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396151396151B004SEUA40A2QYKEX0LCU6HEBoulevard101411327104000WARNING! Milk allergens are present in very small amounts.I'm quite angry that they don't mention anywhere on here that they produce this product in a facility that uses milk. It says they make this product on a dedicated milk-free line, but you know what that means....tiny amounts can float into it or spills can happen, but since the government allows a certain amount of allergens (also same thing with rat excrement, spiders, etc.), it's still labeled Milk-free.

I realize that not everyone is so violently allergic to milk products, but I literally start to bleed within hours of ingestion, and this product was no exception. I ended up having to give all the bags to my parents while I endured the 1-3 month healing process. VERY upset that companies are still allowed to flaunt allergen-free advertising when they KNOW they have small amounts inside. Some day, I'll take my revenge on these stupid companies that make allergen-free products in facilities that use those allergens. This product NEEDS to have more accurate warnings in the description, since it says it right on the bag.
396152396152B004SEUA40A2AVYSXICESSTKE. Kerby1151336262400No soy lecithin, and DELICIOUS!My husband is severely allergic to MSG, and soy lecithin is an ingredient that often contains small amounts of MSG because of how it is produced. So, his options for chocolate are limited.

For chocolate chip cookies, we used to chop up 85% Lindt bars (70% Lindt bars contain soy lecithin), to make our own "chocolate chips." It wasn't very good, though, because chocolate chips don't taste as good when they're so dark.

Then, one of my grocery stores started to carry the Enjoy Life Semi-Sweet Chocolate Chips. They were good...but we were so excited to discover these chunks! They are absolutely PERFECT for chocolate chip cookies. (The mini ones are ok too, but they tend to blend in with the cookies too much, so you don't taste them as much when you eat the cookies.)

I was kind of skeptical--would these still taste as good as other chocolate chips?? My husband and I agree that they do! To us, they taste just the same as regular chocolate chips. My husband loves to snack on the chocolate chunks straight from the bag, so we go through a lot of these--about a bag of these about every week.

I recommend these to anyone who can't have (or doesn't want to have) soy lecithin. My husband definitely doesn't react to these chocolate chunks--and he's had enough of them that we would know. These chocolate chunks taste so normal that you could totally share treats with people who don't have allergies, and nobody would notice a difference.

This is one of our favorite products.
396153396153B004SEUA40A1NIQPDYTH2LJ3William Evins1151331424000Outstanding Chocolate TasteI bought these with the intention of avoiding superfluous ingredients that did not add to the base chocolate taste. Best case I was looking for a somewhat sweet pure dark chocolate taste. That I got. Each time I eat some I continue to get the pure chocolate taste thrown in my face (OK, in my mouth). These continue to amaze each time I eat some - a very satisfying result without the add-on unhealthy ingredients.
396154396154B004SEUA40AF4OPEQQ83GCP2 boysMama1151330819200The best for allergy sufferersI am allergic to wheat, dairy, soy, nuts, etc...So it is nice to have one little treat in the world. These are just right and taste like regular chocolate. Hooray a treat I can eat!!
396155396155B004SEUA40A132ETQPMHQ585Donna's Reviews "I Love Shopping on Amazon!"1151327795200WOW...Amazing...WOW...Amazing...Enjoy Life Semi Sweet Chocolate Mega Chuncks, 10-Ounce (Pack of 6)...I paid $21.60...I also buy the smaller chocolate chips....No other product comes close to these in taste just love these!~
396156396156B004SEUA40A3VQTTMSA3WMYIJacqulyn Rae wood1151319328000AWESOME!!Finally...dairy free gluten free and AWESOME! iT TASTES GREAT! Today I covered an apple with it and dipped the apple in peanuts....yum...I also dipped pecans in it...just one side....amazing. When the bowl was almost empty I stirred around peanuts to get all the rest of the chocolate....It's not too sweet ...just right to take care of my sweet tooth.
Giving up dairy has been the hardest for me.....but this product I love. I only wish it was sweetened with raw honey instead of cane sugar ...but I will still treat myself to these....
396157396157B004SEUA40A3O4UB3FWY7JEYS. Green0051309305600A mouthfull of chocolate.Ive been waiting for some larger pieces of chocolate. Here it is. These are mouth watering. Only thing I dont like is the price they charge for shipping. $14, ouch.I guess it depends on how bad we want our chocolate.
396158396158B002DCPR9CA2YTO0OFXP4GRFR. Cross "Slacker"151541303689600Essential household chemicalI started adding citric acid to my dishwasher before every cycle last year after phosphorous-free dishwasher detergents became ubiquitous. I then discovered that it has a lot of other uses around the house:

- Preserves fruit and vegetable color: Apples, pears, banana, potato, avocado, or any other fruit can be kept fresh looking with a light sprinkle of citric acid to prevent oxidation and browning. Sprinkle like salt and then toss lightly. Use sparingly. Correct flavor with some sugar if you overuse.

