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395958395958B001GE8N4YAS1WEN8FA48FTDavid Roper0051343606400The best there is!I bake a lot, have bought locally in stores, it is not cheap, but nothing else taste the same. Large bottle online, totally can afford this! In heaven
395959395959B001GE8N4YAXMKOPPOEFL3UT. Bell0051343260800Excellent vanillaThis product was shipped quickly and was as advertised. The flavor is excellent and the 32 oz bottle wiil last a long time and is cost efficient compared to the smaller bottles.
395960395960B001GE8N4YA1JE2ZS12TR4DHN. Romyn0051342310400Tastes like...VanillaThis is the only vanilla we buy; it's relatively cheap and just tastes like vanilla in bourbon. It's a bit bitter, but that's normal with a good vanilla product. If you want something with more sweetness, try the paste. We use the Nielsen-Massey Madagascar Bourbon Vanilla Bean Paste. in anything that's light-coloured where we'd like to see the flecks of vanilla beans
395961395961B001GE8N4YA28Y8GDZ6318O0A Lady0051336694400Vanilla LoverI love Vanilla. I add it to (practically) everything, and this is, by far, the best vanilla extract on the market. Rich and decadent, this vanilla extract is the perfect addition for cookies, breads, yogurts, frostings, cakes, etc.

Imitation vanilla extract is not worth purchasing--buy the real stuff, and buy this stuff. The 32-ounce bottle is a better deal than buying it in smaller bottles, and it won't go bad quickly (as an alcohol). Simply store it in a cool, dry place, and refill your smaller bottle as needed.

Another favorite of mine is the Nielsen-Massey Vanilla Bean Paste--add it to frostings for an extra punch of vanilla seed specks! (It can also replace vanilla extract in any recipe.)
395962395962B001GE8N4YA31LSXCU588QG0Osvaldo Figueroa0051332806400The bestThis is the extract of all extracts. This stuff really sets off anything that needs vanilla. I highly recommend it for all baking needs.
395963395963B001GE8N4YA1LBD5BNIW4ZKRSusan Austin "susanaustin"0051330732800This stuff is REALLY good and MAKES your recipie!WOW! This stuff is really good! So far I have used this in tapioca pudding, chocolate pudding and banana bread, all well-used recipes in my house, and the extract has improved the taste in all three markedly. This is worth every penny!
395964395964B001GE8N4YA1D8UF19TFIW6Nselkirksam0051329782400Great product Great price
395965395965B001GE8N4YA2901JG4HN6TD1dellgirl0051329609600Yum.This is the best vanilla ever. I've used both the extract and the paste. It will take all your baked goods from humdrum to wow.
395966395966B001GE8N4YA33HYTMIFVI04Ijama dad0051329091200vanillaGood vanilla at a good price. fast delivery.
I don't have more to say about it.
Good stuff. I recommend this vanilla
395968395968B001GE8N4YA2UOZ0NSA0D1L6queentriton0051324339200Arrived promptly correct size
395969395969B001GE8N4YA1JRM4RW3VTGDURita K. Lowry0041323820800add vanilla beansThis vanilla is very good but not as good as the previous brand I was using, so I just added a couple of split vanilla beans to it. For the average baker it would be excellent.
395970395970B001GE8N4YA3F4B6FTD9LKKXDon Boote0051318723200best vanilla extractI do a lot of baking, and have tryed a lot of different extracts over the years. This is my personal favorite. It has a flavor right up there with natural vanilla beans. I have used in everything from Ice Cream to cakes and cookies. I was paying $19 for 8 oz bottles from William Sonnoma. This is the same thing for way less tham half price, and they deliver it to my door. What more can I say. Thanks Amazon
395941395941B001GE8N4YA3L609U6SZZ58ML. MURRAY "Pleased to share my observations!"242551289692800Classic vanilla, reliable results, in large economy sizeEvery so often I have used other brands of vanilla for all the usual purposes but I always come back to the predictability of Nielsen-Massey. My uses range from flavoring oatmeal and whipped cream to baked goods. I am also on a limited income so cheaper brands always exert a siren call. Big mistake. N-M is simply the best.

I almost removed a star because when using the plastic bottle the 32 oz. extract comes in, there is no way to avoid the neck and cap getting crudded up with some of the vanilla which seems both a waste and poor design, so here's what I do. I decant a few ounces into a glass cruet (the kind you would put olive oil or vinegar into) and dollup it out a bit at a time. No mess that way.

I think the smell of vanilla is one of the nature's greatest gifts, too. A few drops well applied can make a room smell wonderful.
395942395942B001GE8N4YA22X2YUP8HODWWStephen Pittelman "stevepitt2"374131314057600Missing ingredients ...?Just received this vanilla and was disappointed to see sugar listed in the ingredients. Why does the description of a food product not include the ingredients?

I was looking for Vanilla extract that had no sugar.
395943395943B001GE8N4YA1QXFWZ4YB6RAJAndrea Mauer7751249689600the best vanillaI can see why most cooks recommend this brand of vanilla. It is very potent and seductive with it's aroma. It really adds a lot to the flavor of baking and cooking items. The size is large, but it lasts a long time and is convenient to use.
395944395944B001GE8N4YA1UWLDQ5723NYBF. Felts "eisheth"6651322524800McCormicks vs Nielsen-MasseyMy first order of Nielsen-Massey was a small bottle to compare it against the brand that we've used since I was a child (McCormick's). I was hesitant at first but had heard really great things about the flavor of the Nielsen-Massey brand.

