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396211396211B0000X0W00A1BQ95OLZ9ORFPBryna0051321401600Delicious fruitThe fruit is soft and very flavorful. The fruit arrived promptly and was packaged attractively. I will definitely purchase this product again.
396212396212B004XGCWXKA214DG8Y09M3W9Michelle Devon "~~Professional Dreamer"0051344297600Great on Popcorn & Veggies, ChickenIf you like the Lucas Limon salts on your fruit, with your beers and lime, or on veggies (and I know a lot of the kids like to just eat the salt by itself!) then you'll like this healthier salt-free version that is similar in flavor, the Mrs. Dash Fiesta Lime seasoning. I personally love this on corn on the cob and popcorn. I'm into air popped popcorn with seasoning, and the Mrs. Dash blends are perfect for seasoning popcorn. For me, this fiesta lime one is one of the best ones for popcorn.

It's a tangy blend, more citrus than 'fiesta'. If you're very sensitive to 'heat' levels, this does have a bit of a kick, but for those who like a little heat, it's really not spicy hot. It's much more limey-citrusy flavorful than it is hot. You only need a little bit. It can be overpowering with the lime/citrus flavor is you use too much, and it's a fine powder, so it's easy to use too much if you're not careful. The good news is, the product lasts a long time, because it takes so little and is so flavorful for a small amount.

I really, really love it on chicken. This spice can completely transform a plain skinless chicken breast and give it a nice zesty kick of flavor with just a touch of good quality olive oil. If you're wanting healthier alternatives but don't want to skimp on flavor, I really do recommend this fiesta lime blend.

And you absolutely must try it on popcorn if you like popcorn like I do. I was diagnosed with congestive heart failure, and I had to cut salt out of my diet completely, and it's tough, 'cause I love salty foods. Mrs. Dash's blends have saved me, because I can still have savory and 'salty' type foods, without losing flavor. It would have been hard to give up salt without Mrs. Dash, and now, I find I like all these flavors so much more than I liked the salt. The Fiesta Lime is really probably my favorite one of the Mrs. Dash products of mine (chipotle southwest is my real favorite, but it has sugar in it, so I can't have it... the fiesta lime is a good second though!)
396213396213B000TN189KASS6E1A9IS05JK. Jones3321212105600Not So ToughI bought this toy because of the company's claim that it will withstand the toughest chewers- which is what one of my Labs is. However, it took my girl about 5 minutes to break through the seam on one of the points of the star.
If your dog is anything more aggressive than a medium chewer, don't waste your money on this toy because it can't withstand powerful chewers.
396214396214B000TN189KA7IWAGXID4W95KS "KS"2211260748800Lasted 5 minutesWe gave this to our 35 pound mutt who went after it with determination. he really liked the texture of the product and seemed very happy with it. however, he chewed off two clean corners in all of five minutes. this is about the time it would take him to chew through a 5 dollar product. we are very disappointed that this product, which is rated a 9 on the tuffy scale, and cost a good amount, did not last up to FIVE MINUTES of chewing. dont waste your money.
396215396215B000TN189KA6HJ06Y4EFUDWAlana2221200873600Not for strong chewersMy French Bulldog put a hole in this in under an hour. To be fair, she is a strong chewer. So if your dog is a medium chewer, this might be okay.
396216396216B000TN189KA2HGS5UDVH7XZFAllison D. Sautkus0151291075200puglover0101Please note everyone: This is a "play" toy, not a "chew" toy. My sisters dog has not destroyed this toy yet after about 6 months. Its not like giving your dog a bone to chew on! Toys like this are meant to be more for interactive play than chewing!
396217396217B0009YL2R2AKZKG2Z7CNV27BreezyPaige0021332547200Decent, but not greatWhen I first started to use IAMS Savory Sauce, my dogs loved it. After a few weeks, they don't seem to care too much for it anymore. They still get a little drizzle in their kibble every once in a while, and will eventually eat it when they are hungry, but they don't consider it to be a treat anymore. I still buy it once in a blue moon when it is on sale because of it contains vitamins and its decently priced, and low calorie. One big negative I have noticed about it is that their face is getting dirty from it. They are white dogs and this product tends to cause increased tear and around-the-mouth stains. I used to buy all different flavors of IAMS Savory Sauce, buy my groomer told me the chicken flavor is best as the beef and pork based flavors can cause an even worse increase in face staining. VitaGravy is a similar product that contains more vitamins, so if your must have some sort of gravy, I recommend VitaGravy a bit more. Or you can also just mix in some warm water with your dog food and let it sit for a bit before you feed it to your dog. This creates a "gravy" like texture and aroma that most dogs love. Not the greatest idea if your dog has dental issues, but a great free solution for picky eaters.
396218396218B0009YL2R2A18RSLLTAGW6AG2dogs0021326844800Oops - should have read the fine print!I thought I was paying for 2 bottles or perhaps 3! Much too expensive for just 1 bottle. I should have paid closer attention.
396219396219B0009YL2R2A2OPOY8Y44NGOYJ. peal0051180310400"Lion's " waiterOur dog Lion-a Golden Retriever loves the bacon flavor the best.

