Amazon Fine Food Reviews

395971395971B001GE8N4YA15CVDFY2P9PRUChris Finklein "Chrisn'Di"0051316304000utterly deliciousThis vanilla makes all the difference in the flavoring of anything it dives into. I would highly recommend it even if it sounds a bit pricey when compared to normal grocery store brands. The vanilla taste is pungent and makes whatever you are adding it to even better than you could want.

I was thrilled it came in the 32 oz. size bottle because with the pourer it is easy to use and there is enough I didn't feel I had to limit my use of it.

This is the kind of product that once you've tried it you'll be unable to use any other brand again. Fabulous results await if you'll give into the temptations of Madagascar!!!!
395972395972B001GE8N4YA3F538PE30X2QZA. Berger "AshBash"914113094784004oz IS NOT 32oz!I ordered the 32 oz. bottle TWICE and BOTH TIMES recieved a 4oz bottle with a 32oz label. Once, maybe a mistake...TWICE, I'd think twice about ordering from them because it seems like they're trying to pull a fast one.
395973395973B001GE8N4YA2N3ZGV6UDL7CC. Swonke121921262131200A bit disappointedAfter reading all the rave reviews about Nielsen-Massey vanilla, I purchased the 32 oz. for my Thanksgiving pie baking and Christmas cookie baking. I must say I was disappointed, and feel that the vanilla I purchase at Sam's Club is just as good or perhaps better. This didn't add anything extra to any of my baked goods, but didn't hurt them either. I would say it's just another vanilla, but way overpriced. I won't be buying it again.
395974395974B001GE8N4YA1NYM0FXC480GUKelly Melendez101611311033600I got a 4oz bottle too...???I cannot review the product, since I never got a chance to open it. Just as others complained, I too ordered a 32oz bottle but received a 4oz bottle, labeled on the packaging as 32oz. I contacted Amazon, who fulfilled the order, and I sent it back almost two weeks ago and am still awaiting reimbursment.
395975395975B001GE8N4YAEXOJ4AD7TA0QJoAnn1251310947200Nielsen-Massey Madagascar Bourbon Pure Vanilla ExtractI just love this VANILLA. I was introduced to the vanilla from King Arthur Flour. I was happy to see that I did not have to drive to King Arthur to get some more.
395976395976B001GE8N4YA1HZ2NDI7WZL4ITori Greene0131340150400Just OKI was really excited to try this vanilla extract as it seems I hear about the brand all the time. When our big bottle of Mexican vanilla ran out I ordered this one and was a bit disappointed. It just doesn't taste as good, and has a detectable alcohol aftertaste. I'll use it, but we've asked one of our friends to get us another bottle of the Mexican vanilla next time they are visiting family south of the border.
395977395977B001GE8N4YA23TKVSLT6PS9TStef0231341878400Good value, but size probably more appropriate for a restaurantI received the order as promised. The size is a bit overwhelming for me; also I haven't tried it yet to test the authenticity. I normally get a 8oz bottle from a discount store for $12.99, and thought this was a great deal. Should last me for years!
395978395978B001GVIS7EA3I5PV471TUZEXS. Allman "avid reader"3351294963200Excellent product!This is a good product to either eat for breakfast or use as a multi-grain additive to a whole wheat bread recipe. If you choose to do that you will have to soak 1 and a quarter cups of grain in 12 ounces of hot water for 40 minutes, then add it to your homemade bread. It makes for a excellent multi-grain bread!
395979395979B001GVIS7EA1PEH30641V305Robert Jarrett "rjarrett"00313232160007 grain hot cerealIt is OK not as good as the gluten free of the ame brand, which I can not find any more
395980395980B001GVIS7EA2O3G7N5YBO8V3Harry the baker00513221792007 grain cerealThis is a good multi-grain cereal. Got it to bake with and it makes a good bread that has a sweet sort of nutty flavor. The cereal arrived quickly and in good order. No complaints on how it got to me.
395981395981B003F0RVV8A12ENZOVKKR5ILWeapon of Mass Instruction "Weapon of Mass In...0041350777600Um... talk about a rip off.These cakes are quite tasty and similar to the commercially available Zingers, only about half of the size per cake. Each one is about four bites worth, a nice expenditure if you have reserve points but not filling if you are hungry for sweets. Oh, these are available at about $3.50 per box (three costing you $10.50) in Stop and Shop and most supermarkets. Amazon charges double. I don't know about you, but I work hard for my money and cannot see paying twice what is it worth!!!
395982395982B006XAU5C4A1IU7S4HCK1XK0Joanna Daneman2251109289600The black bean rules!The Jelly Belly people actually put real licorice in these jelly beans. There is usually only one of the licorice beans in a bag of assorted beans, so if you love licorice, you can buy them solo. These are authentic tasting and really good. You can't beat Jelly Belly for flavor.
395983395983B006XAU5C4A2SIPYGHXKDRPRM. Barnhill1151134518400This is an amazing Jelly BeanI have met the creator/inventor of the Jelly Belly and I can report with full confidence, that this is one tasty Licorice Jelly Bean. A Jelly Belly is smaller than Jelly Beans and that is why Ronald Reagan liked them so much. My personal favorite flavor is Licorice. 5 STARS!
395984395984B006XAU5C4A1O1C1RWAZCW4SAnGC2311309651200Not what I thoughtThese jelly beans were very unusual when they showed up. They came in a package without a jelly belly logo, the jelly beans themselves had no jelly belly logo, and I don't really know if they were actually jelly bellys. I got them as a gift, so I didn't try any of them, but it was odd giving a gift where it didn't seem like they were anything special, like I'd bagged up some licorice jelly beans from the grocery store or something, big I was disappointed. And because they were a gift I had no idea what they tasted like. So were they really jelly bellys? Who knows? I felt silly giving them though.
395985395985B006XAU5C4A2DJFN6DQQ8WF9E. Carr "tinkerbelle"0051244937600Jelly BellyJust because I sent an order of these jelly beans
to my oldest son in Roswell, Georgia. He travels
a lot and enjoys a snack while he is driving and
he loves licorice jelly beans.

