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395641395641B002N7DSP2AB345NP127ZU6D. Palmer "Princess Di"0041273708800yummI got these not expecting much but they were realy good. For gluten free they were great. I am so glad i found these. There great for when your craving something sweet.
395642395642B002N7DSP2A26H8J3JW9M4PDMarc S. Gibian "Enjoying the outdoor world"0051268870400gluten-free and corn-free cookies that truly satisfyThese are cookies that give a satisfying crunch, taste great, yet still are both gluten-free and corn-free. Finally, something to satisfy my sweet tooth while also providing some of the hard to find gluten-free crunch.
395643395643B002N7DSP2A1L01D2BD3RKVOB. Miller "pet person"0051268179200Crunchy & Good Gluten-Free Sandwich Cookies!Having tried a couple of other brands of gluten-free sandwich cookies, these are the best of the bunch. They're crunchy and true to the texture of the other "real" cookies that aren't gluten-free. Some might think that the filling makes them a bit too sweet, but for me that just means I've satisfied my sweet tooth sooner! The chocolate version from Glutino is just as good and has a true "chocolatey" taste - something that isn't there with the other gluten-free brands out there.
395644395644B002N7DSP2A1TGWEWHV83ZFNKathy Herrin0051267920000Gluten Free WafersThese chocolate wafers are delicious. It's hard to find gluten free products that taste great, but these hit the mark. They are a staple in my pantry.
395645395645B002N7DSP2A29DICJ0976FY1Andi7770041267228800Very TastyThis product is very tasty but if you are also lactose intolerant, better forgo the pleasure. Milk is not listed on the allergy advisory (May contain traces of...) but the ingredients section lists whole milk powder as a component of the chocolate coating. Otherwise, it's a great product.
395646395646B002N7DSP2A25ACZJMIW4DQEsunflwrva0051264982400deliciousThese wafers melt in your month! I buy by the carton. we all love them. Highly recommended.
395647395647B002N7DSP2AXDGA4I367NXRCarol Matt0051262822400Wow! Just like the real stuff!These are absolutely wonderful, great tasting cookies. People who are not celiacs can't tell the difference. You'll like them, too!
395648395648B002N7DSP2A2BPFPVOWCTKDJJo Ana Starr "Mind-Body-Spirit"0051258502400Beyond Yummy !It's really hard to believe that these cookies are gluten-free. They are like those really yummy cream-filled vanilla wafer cookies from childhood, only these have a heavy chocolate coating. Extremely good and if you're gluten sensitive, they are oh so good for you ! Indulge yourself.
395649395649B002N7DSP2A1QVI5U85UG8C7Constant Reader0051252713600Yummy!It isn't easy to find really delicious cookies that are gluten-free, dairy-free, nut-free, and don't contain chocolate. These lemon wafers are all that -- truly yummy.
395650395650B002N7DSP2AJFWYCGWY36LBGF/CF Mom of 30051248825600Excellent- but do yourself a favor and try them from the fridge!I loved these cookies when I first tried them, but found that in the humidity they will get soggy and gross if left open for too long. Easily fixed with a Ziploc, but one time I tossed them in the fridge to keep them extra fresh. That was when I fell IN love with these cookies. When cold the creamy layers really hold up against the crunchy wafer and make a wonderful combination. They are truly addicting. Also, because we keep our entire house allergen free for my boys, these cookies are some that I can confidently serve when entertaining gluten-eating friends. They often ask where they can get their own!
395651395651B002N7DSP2A3M6BWKWGZV72GH. Miller0051246752000Worth every penny!I recently had to go gluten free. I have disliked so many products, because I can't get used to the tastes of some of the flours. I would NEVER had guessed these were gluten free. They are delicious! I really have to use self control so that I don't eat them all in one day. If only I could find a gluten free bread that tastes good.
395652395652B002N7DSP2AGPG7IOVROB6CWanda0051246406400Delicious!!!The cookies are the best GF packaged cookies. The only complaint I have about them is they seem to disappear!
395653395653B002N7DSP2AZXYMD0WNZVLEChrissy B0051243209600ExcellentThese are excellent. Expensive, but so good. You'd never know they were gluten-free. I don't know what the person was talking about them smelling like potatoes. They really do taste like a Kit Kat. So good!
395654395654B002N7DSP2A5CG559ETQAWNH. Davis0051239667200My favorite gluten-free cookiesThese are my favorite gluten-free cookies, and I have tried a lot of brands. What more can I say?!
395655395655B002N7DSP2A2XL6TZM34HFV3Review Man "Review Man"0051239235200My son's favoritesI have a three-year-old celiac who knows more about GF cookies than most adults, and these are his favorite cookies. I like them too. They really taste just like regular wafer cookies. Totally worth the cost.
395656395656B002N7DSP2AXFCU5A69HZY8R. Sliva0051229212800Amazing!With 3 Celiacs in the family, the entire house is gluten free. Friends and family can't believe when I tell them that these cookies are gluten free. Another note, the cookies are packaged well, so they arrive INTACT, not in pieces, like other cookies out there.
395657395657B002N7DSP2A3PF64KXBV0BEZA. Atkinson1221205452800Not a favoriteWell, my kid who isn't gluten free likes them, and my kid who is won't touch them. I cook and bake most of what we eat, so desserts are very homemade and natural in their flavor. These are really, really artificial-lemon flavored....they remind me of my dish soap every time I try one. I really don't like the flavor, but the texture is nice. I'm a little dizzied that I have so many boxes of something I don't care for... it was worth a try, though.
395658395658B002N7DSP2A2QJRKG5JCI0AQcat'smom0141319155200COOKIES!!!!!!!!!My hubby and daughter LOVE these cookies. They are kinda spendy though. I did not enjoy them as much as I like gluten containing cookies!!!!
395659395659B002N7DSP2AH61DL9L27B4CEmese Johansen0111288310400Sweet and MushyMy son is 6 and he has celiac. He loves sweets, however when he took a bite of this wafers he was done with it. He said that it just was not good. I tasted it and had to agree with him. The only thing I could taste was the extreme sweetness and the fat sticking to the roof of my mouth.
395660395660B002N7DSP2A175N19FS2B4JLisa M. Mims0151227916800Very good. Also, they smell like potatoes.I really shouldn't complain: the world would be a sadder place without these. They are like gluten-free Kitkats, which is wonderful.