- Dishwasher additive: Put half detergent and half citric acid in the sealed compartment of the dispenser. This will make your silverware and glassware shine, even in hard water. You won't need a rinse aid, either. Do not clean teflon cookware or fine crystal like this.

- Glassware cleaner: Mineral spots and tea stains dissolve rapidly. Make a mild solution in a dishpan (1 Tbsp per 2 gallons) and soak for 2 or 3 minutes, wipe inside and out with a sponge dampened in the solution, and then rinse.

- Window and shower door cleaner: A stronger solution - 2 Tbsp per gallon of water - will remove hard water stains from windows and glass doors. Rinse well and keep out of eyes. Sensitive skin should be protected. This solution should also remove hard water spots from chrome and nickel fixturing, but I haven't tried it. Yet. (Test on an inconspicuous surface first.)

- Fruit and vegetable rinse: The same strength solution in cold water makes an excellent rinse for vegetables and fruit that may have been exposed to bacteria or mold. It won't "unrot" produce, but it will make produce that has been exposed to rotted stock safer to eat. I use this as a bath for potatoes and root vegetables before scrubbing so that I can keep the skins on...

- Coffeemaker cleaning: removes mineral residue without leaving a vinegary taste in the coffee. Run a medium solution thru a brew cycle: 1 Tbsp per pot of tepid water. Follow with a pot of fresh water to rinse.

- Rust remover: A strong solution (1/4 cup per gallon of water) and a stiff brush will remove rust from cast iron, etc. Rinse the iron item with a mild baking soda solution and then with fresh water. Towel dry and then heat the item gently to evaporate any remaining water, then coat with soy oil (cookware) or light machine oil (tools, etc). If the item is cast iron cookware, proceed with seasoning. Wear gloves, rinse tools well, and dilute the unused mixture before discarding.

- Aquarium pH balance: I haven't tried this, but I suspect this is the same chemical in the "pH Down" solution that I pay a small fortune for in the pet store. Tap water in my neighborhood is very alkaline, almost 7.8 pH, and most fish prefer water closer to 7.0. If you try this, titrate and measure carefully and let me know how your mollies and corie cats tolerate it. :)

This chemical is more useful around the house as Baking Soda. More people should know about it, and maybe then it wouldn't be so hard to find.
396159396159B002DCPR9CA3MBT7KEP5LXMXqwillter5541299369600Much less expensive than the grocery store version!I had been purchasing Lemishine for use in the dishwasher - we have very hard water. But I found this on line and ounce for ounce, this is a much better price! And it does the job.
396160396160B002DCPR9CA3EOIGDEVTKNRRJ. Winn "Bayou Jenny"335132649920010 lb of Citric AcidI purchased this Citric Acid to use in my homemade dishwasher soap & washing detergent. I have several other uses for this product as well. This price was so much more economical than purchasing Citrashine or Lemonade Kool-Aid for recipes. The spice was shipped quickly & sealed in heavy duty plastic. I look forward to ordering MANY more bulk items from this vendor.
396161396161B002DCPR9CA24M844DDE7WIVAmericium Dream Documents "dr.addn, Ph.T"2251328313600great product at a great price. citric acid goes great in vegetable purées,
acting as an additional antioxidant
(I also use rosemary herb and plenty of olive oil).
. citric acid is a great salt substitute:
it makes everything taste like orange juice,
-- even beans ! . kids will love it .
. it cuts through any undercooked green odors;
but it doesn't mask seaweed well,
and it tastes sickly mixed with salt .
396162396162B002DCPR9CA30TUN35ZE3NEUEnamelation !2251317513600works in so many applicationsHard water stains in toilet? This is eco-friendly and makes a big dent in the scale. Dishwasher not working up to expectations? Put some citric acid in with the regular detergent and see improvement. Drain running slowly? Dump some citric acid in and let it sit. Then follow with baking soda and the gunk is eaten away. All non-toxic and neutral. Good stuff.
396163396163B002DCPR9CA11CLD84YJ1FARS. Corbus1151335744000Citric AcidThis is the greatest thing for use in dishwashers if you have hard water. It keeps the heating element free of mineral build-up and the dishes completely spot-free and CLEAN. I run a cycle through my washing machine using citric acid periodically and use it to decalcify the coffee maker.
396164396164B002DCPR9CABRYBI2MIRZMYAdam Lau1151306713600Superb Value!Outside of lemon juice, citric acid is likely the safest way to remove mineral deposits in and around products such as humidifiers and coffee makers. I typically use a 16:1 citric acid to water ratio for most demineralization needs, ten pounds ought to last me through next year stored in a vacuum sealed bin.
396165396165B002DCPR9CA3GSORXEQJ9R1Opoormomma1151296259200Great price, excellent valueI purchased this product for the purpose of making homemade dishwasher "detergent". It was truly the BEST value in price and quantity I could find on the internet. Quite frankly, for it's intended use at my house, this much is going to last me a few years. 10 lbs. is a lot of citric acid. I recommend this if you have a ongoing use for the product:?)
396166396166B002DCPR9CA3UPMXS2FI7ZXNJ. Johnson0051339977600Great price - improved packagingI purchased this citric acid product for rust removal on tools - so I just needed cheap, not necessarily a food grade, product. This is the best price I have found online, especially when including shipping.

