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396031396031B00126AQAUAL3E5V6MXO9B0pionex17960051326412800New family favorite!!!!Loved everything about this turkey. The taste was excellent, preparation... what preparation? Just EAT. 5 stars across the board. Will purchase again for myself and for gift giving.
396032396032B00126AQAUABRGF9CNIULH7Cesar H. Marchegiani1551261699200El Pavo de thanksgiving se lo comieron en NavidadLo compré como regalo para mi familia en USA, me dicen que está muy bueno, sabe a jamón navideño.
Cesar Marchegiani
396033396033B0019ZE1SWA33BVGBIVCRZ0DS. Macdonald0051290470400Delicious! The best mustard I have ever had. And surprisingly cheap.I vow to NEVER buy another bottle of the bright yellow stuff again (it was never that good to me anyway). I seriously never knew mustard could taste soooo good. My local grocery sells this, which is where I purchased it, and I will purchase more for Thanksgiving. If you love mustard, I imagine that you would love this. It has a very natural flavor, does not taste artificial at all, and also has mustard seeds scattered throughout (dont worry - they are not hard and crunchy). As an added bonus, the outer label comes off the jar when you open it, so it looks nice on the table! This is what mustard should taste like!
396034396034B0019ZE1SWA1USDNUWRFGW66Vincent Twomey0051249344000yumieI was given a gift pak containing Inglehoffer mustard. I've looked all over for Inglehoffer mustard. It is simply the best 12 jars will last for a time.
396035396035B0084I207QA1AWMWEK4DQTZIBJ3421346371200Wish I knew what this tasted like...I wanted to try Cameron's Velvet Moon. I ordered Velvet Moon, Vanilla Hazelnut and Donut Shop, and also a couple of flavors from San Francisco Bay brand. I liked the idea of the more environmentally-friendly pods for the Keurig and the price was certainly right.

I tried the Vanilla Hazelnut first. I wasn't impressed with it. It was rather bitter and I won't be ordering it again. Last night, I gave Cameron's another shot and opened the factory-sealed box of Velvet Moon. To my surprise, it wasn't Velvet Moon at all. The box was filled with Donut Shop pods.

As far as I'm concerned, that's two strikes for Cameron's. The first box didn't taste good, and the second box was packed with the wrong pods. If I like the Donut Shop coffee, I guess it's no-harm-no-foul. But it certainly doesn't impress. (The San Francisco Bay coffee, on the other hand, was superb and I highly recommend it.)

UPDATE: The Donut Shop coffee turned out to be pretty good coffee, although I do still prefer the SF Bay. It is certainly better than most of the K-cups I've tried. I am still annoyed about the packaging snafu, but might just try the Velvet Moon next time. I'll watch to see what other reviewers think.
396036396036B0084I207QA3TRW8T8NIHJADrhondale0031348617600Velvet Moon? Don't drink after dark!I was a bit surprised to find out that Velvet Moon is actually an espresso. While it does taste okay I do wish I had known this beforehand.
396037396037B0084I207QA1ILGH7RH8Y9CPSheila Smiles0051345161600Great coffee, and works in KeurigNice smooth full coffee, not bitter, plus good price. I think they would work in a multitude of machines because of the open filterered bottom-good design. And there's less packaging which is good thing. The coffee fits in my k cup carousel, it's little loose, but still works.
396038396038B0018QUIMUA25P0QHG4A4GBFFiDiGirl0051346371200Perfect for Potty TrainingThese treats are the perfect size for training, and my pugs love them. I don't think they are expensive at all, so I don't know why the previous reviewer gave these only one star. The treats are about a centimeter in diameter, so you can give your pet many of these before they constitute an actual "treat" portion. You won't regret buying these if you have a puppy who needs positive reinforcement.
396039396039B0018QUIMUA3T8X4C79NQ8O9J. Anderson0211235692800great product! Not so great oz vs moneythey smelled really good and my husky loved them! Not worth the money tho and not many in the package!
396040396040B001D6B0SGA22Q2I6FS01B7BDavid Allardyce212151279152000Fantastic!Open the lid on this lovely salt and you are struck with the unmistakable aroma of truffles. The taste is even better. A little goes a long way. I add a pinch to eggs to turn ordinary into decadent. Like another review, I also love this salt in popcorn. I add a pinch to my oil (usually clarified butter) before popping and supplement with plain sea salt ground fine in the mortar and pestle. A nice change of pace.

