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395701395701B0009WMEL2A31G62P53AZAHOJessica Wilms1241206489600++I bought this item for my mother on her b-day. We had prickly pear margaritas and I hope she will have good summer days drinking her prickly pear margaritas.
395702395702B0009WMEL2AVF7AQAJZIAN1Craig Weems3651276732800What AZ restaurants and bars use...I don't doubt that Cheri's syrup is great and leave that issue as it is. If however you have visited Arizona and have had a Prickly Pear Margarita in a bar or restaurant they most likely got their syrup from another source; the Cactus Candy Company, located in Phoenix. I got my information from the bar tender at the Phoenician who showed me the Cactus Candy gallon jug of syrup. They sell it in gallon containers which you need if you entertain guests and continue to offer them Prickly Pear Margaritas. Amongst my friends Prickly Pear Margaritas have just about eliminated the need to make any of the other flavors. If you don't have a margarita machine I can help you make better than machine made drinks.

For ease of storing and delivering I use the bucket approach. This allows you to make the mix, freeze it and keep it on hand until guests come. As frozen the mix is not appetizing. There is considerable separation of the contents but it doesn't matter as all of the ingredients are together and at the right temperature. The only thing needed is to thoroughly mix the contents. For this you will need a commercial blender which means VitaMix or Blendtec (go checkout bars and do research if you must). I have both and prefer the Blendtec. These machines are loud and powerful and will quickly mix a pitcher of margaritas (do not overmix as it melts the mixture). With respect to ingredients I have done the "made from scratch" method which I still prefer for margaritas on the rocks but for frozen drinks I think it is overkill. When your taste buds are well chilled and you're on the verge of a "brain freeze" the difference between great ingredients and good ingredients is nil. In the beginning I bought the "On the Border" bucket mixes at Sam's/Costco until I started looking at the costs. The buckets are expensive but they are reusable. I still use the same buckets but I now buy Costco Margarita Mix to use in them. The small buckets hold 80 ounces of drink, 64 of mix and 16 of liquor. To aid in measuring I have a large 32 ounce measuring cup and add the smallest amounts first. For the non-alcoholic components use 8 ounces of prickly pear syrup with the remainder (56 oz.) being margarita mix and all poured into the bucket. The Cactus Candy syrup is thick and very sweet so try following directions first before you experiment. When in a hurry or serving those that aren't aren't truly your "closest friends" just add 16 ounces of tequila. While I wouldn't use the cheapest booze there is no reason to exceed the José Cuervo Especial level for frozen drinks. At this point you will have satisfying drinks that everyone will rave about.

For a little more effort you can improve the mix, but let's review the objectives. First you have to maintain the desired mix/alcohol ratio: not enough booze results in a bucket of ice, too much booze and your bucket will have nothing but liquid. Your goal is to have a drink mixture that will freeze to the extent that ice forms but will never freeze solid. I wanted to use some liquors to improve the taste but had to maintain the "magic ratio" and too this end I use the following:

2 oz of Grand Marnier
2 oz of Licor 43 (Cuarenta y Tres)
4 oz of Everclear
8 oz of tequila

The Grand Marnier adds a fruitier note and the Licor 43, a Spanish liquor is used because it seems to heighten the taste of everything. The Everclear keeps the alcohol in balance while the tequila completes its namesake. I can taste the difference between the two but you or your friends may not. The Licor 43 isn't cheap (about $40) so the experiment is for rich or the bold. I generally keep 4 buckets of prickly pear mix in the freezer should a party breakout without notice. Should the mix start to melt such that it can't be served return it to freezer and there should be little that is wasted. Between the cold and the alcohol it should be safe to drink a long time. I wouldn't know as my inventory turns over pretty rapidly with the help of guests.

Lastly, keep a big pitcher handy during the blending. The blender cannot mix the whole bucket in one go so do half, pour it in the pitcher then do the other half and finally pour both back into the bucket. At this point the bucket contents will be well mixed so you can refill the pitcher, put the bucket back in the freezer and start serving guests. If you are outside and it is humid there should be some frost around the drinking straws. This indicates that the contents are well below freezing and the mix/alcohol ratio is in the right neighborhood. I prefer the smaller (64 oz.) buckets as they are easier to store in my side by side refrigerator and the big buckets make a mess as you are trying to get all of the mixture blended using 2 pitchers. if you use the 96 oz. buckets scale (multiply everything by 1.5) appropriately.

Excessive consumption may occur so be prepared for overnight guests but may have benefits: some discover singing and dancing talents long hidden, women may wake up next to a guy with a hairy back that they didn't like anyway and men may develop a new approach for that pretty girl that had previously threatened to call the police. Enjoy
395703395703B001SB3Q6KA3AVJCB1ZD6ZY5R. Kyle0151236297600A bar that bites back!Xocolatl is a blend of 74% cacao, nibs and chillies that tastes like no chocolate I've ever had before. It's got a South of the Border flavor that cannot be beaten, but is not for the faint of heart. This bar bites back!

