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395911395911B001CWSKFCA1FOUC0WQXV2UGJeff "Jeff"0051282435200gluten-freeMy son needs as many gluten-free snacks as we can find! These are among the best although a little pricey in stores. Better to buy on
395912395912B001CWSKFCA1FWFCJU2G7TRAKDMask0051280793600I Take These to Family Parties!Once my family tasted these at a party I threw, they love it when I bring them to their house to share for gatherings. Every person that has tried them, LOVE them. Very dense, crisp and satisfying you will not know they are gluten free--you'll just know they taste better than the rest. For those of us that are used to paying prices for GF food, these are not that far off. I also tend to savor them more, knowing they are a bit more costly than the rest.
395913395913B001CWSKFCA2325YER3LWYTKChristine Kelly0051280188800Terrific GF pretzels!Glutino pretzels are by far the best tasting on the market.
These actually made my kids believe that being GF wasn't going to be so bad
if they could still have a good pretzel to snack on!
395914395914B001CWSKFCA266ZC0U3JP84NBarbara Jackson0051277510400Glutino PretzelsI have a gluten problem and have a great appreciation for these pretzels. I have no problem with Glutino pretzels, and think they are so much better than any other I have tried. I will order again.
395915395915B001CWSKFCAFDYUGR3L22IZSue Myers "that girl"0051275955200Delicious and gluten free!These gluten free pretzels taste BETTER than regular pretzels. They are light and crunchy, but they still taste like pretzels should. If you are sensitive to gluten (and even if you aren't) I'd recommend trying a could be pleasantly surprised.
395916395916B001CWSKFCAN5UJ0QX6M5YQE. L. Skeen0051274918400Glutino Pretzels are great!If you are a Celiac, or are gluten intolerant, you won't find a better pretzel than the Glutino brand. I have them on Auto-Delivery with Amazon.
395917395917B001CWSKFCA2Q6HOOMIJPYQSusan L. Marcinko0051274745600Great gluten-free pretzel!My 4 year old loves these pretzels. They have a sweet salty taste. We use them as snacks and in recipes. They do have more fat content than most pretzels. Not a big deal for a kid though! Best price is on Amazon with the discount and free shipping. Grocery store sells them for ~$7.59.
395918395918B003P5TSXWAJ0PYNKYJCOQ9Flying Pint0051342828800Came in fresh!I love the Kolsch yeast, makes delicious beers that finish clean and lager like. It will develop more fruit esters at the higher temp ranges. The main thing I was worried about was getting fresh yeast. I was not disappointed as this came in only a month past manufacture (meaning there was still 5 good months left on it).
395919395919B000FSF9PIA1AMK69EBYJ4ZFRobert P. Reed "PSLOwner"0051349827200NiceGot these for my St. Louis brother-in-law and his whole family just loves this sauce. Also like the popcorn too. I can see getting more for him as the holidays approach.
395920395920B000FSF9PIA1FWFREPA2N264Kathy Kern0051338681600The Best There Is!I was born and raised in the Kansas City area and now live in southern Missouri. Charlie Bryant (the original owner) retired in the late 40's, I believe, and his brother, Arthur, purchased the business. Their restaurant was across the street from the Kansas City Athletics baseball stadium, which has long been torn down. I love their original sauce because it isn't so sticky sweet like most are. Arthur Bryant's is true, original Kansas City barbecue sauce.
395921395921B003JM8B2KA1YHPLEUNWW8LZBree2351287273600Made for baby, good for mom, too.At about 6 months pregnant, I bought a bunch of different "first aid" type products at the suggestion of a baby nurse I know, just to have around for the future. Pretty early to buy this, but I am so glad I did. At 7 months pregnant I got a horrible stomach flu and these packets SAVED ME. They were the only thing keeping me hydrated and sustained. Plus, because they are powder packets they are very portable and easy to store.
