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395821395821B001CWSKFCA1RCQ6WRMXE0ZNGF Jungle0051177545600Best Gluten Free PretzelsMy kids and I love these. We take them on trips and outings with ease. Wish they weren't so expensive, but without any other G.F. pretzels in single serve packages that taste as good I guess sometimes you just have to pay for it to have something "normal" again.
395822395822B001CWSKFCA3BTEDKNVVA0MLToni G.0051171411200Glutino Sans Gluten Free PretzelsMy 14 year old was recently diagnosed with celiac. It has been difficult finding snacks that she enjoys and can bring to school. We have found these pretzels to be great, really delicious. Even her friends prefer them to regular pretzels.
395823395823B001CWSKFCA1OEK70H043154Annette J. Piltz "AJPiltz"0051168473600Best Gluten Free PretzelsThese pretzels are the best I have tried since switching to a gluten free diet approximately 2 years ago.

I would definitely buy them again.
395824395824B001CWSKFCA3OBIZ7KG61FLFTactiCool Geardo0051164412800These are greatI cannot believe that these are gluten free. They taste exactly like "regular" pretzels, maybe even better. By far the best gluten free item we've ever tried.
395825395825B001CWSKFCA1KHGTWQRTYP17K. Peters1251302652800Better than the "real" thing!Glutino Gluten Free Pretzel Twists are buttery, crispy, and they taste like regular ones. Perfect for Celiacs or non-celiacs, they can't tell the difference, either.
395826395826B001CWSKFCA1YN7KUADY6QJ1Jude0131267056000Good for Gluten Free DietsThese pretzels are OK for the gluten free diet but not a good substitute for "real" pretzels.
395827395827B001CWSKFCA3VJ6AOIZLT3WQRandom Reader "Nancy"0711334361600Comes from so far awayThis product comes to us from the Middle East, which represents so much carbon impact for a food product that gluten-free folks (such as myself) may be purchasing frequently. There are other gluten-free products made in this country which have similar quality...which is how I'm going to spend my money.
395828395828B001CWSKFCA3L35NP2WR87LIC. Hamilton121251147910400These are wonderful!My son lives on these pretzels. They are a life-saver as a snack for school or outtings. He is very picky and I have to admit that they taste better than regular pretzels. We are so grateful for such a tasty product.
395829395829B001CWSKFCA2UK6D92GA4PJRA. Brandt7751277078400Great deal on best GF pretzels I've found!I fell in love with Glutino stick pretzels when I started a gluten-free diet six months ago. I actually think they taste better than the regular pretzels I used to eat! The only downside was the price -- the local store charged $8.99 per 14 ounce bag. When I checked on Amazon, I was pleased to find they carry Glutino pretzels. Interestingly, the 8 ounce bags turn out to be a better price per ounce than the 14 ounce ones, so that's what I ordered. With the subscribe and save deal, the 8-ounce bags came out at just over $3 apiece. If you or your gluten-free child loves pretzels for a snack, and you have the space to store a dozen bags, this is an awesome deal! I have a handful of friends who also are gluten-free, so I've shared some of my order with them. These are amazingly good pretzels and Amazon's subscribe and save price is the best you're going to find anywhere!!
395830395830B001CWSKFCA2AHF0C1VWCQVMDenise K. Copening111351154476800These are the best!Of all of the gluten free pretzels I have tried, these by far are the best. They are close to the real thing as I recall. Sometimes they are difficult to obtain. Stores do not stock them since they are a bit pricey but well worth it for those of us who are gluten-intolerant. These are a must for me.
395831395831B001CWSKFCA3LIF253SVDRMWJason Crawford152011298246400Get these if need a POWERFUL LAXATIVEI purchased these at a local store, and had half a bag for lunch. They tasted OK, but were definitely not worth the after effects. Within about 7 hours after eating these my stomach started feeling awkward. Shortly after I started having cramps and severe watery diarrhea several times throughout the evening and late night. Looking at the ingredients, the thing that stands out is carboxymethylcellulose AKA cellulose gum. The package I purchased said cellulose gum on the ingredients list, but on the web sites it is listed as carboxymethylcellulose. You will find they are synonyms if you Google them. All I had for breakfast that day was a bowl of dry corn flakes, and didn't have time to eat dinner before my stomach started cramping. If you look up this ingredient, or look it up along with "side effects" you will find it is undigestible and can cause side effects such as bloating and diarrhea. Never again. All I can say is please post a review if this happened to you to others are forewarned!
395832395832B001CWSKFCA2I93YZN7KBTRCBeth Jacoby3341285632000Great product but needs to be packed betterAs far as the product goes - these are excellent. Can't even tell they're gluten free. Nice and crispy and good flavor. Usually they're packed well but the boxed was partially crushed on this last shipment and half the pretzels were broken. They had slapped a shipping label right over the "fragile" that was printed on the box. Not good thinking.
395833395833B001CWSKFCA2PMACL5GLNHI6JD "sugabooga"3351236729600Gluten Free PretzelsThese pretzels are very yummy. But, be careful they can be addicting and before you know it the whole bag is gone!
395834395834B001CWSKFCAD1ZOPB0BBEHBSuz2251303257600Thumbs up from a new gluten-free dieterWe have decided to transition to gluten-free. I bit into my first gluten-free pretzel with trepidation, but they are good! Really good. Maybe even a little better than regular pretzels. Still not exactly health food, but the taste is awesome. My kids love them, too.