Rebecca Kyle, March 2009
395704395704B0093NIK1GAYJFP2AJ5Y64LSal G.0051336003200Jelly Belly's are the BestNeeded some bulk quantity jelly beans to fill small jars for baby shower favors. Buying them this way saved a lot of money over buying them by the pound at the local candy store. As stated in another review, the jelly beans just come in an unlined cardboard box. This seemed a bit odd, but there were 2 sheets of wax paper, I guess to prevent dust, etc from getting into the box through the top and bottom. Not much else to say, they're Jelly Belly's at about half the cost of the local guy!
395705395705B0093NIK1GA3L6IRWO47Y62ASaBOE.SI1221339804800I wouldn't buy this product again!My review on this is not based on actually trying the product and this is because the bag it came in looks like a regular goody bag which they just attached their packing labels on, which usually wouldn't bother me, but it was sealed with red tape! I just like my products to be sealed more professionally! =/
395706395706B000MS8Y76A1E2LTN0349JW4Loubaby "The Noble One"1141264809600Excellent product, arrived in great condition & fast shippingExcellent product, arrived in great condition & fast shipping. Made for some great Christmas pizzelles.
395707395707B000MS8Y76A22JVNZ2W2OTUYJest me sam0051300233600LorAnn OilsExcellent product, arrived in great condition & fast shipping. No problems. Will order from them again, thanks for a great product.
395708395708B002CJ9EYKA2OMPM130V5F6Scott NeJame1151294704000Tomatoes - San MarzanoI was supposed to receive San Marzano brand tomatoes, clearly shown on the cans that was in the advertisement, but the cans didn't specify San Marzano. I contacted and it made good on my order. They sent me a whole new set of cans of the tomatoes (although the new cans did not say San Marzano on them again) at no cost to me.
395709395709B002CJ9EYKAJKQQMWXY7IVASarah A Thomas "Sarah T"0021343174400Missing ingredient!I purchased these tomatoes. Yes, they came dented despite the bubble wrap covered box. But, that didn't bug me. What irritated me is that when I opened the can and poured the contents into my saucepan there was a big leaf in it. Looking at the ingredient list on the can, sure enough there is basil in it! Amazon doesn't list it on their ingredient list and other than the tiny print list on the can there is no indication that this is crushed tomatoes with BASIL. I am really disappointed because I would certainly not have bought this product had I known.
395710395710B002CJ9EYKA1IJ1ZPT0CCEKACarolyn P0051318291200Excellent choiceI ordered this and all the cans came with bad dents. I called ,they sent new ones right away , only one was dented with the new shipment. The product is exceptional , but dented cans are not good. The packaging could be better.
CP in Big Bear Lake
395711395711B004DHHVCGAHKY9E0329VUKStylist1151299283200K-cupsExcellent product -- Grandchildren love it and have fun "making" their own. Filled glass mugs with hot chocolate and floated pink heart-shaped marshmallows on top for Valentine's day. Squirt of whipped topping.... Yummo!
395712395712B007KIX0FCAPA7YUQKKP15HCHARLES D. MCCARTHY "kwychang"0011341705600chew stripif these strips were the "chubby chews" i would hate to the see the regular ones. not much substance in these tissue like strips. do not waste your time or money on this product.
395713395713B004V3INKQA2JLJBI4F29YSTS. Scheer "Shelbystar"9951313884800Great dessert coffee or just for everyday!Like most Keurig owners, we have had so much fun trying various flavors. We stumbled across this one at a Target and bought it immediately. When we got home, I couldnt get the k-cup in the machine fast enough. The minute the seal is broken, you can smell the raspberry. As it brews, the aroma that fills your house is divine...just like chocolate and raspberry. I do enjoy the Van Haute Vanilla but I feel it is a weak cup of coffee and I don't think the vanilla flavor is very strong. The Raspberry Chocolate Truffle is the opposite...the flavor tastes as rich as it smells. And man, it is amazing and smooth, not too overpowering.

I think this would be the perfect after-dinner coffee or a dessert coffee served with biscotti or some other coffee cookie. It isn't too sweet though and makes a great cup of coffee for anytime of the day as well.

I love this coffee so much wrote this review. Other coffees I like (but am not writing a review for) are: Island Coconut, Timothy's Decaf, Sweet Tea (iced), Dunkin' Donuts (any of them), Chocolate Glazed Donut and Sleepytime Tea.
395714395714B004V3INKQAMMWXVR95HRTKKathryn Y. White4451326240000Delicious!When my mother-in-law brought this home, I didn't get too excited. The sound of raspberry in coffee just didn't sound that appealing. Boy was I wrong! This is like a decadent dessert in a cup -- wonderful for a diabetic. :) Excellent coffee. I use it as a reward in the evening -- it's a lovely treat.