However, they also smell like potatoes. The chocolate covers the potato taste and smell, for the most part, but, it's still a little bit like eating chocolate-covered crispy potatoes.

However, as you are probably aware, there are variations in what people can taste and smell. Personally, I can tell what vodka was made from--potatoes, wheat, whatever--even though it's so finely distilled that there shouldn't be any way to distinguish that. If you're not super-sensitive to tastes and smells, you probably won't notice the potato at all, in which case, these would be fabulous.
395661395661B002N7DSP2A175N19FS2B4JLisa M. Mims0141227916800It's good junk food. They also smell like potatoes.First, let me say that I love this company. They have somehow managed, with very difficult flours, to make normal junk food. (These kinds of cookies are sold in American supermarkets in packages that are three times the size.)

The packaging is pretty; the cookies are crispy, light, and very appealing in your hand. They are an exact duplicate of the wheat version. However, once you get them up to your nose, you can smell the potato flour they are made from.

Pull them away from your nose, and you have a very pretty cookie. Bring them back in to your nose, and it's a surreally icky potatoey experience. Cookies like this shouldn't smell like potato vodka.

They do have a chocolate-covered version of this that you can't really smell, because the flour is covered. It's such a sugar rush that you may not care what it tastes like, particularly because it has an excellent chocolate-sugar-bomb wafer cookie texture.

Just hold your nose.
395662395662B002N7DSP2A196KG3Y9BQBHTKimberlee2511280620800Beware of GlutinoMy son and I who are both Celiacs loved Glutino wafers in both chocolate and dark chocolate varieties. We were on our 3rd box when I opened one of the bars and went to bite into it. It was the equivalent to biting into some sort of spongy rock. I immediately spit out what chocolate had fallen into my mouth while biting it. The bar itself seemed extremely stale to me. I went ahead and opened the remaining 3 bars in the box and the rest were normal. I also noted on the package that the product is made in Israel then processed in Canada, then sent to USA to be bought. It seems to me like one of the bars I had floated around a facility for quite some time before it was actually packaged and sent. Or worse who knows. I'm glad it was me and not my 3 year old son who bit into it.

I tried contacting Glutino about what happened. I tried calling several times as well as sent messages via the internet. But no response. It went from being suspicious to down right scary, what are they hiding and if this is how they treat their costumers- how do they treat their food?

