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395791395791B001CWSKFCA34O0980YBRQMSjudy "Jeehithere Celiac"0051236038400Not just for CeliacsMost GF pretzels, cookies, etc. that are trying to be substitutes for wheat products always taste "off." These pretzels are great! Crunchy, slightly salty, no dry rice taste. My boyfriend likes them as well as regular wheat based pretzels. Watch for a sale and they are a terrific deal.
395816395816B001CWSKFCA2EIR9OOMS02YZE. Tanner0051191110400Good Product!My daughter is on a Gluten-Free Casein-Free diet and this is one of the only snack foods I can get her to eat. 3yr olds aren't known for their desire for new and different foods so this has become a staple snack food for her.
395792395792B001CWSKFCA2MXQ8HR34VLVDorm Room Shopper0051236038400Great PretzelsI would never guess that these pretzels were gluten free if I had not read the label.
395793395793B001CWSKFCA1Y2K97MHVY08KAnne Alsaker0051235952000Glutino gluten-free PretzelsThese are great. They are just like a regular pretzel. It's so wonderful to eat something that is like you used to eat.
395817395817B001CWSKFCA2D304KNXVYCVOAlisa A. Ahnert "ravenalisa"0051189555200Great Gluten Free ProductI actually like this product better than regular pretzels, which is good because I'm a celiac. My sister, who lucky for her didn't get the celiac disease gene, will even steal some pretzels when I'm eating them. If only all gluten free products were this good!
395794395794B001CWSKFCA3RY1WTSRK1H26Genevieve0051235088000wow - hard to believe the quality!one year ago i found out i had to eat gluten free and so many things like this are simply awful. WOW! What a fantastic surprise to try these very tasty pretzels! Thanks Glutino - almost everything I have tried from this brand has been quite good....
395818395818B001CWSKFCA1NEKZGA107RFYA. Guhl "Guhlia"0051181606400Great PretzelsGluten free pretzels never tasted so good. I'm a little disappointed with the price, as I can get them pretty much anywhere for the same price, but the Amazon prime shipping made it worthwhile. These are by far the best gluten free pretzels on the market!
395795395795B001CWSKFCA1MAZD6BBYAMORE. Price0051234915200The best GF pretzels!All the other GF pretzels I've tried have an "off" flavor. These ones don't! They have a great texture and flavor. I am the only one in my household who must eat GF, but everyone -- husband and kids included -- agrees these are good pretzels. They're crunchy, but light (not rock-hard on the teeth like some pretzels can be). Great alone for a snack, or just the right thing to combine with Rice Chex, peanuts, and seasoning for a great GF party mix!
395819395819B001CWSKFCAK8LOFYRZJJW0C. Wollin0051179792000Just As Good As Wheat Pretzels.My kids were pretzels addicts before being finding out they had a wheat intolerance, so these pretzels were one of our first gluten-free purchases. Many gluten-free products don't live up to their gluten filled counterparts, but these certainly do. The kids loved them, and so do I. We now keep them as a staple in our pantry.
395796395796B001CWSKFCA1UGNOPINPL36ECarrie Hankins "TreeHuggin,DirtWorshipping,Ba...0051232582400The BEST GF pretzels availableWe have tried MANY GF snacks and these are our families favorites. Most brands of GF pretzels are hard and flavorless. Not these! Light, crisp and yummy, we tear through them at our house!

My 3 year old and I are the GF members of our household, but everyone loves them! My 11 year old generally thinks all things GF are "ick" by default, but she inhales these. Many of my kids friends say they are the best pretzels they have had, and they have no idea they are GF.

We mix them with Rice Chex (GF but not other types of Chex or generic brands), raw almonds and chocilate chips for a yummy snack mix we call "Finnie Mix" - named for my 3 year old. Good stuff!

We also grind them with raw almonds and use them as a fabulous breading for chicken nuggets.

They are a bit pricey, but well worth it. The subscription offer from Amazon is a great deal (about $2-3 less per bag than any of the stores in my area) if you want to drop $60ish bucks at once.
395797395797B001CWSKFCAJEA4B0RKCWVCTodd L. Huelle0051232582400Great Snack for Gluten free kidsSometimes it is hard to find a quick snack for Gluten free kids. These pretzels are the best of all the GF pretzels we have tried. We leave a bag at my sons preschool for snack time. He loves them.
395798395798B001CWSKFCA1I8TVVF6VX2X2franksnbeans "franksnbeans"0051232150400Best gluten free pretzels, best priceOur son has celiac but our entire family prefers these to regular pretzels - my father in law, too. Fortunately, I can buy a case on line and use subscribe and save. It's about $2.50 a bag cheaper than buying locally.
395820395820B001CWSKFCA33UX3A7APM4OBChristina Faulkner "chriscat"0051177891200YUM!I was not really sure these pretzles would be as good as claimed.

Boy was I wrong, as good as "regular" pretzles if not better and healther!