That said, this is a mild coffee. It isn't the right choice for those who like bold dark roasts.
395715395715B004V3INKQA330O1HS5FKFZ1Delores B2251333065600My favorite Keurig K-cup!!!This is my favorite flavor for my Keurig - smooth and delicious!! You can really taste the chocolate and the raspberry flavors and they compliment each other nicely. We use Sweet Cream in it and it is sooooo delightful!
395716395716B004V3INKQA2R0MNNSJNBD4NBobbie T0051350691200Not your average flavored coffee!I am not a fan of flavored coffees but "raspberry chocolate truffle"? Oh yeah! It is very good and a little decadent. I don't normally add anything to coffee but for this one I added just a touch of sugar to enhance the chocolate flavor. Good to the last drop!
395717395717B004V3INKQANF7RCFKKEBP6Miss Priss0051350432000Amazon Van Houtte Raspberry Truffle Keurig K CupsAbsolutely amazing tasting!!!!! I was quite surprised that it would be this incredibly delicious!!!!!!! I certainly would recommend this to a friend
395718395718B004V3INKQA17THRYTK621ESthawyzard0051349740800Very goodThis has a good sweet taste. It seems a little weak but I use the largest volume setting. I am very happy with the quality of the coffee.
395719395719B004V3INKQAAH884S94WIUVpamc0041346889600Great drinkAlthough I can smell the raspberry chocolate flavor more than I can taste it, I really like this coffee. It's a nice sub for hot chocolate without the extra calories. I've used it with Coffeemates Sugar-free Chocolate flavored creamer and it adds a nice layer to the flavor.
395720395720B004V3INKQA2AD3WNP9WXTUFjmj14920041345420800Great for those who love flavored coffee!I don't like all the flavored creamers....they leave a funny slime in your mouth.

But I love flavored coffee. This is NOT to strong and flavored just right!
395721395721B004V3INKQAVKTY1LWUBAV0Sandra Lundblad0051345248000Raspberry Truffle K-CupsMMMM GOOD! This is great coffee. It makes a great dessert alternative. The flavor is just perfect for an evening drink.
395722395722B004V3INKQA1TFORXZCO9EROWayne Wilkinson0051343347200DelightfulA sunday morning delight! Not a big fan of flavored coffee but this as a real treat. Purchased Gevalia in the past,but had a bit of an acidic aftertaste.Van Houtte excellent with or without cream.
395723395723B004V3INKQA2TK4AVDUMPWEIcoffeelover0051343088000DeliciousI just got this coffee in the mail today. I had been waiting for it for about a week, and when it finally came I immediately made a cup with my Keurig. I like this coffee because the flavor is distinct and strong. You can taste the raspberry and a hint of chocolate. It really does taste like a raspberry truffle. You should probably know that I drink my coffee black. I don't know how strong the flavor would be with cream and sugar. It would probably be delicious though; I'll try that next.
395724395724B004V3INKQA1Z8PJHMP4W9JJrnjimerson0041341360000Raspberry Truffle K-cupThis had a good taste and was smooth to drink, I will purchase this again in the future arrived on time
395725395725B004V3INKQA2XNOB1T796Y6BChibiNeko "Sooo many books, so little time!"0041338768000Rather pleased with this flavorI picked up a trial pack of this at my local BB&B, and I'm pleased for the most part with this drink.

The raspberry flavor is the most pronounced one, although you can taste the chocolate in the background. I went into this expecting raspberry to be the stronger of the two tastes (chocolate always seems to be a less pronounced flavor unless you add it in syrup format), so this didn't really surprise me. There is a tiny bit of what I can only describe as a "flavor additive aftertaste". It's not unpleasant, you can just tell that the raspberry is a chemical additive. (I don't mean this in a bad way.)

Overall this is rather tasty and it went over well at home. I was a little hesitant about Van Houtte after tasting their caramel apple flavor, but this really was a nice drink. I'll more than likely end up purchasing it again.
395726395726B004V3INKQA3ULVDOD393UB2S. Scher "Gadget Man"0051335225600Best coffeeMy wife loves this coffee. It is her favorite flavored coffee. It starts her day with a smile and I love that.
395727395727B004V3INKQA2CLSLAA3GLIH2GallyGirl120051334966400Delicious!These k-cups are easy to use and the flavor is amazing. I can usually get two large cups of coffee from one k-cup. These are by far my favorite flavor.
395728395728B004V3INKQA55QFZRZZ723KSandra K. La Duc "SNDK426"0051333670400MMMMMM Raspberry....MMMMM...Chocolate....Wonderful the flavor....can't go wrong with this purchase especially if you are a raspberry person! :-) I will purchase again for sure!
395729395729B004V3INKQA2OM1YVS0AA4QXC. Rose "Gadget Geek"0031333411200So so flavorApparently many people really enjoys these k-cups, but I was not won over. There are a large variety of flavored k-cups, many as good or better, and at at a better price. I would go with a variety pack from Timothy's or something else instead of this in the future.
395730395730B004V3INKQA39137LW12KK7BR. Toro "Tech Junkie"0021332720000Not GoodI'm surprised at all of the 5 star reviews. I did not like this coffee at all - and I like both raspberry and chocolate. I couldn't find anyone in my family that liked it, and then I brought it in to my office to give to my coworkers, and not one of them liked it either ... so I still have half a box left that I can't even give away.

With that said, as of this writing, there are 8 people that thought highly enough of this coffee to give it 5 stars, so maybe it is just an acquired taste that I don't have, but I would be careful before purchasing too large of a box of these.

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