Amazon Fine Food Reviews

396091396091B0048IAKN2A2G8MXGI0L1465drysodalover0011323475200Great Drink, Bad PricingPrice is wayyyyyy above retail!!! I love DRY sodas. However, I think that you should probably be aware that you can buy these sodas from in the same quantity for $32 right now, and that isn't on sale! There is also a place on the site to see if someone carries it in your area. I was just a few clicks away from purchasing this here, and decided to do a quick check on the website which is where I will buy it until the price is equal here. Just to be clear, if it was just the soda I would give it 5-stars, but because the price is essentially doubled, I am driving the point home that the pricing is outrageous and hopefully giving it 1-star will get people to read this.
396092396092B000NL71LMA30RWIY6X785X9B. Barber2251195084800Moonshine MadnessMoonshine Madness is an awesome condiment. We have had to share our supply with everyone who has sampled it in our home. If you like hot flavor, this is the one to get!
396093396093B000NL71LMAB3A93J4MFANUmetalnation850051347840000Awsomeness in a bottleI first saw this sauce in a Basspro shop, so I decided to buy it. When I tasted it it was sweet, smokey, and of course Spicy. The burn lasted a good while and was a very good one. I love this sauce and would recomend it to anyone who can take the heat.
396094396094B005J0OGY2A231IWMPHGWFUXMr. A. Dodds41051323043200Spiffing!My cats loved this champagne.

Unfortunately they only got one glass each before I dropped the bottle on the stone steps outside my council house.

396095396095B000SSNS5SA2BUQ240COLAOPDave from Tacoma1121286755200Misleading picture of product - does NOT have a tie stringI bought 10 of these burlap bags for red potatoes and garlic from our garden. However, the picture of the product is misleading - it shows the bag tied closed, which would suggest to me that it has a tie string at the top. It does NOT. No string and no hanging hook. So I had to thread my own twine into the bag to accomplish this. Had I known this I would have gone a different direction.
396096396096B000SSNS5SA1P5N909O9ZLK5David Grimm0021327363200smellyI ordered these to store green coffee beans in. When I opened the package, I could smell the stench of diesel fuel. I know burlap smells, but this was a strong oder and I did not want my coffee smelling this way. Burlap is a product of a fibre and I think this smell was a chemical used in the production of the cloth. I certainly do NOT want my expensive green coffee beans ruined due to cheap (actaully not so cheap) storage bags. I washed the bags and hung them in my garage to dry.

I think I'm going to purchase COTTON coffee storage bags from a place called Sweet Marias. Hopefully they'll be less stinky and better for clean storage. Too bad Amazon doesn't handle merchandize from Sweet Marias.
396097396097B004X8T8DUAVL3HXSC0B303Charlie's Mom0051324080000Mom looking for savingsThis is definitely a good buy! Product is good and savings are even better. Packaging is perfect for the item.
396098396098B004X8T8DUA17EJTT5A1MB25Leah Nebergall0041322265600Great Price, made even better!Between my children and myself we eat a box of little bites every couple days. I love the flavor and texture of this cereal and it is pretty healthy too. For my kids this cereal is a treat, (I don't allow junk cereal in the house). At the local grocery store it is over $3.50 a box. I enrolled in auto ship and it is closer to $2 a box. Be prepared though, there is a little more breakage to the product than when I buy at the grocery store but for the price I don't mind, that is the reason for the four star rating.
396099396099B000H134B4A2X78O6G89CB30Irish mike1151338249600Great ChiliiesI'd searched several local supermarkets for green chillies, but with no luck. Silly, I should have tried Amazon first. Obviously, Amazon had them, but at a price I'd have spent for one can, I got a case of 12 cans. They definitely provide a unique flavor addition to many dishes. The thought of having a dozen cans of green chillies somewhat overwhelmed me, but I've quickly learned to love the new taste sensation the chillies add. It probably won't be too long before I'll be placing another order.
396100396100B000H134B4A3ENN12GLNTUAFJ. Kennel "marriagefanatic"3451264118400Love these chilies!Chi-Chi's has jumped in to the selling on Amazon pool. Trusted name, tasty chilies for all your favorite recipes, and a GREAT price here on Amazon. These chilies are warm, not super hot, and add a nice subtle flavor to soups, stews, and tons of Mexican dishes. These are not in all stores, so very nice find here and super great price with free Amazon Prime shipping. Grab yours today!
396101396101B000H134B4A2K7VICHU86IN4D. Clark0051347840000Always HandyMy husband loves these. He eats them I don't and with the small tin he keeps them in the fridge handy for when he makes himself omelets and other things he makes for his breakfasts.
396102396102B000H134B4A37Z843SR49K8PAna Logue0051343692800Great diced chilies at good price!I started buying these when the Ortega brand became unavailable on Amazon. These are just what I want and the price is better on Amazon than for the same type chilies at the grocery stores.