DO NOT HESITATE to try these, you will not be sorry.
395799395799B001CWSKFCA11UFTST7LGE4PC. Markle0051227571200pretzelsThese pretzels are nice and crispy. They have good flavor and are a close match to wheat pretzels. They also hold up well if your kids want to use them for dips.
395800395800B001CWSKFCA37NGVCZJTUEVKS. Manuel0051227398400The best!Even my friends and family who are not restricted to a gluten free diet say these are the best pretzels they have ever tasted.
395801395801B001CWSKFCA1X77D24I3IFQPMom of 30051227052800Absolutely GreatThese are the best pretzels. I can't believe they are gluten-free and taste great. Our family actually like them better than regular pretzels.
395802395802B001CWSKFCAUZYH859VRV1LJennifer Livingston0051226793600Great PretzelsYou wouldn't think these are missing anything, but they don't taste just like pretzels. But they're good enough for my sons friends and I catch my husband taking a few bites.
395803395803B001CWSKFCA3VCG8RYLY0PE1Beverly Peterson "bpeterson_84"0051224633600Glutino Pretzel sticksThese pretzels are wonderful!My husband thinks they are better than regular pretzels. I prefer the twists, simply because I think they are more fun to eat, but the sticks are good for dipping. Both are delicious.
395804395804B001CWSKFCA15U3VJ1080VS3Robert "Rob"0051222300800WOW these are better than Wheat onesWe bought some of these at a whole foods coop and WOW... I am gluten intolerant but my wife is not and so I shared anyway lol and we both fully agree that these are better than any pretzels we have ever had(that includes many many brands of Wheat pretzels). This is the best snack ever.
395805395805B001CWSKFCA29DRZME4F8V7YJclaw "gluten person"0051220227200Good Tasting PretzelsGluten Free Glutino Pretzel Twists-
The best tasting pretzels - they are crispy & have a good flavor.
395806395806B001CWSKFCA19HW156JXUH8Tgmlcapecod0051219017600Yum!! Wish they were slightly less so!!Not only can't I, the celiac in the family, stop eating them; but my non-celiac husband regularly steals them before I get to them!
395807395807B001CWSKFCA1BI0XCAIZYRBWLynne M. Weiss "Mom with celiac"0041218153600Very goodMy son and I have Cleiac and love the pretzels. It is hard to keep them in the house because everyone likes them better than regular pretzels. They are crispier than most. Great product!!
395808395808B001CWSKFCA15BNZ7QIK71XAGF Mom with gf kids0051215216000Glutino pretzel sticks are great!I regularly buy the Glutino pretzel sticks for my family. We had been missing pretzel sticks after going on the gluten free diet and were so happy to find these. They taste really great, almost like their wheat counterparts. Each of the many bags we've eaten has always been fresh and crunchy - never stale. A bag of these pretzels doesn't last very long in our house.
395809395809B001CWSKFCA1JLP8YX277J8IJ. Lewis0051212192000Awesome Gluten free pretzelsGlutino Sans Gluten Free Pretzels, 2.6-Ounce Bags (Pack of 20)
I purchased this product primarily because of the reviews...and I scorded. These Gluten free pretzels taste great. They're light, taste just like regular pretzels, and have just the right amount of sea salt. I was a bit concerned when I read the sodium content, but figured I could just brush the extra salt need. Both of my finicky kids love them, & I've even shared them at outtings with other children & adults who had no clue that these pretzels were gluten free. I would definitely order them again.
395810395810B001CWSKFCA2J1MM9A9F9LX9Lisa S0051209600000A great snack choice!!I just bought these for the first time. WOW! They are wonderful--not at all something that simulates pretzel taste. Many times the gluten free products I try are not even a good imitation of the real thing. This is not the case with these pretzels. I took them to my office and let everyone try them. I had a hard time keeping everyone away after one taste!

One serious word of caution--They are so good you will find yourself eating more than you should!
395811395811B001CWSKFCA29ROD0QEENLIVJory S. Cannon "StoryJory"0051208476800Best darn pretzels, GF or notThese are the best pretzels we've ever eaten, and by far the best tasting gluten free product. My family loves these, and it's only my son who has to eat gluten free. It's nice to be able to give my son something that I don't feel like is a lesser product taste-wise than the "regular" version. So glad to be able to buy them by the case since they are hard to find in stores. The pretzel sticks seem to taste better than the traditional shaped pretzels--don't know why--could be mental on my part.
395812395812B001CWSKFCA20IBTI69TK1RJMichelle Weldy "anew1124"0051199577600DeliciousMy nephew is a picky eater. He would only eat cheddar goldfish. Recently, he was put on a gluten free diet and we were worried that we wouldn't be able to satisfy his cravings for something crunchy but gluten free. We started experimenting with all kinds of snacks and he hated pretty much everything. When he tried these pretzels, he wouldn't put them down. He won't even share!! They are delicious and he doesn't even ask for the goldfish anymore.
395813395813B001CWSKFCA1SAOJTS9NPCOKGF girl0051197849600YUMMY!I love these pretzels. Friends, family and co-workers are also raving about them. No one can tell they're gluten-free.
395814395814B001CWSKFCA38XT6YHQF9HP6Holly "Bells"0051194998400Best on the marketGlutino pretzels (and Pastas) are the best on the market and taste SOOOO much like the real thing. I lived 35 years before discovering Celiac, I know what the real thing tastes like!! They make our gluten free life so much more normal!!
395815395815B001CWSKFCAKTHQWOYCKHIUBrian Adams0051192406400Best everThese are the best pretzels ever. They taste exactly like regular pretzels and have a hint of butter flavor.

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