Amazon Fine Food Reviews

395613395613B002N7DSP2A2IFYWQ4RC21NEL. Shively0051343001600Excellent Cookie, Very AddictingBefore becoming a Celiac and switching to a gluten free diet, I used to love Trader Joe's Vanilla Joe Joe's. I found these on sale at the Grocery Outlet the other day and decided to give these a try. These were so much better than the Trader Joe's Vanilla Joe Joe's and significantly better than Vanilla Oreo's. Even my gluten eating friends said they were addicting. They are great dipped in hot chocolate, milk or tea but are even better on their own. Will definitely buy again.
395614395614B002N7DSP2A1F1YNKHTWJZ5five5ofhearts0011340236800tastes like licorice :(I bought these locally. The price was high and I don't like the licorice taste! I couldn't even finish the box... I prefer the Schar brand vanilla wafers.
395615395615B002N7DSP2A140H5ED8J4CGXMarkitoman "marquitoman"0051338595200Great Cookies -- PeriodI've purchased most of the gluten free cookies available on Amazon and in local stores. These are best of the bunch. If you like wafer cookies -- they're good whether you can eat gluten or not (I grew up eating cookies with wheat and these compete with any "normal" wafer cookie (I wouldn't go as far as I would with Blue Diamond's Nut-Thin crackers, which I would say are better than regular crackers -- but they are at least as good as most cookies -- if you serve them to friends they won't wince (or even know they are eating gluten free) when they bite into them). The other Glutino flavors aren't bad either but the chocolate is the best -- I find chocolate tends to help mask the glutin free flour taste in most cookies.