Great in dips/salsas and for adding extra vegetables to frozen rice and beans/enchiladas. Fast addition to "dress up" frozen/microwave entrees for an easy meal. I can eat a can of these almost every day!
396103396103B001EQ4EC4A3DFJ13E402LP9DHolmes0051319760000Millstone 100% Columbian ground coffeeThe price and quality of this purchase is certainly a benefit for my household. Heck I save money and don't have to leave the house for the great taste of a cup of coffee!! Delivery is automatic and haven't ran out yet.
396104396104B001EQ4EC4A1NDUJ0KICNLQSP. J. Cotugno0051317772800Black Coffee Form AmazonI had been buying this coffee for some years, at local supermarkets, but their supply got to be not too reliable.
So I checked with Amazon and found it to be available via the internet. Anyone interested in some thick, rich,
black percolator coffee would not go wrong with this one.
396105396105B001EQ4EC4AOT384XCD8H8Daniel J. Honneffer0041317427200Good coffee at a great priceRealy liked this coffee at wal mart but it was costing me to much. So when I found it here on auto ship to save even more money, well i was happy with that. Try millstone's other brands also!
396106396106B001EQ4EC4A2N60RQC0RDBW3krosmon0041307059200The Best CoffeeThis comes to me every month on a subscription. I love this coffee - very tasty and not overpriced. I am very happy with this product and the service.
396107396107B001EQ4EC4A2ZL2VZC5Q6Z9ZK in CLE0051296950400My favoriteI tried Millstone Coffee about 5 years ago and I've been hooked every since. The best coffee that I've ever had.
396108396108B001EQ4EC4A3SLPE7IU67LMBtena0051287100800Great CoffeeMy husband and I love Millstone 100% Colombian Ground Coffee. It tastes great and is never bitter. We were excited to find it on sale at Amazon.
396109396109B001EQ4EC4A2QR7KOGDJJ3KCE. Sherman0051265068800Millstone 100% Columbia Ground CoffeeRich and smooth tasting. I also combine it equally with Eight O'clock Whole Bean Columbian Decaffeinated Coffee for a great tasting blend. Try it ... you'll love it.
396110396110B002LTFNFAA1RTMNAW5D9C0TMomOf5NanaOf40051317600000Tea for twoI love this tea company. I can find most any flavor or style of tea which comes to mind. It is delivered promptly and always fresh.
396111396111B001DK8JHCA8Y1Z1JYVXDEVAlexia Bellerson0051336867200THANKYOUI do not know if my item has been received as yet, nor what it looks like, but I wanted to take a moment and say that this seller went above and beyond by shipping Priority Mail to my Aunt who is in the Hospital dying of Cancer and time was of the essense...I had paid for expedited shipping, but there was a range of time with that and so I asked that it be sent on the early side of the range. She emailed right back and told me she sent it right out the same day, so with Gods Blessing she will recieve it in time and it will brighten her sprits. I blieve that the Lord answers our prayers and that there are Angels among us! Thank you !
396112396112B004RZZM20A189O54J78BMKQM. Jacobs8851308787200Good stuffThis is good. I remember my parents taking the Dinty Moore beef stew with us when we went camping. It was good in the outdoors where we got extra hungry after hiking. This is the first time I've tried the turkey stew and it is "good stuff". I was surprised how good it is. I won't have any trouble eating the 6 cans once a month with the subscription plan. Often canned food like this is too salty but not this. The seasoning is perfect, the texture, the chunks of vegetables are so good. I don't think I'll ever make stew again.
396113396113B004RZZM20A1B15IVRZFBYCZislander1131340150400adequacy in the extremeI didn't hate the turkey stew, it's not bad - it's the Mitt Romney of stews, not the Dick Nixon but unfortunately, not the Abe Lincoln either.

I think the problem is that it doesn't stand comparison with Dinty Moore Beef Stew which I like a lot more - I think the difference is the ingrediments, in Beef Stew, the list includes Beef and they are big chunks of actual beef. Turkey Stew lists: white turkey (white turkey, modified food starch, salt, water, sugar, MSG, spices), in other words, turkey spam, which again is adequate to no end. But I was expecting actual Turkey and also (paraphrasing Woody Allen) the portions are small, the "white turkey" chunks are small and there aren't that many of them.