The earlier reviews mentioned poor packaging - someone must have listened, because my package arrived in a heavy plastic overbag, and arrived safely with other items in the box.

I'll buy again, when I use this up.
396167396167B002DCPR9CA2DSD071K1WP6KHolly1421344816000DisapointedWhen I got my package some of the powder was spilling out of the edges. When I opened up the box the bag of citric acid was completely busted open and the entire box, that also contained a couple boxes of another product were covered with the powder. It was a complete mess and spilled all over the floor. I was very disapointed about the fact that there was so little packing that this happened. Also, I don't really see that the citric acid works very well any ways.
396168396168B002YQEGZIA19UZMIL8GYKHUJohn Q0051327536000Extremely Satisfied!! Beautiful Product, Delivered Fast.I ordered this rose/asiatic lily bouquet early on a Tues morning, and it arrived at her doorstep by 3PM the next day! I had no hard-and-fast date that they had to arrive, so I chose the cheapest shipping ($12.99, and no free option, but hey, they're flowers--you want it done right). It was well worth the shipping cost. MUCH faster than the estimated delivery date w/o having to pay to expedite. Falcon Farms apparently used FedEx standard next-day. Thanks! The tracking feature was also very accurate with FedEx. I knew exactly where it was at every key point, which enabled me to alert her to its early arrival to within about an 2-hour window.

The flowers delivered exactly as they were pictured and described (actually with more roses & lilies than promised and a classy tissue and bow selection to tie-up the bouquet). Roses were healthy, deep red, and full; delicate lilies arrived as buds, as they said they would. Even the eucalyptus and "bear grass" (What do I know about botany? I'm just a regular guy.) turned out to be great accents. My personalized message was also there, just as I wrote it during the order process.

I wanted a bouquet to send (just because) to the woman I just started seeing recently--something really nice, but in a slightly understated way that wasn't too fussy or frilly or with a million things going on. I also wanted something that could be seen as romantic, but not cliché or over-the-top. ...Tough to strike that balance, and guys know, in a new relationship, you want to modulate these early gestures just right. This bouquet was perfect (and I scoured many different sites, including FTD and 1-800-Flowers, in addition to Amazon's selection). Also would be great for a Valentine's Day bouquet. They are versatile enough to work for a V-Day bouquet for a mother or sister, too. I buy a lot of other durable goods, but I was initially unsure of how well buying flowers through Amazon would go. However, this seller is apparently also the grower, and doesn't outsource; I think that makes a huge difference in the consistency of product and process one could expect. Falcon Farms has found a loyal buyer in me!
396169396169B0002AB9GMA2KIXL73LD0LR9Melissa273011152576000DO NOT ORDER FROM LITTLE RIVER PET SHOPI specifically ordered MERRICK brand flossies and this vendor sent me generic flossies. There is a clear difference in the weight and quality and my dog dosen't like them. When I emailed them asking if they substituted the name brand with generics I received no response. MERRICK flossies are great- this vendor not so hot.
396170396170B0002AB9GMA3AIQKXEGLY5DQTerez0051300492800It's "Flossies" and my dog loved it!Mine came with the Flossie's insert. More importantly my dog, who doesn't go for the regular rawhide chews, loved it.
396171396171B0058FTUPSA2TEV0ETNXU961Charles W. Jefferson1121322265600Aloe Coco nut DrinkFirst impressions: This stuff is hard to swallow....