This would make a nice gift for any special person
in your life.
395986395986B004D9VYEKA2YBBNUAK3NPV8painter560051325980800DeliciousGolden State's organic mandarin oranges are some of the most juicy and sweet oranges I've ever had. I sent them to my siblings, and my sister thought they were so good that she then sent a box to me. You can't go wrong with these oranges.
395987395987B000ML0V7EA28HH43136QN5LD. Fuller2311266537600DeceptionShe is showing the original Sweetheart Candies and sent out the New ones that I didn't want. I am so angry.
Bait and switch. The only reason I bought them because it shows the ones I wanted. Lies.
395988395988B000ML0V7EA2OP61YXRFIZ30Molly0051333238400Can't have Valentine's Day without them!These candies are absolutely disgusting, but who buys them to eat?? They come in adorable boxes with "To/From" spaces on them, perfect for everyone's favorite Hallmark holiday.
395989395989B000ML0V7EA1RP51W5HR9S8PE. Browning0051272326400Best TastingMy daughter tells me these are the best tasting message hearts. I ordered these after Valentine's Day just because she likes them so much.
395990395990B003DNL9OCA2YIO225BTKVPUAngel_Boy "Treat the people around you the wa...0051319500800GOODgood product. decent shelf life. at $10 or less for 4 containers with free s/h is a bargain. the packaging is horrible- such a big, plastic container, with plastic wrapping for 6 tiny packets of powder- i wish the packing was more environmentally friendly. remember when milk came in strong cardboard coated in wax- environmentally friendly and worked just as well as plastic....i use 1 packet to make a gallon (4 quarts) instead of 2 quarts- it still tastes good and lasts twice as long.
395991395991B003DNL9OCA65DFK1MSAFGAChrissyLovesSnacks0041319068800One of my favorite flavorsI love this flavor but the packages are smaller than usual. So you can make about 24-32oz with one of the packages...great if you carry a 1 liter bottle and want to just make one that way...otherwise it's kind of an awkward size.