I was going to try the Chicken Stew but after going on the Hormel site, I see that it too has something called "white chicken" on the list - well, I don't get excited by chicken even if it's really actual chicken - they don't even sell chicken spam, do they ?

So, I'm disappointed, I won't be buying turkey stew again - unless . . . maybe if I buy a can of actual turkey and blend it together with the Turkey Stew ??

Also, I'd really like to see a Dinty Moore Pork Stew made with real pork, now that would be exciting ! :)
396114396114B004RZZM20A12YFFKHXG5980dirtj0011346112000this stuff is bad...i eat moore beef stew all the time over rice . but the turkey smelled bad tasted bad... i would not feed it to my worst enemy enough said. O if i could i would give it no star
396115396115B000LF2BF6A3J7O11ECNX6T7C. Facteau "FragmentedPerfection"0031335312000A little expensive, but "okay" hot sauce.I bought this as a Christmas gift for my hubby, who is a hot sauce fanatic! The item description said that there would be a gift of some sort with the purchase, but it never came. Seller informed me that it was an outdated description and apologized. My husband likes most of the sauces he is sent (one per month), but it's definitely not worth the price, in both of our opinions (one sauce tasted like spicy ketchup).
396116396116B000LF2BF6A3A3PKKLE11BE8JL0051322092800Yum delivered!What a great way to expand your hot sauce repertoire. Prompt delivery, excellent customer service. Recommended for hot sauce lovers and the hot sauce curious.
396117396117B00061UKJOA3HPCRD9RX351SSpudman2251265328000Dogs on the LambRead the labels of the cheap canned dog foods, and what you see might turn your stomach. Long ago we decided to feed our girls the best of available dog foods to prolong their lives, and keep them healthy and happy. For the most part I don't begrudge them the extra expense entailed. They don't have to eat those scrap heap items like necks, feet, undeveloped eggs, bones, heads, and intestines (and a small amount of feathers in the case of chicken) euphemistically called "animal byproducts." I read ingredient lists carefully so nobody can pull the wool over my eyes.

The label on the can of Artemis lamb looks like something found on people food, a pastel yellow background with a graphic of fresh foods like: tomato, lamb chops, carrots, greens, peas, fish and POTATOES. Below the attractive picture is the caption " home cook meal with natural broth." Below that ungrammatical caption and the all caps LAMB are the words "Made in U.S.A.", reassuring words indeed.

The can opens easily with its pop off lid. Though the Artemis is made with broth it's not runny or mushy, but firm in the can. Bits of veggies peak out from a food that looks almost good enough to eat and has a pleasant, mild smell. Our three dogs took to the canned lamb immediately and ate it with gusto. Since the canned food is so prohibitively expensive we give each of the girls a tablespoonful of it to add some interest to their plate of dry Artemis. This works out well for everyone because I like them to have mostly dry kibble for dental health and the added ingredients in the dry formula. Using this procedure a 13 oz can lasts us about three days.

Artemis products have a 100% guarantee from the company. If the customer or pet is not satisfied, return the product with proof of purchase to the place of purchase for a replacement or refund.

We feel confident and not the least bit sheepish about feeding our girls a quality food made by Artemis, a food with wholesome natural ingredients formulated for their needs.
A mutt on Artemis is a happy canine.
396118396118B000F5XPAWA3S6H1UDAG3V2WB. Smith "Mac User"1151287878400Tanzania Peaberry Green BeansI have ordered this bean twice and been pleased both times. It has good flavor, roasts evenly, and has few to no aberrant beans. It is a great deal for the price.
396119396119B001C5KY58A3NILEHQHZTLA7Julie A. Ream5551265500800For the Love of Israeli couscous!This is the most versatile product that I've ever used. You can eat it by itself, mix it with vegetables, meat, herbs and/or, put it in soups or sauces. Israeli couscous tastes delicious, is not expensive, a little of it goes a long way and, it's easy to prepare. Israeli couscous is much different than the fine & grainy couscous that most people think of, and are used to, in reference to couscous. The pieces are much larger & heartier so they hold up under various cooking preparations. Israeli couscous has a mild flavor which makes it capable of adopting any flavor profile that you may desire---just like pasta (because it IS pasta) or rice. It is an awesome addition to any meal. Try Israeli Couscous---you'll be glad you did!
396120396120B001C5KY58A2O9UK5B50KKYBcharliebargain1151333152000What a treat !!!If you like whole wheat pasta, you will love this easy to cook and delicious treat. Because the product swells in water be careful how much you cook at first. It is filling and though it is not an entire meal, it can be a substantial side dish with a few added veggies.

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