I love it too,really changes the flavor of a baloney sandwich
396220396220B004783ADKA2A7ZR6F56LF07SC1141313971200Quite good for an instant miso soupI'm enjoying this miso soup. It's a quality made product and I like that it's organic too. To cut back on sodium, I have been cutting the cubes in half and just using one of the halves mixed with hot water. I find the taste isn't diminished at all but the sodium content is lower which makes it healthier. I would recommend this product.
396221396221B004783ADKAAZO53SLV8ODVL. Wilkerson1151311811200Very tasty misoI love miso and this instant miso is pretty exceptional in taste. I had a coupon so three boxes of 3 packets came to about $1 a mug. So that and free shipping (had bought some more "stuff" on Amazon) made it an acceptable price for me. Don't think I'd buy it again though if my original price is not met. Would definitely recommend this to miso lovers who are looking for a quick fix - great for breakfast too BTW!
396222396222B0017IAMUCA1OWM2ZLTEOWCQJamie4441242086400Better Individually PackagedOverall a good dried fruit for snacking. The 12 pack if 2.6 oz bags are much fresher than buying the same product in bulk. The bag contains 1/2 inch to 1 inch squares of dried mango and lots of crumbs. The fruit has a nice flavor, but a very dry texture, similar to dried bananas. It is not a moist dried fruit, like dried apricots.
396223396223B0017IAMUCA1YUL9PCJR3JTYO. Brown "Ms. O. Khannah-Brown"1151330646400Chewy and Sweet and Wholesome Snack*****
These dried mango snacks are sweet, chewy, and yummy! They are 100% certified organic, baked with no added sugar, no preservatives or chemicals, no pesticides or herbicides, and they are gluten free. There are 2 servings in every 2.2 ounce bag, with 103 calories in each serving. These are a truly healthy and delicious snack. They are almost as chewy as fruit leather, though (about the same as jerky), so you'll need good healthy teeth to be able to chew them.

Highly recommended.
396224396224B0017IAMUCA2ZQE4X9GYJMRIMeno1151324252800Delicious mangoI really like the flavor and consistency of this product. They choose ripe, sweet mangoes and they are dried but still retain some of their chewiness. Great as a healthy snack and sweet enough to be also a dessert. I really like them.
396225396225B0017IAMUCA3KJ6JZ8MWERPGRnnrGrl1151318896000Yummy...These dried mango pieces are really, really yummy! They are not hard or crisp, but are instead soft and chewy. They have a very strong (but not fake) mango taste. Plus, they are organic!
396226396226B0017IAMUCA1E8L356IB7PJ1Rosanne0051330646400Organic mangosThese mangos are the best sweetest dried mangos (without sugar) that I ever tasted, and organic. Great value for a terrific snack paced with great nutritional value; a must buy.
396227396227B0017IAMUCAGAGJ4CLN0DV5Maria0041329350400Firm but tastyI agree with other reviewers who said these were a little too dry. Some of the pieces are almost crunchy and hard to chew. The pieces are also quite small which works well for not putting too much in your mouth but was bothersome when trying to get a decent quantity out of the bag. I think I prefer Trader Joes over these, but overall I enjoyed the flavor & the convenient sized bags.
396228396228B0017IAMUCAK63RR6FLTZNED. Wade "Dee"0051329004800Simply delicious!I simply can not say enough good things about the bake dried mangos. I have them on automated order for a case every couple of months. The pieces are bite size, always fresh and super yummy. I always look forward to the delivery and have never been disappointed. Each piece can vary in taste, some are super sweet or tangy, some are mild, so a new taste experience awaits you with every bite. The fact that they are organic on top of it makes this health snack an absolute winner. Bare Fruit, the company, has a great variety of organic snacks and I tried many different snacks from them, and love them all. Top notch quality with the added organic touch that the body needs, don't miss these delightful fruit snacks!
396229396229B0017IAMUCA1WX42M589VAMQMir0021327017600About half the bag was edible...overpriced for having to toss half...I got these at Whole Foods. The pieces I COULD EAT out of the bag were tasty and nice. Chewy and flavorful. But half the bag had these ugly, bruised-dark looking bits, like they cut them off an overripe nasty section of mango.

I a Caribbean-born and mango is my favorite fruit. I had higher hopes for these. Ah, well.