Salt content overwhelms the Aloe and Peach.

I found best to chug the drink instead of trying to sip it.

Mixing it with something else is another option.

Truly not satisfied with this product.
396172396172B0058FTUPSA8P8KPVXCWV9RBryan J. Kautzman "BK"0041346112000Only negative is the pulpI've tried several of the Alo Coco drinks. I really only have two complaints. The first is obviously the pulp. I have to strain the pulp in order to be able to drink it. That's a personal preference, though. I can't drink orange juice with pulp, either.

The other negative isn't really a negative but needs to be mentioned nonetheless. All of the Alo Coco drinks taste about the same to me. That's not necessarily a bad thing. I love the coconut flavor, and I love the fact that I can simply shop for whichever is the least expensive.

The biggest positive, though, is the hydration quality of the drink. It is high in potassium, an electrolyte, and I have found that I only need to drink about half of the water as normal while excercising when I have a half bottle of Alo Coco before and the other half after. It's a great alternative to Gatorade, and for that reason alone, I will continue to purchase Alo Coco.
396173396173B0058FTUPSA2JAC8B6I5D9WLCynthia Robertson0051333929600Give it a chance..First of all- if you're not a fan of high pulp juices, you may not care for this product. In fact, my own first taste was 'off-putting'.. The tapioca-like pulp was not expected. Aloe vera has pulp? Who knew.. ?
But once I realized the lumps were not unpleasant (and supposed to be there) and the coconut water and fruit juice combos tasted really good- I was hooked.
I see another reviewer found the salt content overwhelming.. I haven't tried the peach flavor but neither of the two flavors I have tried taste salty at all. (And the labels list sodium as a 2%.)
I think this is a really fine product. Certainly worth a try..
396174396174B0058FTUPSA2GQQCCUHBRC4HChristina Jackson0051323043200YumI love this stuff. I drink it after long workouts in the heat to rehydrate. Recently, I was sick and this was just about the only thing I could hold down. When I first tried this product the chunks of aloe freaked me out, but now I love them. I'd highly recommend you at least give this stuff a shot!
396175396175B000KM3WTEA3PKDBNT4FLMXJA. Evangelista0051206576000good stuff!!This tea is one of my favorites. It's a great flavor to give comfort when it's cold outside and if you serve it chilled it makes a great refreshing summer drink. Highly recommend for parties!!
396176396176B002Y2QTGGA2E3B7P5GQOXAImastahc "ac"3321268611200undrinkable in my humble opinionI am by no means a coffee snob and I can usually handle coffee of lower quality but when I brewed a cup of this Hazelnut community coffee I had a lot of trouble drinking it. The aroma is almost predominantly hazelnut and the smell of coffee is a distant second. Visually the ground is extremely uneven with random chunks here and there. Now for the taste, as soon as I had my first mouthful the first thought in my mind was "vegetables". There is a strong green vegetable flavor to it that I find extremely unpleasant. A friend of mine found that mixing this coffee with another companies dark roast coffee before brewing helped alleviate this problem. I will not be purchasing from this company again especially with so many other great coffee choices out there.
396177396177B001PRV1CSA39B9J7J8U7J81Sci-Fi Fan0051332201600I love Tastykakes!!I love the Peanut Butter Candy Cakes so much. They remind me of my childhood lunches in grade school. They are delicious!! They ship well, give them a try if you have not already indulged in the best Tastykake item ever.Well, that and the Butterscotch Krimpets. Mmmm....
396178396178B000G7TBSOA28GRFVAA4DU5PA Texas reviewer1151217808000These are my favorite pretzels of all time.These pretzels are crunchy and light unlike other brands that are really dense and heavy. The thing I like the most is that they don't load up on the salt on these pretzels. I've tried a lot of other brands that have so much salt that you wonder if you are eating pretzels flavored with salt or salt flavored with pretzel ( which is not the case with Snyder's brand).

I highly recommend these pretzels.
396179396179B000G7TBSOA1T6RI3FZ6KXESScope990051349395200The Best Pretzels of All Time!I had a craving for pretzels and decided to buy these! The flavor is perfect and the texture is also great.
The salt is satisfying but not too heavy, and the size of the salt crystals is also a plus!

I would describe the taste of the pretzels as seemingly a little more buttery or milky than other pretzels without any sour taste. I would buy the sticks if they were smaller, but medium sized sticks are also nice :)
396180396180B000G7TBSOA3LOG37376R7L0W&0051345766400An easy buy!

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