This salt is speckled with black truffle flakes that look something like ground black pepper. The truffle flavor is infused throughout. The salt I received on 5/31/2010 has a 'best before' date of 10/28/2012.
396041396041B001D6B0SGA1VQBEW0G4IH1JL. Knights121251248048000Great on popcorn!My bf and I make truffled popcorn with this truffle salt, some truffle infused safflower oil (more of a true truffle taste than truffle infused olive oil) and a stir crazy popper (oh, and a little earth balance melted on top). It is soooo delicious and the truffle flavor is very strong. Zooming in on the picture I saw that it said 5% truffle, but the actual product I received in the mail was labeled 10% just like it says in the product name.
396042396042B001D6B0SGA1EROJUHTVJVGJStephen P. Gruss "steve"182041273017600The real smell, seductive......I have tried 8 different truffle oils and 4 different salts, this one stands out by far. The scent is so good it will have you repeatedly opening the jar for a "sniff", and later smelling your hands if you used your fingers to pinch some onto food.
Great with pasta, pizza, baked potato, anything that you put olive oil on-sprinkle this on too. See others comments for what they put it on, it is heavenly.
I tried the fungusamongus brand, side by side there is no comparison, this one is the real scent.
The only reason I didn't give it 5 stars is I am waiting for a 20 or 25% product, so i can cut down my salt intake.[This one is 10%]
Enjoy ! you wont be dissapointed.
396043396043B001D6B0SGA3GZYSKLG92G1RAlba9941284768000would buy again -- with caveatsAh, the sensual taste of black truffles. This salt includes generous bits of black summer truffles, not winter truffles, but that's good enough for me. At least you know that you're getting actual truffle substance, in contrast to truffle oil, which often contains synthetic compounds (truffle "essence").

I received this package last night and already sprinkled this truffle salt on mashed potatoes and on a veggie burger. I'm looking forward to adding this to my scrambled eggs every morning and creating a blend with unsalted butter. As far as the truffle salt itself goes, I only wish that this were available at an even higher concentration than 10%.

The main problem is the packaging. The lid does not keep in the beautiful aroma of truffles -- I don't mind the smell in the kitchen, but all that wonderful flavor won't end up in the food. I've portioned out some in a camping (screwtop) salt shaker so that I can keep the main stash in a ziploc bag. But to reiterate, the lid itself is really a bad packaging job. In fact, the jar was open when it arrived! I'm not sure whether to blame the manufacturer or Amazon, but this meant the truffle salt spilled all over the inside of bubble wrap and the cardboard box. I recovered most, feeling somewhat pathetic about the effort, but this is expensive stuff and easily 10% to 20% of the product got lost in transit. I guess that tells you how good the stuff is.
396044396044B001D6B0SGA152BVVJAWMFBWBBdoodle4451304553600Excellent ProductI have used many different truffle salts before but this one is be BEST !!!. When I was opening the outer shipping box I could smell the truffle. When I walked back in my kitchen a couple of hours later I could still smell the truffle I thought I may have left the cap off the jar which I did not. I will not buy any other salt now that I found this one..... awesome salt and true to the description of 10% truffle. I highly recommend this product.
396045396045B001D6B0SGA15BKJEIIRCDODFL flamingo3321311811200Not what I hoped forAfter all the good reviews I read about this salt (due to its having a higher % of truffle than the others on the market) I was excited to give it a try. Unfortunately - my opinion is that it was a big waste of $$.
It has a strange chemical smell to it... and the truffle smell/taste, like the others I've tried, faded to nothing within a month.
396046396046B001D6B0SGAWZ3IX6L75OJAbootgirl3341281052800yummyLots of bits of truffle and a strong truffle flavor. This is a great salt for the price!
396047396047B001D6B0SGA3TS6FLDZA1UWNkjs2221323993600so soI bought this salt after seeing it had mostly favorable reviews. This one has a strange chemical smell as someone else had commented, and didnt think it had that much "truffleness" out of the box, even though there are very visible chunks floating around. I had gotten another truffle salt from a friend as a gift, Fusion Truffle Salt. It was great at first but faded fast but no chemical smell. Best one I've tried so far is O & Co and its not sold on Amazon. :0(
396048396048B001D6B0SGA2GASRSEH52JLRE. Schrader2251307404800soooo good!A friend recommended the truffle salt from a different, high end, cooking store. 2x I went in thinking I might splurge for it but just couldn't bring myself to spend almost $30 for salt, black truffles or not. So I hunted on good ole' amazon and found this. and it's actually 5% more black truffle and it's the same size, and WAY cheaper.

adds a deeeeellliiicious truffle flavor to anything from pop corn to eggs and whatever else you can think of.

