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395746395746B001IZJZE8A1KUOSQ1YZZFTUa_friend_usa "a_friend_usa"1611272931200Do not like taste but no color to stain.My gf and I did a taste test of this and Kool-Aid Twists Blastin' Berry Cherry Unsweetened Soft Drink Mix (Kool-Aid Twists Blastin' Berry Cherry Unsweetened Soft Drink Mix, 0.17-Ounce Packets (Pack of 96)).

They both tasted good. This has a lighter taste with no after-taste. The big plus about this flavor is that it has no dye so it looks like water. We have white carpets so I could not take the other flavors onto the carpet. This one is great as it will not stain.

We use the Splenda packets so there are hardly any calories (Splenda has 3.5 calories per packet but it can be labeled as 0 calories since it is under 5). Splenda tastes just like sugar with no bad aftertaste. We have changed to using slightly less than 8 cups of water to make the taste richer. We have also increased the Splenda to 12 packets to make it sweeter.

Addendum: After further taste tests we did not like the Watermelon taste. I wish they had more invisible flavors.
395747395747B0040UEV42A3HEBFTCWVD7UTlala801251333756800PerfectThis product I had been looking for online and every where they said "Sold Out". When I found the skinny cappuccino T-disc I was excited and they arrived on time.
395748395748B002DZY8E4A2YZJF8H6PDS5BDawn M. Deraney "Dawn D"1111323820800Awful!I bought this product after hearing Dr. Oz tout how it 'changed his life.' Well, it also changed mine because for the first time ever, I threw away food that wasn't spoiled. In short, even with following the cooking directions, it was like eating paste -- only more bland despite how much garlic & olive oil I added. I tried to pawn a couple boxes off to my parents and they weren't happy with me. They donated their boxes to a food drive.

Money down the drain...don't buy (unless you have an affinity for eating paste).
395749395749B002DZY8E4AUEPNNATB4F6Wmsfiend "msfiend"0011342656000A GREAT meal! (for your worst enemy)HORRIBLE!

Package said cook 5-7 minutes. Set the timer for 6 and promptly drained the pasta. Many of the spirals had broken down into...lumps. But, I stupidly figured it would be fine with sauce on it. It tasted like paste. Or, maybe envelope glue. Either way it was awful. My 2.5 year old ate about 5 bites, and that was more than anyone else. Thank goodness for take out Mexican food, I guess. Entire dinner went in the garbage.

The next day my youngest laid on the couch all day crying that his stomach hurts and had awful diarrhea.

