dog has a severe case of Lymes disease and he needs to eat 12 egg whites per day. Buying the small containers at my local super market is much more expensive. It would cost me a fortune to keep him alive so this has been a great option. You can't beat the price!
395579395579B0006ZN4WUA3TLV575RNKZMXD. Brown0041173398400Great ProductI use this product in post workout shakes with whey - tastes fine and mixes well with water
395580395580B0006ZN4WUA3T9WBPZDAZJGJEric Furrer0151309737600Nutrient Content?Can some kind soul who has the can in their possession please type out the info on the Nutrient Label with kindly attention to:

Serving size
Number of servings per container

Fat: Total
Fat: Saturated

Amazon should require and pre-approve only postings with scanned nutrient labels for all products that the FDA requires such labels for.

Thank you much,
Eric Furrer

BTW: I could only post this "request review" if I gave it a star rating. To be "fair", I gave it 5-stars but I have not tried the product yet. The seller's Amazon posting itself, for not including Nutrient info, deserves less than 5-stars in my opinion.

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