So good. can't recommend it enough!
396049396049B001D6B0SGA3U8961ZKXIYXLPamela Lund "ThatPamChick"2251298505600Nice truffle flavorThis truffle salt has excellent flavor and big chunks of black truffle in it. You can smell the truffles before you even open the jar. I find myself sprinkling it on everything. If you are used to using truffle oil or even real truffles, this won't taste the same. It is meant to be used as a seasoning, not to infuse full truffle flavor in dishes. I just ordered my third jar and realized that it's supposed to be refrigerated after opening. We just leave it on the counter and it's never gone bad. *shrug*
396050396050B001D6B0SGA3GHANRF4H0X9IE. Kunhardt2251287532800Great productI was tempted to buy the more expensive brand, but I am glad I didn't. This one has an exquisite aroma of truffles. It also has a high percentage of truffles than the other pricer ones available. I used this to finish off a porcini mushroom risotto to which I had already added black truffle oil. It's more of a finishing salt. I also tried it on sweet potato fries and plain popcorn. Amazing! I will definitely reorder this again, as it's going to be used frequently. Would make a nice gift, too.
396051396051B001D6B0SGA90E54KJZU7YSStanley Kurtz1151319673600Italian Products Black Trouffle SaltStrong trouffle flavor. A larger amount of trouffle than 10% would require less salt per use for those of us on a low salt diet.
396052396052B001D6B0SGA1SC6R3MG6JP5NViki Vesuvius1131309478400good quality for the priceLoved this stuff, even though we wouldve loved even more truffle. But since truffle salts are so expensive, this is a great option for foodies on budgets.
396053396053B001D6B0SGA3AIIFXEEHKQWXFreeSpirit1000 "toml1109"1151297036800Best of breedI have tried three different truffle salts now. This one is the best. Another at a still higher concentration would be desirable.

Greater product consistency would be an asset to this brand. My latest shipment is well below the norm in quality of the flavor/aroma of the product.
396054396054B001D6B0SGA1B344PX57WVUNGL1151295654400Best truffle salt I've had!I bought this truffle while visiting a specialty truffle store in seattle. I paid about $30 at the store. The salt granules are small and therefore adhere to food much better than the other types of salts with larger salt crystals. The 10% truffle content lets you know exactly how much concentration of truffle you get. While 10% doesn't seem like a lot, it really is! Best out there. I use the salt on potato chips, scrambled eggs, risotto, mac and cheese, and the list goes.
396055396055B001D6B0SGAUMI3I06ILBABJ. W. Rubin0011339632000Bitter tasteI have tried a few brands of truffle salt. I like it on popcorn. I thought that this product would be great since it was 10% truffle instead of the 5% I had been purchasing. Although the aroma of this product is good, the taste is just bad--not awful, bad. The bitter flavor is at the front, not an aftertaste and there is not a strong truffle flavor. I am very disappointed.
396056396056B001D6B0SGA1GVT93EW9IJHUJim Fair0051336694400ExcellentThis taste really good and full of flavor. The jar doesn't seal that tight so a small amount of truffle scent is apparent when you open the shipping package. Mix this with olive oil to create some real "Truffle Oil". I only wish there was a 20%, so I could lower my salt intake.
396057396057B001D6B0SGA1YH1GU4V7OZJMJon0041325203200Performed as advertised.This was my first truffle salt online purchase and I am happy to say that I was not disappointed. The flavor and aroma remained stable and strong for the duration I used this product. Per recommendations that came with the product, I did store it in the refrigerator after opening. This may have helped keep things fresh. I recommend this product to my fellow truffle pigs.
396058396058B001D6B0SGA1NW2S3AWD8Z4KWilliam Wade0141316822400Smells soooo baaaadI've seen mixed reviews on truffle salts. Some people love 'em. Some people hate 'em. I will say that, when cooking with this salt, there is a definite "flavor"... and it's good. But the smell... oh man, the smell. When you open this jar, anyone in a fifty foot radius will know it. The jar holds it in well, and we don't have a problem with the smell leaking out into anything else in the vicinity... and maybe it's just us... but it's so potent. It smells awful. I don't know how something that smells so bad can taste so good. It's a cheap enough luxury item that it's worth a shot. If you can't stand it, someone is bound to take it off your hands.
396059396059B001D6B0SGA1D1MOEC3OXBW5Cat Fish0331315872000Waste of Money for me.I'm trying to learn how to cook more refined tasting meals. Therefore I've done some research and found that this product seems genuine and the reviews are great. However, when I received it, and open the box, a whiff of the salt hit me. Can't say I love it. Maybe I just don't like truffle... But who doesn't like truffle?! I used it on pork chops, and again, wasn't that impressed with the taste. It's not the same as I have had at restaurant. I dunno.. I guess I'll try it on eggs and popcorn as suggested by the reviewers. Hopefully I was just using it wrong.
396060396060B000EM00YUA10C4ON7WHJG66William Hofmann "wordwise"1151314316800Superb Acacia HoneyI'm almost 80 and from the age of 7 when I first worked with my uncle and his beehives in south Texas to many years sampling many types of honeys, I have never had a honey as subtle and flavorful as Dr. Pescia's Miele de Acacia (Acacia Honey). The man is a true artisan specializing in Italina Truscan honeys. Not cheap, but well worth the price. I don't do many product reviews, but this man deserves to be recognized for his efforts.Acacia Honey by Dr Pescia - 17.5oz JarDr. Pescia Sunflower Honey 17.5 oz

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