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396121396121B001C5KY58AQPCTI2ED1FZVjt0051347753600Kids love itWe have this a few times a week and the kids really like it. Glad we found this on amazon. Easy to cook. Better than rice. Many different prep options.
396122396122B003KFCYDIA16VR1BO4A9JIMMyk1151331337600Just what a Brit neededEverything arrived in one piece!
Only someone who has been carting Ribena bank and forth in a suitcase will appreciate the convenience of buying online.
I used to hand carry BIG bottles back from UK with me.
With the new airline security restrictions I can no longer do that.
I have finally succumbed to ordering online.
It is more expensive but sooooo much more convenient!
I will be ordering again soon.
396123396123B003KFCYDIA1VN7PA3TYI8ROIndolent1141323043200I'm no fan of concentrated juice drinks, but in Ribena's case, I make an exception!Ribena is one of those childhood staples that I MUST have. I miss the little juice packs that you can get in the UK as well as the carbonated variety that comes in cans, but you really can't beat the old-skool bottled concentrate. If you've never tried Ribena, well.... you should. It's made from real blackcurrant juice, you won't find any revolting artificial sweeteners or high fructose corn syrup in it, and although it's definitely a calorie-laden sugary treat, it is SO much better-tasting than any 'diet' drink you can get. It's really refreshing and thirst-quenching full of blackcurranty delicousness. A little goes a long way because it's so concentrated, so a bottle can last a long time if you're a little sparing with the stuff. It's not just for kids, either - you can make all manner of respectable grown-up beverages with Ribena. Just try splashing a little bit into a glass of cider (or into a glass of part-cider, part-lager for a "Snakebite and Black"... mandatory drink of every discerning goth type), add a generous slosh to a vodka & tonic... even a little dash in some sparkling mineral water makes for a wonderfully different and refreshing drink. It will add a bright, fruity flavor to all kinds of things, AND it's full of vitamin C so you can even feel all virtuous while you drink it.

To sum up in one word: YUM.
396124396124B003KFCYDIA31UN01C95N0TVnyc "nyc"0041343692800Plastic Bottles and Less ConcentratedThis 33.8 once bottle is the larger of the two sizes offered by Ribena. The bottles are made of plastic, so they won't break in transport and four of them are packed into a bag. However, unlike the traditional glass ones I had, the black currant in these plastic bottles don't seem as concentrated as past Ribena black currant. Maybe Ribena has changed the concentration level because these bottles require a lot more currant-to-water ratio to be sweet, so I've had to pour more currant for the same amount of water to get the complete taste of a Ribena drink. I have to say that I love Ribena's black currant and I miss it. The price has gone up in Chinese supermarkets for Ribena (used to be $4-$6 per bottle, now $9-$14 per bottle), and I found Amazon offers better pricing if you subscribe to the frequent purchase deal.
396125396125B003KFCYDIA2HK8FHONM40MODave Bowen0041331510400Rum and BlackAlways a favourite of mine in UK. This drink mixes well with spiced rum. It proved a hit with my US friends and is capable of crossing the pond in a single bound.....SUPER! The Amazon product information would be improved with ingredients information as shown on the bottle.
396126396126B003KFCYDIA2X4UAUKJWO26OJ. Campbell "Gmia"1451299196800Great Vitamin C ChoiceI've been using this product for years and I still get the same results. Great taste, great supplement, great price from amazon.
396127396127B004DBXH48ANACWFBHVFHHWBurt Kirchheimer2251308700800good quality and pricethis product was good quality and the price beat any retail prices I could find locally. However, half of the cans arrived substantially dented indicating either poor handling in shipping or poor packaging.
396128396128B005P7YSG0A10AFMY8FACLEQEllen0051323388800Great ProductThe Knorr Rouladen packet is a great product. The shipment arrived very quickly. We were more than satisfied with this purchase. Would buy from this vendor again.
396129396129B000H25UHYA3FD9FWGETS6M7skeez0041349049600Mustard is always good!This mustard makes all things you eat it on taste better. I love all the flavors this brand supplies. I very much wish that Amazon could offer a variety pack. I suspect that sales would be greater than anticipated. I love this product. I would give the entire operation five stars for a variety pack. Skeez
396130396130B000H25UHYA3J4EANDO3NM6SThe Photographer0051347235200great mustardThis is a great mustard which is hard to find. That is why I have signed up to receive this every 2 months. It is great on ham sandwiches and hamburgers.
396131396131B000H25UHYA3B1C18PATI49MJill M. Stecher "jillmo16"0051311120000Our Family's Favorite MustardWe love this stuff. It is like crack for your sandwiches. We are a family of 6 and from the 13 year-old to the 3 year-old the kids enjoy. I use it daily on my husband's sandwich. It has a great smokey, yummy flavor which takes a regular old sandwich to new heights. Get it!
396132396132B000H25UHYA3EQG951IZBPA4Master Snacker0051274745600I love this mustard.Both my Father and I bought one bottle each, as this is all the store had. We both love it immensly and now we have to shop for it on the internet. It is best with snacking. Try it on beef sticks with cheese and crackers. The smoke flavor is subtle, but oh so good.
396133396133B000H25UHYA1HCWZU20A8SDOV. Pollitt0021257206400Subtle SmokeI purchased this product because I love the flavor of smoked foods and good mustard.The name...Jack Daniels "Hickory" smoked...whoa sounded great! Unfortunatley the smoke flavor is too subtle,and flat.There is also quite a bit of sodium per serving. Now I am stuck with 5 bottles languishing in my pantry. Maybe I will try making salad dressing?
396134396134B007PKOKEKA9FNL4L4SL17GKatherine "reader for the joy of reading"0031349308800Not as flavorfulWe bought this brand bc our regular health food store ran out of the same product, different brand.