I emailed the company, they thanked me for writing and offered to send coupons. thanks!!!
395750395750B002DZY8E4A2J0EQ60XEBRWQMom2TwinBoys0031280361600OK but not the best gluten-free pastaOne of my 18-month-old twins is allergic to wheat and corn, so I am always on the lookout for good gluten-free products that are also corn-free. I've tried a few different wheat-free pastas. This one is OK, both my toddlers will eat it, but it overcooks very easily and the flavor and texture are not as good as some of the other brands I've tried. Unfortunately I bought it in bulk so I have a bunch more boxes to use up, but I don't think I'll buy it again. It's not bad; there are just better options out there (e.g. the Tinkyada brand's version).
395751395751B002DZY8E4AWWJ2QQ29L8LTRebecca M. Schultz "Tall Girl"0141296432000Pretty good for being Gluten FreeMy husband has celiac disease and I've been cooking GF for about 3.5 years. These boil pretty well and found they held together a lot better than others I've tried. Schar brand is still my favorite, but also a lot more expensive and can be hard to find. If you rinse them in cold water, it seems to keep them from getting gummy. I rinse than throw back in pot with whatever sauce I'm using. The texture isn't grainy, unlike corn pasta and tastes like a "real noodle" (as my husband says).
395752395752B0009XVYAIA3BAV1734AM7AHRick Maczko2211249430400Want your dog dead? If so, buy this product!I was in a hurry as I shopped at my local pet food store late on a Saturday night. My dogs needed dog food. I buy a high quality dog food, it's ingredients contain everything my vet wants me to be feeding me dogs. I also wanted to get them some special treats. But in my haste I picked up a bag of these "gourmet" chicken breast treats. Usually I read the label on everything I give my dogs. Not this time, they looked healthy and were very similar to other chicken breast treats I normally buy. Had I carefully read the back of the bag I would have immediately returned them to the shelf and moved on. The words on the back of the bag "not for human consumption, wash hands thoroughly with soap and water after handling this product"-"made in China" would have tipped me off!!! I never saw these warnings until after my beloved jack russell became very ill only mere hours after eating one of these treats. My vet wanted to know what had she eaten that was different? I handed him the bag-he looked it over in horror. My dog developed an obstruction from the treat, which caused bloat because nothing could pass, salmonella and e-coli poisoning, and an infection in her heart giving her a 4/6 heart murmur. She had to undergo expoloratory surgery, 7 sets of xrays, 2 ultrasounds, multiple blood tests,an ecg and we're not done yet. She is still in recovery, tests still pending. This was one of the healthiest dogs my vet cared for before this incident. Never had a health issue in the past, never a heart murmur. At 9 years old most people thought she was 3 or 4. I have been told the heart murmur has been caused by the infection settling in her heart, which is now irreversable. Which means if she makes it through all of this her life expectancy just went from 16+ to 10 or 11.
My vet cultured one of the treats and could not believe what disease and bacteria it was loaded with. I cannot believe I took such good care of her for 9 years and then put her through all of this suffering because I didn't take the time to carefully look the product over. Thank you, Cadet and IMS Pet Products for contributing to my dog's pain and suffering.
395753395753B0009XVYAIA2OMV39Q7SWQTZB. King1111194048000PricingI was shocked to see that these are selling for over $15 on Amazon. My local grocery store carries this exact same product for $8.99! The product itself gets 20 stars because my Beagles literally dance for them... but the pricing gets a big BOO! I always shop Amazon because I know I can get terrific prices, that's why I was surprised.
395754395754B0009XVYAIA8UOM9YX01GEWRobert S. Prinzing0051187827200My dog loves theseMy dog loves these and they are good for her too. She comes running when she hears me opening the container. The container makes it very nice to keep them on the counter top.
395755395755B0009XVYAIAS41JRXA50YA1M. Ramirez0051165708800My dog loves itNina is in love with the Chicken breasts. Every time she gets one, she jumps into her bed to savor it. She has a very delicate stomach and when she was diagnosed with gastrointestinal problems, we were concerned that she would never enjoy treats again. What started as a trial became a standard purchasing item. We give her no more than 3-4 per week and so far, so great. The treat smells very good and it does justice to the "natural" descriptive.
395756395756B0009XVYAIA1WJAXQ4I7ZDMZDennis W. Musser "dennis w musser"0051153353600dog treatsmy dog just loves your products if my dog is happy im happy.
395757395757B0009XVYAIA2BI0PPNFXWHCLDebbie Norvell0511138665600Question Pig Ear LinksI have been a good customer of yours for above subject and now I do not find a thing. Where, how and when can I buy more links?

395758395758B003YDDCUKA2TJG4N8LNJW23Blythe Dresser0041327104000Smells one way, tastes another, but thankfully both are pretty good!My boyfriend really wanted to try this blend as he has always enjoyed blueberry flavored coffees in the past. We picked up one of the sample packs of this blend from keurig's website to give it a try. I was skeptical about how a berry flavored coffee would translate when being brewed in the Keurig. Fortunately, though, the end result is very good, although not at all like either of us expected.

From the moment this coffee begins brewing, the blueberry scent is unmistakeable. Very nice, but that had me worried that this coffee would have some sort of artificial sweetness to it. Thankfully, however, that isn't the case. While the scent may overpower you with the fragrance of fresh blueberries, the taste is a whole different thing altogether. The taste of this coffee is incredibly woodsy with a bit of a hint of cinnamon (very subtle in the latter). It's quite pleasing although totally unexpected.