I would recommend some caution in shipping them during the summer as you are more likely to recieve a cookie block rather than individual wafers (although the cookie block was pretty tasty too). Also, an added bonus for anyone shipping to APO or DPO, they will ship to these addresses(again a caution about the heat, especially if you are shipping to Afghanistan during the summer).
395616395616B002N7DSP2AY0J333WSGCVDMom of 3 sons0051336176000Might just be better than Oreos!Love these cookies! I finally found one that tastes just as good as Oreos. I think I can handle being on this gluten-free diet now as long as there are decent tasting cookies like these around! I don't feel nearly so deprived. Just made my day!
395617395617B002N7DSP2A1Q90P5UPQD851Samara0051333670400So delicious it's ridiculous!We have been on Gluten Free for a few months now, and when you first start, many things are hit or miss. I don't usually like vanilla "Oreo" type cookies anyway, and worried that my boys (6 and 4 years old) would never go for them... BUT- they are so sweet, flakey, and delicious that our whole family (my husband included) couldn't get enough of them.
395618395618B002N7DSP2A1UYA4XAVKZ3T7Jasmine0041330560000Too much sugarCrispy, light, but overloaded with sugar.Sweeter then any GF product I have tried!!! The price is one the high side, but Amazon has a good deal.
395619395619B002N7DSP2A1WCDUDXCTL9BVC. Kow "C.Kow."0051328832000Cannot stop eating...CHOCOLATE. When going GF 10 years ago, I was bummed cause there was suck a lack of store bought goodies. I once had an addiction to Keebler Fudge Shop, Fudge Sticks. I was hesitant at first to but these cause of the price, but they are worth it if you have the craving. I like them frozen/refrigerated the best. I gave them to a GF co-worker and she really liked them too. The only problem I have is once I open one box, I have trouble not finishing the whole thing. oops. I've also tried the vanilla ones, but they are not that good. Buy these!!!
395620395620B002N7DSP2A31EN7I9OB5L6OT. Swanby "Zach's Mom"0051328486400Vanilla Creme CookiesThese vanilla creme cookies taste great! Some gluten free items lack taste and texture, but you'd never know these cookies are gluten free and they are a favorite of ours.
395611395611B002N7DSP2A53A7RGE3E0KMS. Schmidt "TotalHavoc"0051345334400Delicious!My daughter has a wheat/gluten allergy so we have purchased a large number of gluten free cookies for her, trying to find something to serve as a substitute to real cookies. Of all the brands and types of cookies, these are her favorite. I have tried one as well and as far as prepackaged, store bought cookies are concerned, these are great. The cookie is made up of alternating layers of waffers and chocolate creme and the whole cookie has been dipped in chocolate. If you like chocolate I think you are going to love these cookies.
395621395621B002N7DSP2A3GYMKUCM4XP6VM. M. Lufkin0051323993600Best gluten-free vanilla cream filled cookie ever!I have been on a gluten-free diet for nearly ten years,and these Glutino Vanilla Creme Dream Cookies are by far the best I have ever tasted! Try them for yourself and if you like vanilla filled cookies,you won't be disappointed.
395612395612B002N7DSP2A3JXTYGT7CAM43SJ_Andy "sj_andy"0041343433600To make good even better - keep them in the freezer!These are very good, but in the very warm weather the filling can go soft.
So I keep mine in the freezer. Try and keep them sealed to avoid moisture -
all I do is fold the silver packet over - and they are really good. There
is not enough to them to taste cold - but they are crisper. I only keep
the packet I have open in the freezer. See what you think.
395622395622B002N7DSP2A3PWC5B2FGUKEMLynn "Lynn"0051322784000YUMMY!Ok I am a chocolate snob. If things have chocolate in them they have to taste really good. and these do. I bought a box and the local grocer today, there are about 16 wafers in a box and now there are just 2 left.
395623395623B002N7DSP2AWMZ9VHF1Q9PIK.D. "Practical Mom"0051321315200Fantastic, but extremely richI'm surprised! These are awesome! They are just like the organic ones I used to buy for my kids before we stopped eating gluten. They're crunch and tasty. They are quite sweet though. Not something you could eat a lot of in one sitting. I'm done at 2. Maybe that's a good thing though. :)
395624395624B002N7DSP2A2JMKYNXTG6MVNLoves to Read "cold country"0051310947200WOW!!!I love these! They have the same flavor as Oreos, with a very similar texture. As with most gluten-free things, they are a tad grainy, but this is easily overlooked!!! Definitely something to keep on hand (and in hand).
395625395625B002N7DSP2A3T473STZ1GCA9COYS!!0051310256000Awesome!These wafer have a very bright lemony filling and dont taste like they are gluten free cookies. I have to keep them away from my kids!
395626395626B002N7DSP2A21NE0WKI1OBUBdman7910051304640000quite goodThere are very few "good" gluten free cookies out there. These are quite good, nice and chocolaty, but not too sweet.
Ps. don't forget the milk...
395627395627B002N7DSP2A2C8K0SIW8ZKMZN. V. Pratico "Delaware Beaches"0051301529600Nice crunch and great taste.These dark chocolate covered wafers are wonderful. I don't even realize they are gluten free. With a rich dark chocolate covering and good tasting crunchy wafers they are the same as regular wheat wafers but without the problems for my condition.
395628395628B002N7DSP2A140VEM0NRBU9shelly0051295481600As good as regular!These wafers are delicious. My daughter has celiac so I buy them for her, but I love them too!
395629395629B002N7DSP2A1QPNVOCHATUJJAmazonian Maven0051295136000the bestBest cookie ever - if there are Glutino Lemon Wafers on my kitchen shelf, I can sleep well at night... best dessert .... fabulous fix for the sweet tooth. Top notch cookie that deserves top praise.
395630395630B002N7DSP2A1OZ99L533C733L. Glenn0051292025600These cookies are to die for.Since going gluten free, what I have missed the most is a good cookie. The gluten free breads and cookies on the market are not very good. When I found these, I thought I had died and gone to heaven. Can't live without them.
395631395631B002N7DSP2A2J6V7BT2GQ5CWWildflower0041290729600Good taste---butThese are good, rich cookies, but I would not buy them from amazon again because they were so poorly packed that half of them were falling apart or already crumbs. I'll go back to buying them locally.
395632395632B002N7DSP2A376Q8PHJN4W0ALiza Sauls "thingamajig"0051289606400Addictive Gluten-Free Wafers!I keep these on auto-ship and hope I don't run out! But once a box gets opened here...they disappear at once. Crisp, light, so flavorful....and gluten-free! Whole family is hooked on the entire brand..but this flavor cookie is the MUST have. Especially refreshing refrigerated on a hot summer day.
395633395633B002N7DSP2A1OYV5EQ7W6FB0L. Sweda0051288051200Glutino Lemon WafersThese are delicious and such a treat if you are on a gluten-free diet. I could eat the entire box at one sitting!
395634395634B002N7DSP2A1NECUZI01IU79Amazon shopper0031285545600Gluten Free CookiesThe cookies are okay in taste. They are a little too sweet for me. They also came completely crushed which didn"t help the texture.
395635395635B002N7DSP2A1H68PDH2D0AJ6Aricia LaFrance ""0021284422400Styrofoamy with too sweet icingI've been gluten free for about 10 years now and love my cookies! I generally order Schar products and love their vanilla sandwich creams which really are as good as or better than gluten cookies. With Glutino I feel it's hit and miss. Their crackers are generally delicious and I love their pretzels but these cookies tasted like styrofoam and the icing was super sweet. Not my favorite product from Glutino. If you didn't care for these, you might try the Schar vanilla cremes. They're amazing!
395636395636B002N7DSP2A1HWZT08BJS1ZG*mulberry*0051282089600Very close to Nabisco Sugar Wafers tasteThe wafer part tastes very close to Nabisco sugar wafers but it's so much lighter. The light, crispy wafer combined with the strawberry flavor is not too sweet, like most GF products are, it's just right. We love them.
395637395637B002N7DSP2AUUMVZSHXVAK6Kate0051281398400PERFECT wafter cookieDELICIOUS. In summer heat they get soggy rather quickly, but freshly opened they are amazing.
395638395638B002N7DSP2AR5YCBPFBPMHEceliac mom0051281052800taste great!these little cookies taste fantastic! not too sweet, just right....chocolate melts easily, so we will be ordering these in the cooler months only
395639395639B002N7DSP2APSKBC33X00WUthe Rez Chick0051277510400Sweet and refreshingI love these! After discovering a familial gluten intolerance, premade items that are gluten free have been difficult to obtain. Therefore, I now order these by the case each month. Light, refreshing, sweet and no grainy aftertaste. Yahoo! I don't have to break my dient now and I might not starve to death! I am so weary of lettuce....
395640395640B002N7DSP2A2E27PODYFZBGCDonna0051275177600gluten free lemona great gluten free product wityh a real taste of lemon. This is not a washed out flavor but a excellent mix of sweet and tart in a light crunchy wafer cookie.

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