These were okay, but they didn't have the rich flavor of our usual brand. They we not stale, just relatively bland. My husband wouldn't eat them so I'm suck w them haha.
396135396135B00434J5MIA3K3UHC5J04NW4JNobi "Jimmy"2251335398400The Best!This is the best taco kit available! I love that the taco shells stand and they are nice and crispy. The shells are larger so you get to put more of the good stuff in it! The seasoning is wonderful and the taco sauce is great. I highly recommend Old El Paso Stand 'N Stuff Taco Dinner Kit. Enjoy!
396136396136B00434J5MIA2GEZJHBV92EVRHistory buff0051346198400Awesome!These are Great! They stand up while you are filling them. No more falling over while you are trying to fill them. No mess! If only they came in white corn as well as yellow. Nice & crunchy. I have found because they stand up you can put more stuff in them. They are great for fish tacos. Whenever I make these I find I need more room & these work great. So GOOD!!
396137396137B005E94ZOYA1OP5UJCU49TTNKatherine A Edmonds2251345939200Delicious!The raw almond butter is delicious. The packets are super convenient, keep the almond butter fresh. It's far easier to mix if it separates than when it's in a jar - you just knead the packet before opening it. It's just too bad that the packets are not so environmentally friendly.
396138396138B005E94ZOYA2OID0ME4DRER6J. Knapp0111346457600Can't Be Mixed In PouchIf you want your clothes ruined, order this product. The product was not mixable. The oil stayed separated and a big block of nut butter stayed at the bottom. When I opened the product, oil shot out, all over my clothes, and onto the fabric of the chair I was sitting in. On top of it, I could hardly get the nut butter out of the packet. If you love oil stains, this is the product for you. If you like food products you can actually eat, choose something else.
396139396139B005BP8Q3WA2B5J613TIMLSNLisa D.7741324857600Sprouted well, but container too lightIt did as it was advertised; in under a week I had a nice little container full of grass. Two of my cats loved it, the third was not interested, but that is normal for her. The only complaint I have is that the container is too light. When one of the cats would try to chew off a stem, the container would lift off the ground, making it really hard for them to break the stem off. I ended up having to hold it for them, which means I can't just leave it out for them to nibble as they please.

A note for kitten owners: My 5 month old kitten had trouble eating this, I think his teeth aren't spaced quite right yet to be able chew the stems off. I ended up tearing little pieces off and popping them in his mouth, which he was perfectly ok with, the lazy bugger. So if you're buying for kittens, you may want to hold off until they're grown.
396140396140B005BP8Q3WA3MDOTYNV494OR. Bunds5551320364800Owner tested, kitty approved!Followed the simple directions, in two days had tons of sprouts and in a little over week had a container thick with grass. One of the better performing kits I have bought, cats loved it. Would buy again!
396141396141B005BP8Q3WA2SDB6LSUNMT2PElectronicFerret2241337817600Not BadGrows fast and just like the directions say; this stuff sprouted and grew immediately. Cat loves it.

