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396271396271B007FK3JS8A2CWO4EB1EQ2EIJudy0051350345600coffee podsPods were perfect size for Senseo Coffee maker - not too thick to fit well. Very good coffee, great price. Will continue to purchase this coffee.
396272396272B007FK3JS8AQJG8XNWTRPAGJudith Kiriluk0051350345600Great convenienceThese pods fit perfectly in the Bunn single coffee maker. They are hard to find in the store
for the Bunn, so it is nice to have them delivered monthly to my home. Would like to have
them also available for subscription in a dark roast flavor.
396273396273B007FK3JS8A2U47PJZO9N3IQAnthony Corso0051350345600Senseo (Melitta) Coffee PodsGreat taste, no waste. Each cup is perfect everytime. I only wish that the price will come down to an affordable cost.
396274396274B007FK3JS8A3V2C0CDX9MU6Kjw483350051350259200Good Coffee For the PriceNo complaints from the guys at work. On packet for 8oz, two for 12oz. We use it with Hamilton Beach pod brewer.
396275396275B007FK3JS8AY15J07GPQXCBsherry8150051350172800Perfect!These are perfect for that afternoon pick me up. I use 2 pods in my maker with 12 oz. of water...makes a tasty cup of coffee! Good price, too!
396276396276B007FK3JS8A27S071JSUIVAACheryl0041350086400Substitute for Senseo PodsI was heartbroken when Philips stopped selling coffee pods here in the US because I love my Senseo coffee maker. However, the dark roast Melitta pods are pretty good! I definitely recommend them.
396277396277B007FK3JS8A2OYB600NY01XCRev. Paul E. Thomas "Rev T"0051349827200good pod @ good priceAmzn stopped selling the Senseo Decaf pods at the Subscribe and Save price, so I tried out these Melita pods (which do have S&S price) and they are very good... rich taste and full flavor.
396278396278B007FK3JS8AA9756LHFY1NDedelweiss0051349740800outtastes SenseoYour being unable to continue sending me Senseo coffee pods has turned out to be a very positive thing: I have found the Melitta coffee pods superior.
396280396280B007FK3JS8AQHVWN8DG9FHRglmor0051349568000melita coffee podsThese are better than all out there.Even better than Senseo.The coffee comes out all coffee, not half water mixed with coffee. They are fantastic.
396281396281B007FK3JS8A3D45G1FDPSXSFTTW27 "ttw27"0051349481600Good replacement since Senseo decaf pods are scarceWe were upset that it seemed we could no longer purchase decaf Senseo pods in the US when i ran across these on Amazon. They are a perfectly good substitute and allows us to continue to enjoy our Senseo. I also ordered a box for my mother-in-law who also enjoys her Senseo macine but had a difficult time finding decaf pods.
396282396282B007FK3JS8A216J6JIUM8GHFRobert A. Diamond0051349308800great coffee podsI am so happy with Melita coffee pods. Now I don't have to worry about using my Senseo coffee maker as there were no pods on the market.
396283396283B007FK3JS8A444YN2T72H0HE. Aberts "Merlin Enchanted"0051349222400Melitta Coffee PodsI love these pods. Unlike the k-cups you can throw these in your compost pile and not in the land fills. Great coffee and convenient for those that don't want a pot of coffee.
396284396284B007FK3JS8A120KWUH3H9N6KMuriel Wright0051349136000SatisfactionBegan ordering Melitta coffee pods online -- price is competitive with Senseo's. Very well pleased and glad that they are so available in the Roast I desire -- yes, even Decaf, too! Flavor is great.
396285396285B007FK3JS8A34M2CRL6JDXBBM. Aguilar0051349136000Great tasteI love coffee, and this coffee is amazing. Some people might complain that its not that strong and that, like me, have to use 2 coffee pods when they make their coffee, but I actually find that to be a plus. I am the only one in my house who drinks coffee so these are great. I also feel that when I am making coffee for others, specially my mom, they tend to like their coffee on the weak side, and even one coffee pod is too strong for them when used with 10oz of water. I prefer my coffee strong and 2 coffee pods used with 10oz is just amazing.
396286396286B007FK3JS8A33BCO0DGM9GWZolyllr0051349049600The Best Coffee !!I purchased a Single Cup coffee maker for $7.00 at Walmart. It came with a free package of Senseo Coffee Pods. We Were Hooked. Then Walmart quit selling Senseo, and Amazon quit selling it. And where I could find it, it was Way too Expensive.
So I decided to try Melitta Coffee Pods. Really they are Every Bit as Good or Better than Senseo Coffee Pods.
I like the Medium Roast. It is Very Mellow, and smooth. Not bitey at all.
The only problem I have, is that I can only drink two cups a day. But If I could, I would drink it All Day !!!
Great Stuff !!
396287396287B007FK3JS8A1TBHVZG3N1CSMK. Conklin0041348876800Taste Comparison with SenseoI still have about 8 pods of Senseo Columbian left. Not sure why Columbian packaging since it was the last one left in my Sumatran batch. Never noticed when I placed in storage after purchase. Obviously I like dark roasts, and I usually buy Trader Joe's Dark Roast beans for another residence. I have tried many Senseo pods and ended liking Sumatra best from them. Then the price went up. So...I did order this six-pack of Melitta dark roast to give it a trial run. I brewed my Senseo Columbian and enjoyed. Then I brewed the Melitta Dark Roast to compare in one sitting. At first taste I thought, ugh! Then, after letting it sit a bit I quite enjoyed the Melitta. Good thing, eh, since I have the six pack. It's quite likely I shall order again - unless lured by some deal. this product definitely stands up to comparison, and arrived in perfect order with nothing wrong.
396288396288B007FK3JS8ADXFPOGEEB82Mmselle0031348185600Melitta coffee podsI used to get Senseo Colombian coffee pods, but once they became unavailable I ordered the Melitta pods. Perhaps it was just the type of roast, but I prefer a heartier blend so I will most likely not order this blend again. I may try the dark roast however.
396289396289B007FK3JS8AYX08SO1Q2GN6J. Trenkler0031348012800Poor Quality ProductI was excited to try this product as I was missing my Senseo pods and couldn't find them for a decent price.