Please be forewarned. Going gluten free isn't easy and Glutino is a big brand on the celiac's grocery list but since our incident we avoid Glutino at all costs.
395663395663B0037Z16QMA2V123F7QSGDFHMJ0051349308800WHYWould anyone spend
Price: $57.48 for one box when you can get it better at a diff spot? this price is crazy
395664395664B003UY9G6WA3NEAETOSXDBOMStephen M. Charme1151307145600Excellent drink for running in warm weatherThe negative review addresses only the price on Amazon (which I do agree is too high), rather than the quality of this product, which is excellent.

I am a serious runner (1200 miles per year). Running in warm weather puts extra demands on runners, including the need to replenish electrolytes and hydrate more frequently. Gatorade G2 is an excellent way to do this. Unlike regular Gatorade, which is filled with sugar, a 20oz bottle of G2 has only 12g of sugar, which is more than sweet enough for me. It also has enough electrolytes to supplement the electrolyte tablets by Hammer Nutrition (which I have reviewed on Amazon) that I take before I head out in warmer weather.

At the beginning of my run I pour a 20 oz.chilled bottle of G2 into my Smart Source stainless steel water bottle (which I have reviewed on Amazon), and then place that in a Nathan Quickdraw (which I have reviewed on Amazon) to carry the bottle. A 20 oz bottle usually lasts me about an hour in really hot weather, after which I buy another 20 oz bottle at a convenience store on my route for my second hour of running.

Drinking G2 is far superior to drinking plain water to hydrate because besides electrolytes, you get carbohydrates and potassium.

I have tried different flavors and the Lime is one of my favorites. I buy a pack of 8 at my local supermarket on sale for six dollars.
395665395665B003UY9G6WA1SJMAF4M4WCHBSuperbier2321285372800Overpriced.As far as the drink is concerned, it's 5 stars. I think it's the best sports drink on the market. My review is strictly concerning the price. You can buy the same exact thing (24 pack of 20 oz. bottles) at Sam's Club for $14.88 ($14.23 less/49% cheaper). The only difference is that it is a variety pack that includes 8 Lemon Lime, 8 Fruit Punch and 8 Grape. I think Lemon Lime is the best flavor but I'm not sure it's worth paying twice as much for it. Amazon should cut their price significantly and be more competitive.
395666395666B003UY9G6WA1X1CEGHTHMBL1jjceo0051338768000Excellent drink for athletes or people who work outside in the heat!I have a big yard and like doing the outdoor work myself. It can get very hot and the work is hard. This is a great way to replenish the lost water and sodium from sweating while working in the yard or exercising.

Each 32 ounce bottle contains 4 servings of 8 ounces each. That is 5 grams of sugar at a total of 20 calories per serving. It is a great way to stay rehydrated and keep you going strong. It recharges your energy without going overboard on the sugar.

There are several flavors available and this is one of my favorites. It helps me recover faster than drinking just water or drinking a carbonated beverage.

This is a good product and you will like it. I do think the price of this product on Amazon is very high and the shipping charges are almost as high as the product price. My 5 star rating is for the product itself.
395667395667B004K69JNOA2Y11L7BCS1DVQArkitekT2251301961600Best Coconut Oil Out ThereI believe that this is the best coconut oil ever made. How it's made sets it apart from all of the others. No smell of burning from the heat of making it, no bad smell at all. Just simply pure raw coconut oil at it's finest.
395668395668B004K69JNOA2E8BKGNXA9GPKIm Scarlet1151337558400THE BEST!This is the best coconut oil ever made. I don't know why the Whole Foods in my area (3 of them) no longer carry it. It runs circles around the most expensive ones on their shelves. Folks, this is the real deal.
395669395669B004K69JNOA1L0XB16Z5PTYECA_Neener0051334707200Pure and delicious!This coconut oil is my favorite brand, by far. It tastes incredibly pure and has a light coconut flavor which makes everything I cook taste delicious. I've tried a few different brands and haven't been nearly as satisfied as I have with Jungle. I keep it stoveside and use it for everything from scrambled eggs to stir-fry. My only complaint is that I have to plan ahead when I order since it seems every time I am about to run out, Amazon is out of stock. If you see it, get it! Maybe I should start ordering 2 at a time.
395670395670B004K69JNOA3UH69Q405X29VJJ0051326326400Best Coconut oil everQuite simply the best coconut oil out there. We have tried every other coconut oil in the market and haven't found anything that comes close. This oil is difficult to find at times and costs a premium, but its worth the hassle. Goes great with popcorn too!

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