That being said, I agree with reviews stating the product is too light -- my cat is flipping this over constantly. The soil clumps well and the roots get tangled up so it doesn't make a huge mess, but it DOES mean that now I have some funny sideways-growing grass and I have to constantly fix it for my cat.
396142396142B005BP8Q3WA2VB65926MJJTZRick HC "Rick"1151341446400My cats love itI have 18 cats at home.. yes, 18 cats, my home is a little cat shelter, most of them were raised by me and my wife after they were abandoned to their luck, most of them just having a week old, some others were picked from the street starving and cold... we just love them and they loved the grass, really nice product, comes with everything you need and in a matter of 3-4 days you have nice and yummy grass for them to enjoy...
396143396143B005BP8Q3WA8ZCG7KIM6ZNDJon C. Hosford0031337472000Not so much... But cheap.If you want to dabble with cat grass give this a try. It's inexpensive but there are not many seeds in the product.
396144396144B005BP8Q3WA3FKT7QZQZ5E5Psugirly0041334793600GoodThis was easy to grow and took only about 2-3 days. My cat liked it and would pick at it throughout the day. However, I would recommend maybe splitting up the seeds so you can make the product last longer. This only lasted me about 1 1/2 weeks and then the grass died. Think I will just buy the seeds from now on and grow in my own pot.
396145396145B0009PCORIAHNVE91879GW9Doug Wendling1151241395200McCormick Grill Mates Pork RubYou ought to get you some of this!
A robust pork rub which enhances the flavor of pork baby back ribs on the grill or in the oven.
Simply rub a tablespoon or so over the ribs [both sides], wrap them in foil, and bake at 375 degrees F for roughly 1 hour. Ribs are done but you may wish to broil for a minute or two on each side.
Hope your grocery carries it. Look for it in the spice aisle. Ours did and then quit for some reason although they still carry the McCormick Grill Mates Chicken rub. Equally delicious!
396146396146B0009PCORIACYR6O588USK' Groovin' guy "music historian"0051320364800McCormick Grill Mates Pork RubI usually make my own rub as it's simple and as long as your spices are fresh, it can come out exactly as you like it.

I tried this product only because there was a considerable savings offered at the grocery store. The flavor is not too hot and not too sweet and pleasant and not overpowering.

It contains chili pepper, red pepper, brown sugar, garlic, onion salt and apple cider vinegar which are ingredients I normally wouldn't use, but it did add a great flavor to my pork ribs.

I'm happy with this rub and will probably use it again in the future.
396147396147B0009PCORIABPZ0P7EJF4FOKim0051309392000Great but EXPENSIVE!This is one of the best tasting "pre-made" seasonings I've ever used on grilled pork chops, but it's waaaaay too expensive. I'll continue making my own seasonings.
396148396148B004SEUA40A3PO6J19VK83EVRisë5551328832000Chocolate without soy lecithinI am committed to getting unfermented soy products out of my diet. I find that most chocolate candies use soy lecithin as an emulsifier. After finding out that soy lecithin is pretty much the sludge that is left over after chemicals like hexane are used to extract the oil from soybeans, I decided that I want nothing to do with it. (In the days before corn and soy crops were subsidized by the government, we got lecithin from eggs, not soy sludge.) Enjoy Life chips are soy free and they taste great. I use them to make my own mint truffles.
396149396149B004SEUA40A141FW9KFSBRD0ToddlerMom3351325116800Thank god for these!I love these. My baby is allergicto everything,so I am on an elimination diet, these are a life saver, by far the best thing I can eat. I may just have to go eat more now . . .
396150396150B004SEUA40A3UCN2RGY7O6S1Joanne "Gotta Eat, Gotta Cook"2251329609600Love it.As a grandma who loves to cook and bake for her 5-yr old allergic granddaughter, I keep these handy. They are perfectly acceptable for the rest of us too, the taste is just like regular chocolate, no difference. I am sorry a previous reviewer has such a severe milk allergy that he cannot use these b/c milk is used in the facility, on other dedicated-free equipment, but molecules can cause real trouble. My granddaughter has dairy, egg, and peanut allergies, and she is fine with these. I would not use it if they processed peanuts or eggs in that facility though, dedicated or not. She is supposedly on a scale of 3 (dairy and eggs) and 4 (peanuts) on the richter scale of allergies (4 being the worst), so we are not cavalier about this at all. Only you know best as the previous reviewer the best course of action. For us, these cause no issues at all.

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