All in all my boyfriend even prefers this to the coffee shop blends, which speaks volumes in my book. I think it's great and I'm sure we'll restock it when our current supply of pods runs out.
395759395759B003YDDCUKAIVJ3SOSSJOPPChrissy0051317772800Green Mountain Wild Mountain Blueberry Keurig K-Cups, 16 Count Green Mountain Wild Mountain Blueberry Keurig K-Cups, 16 CountGreen Mountain Wild Blueberry K-cups only come out once a year. This is a shame because they are my favorite!!! Blueberry coffee may sound odd, but the flavor is outstanding!! If you're a fan of flavored coffee you should defiantly try them when they are available. You won't be disappointed!
395760395760B003YDDCUKA1OVE5WZSUCIEEA. Barbeisch0051297987200It takes like Eggos.If you like Blueberry Eggo Waffles, and you like flavored coffee, you will like this. The flavor is especially awesome with blueberry or vanilla creamer.
395731395731B004V3INKQA1E61YBW8QRROCJ. Alderson "FoodieCurious"0011330300800Coffee-WaterThis coffee is so watery... the flavor is there, but it's just too watery for my taste. (and I am NOT a fan of strong coffee anyways). I would not purchase this again.
395732395732B004V3INKQA3RSWDQJ9B479ZJ. Zapata0031326931200Good but not greatI was disappointed with this one. I bought after seeing such good reviews but it has a very strong artificial taste to me. It smells good but the taste is just so strong and does not go well with any type of creamer I have tried. I have now been using lots of almond joy creamer which makes it taste better but not great.
395733395733B004V3INKQA2EAOQSA4M6M4XBrittney0051326326400delish!Raspberry and chocolate my favorite! So I had to naturally give this a try. Taste just like a raspberry mocha from Starbucks. Has more of a creamy milk chocolate flavor then the bitterness of dark chocolate. Is Delicious! Smells great and automatizes the house when you brew a cup. Is a mild coffee unless you brew on a smaller more concentrated cup. Great price for the quality.
395734395734B004V3INKQA2ODBC6JGVH771Emily J Mahar0051325635200Absolutely incredible!This is the best K Cup coffee I've ever had! Normally they don't actually taste of the flavor they're supposed to, or smell much like it. The aroma of this is absolutely incredible, as is the taste! I normally add milk and a sweetener of some kind to make the coffee less bitter, but with this the flavor is enough that I can drink it black. The initial chocolate taste overcomes the bitter but is subtle enough to not be overwhelming, and the aftertaste of raspberry is just right - and keeps you wanting your next sip.
395735395735B004V3INKQA24XAFP11GD717TERRIE MIXER0051319241600love the flavorI can really taste the rasberry and chocolate in this coffee. will definitely be a future purchase. love the k-cups.Can not live without my coffee.
395736395736B004V3INKQA2ZASIM7IG2AK1LadyDeath0051316390400Raspberry HeavenI can't review this to my taste, so I will put this into words of my boyfriend, so for the non-descript review.
It was really good! But a little expensive!

Thank you though to the seller for offering this item as it is truly hard to find!
395737395737B004V3INKQA23I66CPGT12S3Francine Bolduc "Yorkie Lover Always"0051313798400Van Houtte Raspberry Truffle K CupsI drink only K-cups in my home. I have tried many, many different kinds and brands of coffee. I love Raspberry and have tried them all. Van Houtte is the best I have found. The aroma smells like fresh raspberries and the taste is simply delicious. If you like Raspberry you have to try this brand. I guarantee you will love it....
395738395738B004V3INKQA1JXY9I578VQ3OAngela Copeland0051310515200fabulous coffeeI bought this flavor as an indulgent treat but it's mild enough to make a great everyday coffee. That said, the chocolate raspberry flavor is very noticeable when drinking. It's the perfect balance in my opinion and the perfect morning drink with a little bit of agave and a splash of plain creamer or milk. Delicious. One of my top favorite K cups ever.
395739395739B001IZJZE8A1RBZ301PZLBVTDee3351276387200Awesome Product!!! We need more Invisible Kool-Aid!!!This stuff is fantastic! It's dye free so for those of us with dye allergies, it's a life saver! I only wish it were easier to find. We LOVE the taste, it's like liquid Jolly Rancher... yum!!!

We also loved the grape flavor, but it's almost impossible to find without sugar already in it.