Over the Thanksgiving Holiday we had several occasions to use Nielsen-Massey in our dishes. After 22 desserts (we have a huge family gathering at Holidays) everyone kept commenting that the desserts were better than they've ever been in the past. No one but me and my mother knew that we'd change only the one ingredient in all of the different pies, meringues, cakes, cookies, cheesecakes and sweet breads.

I am a BIG crème brûlée fan and tried my conventional recipe with the other vanilla extract and there was an amazing flavor difference. Even though the flavor is wonderful with Nielsen Massey Vanilla I still prefer actual vanilla beans to extract in my crème brûlée, but Nielsen Massey will more than suffice in a pinch or with people who aren't quite the fanatic that I am.

Incidentally, I did receive the 32oz bottle as advertised. Not the 4oz as I've seen complained about below.
**update** The 32oz that I purchased was Sold by: SimplyBeautiful
395945395945B001GE8N4YA31IIBL5LDY2OBMaria L. Drew5551294790400The Best Vanilla!I have been using this vanilla for a year, and decided to get two more for a brother and sister. It really makes a difference using top quality vanilla. Just opening the bottle and taking a whiff of this premium vanilla sends me to baking heaven! The large 32 oz size is a great bargain.
395946395946B001GE8N4YA2KY7D19Y15UFPPamela3331342915200Can I be real?Yes, the Nielsen-Massey Madagascar Bourbon Pure Vanilla extract is great. For those of you who live near Trader Joes, though, the Trader Joe's brand of Madagascar Bourbon Pure Vanilla is every bit as good - for a fraction of the price.
395947395947B001GE8N4YA2GQN6WUEDCCUSRyan Everett2251306195200Imitation is sacrilegeThis vanilla is quite possibly the best I've ever had. Our homemade ice cream is quickly becoming the favorite at family gatherings, home-baked goods are so much more robust in flavor, and my home made egg-nogg has become a year-round specialty. This vanilla is what my great grandma used in her cooking, and I can see why. Quality is the #1 priority with Nielsen-Massey, and it shows in the goods you will undoubtedly find excuses to produce. Plus this is the biggest bottle I could find, and it will last me for quite some time! Stop reading already and click add to cart!
395948395948B001GE8N4YA2RJJPU0R483SPL. Pettis2251304553600The best vanilla!I've used this brand for years in all my baking. It's great quality and I will continue to use it till I'm old and gray. :)
395949395949B001GE8N4YA1JBOHN0M8Y8I7Meadowlark2251300147200Madagascar VanillaI am always searching out good products to elevate my cooking efforts. So, when I watch cooking shows with my favorite food network chefs, I pay attention to their equipment and the products they use. I saw Ina Garten using Nielsen-Massey vanilla, among a few other of their products on her shelf. So, I ordered it to give it a try and it is just wonderful. This vanilla wins, handsdown over the usual supermarket offerings. You literally can taste the vanilla in all the baked goods. It's taste specific. This is a smooth and very fragrant vanilla and I would highly recommend it to anyone.
395950395950B001GE8N4YA1WGFK4IKAA88C. Ruckel "career woman"4551261526400Absolutely the bestWhen you want you baking/cooking to have that beautiful vanilla taste, this is your best choice. I buy the large bottle as a good price break and share with my family. Everyone raves about my holiday baking and this is the secret.
395951395951B001GE8N4YA3R6DWZ6H93WZJjopb1141325808000Great extractThe Nielsen Massey Madagascar Bourbon Vanilla extract imparts a marvelous vanilla flavor to baked goods and is a great value for a large quart bottle.
395952395952B001GE8N4YA36HBGDEFPWD0UB. Holt1141324944000Tasty!This makes some great baked goods! I'm no baking expert but I can follow a recipe pretty well. So far I've used it in chocolate chip cookies and waffles. I think people are right and saying that you should scale down the amount of vanilla needed. I've been using exactly what was on the recipe and I get just a slight alcohol aftertaste. If you smell the vanilla right out of the bottle, it is clear it's the vanilla you are tasting. It's not unpleasant and I don't think anybody would really notice.
395953395953B001GE8N4YA19WPNAG43CFXDMegan K.1151284681600Great product, great priceI've used this product for baking for over a year now, it's really one of the best. The price on amazon especially with Prime, is really great
395954395954B001GE8N4YA3G94VRB3N4FR3SUZY GIRALDO1151283731200the best vanilla extractI use this in all my baking it is great, I love the large container, because I am a Chef and go through it fast. This gives that well rounded flavor to all my sweet endings
395955395955B001GE8N4YA84KYYIRZ3K00T. shu "Emorybytes"3441265932800Item is as promisedBest vanilla out there. Wish it came with free shipping, but still a good deal without.
395956395956B001GE8N4YAG3FE9VP10WJJAmber0051349740800Love this vanilla!I used this extract when I worked at a nice restaurant and loved it. It's really a wonderful product. And it was shipped very fast!
395957395957B001GE8N4YAAQ837WQ52O0LJ. Pratt0051347926400Madagascar Burbon VanillaThis is the only product I use for my home made cakes... The vanilla is some of the best on the market !

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