I received my box and when I opened the first package of coffee it was a mess. Grounds fell out all over the counter. About 6 pods were partially sealed and have busted open to leave a mess to clean up. Now I am feeling upset over this purchase as I thought I was getting a good deal. I am scared to see what mess I am going to find in the remaining 5 unopened packages. If 6 pods are bad and a mess in each package...Mama's not gonna be happy at all.

As for the taste it is good. It is a bit bitter but still tastes good with my creamer and stevia. Amazon is great as always.

Unfortunately, I am very dissatisfied with this purchase and will not continue my subscribe and save option. I will be taking this to the manufacturer as well.
396290396290B007FK3JS8A2242Q9JWOA88TTA Steinhoff0041347753600Smooth and mildNot what I was expecting, but very good. I like dark and French roast coffees. This pod is very mild in flavor.
396291396291B007FK3JS8A3I42CDG116KKQJ. F. Vogel "Road Runner"0051347667200coffee houndVery acceptable price for the qty of product I received. Quick service and I will order again when I get close to running out. Excellent taste.....even more so when 2 pods are used.
396292396292B007FK3JS8A3I42CDG116KKQJ. F. Vogel "Road Runner"0051347667200coffee houndVery acceptable price for the qty of product I received. Quick service and I will order again when I get close to running out. Excellent taste.....even more so when 2 pods are used.
396293396293B007FK3JS8A3RLEN577P4E3MGoodNeighbor0051346544000Melitta coffee pods, Medium RoastWe have a Senseo coffee maker which we love. For years we bought Senseo coffee pods, Breakfast Blend. All of a sudden, we were no longer able to find these pods & started our search for a replacement. We ordered the Melitta pods and after trying them, like them every bit as well as we did the Senseo's! Problem solved! Thank you, Melitta - we love your medium roast coffee pods!
396294396294B007FK3JS8A1P264EP76ZXG9Maya Crank0051346457600Great Substitute for Senseo Medium RoastThe Melitta Coffee Pods are a great substitute for the original Senseo pods, which became so expensive, if and when available. The coffee taste is pretty much the same, maybe a bit milder, which for me is a good thing. The packaging is the same as the Senseo, just with a different brand name. This is my first experience with the Melitta coffee and it is all positive. I will be happy to use these pods from now on, instead of paying almost 50% more for the Senseo. There is no difference in the quality, and the price is much better. The pods fit perfectly in the Senseo coffee maker.
396295396295B007FK3JS8A169KT3C2DHH58New buyer0111346371200Taste worse than SenseoIt feels like just water with some coffee scent...I bought 8 packs of this product, but I am regretting that I should buy senseo even though I pay a little bit more.
396296396296B007FK3JS8AAI3XVQ8QYUQEJ. Devine "jayd"1351341100800Equal to the Senseo podI bought these because like the previous reviewer I found the Senseo pods unavailable. Gave them a shot, and very pleased, will definately get these again, they are every bit as good as the Senseo, pod, and I did a side by side test, no significant differance, might even be a little more frothe with the melitta.
396297396297B000633V48AD1EV32WNJT30Kerry5621275004800I wanted to buy this BUT...In all fairness, I didn't purchase this food but I'm sure my dog would have been crazy about it! What stopped me in my tracks was the ingredients... why is there wheat flour and sugar?? Those aren't the best quality ingredients for dogs and wheat is know to cause allergies. I'll be moving on to something with higher quality ingredients.
396298396298B000633V48A2DFRGQ3JMTSTISNP1151287792000Picky PugsleeI rescued my little one and didn't have a hard time weening him from kibbles n bits to natural balance but did have a hard time getting him to eat just the dry kibble since he was used to having "morsels" in his bowl. The turkey food roll worked wonders and while I do not feed it to him daily because I am not sure what the sugar will do to his naturally hyper state of mind I do feed it to him at least three times a week. I also mix his kibble with wet food just to make sure he's getting the needed amount of protein in his diet. I order his food because it is cheaper for me to order in bulk rather than go to the store every week but he always knows when the box is for him and he is always very excited when I pull the turkey food rolls out of the box. His immediate reaction is always a quick run and a proper sit.
396299396299B000633V48A1HLP1ZEW5GCEOLisa M.1151234483200IrresistibleMy dog goes absolutely nuts for this. She will perform any command I want her to just to get her jaws on this stuff. As soon as I show it to her she sits, then lays down, then rolls over or gives me her paw. She just starts cycling through everything she knows to get it. It's a fantastic tool for training and the 4lb roll lasts quite a while. My trick is to cut it into about 1/4 inch or 1/2 inch slices, then cube those up nice and small. It's definitely a good deal too at $9. I'm not sure how the other flavors fair, my dog is really into chicken so I just tried the turkey for her.
396300396300B000633V48A2WC3GMTX00DAXSandy A. "Sandy"0051334102400Great training treatI used this as a treat when I was training my dog. It was recommended by the trainer. Now I use it for reinforcement. I cut up small pieces as needed and keep them in the refrigerator in a plastic bag, refilling as needed. They dogs love them.

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