Brink back the invisible Kool Aide!!!
395740395740B001IZJZE8A1XB9YEJ27YTWORobJCCerra0051313884800Awesome Flavor at a Great PriceThis is the way to go. Buy a package of 96 packets of Unsweetened Invisible Watermelon Kiwi Kool-Aid mix,so you don't run out,before Kraft Foods stops selling this flavor.
395741395741B001IZJZE8A3J0J4DXDMQTINAvidReader0051312502400Hands down my favorite flavor!I can't say how much I love this flavor kool-aid! It's a very smooth flavor, feels nice and light with just a bit of tang. Tastes more like the kiwi than the watermelon but I think the watermelon flavor is what keeps it light tasting.
395742395742B001IZJZE8A6XI7TMK3Y2HBRhonda S. Moore0051299110400WHY MESS WITH THE REST WHEN YOU'VE FOUND THE BEST?Kool-Aid Invisible Watermelon Kiwi Unsweetened Soft Drink Mix, 0.13-Ounce Packets (Pack of 96) I have an awesome recipie that (almost) everyone should try at lease once in their lifetime. I had an idea and after some trial and error this is what I came up with...I always say safety first! PLEASE MAKE SURE NOT TO SERVE THIS DRINK TO A DIABETIC. THEY COULD GO INTO A DIABETIC COMA. HERE IS MY VERSION OF A HOMADE SLUSHI. Go buy 1 Gal. Drinking WATER, pour apx. 3 cups into a clean container and save for later. Add 3 pkgs. Invisible Kool-Aid Watermelon/Kiwi. Add 3 cups sugar and 2 drops of your favorite food coloring. Put the lid on tight. Now take turns shaking the bottle till the sugar is disolved. Add some of the water you removed earlier, (till the water level is about 1-2 inches from the lid (room for expansion). Put in your freezer. About every 3-4 hours, go to the freezer, pull the container out and shake. Return to freezer and repeat this process till most of the kool-aid is frozen. Shake the container very good just before serving and enjoy! Keep in the freezer. I purchased a rubber malot that I keep in my utensil drawer to beat the jug with if it gets too froozen. Extra Pleasure for Adults ONLY. You can add alomst ANY booze to this drink and not taste it!!! Enjoy and be safe. ...The reason I increased the number of Kool-Aid paks and sugar is because when you freeze a beverage the sugar taste is diminshed and so is the flavor. Thanks for letting me share. Rhonda
395743395743B001IZJZE8A1VX1ZZ057F0WBMelissa Lampley0051296864000Absolute Favorite for My FamilyLove, love, love this product-- the first time we found it at a Walmart it was like a life saver- my children didn't particularly like the dyes of most drink mix flavors. It was worth the extra cost to purchase the brand name Kool-Aid to not have the dyes. There were two flavors then-- Watermelon and Grape.

We've moved-- and the Walmarts in this area don't carry it YET. I am trying to justify spending $20 on Kool-Aid at one time. Granted it's the same cost (or comparable) to the store, but I don't typically buy 96 packs at a time. :-)

If you haven't tried-- give it a try.
395744395744B001IZJZE8A3JL2S7G4UO5CBDaniel P. McDermott0051294185600This is a fantastic product and NO dyeI was looking for an alternative to carrying 2-liter bottles of Diet Rite up to my 3rd floor apartment. This is it.

I tried regular Kool-Aid but the dye really does a number on the counter and I don't think it is necessary or healthy.

This is the only flavor I found that doesn't have dye. And it is as good as any other Kool-Aid flavor.

I have two 2 gallon pitchers and they both have this in them. I use two of these packets and about 1.75 cups of Splenda and fill it all the way up.

I am writing this because another reviewer gave this product 1 star because "After further taste tests we did not like the Watermelon taste." I think that is unfair so I am giving it a little bump. Flavor's are subjective. If you don't particularly care for watermelon that is no reason to trash the product. In my humble opinion.

The price listed here at the time I am writing this review is okay. I get them from the local Walmart for 16-20 cents. That would make 96 between $15.36 and $19.20 plus 2.5% tax so about the same.

I recommend you get one at a local Walmart or other store if it is available before you get a box.
395745395745B001IZJZE8AQO3ZTIVXZETFFeyno Tal1551319932800The invisible threat becomes better camouflagedOH YEAH! Five stars to applaud your ingenuity and audacity, Kool Aid man! The Kool Aid man has been and remains a giant threat to liberty and freedom. He was originally designed in the late 70's and early 80's to undermine free societies the world over. He is usually filled with red `Kool Aid', red for communism and he intended to flood our cultures with that oppressive red liquid. Furthermore, he is characterized as someone for whom no wall can stop. He was specifically designed to burst through the Berlin Wall and end democracy in the western world.
His original plan failed. But that is not the end of the threat. Kool Aid is manufactured in Mexico. That is right people, the wall defeating menace is poised on our very borders. Imagine the immigrant problem we will have when our border walls (like in Arizona) are turned into swiss cheese. And as if that were not enough, now he has developed camouflage! Now he is an invisible wrecking ball of doom for our borders, our children, and our very way of life. The Kool Aid man, like all truly dangerous foes, commands my grudging respect. While I salute your cleverness and tenacity, I will not rest until your mask has been removed and all see you for the threat you are. I long for the day when your plans are derailed. I cannot wait to hear you look upon the ruins of your plot and cry with despair: "OH NO".

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