395922395922B0000AH3OQA2ZBFBO2DZDR9Dboo hiss1111328918400Vet bills through the roof from this productMy pet sitter gifted my dog with one of these for the holidays. I tried to find reviews of them due to my dog's previous problems with chicken jerky, etc. but I found no reviews. I gave it to my dog and within one day he developed a severe rash on his belly and under his legs. His ears became infected, as did his eyes. His front paws swelled to twice their size. BEWARE, there is something chemical in these things that can trash your dog and your checkbook at the vet. DO NOT BUY THESE!
395923395923B003SKYCT4A39VNRG8P49QEDrooster_ranch0051321660800Fun Healhy Snack for ToddlerThese are great to have on hand for a snack for my 16 month old. They have fiber and healthy ingredients. Great served with cheese, yogurt or fruit.
395924395924B002915VO8A1VYD1Y9A98BMAC. Orlofsky "twiggyCaitlin"1141258156800Wish you could make your own packageI was very hesitate on buying this but I thought why not give it a shot. I am a HUGE ice cream fan. I go through a half gallon every 3 days :). SO I did end up buying this package and as I thought the vanilla was pretty good, diffidently filling. The strawberry and banana I am not a huge fan of. I wish you could make your own mix and match. I would of much rather of had the chocolate and peanut butter. To give the vanilla a little more flavor, I have thrown in PB2 (bell plantation peanut butter which I am a huge fan of) I have also taken a chocolate vita muffin, made it into pieces, and mix it into the ice cream. The combination is to die for and it is still low calories! I think I may end up buying the chocolate ice cream. I would recommend the vanilla ice cream, however, not the strawberry.
395925395925B002915VO8AGJCU14E8LPQFjelly belly lover1151255651200Yumtastic!I was hesitant to try this product since it seemed too good to be true. It is in fact delicious and I would highly recommend. It tastes like the real thing, which I can't eat mind you because of allergies, and the fact that it's packed with protein is an added bonus!
395926395926B002915VO8A1FT1G72WADIJSpearl "avid hiker"0051333670400ice cream is my downfalli have been wanting to try this ever since it became available. I ordered the pumpkin and loved it. The only thing that would make it better is to replace the sugar with stevia, then you could brag that its sugarfree, and it would be even less calories!
395927395927B002915VO8A2N4QZ92NBKJZZPhaeton0051323734400Great stuff but Price Hike is an OUTRAGE!This stuff is great. It tastes enough like ice cream to satisfy any but the most fussy and unrealistic of eaters. I've read that it tastes like whey protein. I don't know what whey protein tastes like but if it tastes like this then it's some mighty good stuff. This hits that 'cold and sweet' spot that the best cold deserts hit. I love it. BUT I am outraged at the price hike of over NINE DOLLARS for the 10-pack. I'm looking into alternatives. You can save about 0.40 per carton if you buy the six-oack - execept for the mint chocolate chip - but the price hike is still an outrage.Ben & Jerry's Homemade Ice Cream & Dessert BookKIND PLUS, Cranberry Almond + Antioxidants, Gluten Free Bars (Pack of 12)
395928395928B002915VO8A2ZJOUI8V3AREGJG0051314316800numVery tasty. You would never know it wasn't the real thing nor how few calories are in it. A bit pricey though but worth it as a treat!
395929395929B002915VO8A3KITRYQKI5P4EC. B. Krieger "Shopper287"1251249603200A full pint of icy ice cream for under 140 caloriesThe taste, the strawberry banana - you can taste a mild banana flavor throughout the pint. I would have preferred no banana and all strawberry but the banana is so mild I don't mind. The vanilla maple you can taste the maple flavor throughout the pint, which I don't really like. I would have preferred a vanilla flavor (don't even taste vanilla in this one just maple) or combining the maple with an oatmeal or brown sugar or something else.