395835395835B001CWSKFCANQ4MTXLOGPK2noglutencasein2241295913600Great Pretzel and Gluten FreeMy son is Gluten free and Casein Dairy free and he loves these pretzels. I tried them and they taste good. Light and crisp, salty. I liked tham better than regular old fashion style pretzels.
395836395836B001CWSKFCAZH1HE4YSD2YFD. Colson22512369024005 star product!Delcious! You don't even have to be gluten free to love them! The Sesame seeds are a great substitute for extra salt!
395837395837B001CWSKFCALQ5NGBAM7P3JL. LODICO ""2251168128000The Ultimate Gluten Free Pretzel!!There is nothing that compares!! These are better than regular pretzels!! You can't eat just one!! Thanks Amazon for giving celiacs or anyone that is on a gluten free diet a break in the price that is normally paid for these pretzels...we couldn't do it without these pretzels! I am on a gluten free diet and so are my two little girls so these pretzels go fast in my house! You won't waste your money!!
395838395838B001CWSKFCA1CDT6OVBRXVDSkeppy "keppy"2251163116800MmmmmmThese are great pretzels, better than regular ones. Crunchy with just the right amount of salt. Opened a bag at work and my co-workers ate them right up.
395839395839B001CWSKFCA254Z524WX3DUMaryJane "JANE"1121333152000Smashed.Most of the pretzels when I got them where smashed into little pieces. The packaging seemed appropriate. Maybe that's why there was a deal on these.
395840395840B001CWSKFCA2QOQ794ALVHUBJoslyn1151314144000Best Pretzels... bar none!!!I am not gluten intolerant but my 2 grandsons are. My daughter-in-law bought the Glutino gluten free pretzel twists for the kids and when I tasted them, I was hooked!!! They are, hands down, the BEST PRETZELS I've ever had. A nice crispy texture, not hard, with a great flavor. Much better than any regular wheat flour pretzels you can buy. Try them... if you dare... LOL, but be forewarned, you'll be hooked too!!!
395841395841B001CWSKFCA1NECUZI01IU79Amazon shopper1151285545600Gluten Free PretzelsMmmmmmmmmm.... This is all I can say. This is a great snack. It is better tasting than wheat pretzels I hear from everybody including I myself say so, too! Crunchy, tasty, and great!
395842395842B001CWSKFCAG64YFN2QS4WVM1151283040000Awesome snack choice for CeliacsI bought these pretzels for my dad, who suffers from Celiac disease and Type 1 diabetes. He has a hard time keeping any weight on due his restricted diet, and often resorts to potato chips for his sole source of carbs between meals. He absolutely loves these pretzels, and said he enjoys them more than the regular kinds. I think they taste excellent, with that very slight "burnt" flavor that makes pretzels so good. They also seem to have a delicious buttery aftertaste IMO. Plus, they're very satisfying and healthier than potato chips.
395843395843B001CWSKFCA39MSWHO0X5JULC. Donegan Medaris1151274140800Gluten free pretzelsI did not expect these to taste just as good as regular pretzels but they do. Even my husband likes them and he usually turns his nose up at my wheat free foods. For the first time I can fix Chex Mix with these and Rice Chex and enjoy it along with every one else. Hurray for Gluten Free Pretzel Twists!
395844395844B001CWSKFCA1YN7KUADY6QJ1Jude1141267056000Better than the sesame gluten free pretzelsThe pretzels aren't bad for those of us that have to maintain a gluten free diet. They are tastier than the pretzels with sesame seeds.
395845395845B001CWSKFCA22MDIU1U1ZMTUP. Hughes1151257638400Best Gluten-Free Pretzel - I love these!!!I love these pretzels. They are just hard to find. I think pretzels have too much salt on them and I am always trying to scratch off the salt with my finger nails or a knife or something. Even if I wasn't trying to watch my salt intake I try to take the salt off because they just put too much salt on pretzels. These pretzels are really very good tasting. I was afraid because they are gluten free they wouldn't taste very good because a lot of the gluten free products you sacrifice taste. But not with these. These are very close to regular pretzels and I am so glad they come in salt free. I buy them by the case.
395846395846B001CWSKFCAK8LOFYRZJJW0C. Wollin1151235001600Better than wheat pretzels.My kids love pretzels, and when we found out that we had celiac disease, the first thing they realized was that they couldn't have pretzels anymore! Within a few weeks, I found these at a health food store, and we've been hooked ever since. They are even better that wheat pretzels and now they're a snack staple in our house.
395847395847B001CWSKFCA2EX8VXBM163UQLynne "mom of 2"1151233792000excellentMy daughter was diagnosed with Celiac Disease at age 8. She is now 11. These pretzels taste great! They taste like a 'regular' pretzel. My son who does not have to eat G.F. says they taste better. Glutino brand is a very good brand in general. Highly recommend.
395848395848B001CWSKFCA2ACH23JU7KFHDSteve Fogarty1141216425600Gluten free pretzelsProducts work great in Chex mix and by themselves. Great for all celiac sufferers
395849395849B001CWSKFCA3G991Z5SNSDX4M. Landow1151198627200Tasty !These taste as good as "normal" wheat based pretzels - we discovered them locally at a health food store, but the price was crazy high. Much cheaper on line.
But buyer beware - 12 packages of these come in a big box !
395850395850B001CWSKFCAPGI1V8JVIBFSP. Lane1151198540800A GREAT Tasting Pretzel!These are the best tasting pretzels! I can not tell the difference between Glutino Pretzels and the regular pretzels made from wheat.

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