If you've tried crystal light then know that this one is solid...slightly tangy (lemonade) but quite tasty!

If you've never tried crystal light then know that the aftertaste is nearly non-existent and this flavor is a good one!
395992395992B001SAU290AADPMOGU788O6texasannie0051318723200Practical and delicious.Great tasting fruit nectar with a very long shelf-life is always a plus. It is now a permanent part of my hurricane emergency kit as well as a very welcome addition to the every day pantry. The product is very practically packaged and the taste superb.
395993395993B003H7MUM4A3OTYZ8VCY1PPIcec0051326931200Great teaWe used to travel across the Bay to the import store. So happy it's on Amazon! And for a better price :)
395994395994B000NY8O9WA30SVLDI1KF5Y6CallieMKat2251196553600Less sweet and tastier than plain Coke!I have been looking for Mezzomix Stateside for years! Fell in love with it while stationed in Germany. Has a very refreshing, less sweet taste with a very pleasant, somewhat "peppery" aftertaste (for lack of a better term). I haven't ordered any yet, but if they have not changed their formulation in the last 10 years, it is a great "adult" soda. If you're into the really sticky sweet colas common to the American market, this is not for you. Don't get me wrong. It isn't tart. It has plenty of sugar in it, about 107 Cal/250 ml worth, but less than the average American variety. Can't wait to get my hands on some!
395995395995B000NY8O9WA72B2FDV01FLYJersey0041334448000Good stuff!Saw these sodas profiled on a Travel Channel show recently and they sounded pretty good so decided to order them and give them a shot. Really good! They taste like Coke with a shot or two of orange. The orange isn't misplaced or overpowering and compliments the Coke flavor very well. They're also made by Coca Cola. I'll definitely be ordering more. If I can find them locally it'd probably be a lot less expensive though.
395996395996B000NY8O9WAHLON04CD5YYT3rdiopen0051296604800Was my drink for years!I lived with my father in Kalb housing in nurnberg back in the early 90's. I use to buy this by the liter! Favorite drink of all time. It's not too sweet and not too sweet is right up my alley. Can't wait to get my hands on some.
395997395997B000NY8O9WA24Z0QO86XYILJNutmeg "Rabe des Waldes"0041232928000Mezzomix ist coolI had a chance encounter with this soft drink. I too was in Deutschland but on a vacation with my family. My Brother and I had gone into a fast food place, I guess you could call it that. It was a Donner Kebap, anyways they had cola lite which is much better than the american version of diet coke and mezzo mix, I had wanted to try it and I was impressed. This stuff is way better than any orange type soda produced in the states. The one I had was bottled not canned so there may be some slight taste to this the canned version.
395998395998B000NY8O9WA2CEN8GM3OTQJ6Peter Trzop0051215820800Mezzo Mix - Unique German carbonated colaHaving lived in Germany for almost eight years, Mezzomix was the choice cola to drink. On the military base, you could only get the ,33l cans, while off base you could get bottles and tap Mezzomix. Due to the blend of cola and orange taste, many people will find the sweeter colas in the US more to their liking. Mezzomix is a solid cola, but is one that is selective. Though isolated to a smaller crowd, this cola brings similar loyalty as Dr. Pepper with its followers. Buy a few cans, see how it goes, and order from there.
395999395999B003D4OBJ6A35TIC6B8MVKWGShopper4551314748800Light and tastyIf you like a refreshing drink with a light taste of ginger you'll love this product. Nice that it's organic.
396000396000B003D4OBJ6A1K97IXF026J36J. Lin3731287100800Its ok.Definitely not as good as Seagram's... more of a ginger taste... towards the 2nd half of the can though i started to acquire an acceptance for the taste. Straight up, not as enjoyable as Seagram's, I will try as a mixer for my drink of choice: Crown and Ginger :) should be tasty.

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