Oh, and yeah, if you diet/calorie count, be careful of portion. The calories add up FAST....
396230396230B0017IAMUCA1YMXGQQT7YWMNB. Grandon0051317427200Delicious healthy snack for kids, auto ship is greatI first tried got these (Apple version) from Costco, when they were no longer available found them here on Amazon. Delicious, nutritious, organic snack, great for winter when fruit is not in season in northern climates. Especially good snack for kids. Health conscious people will appreciate these, and the slightly tart crispness is especially delicious accompanied by a nice mellow cheese. The auto ship is great if you have a family or kids who use them oftenb for lunches, and saves you some money too.
396231396231B0017IAMUCA3SC8C7B50BAEIGrace0051314057600delicious dried fruitIt's hard to find dried out without any added sugar.I love this product b/c it's simply dried mangos in an easy, travel package.
396232396232B0017IAMUCA33W4H88UWCIJGNola Brech0051310256000WONDERFUL flavorAll the products from Bare Fruits are just wonderful. I have the apples, cheeries and mangos. Would and will buy again.
396233396233B0017IAMUCA3RR2P5IS3DGPRDr. M. A. Dixon "hyper-observant"0051282953600moist and delicious and chewyI love this dried mango. It is much more moist than what is in the bulk bins locally. I also think these have a better flavor than Peeled Snacks much-ado-about-Mango, 1.40-Ounce Bags (Pack of 10) and cheaper, too! Also nice that Amazon offers a discount for buying in bulk as my local Jimbo's charges $2.95 per bag!
396234396234B0017IAMUCAAHDPNYBW25DTRanell Bridges0051281312000Love these MangosI'm not a big fruit eater unless its fresh picked and in season. I also will not buy anyt type of fruit that has added sugar. I tried these and fell in love with them. They are tasty and retain the sweet tartness of a fresh mango. True, they do not have the texture of dried apricots or apples but this is thier natural texture and they are not treated with sulfur or other additives/preservatives. I keep several bags of these and the dried cherries on hand for snacking. I have quite a sweet tooth and these help keep me from reaching for other processed treats. And I'm getting some of my daily fruit and vegies....
396235396235B0017IAMUCA21UCABWOCZKOSCRT0051232064000Yummy, Healthy SnackDoesn't look like much but pretty tasty. I'm quite addicted. I love how there is no added sugar, especially since mangoes are naturally very sweet. I got 2 orders in 2 weeks.
396236396236B0017IAMUCA1WL6D2PMATMT8Jillian1221239408000Just okay.I have had much, much better dried fruit. It's sorta rubbery and hard... much less tasty and delightful than other dried fruits i've had. It's just okay.
396237396237B0017IAMUCA1A7BFLFJ2RXCLSusan "Seth"0131326672000How many calories are in the bag? How hard is that?1 bag = 204 calories

The easy way to find out how many calories there are in what you are eating is to know how many calories are in the entire bag, box, can, etc. since people rarely eat "one serving". And the number of servings and the number of calories per servings is always included in the nutritional information on the container. However I have noticed on Amazon that this is not the case. When the nutritional information is shown it's "ONE" serving, in this case 18 grams. How unhelpful is that? They make it a process to find out how many calories are in this bag of mangoes, for example. They tell you how many calories are in 18 grams; I personally think it's an attempt at deception or misleading if you want to be kind by the vendor. In any case, there are 204 calories in one bag. one ounce = 28.349 grams; 2.2 ounces per bag X 28.349 = 62.368 grams; 62.368 grams/18 = 3.465 servings per bag. 3.465 X 59 calories per 18 grams = 204.428 calories. I'm going to ask Amazon to ask the vendors that when they say they are including the information on the product in the description that they provide all of it and part of this is the number of servings contained. I believe that the vendors are required by law to provide the number of servings on the container but I'm not sure about online. This is conveniently left out; plus, who the heck deals with servings in grams? When is the last time you measured out a serving in grams? Americans use ounces.
396238396238B0017IAMUCA140048W4ZYCW4Renee0131317600000Too many calories, if you're counting them, but healthy and convenientThis product is good and healthy, but WAY more calories than I need to eat (as I'm on a 1200 calorie a day diet right now).
396239396239B0017IAMUCA3NIVB6MZW5TPWDarrell A. Gutermuth/Michele Guterm0141317081600dried mangoThis product is of great quality. There was nothing wrong with this product, except I didnt realize that I would not feel like eating 12 bags of mangos right away. Use for a business to re-sell maybe? or share with a friend..
396240396240B0017IAMUCA1IMC0554TYZWKEvangeline Anderson "author of paranormal and...2511251244800TerribleWould give 0 stars if I could. I ordered these mangoes on the strength of the other reviews and the fact that I had tried and liked the Barefruit cinnamon apple snacks. Unfortunately, the order I recieved was awful. The fruit isn't crispy--it has a tough, leathery texture that is totally unappealing. Worse, there is a strong, bitter aftertaste that is hard to get out of your mouth. No one in my house will eat these, not even my son who loves all kinds of dried fruit. I am very sorry I wasted my money on this product. I was hoping for something light and crispy like the apples. Can anyone give me any suggestions for something better?

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