This product though is great if you like to eat an entire pint of slightly icy ice cream. As for the packaging, I had mine deleivered to NJ in August. Granted we are having a cool summer but the products were still frozen upon receipt. The only downside to the packaging is they use styrofoam peanuts (I hate) and the box the six cartons comes in looks like it can hold 12 (why not use a smaller box, no peanuts or put 12 in one box without the peanuts?).
395930395930B002915VO8A3QL2OTL0Y7NKristy Scherer "soft sleeper"1251249257600Great Ice Cream!I love this ice cream! The Peanut Butter flavor is awesome! I am going to try the other 2 flavors next!
395931395931B0012KB4X4A1H8E342ICEQ6WAmazon Regular2251283558400Cat addicted to this brandI'm not sure that its healthy, but my cat loves this brand and flavor more than anything else on earth! She's about to turn 18 and really doesn't eat much unless I give her this stuff.
395932395932B0012KB4X4A2A8LBN0FL2B0YInspirationalBookCraftFan1141297123200Finicky Bengal Enjoys This!My cat loves all the salmon varieties of Fancy Feast Elegant Medleys. Upon opening, one finds the meat smothered in a creamy white sauce with a spattering of greens. She seems to enjoy it - lapping it up at regular intervals during the night - and there is usually an empty food bowl awaiting my clean-up in the morning.
395933395933B0012KB4X4A2R8B7EDIUC82NJ. Roger Guilfoyle1131288310400sugar says noOur l6 year old cat liked this flavor at first.. Now she refuses to eat it. Of all the FF varieties, this seems to be particularly dry. She likes the other FFElegant Medleys very much.
395934395934B0012KB4X4A2HZBHOBGSICRNI LUV AMAZON0051339459200Great Product finicky cat
395935395935B000PGJI0CA3OXHLG6DIBRW8C. F. Hill "CFH"1141236384000Really Very Good Diet Hot Cocoa! Recommended!"Swiss Miss No Sugar Added Hot Cocoa" is a very good Hot Chocolate drink mix! Being a Type 2 Diabetic, I am always looking for sweet tasting snacks and drinks that will not effect my blood sugar levels.

Like most diet products, this does not taste quite as good as the regular version, but it is as close as we have found. It is really very satisfying and low in calories as well.

Highly recommended!
395936395936B000PGJI0CA39BQWQN2NORGSPBWright "PauliGirl"0051289433600Great Taste!The stores around here do not carry this product. My husband is diabetic and Swiss Miss No Sugar is perfect for us. We use it with coffee to make our own cafe mochas.
395937395937B000PGJI0CAOUYT5F1WZDZKTumblewords0051259971200Just in TimeThe winter wind blows snow while ice forms on the windowpanes. Swiss Miss No Sugar Added Hot Cocoa Mix takes the burn out of winter for guests and me.
395938395938B000PGJI0CAM78WFHEBDBGMHeadless0051242345600Best tasing Sugar Free Hot ChocolateThis is a great product. It tastes great and the price is right. Although some say that Nestle's low cal. hot choc. (25 calorie product) is better than Swiss Miss's, nobody can argue that this particular product wipes the others away...if you're not overly calorie conscious, this hot choc. is the one for sugar and great taste...can't go wrong with that....
395939395939B000PGJI0CA1W8SHBL8M3AGRDonna Maloof0121276992000Half This Price at Big Box StoresThis is good stuff and I have been drinking it for years. Sams and BJ's have had it for under $7.00 for box of 60 until the last month or two. What happened to make them stop carrying it? They still carry produce with sugar.Swiss Miss Hot Cocoa Mix, Milk Chocolate, No Sugar Added, 60-Count Envelopes (Pack of 2)Swiss Miss No Sugar Added Hot Cocoa Mix, 60 Count Box
395940395940B0055ZS976A1WPH782EHWUTZBarry Bayuk0011342310400Waste of moneyThis is the worst coffee I have ever bought. It is extremely bitter. It has no good coffee flavor characteristics.
Wish I could return, so I am throwing away $50. Rating it one star is far too generous.

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