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396301396301B000633V48AYN5LHP3ZFCFGHarry Culbreth0051325376000Natural Balance Dog FoodMy dog has grow up on this Dog Food. She like Turkey, beef and lamb. She enjoyed all type. This is the only food that She will eat. Some time some hard food but not to much.
396302396302B000633V48A1N2NG5FTVX7ZXD. M. Smith "just me"0051323388800only thing my dog will eatI have finicky eater here and he will only eat the turkey formula, Natural Balance in the rolls. The small roll is one day for my chihuahua.

Petco is the only local store I can find that carries. Helps to shop on-line and have it delivered.
396303396303B000633V48A3JEYU3HXQ8Y3Danimaluver0041320796800Great for finicky dogsI have a Boston Terrier. She is really picky when it comes to eating dry dog food. I feed her Holistic Select as this is the only dog food she'll even think about eating. I buy the small rolls and grate some on top of her dry food. She loves it!! No more leaving any of her food behind. I am not too happy about the sugar. Therefore, I only gave 4 stars.
396304396304B000633V48A3S5IX1RBIXGC4A. Woods "fatcatdeals"0041320451200Dachshound likes itMoses is pretty fussy but likes this. He likes it broken into chunks so he can toss it around, hide it under his bed, snack on it, and have me try to take it away from him so he can play big tuff dog and growl.
396305396305B000633V48A6RB3UBK7K6R7DB Cooper0051310860800Dog loves this foodMy Lab is a picky eater, but will eat this.
*It is always important to gradually add in a new food to your dog's diet to prevent sickness!
396306396306B000633V48A18TOZ8633JCXKRosemary Ann O'bryan "Happy Chef"0051310428800A Food - my dog can't resist.I purchased the Natural Balance to use as treats for my dog. I cut up small pieces and no matter where he is in the house, he comes running. I do not use this as a primary food, so I can't comment on that aspect of the product. As an augment to his diet - he can't get enough of this turkey and rice roll. Plus, it really is a great training treat!
396307396307B000633V48A8490VTLBAMB2Sharee Rivera "sharita"0041309824000they like it!the food is good but very hard. i slice it and have to cut it up into small pieces for them. i would like it to be a little softer.
396308396308B000633V48A2YDF9ZS4D9XLUrainbow "busy shopper"0051301961600Dogs love itWe first found this product at PetSmart and our dogs loved it. Keeps very well in the refrigerator after it is opened. We have a Beagle, Chihuahua and a Dautshund and they all love it. We mix it in with dry dog food and through a little grated cheese on top and the dogs are in dog heaven!!
396309396309B000633V48ALPQOXCRF3SSHC. Scibetta0051301011200My dogs love this item!We call it Puppy Crack, as there is no trick they wouldn't do to get a piece : )
396310396310B001U2GNEOA3L6RDHC2SVCQT1234560011348012800This is scam! Don't buy it!!only 1 of 8 packs came. Therefore, this is totally scam and if you buy this item, you would be wasting your money by 8 fold. I would give negative star or zero star if I could. Moreover, seller of this item does not accept returns.
396311396311B001U2GNEOA3989X1MN9VQEKAbove All Consulting "Lady CFE"0041282867200Great quick snackI like the assortment, and the taste, it's not too sweet, and not too salty. Can grab and go with it, or keep in desk drawer for mid morning or mid afterdnoon pick me up. Only drawback is the sweet part melted in the heat here in the south this summer when delivered, but I put in refrigerator, and then used from there. Also, I use subscribe and save, and then I don't run out, and I save money.
396312396312B001U2GNEOA1LXUFXD2Q1QHRE. Martinez0251288310400Best weight control barsDon't you all who are experts in weight control and granola bars, agree that these are the most delicious ones?... Are hard to resist and control your apetite wonderfully.
396313396313B000A6HP34A1150GNEM1QE7AWendy Wiebusch "shydragonfly"4431168819200delicious but wish it was biggerWhile this made wonderfully tasty waffles, the entire can only made 5 Belgian size waffles. I imagine it would probably make 8 or so regular waffles and maybe 10-12 pancakes. Good if I was single but we have 4 kids.
396314396314B000A6HP34A1FTNS27PU2LT0Michael Lovett3351188691200Great Product, Too-Small amountI agree with another reviewer here. The product is wonderful. Don't be worried that eating a pumpkin waffle will be like eating a strongly flavored piece of pumpkin pie though - Stonewall Kitchen did a perfect job of subtly introducing a mild pumpkin flavor - enough for you to identify it but not enough to overwhelm.

But the mix ran out WAY too soon :-(

396315396315B000A6HP34A3IW3J2SUAF4O3Kym Mae1131293840000mehSmells better than it tastes. When I first opened the can the pumpkin and spices smells had me salivating, but the actual cooked pancake let me disappointed. The pancake flavor is so subtle that I'd call it practically nonexistent. It's not a bad tasting pancake, but if someone had served it to me not telling me that it was a pancake mix I never would have known.
396316396316B000WKXVLIA3OXHLG6DIBRW8C. F. Hill "CFH"141451257206400Very Close to the "Real" Thing - RecommendedHershey's Sugar Free Dark Chocolate candy bars tastes very close to the full sugar version. Dark Chocolate was always one of my favorite treats before coming a Type 2 diabetic, so it is great being able to have it again in a sugar free version. There is a little bit of an after taste with these but dark chocolate is usually bitter so it isn't really an issue for me (but my wife says she notices more than I do).

I should mention that eating too many of these (more than 3 or 4) does cause me some "gastric distress", so you might want to try them at home before eating a bunch while out in public.

396317396317B000WKXVLIABL3PCYAQ1Y4CC. Lindsey2251298246400Love these!We eat mass quantities of chocolate when the stress rises in our office. Often, I'm confronted with a conference table full of delicious chocolate miniatures. I don't feel deprived when I know that I can have a couple of these and get that real Hershey taste, with out the corresponding rise in blood sugar. Beware that they are full fat and calories, but aren't going to spike your blood sugar, so to a degree they don't reinforce that stress/eat candy response that seems to go around in my office.

I was not particulary a dark chocolate fan, but was hoping that the slight bitterness would keep me from eating so many that I would get the stomach issues that almost invariably go with sugar alcohols. They are really delicious, and even my artificial sweetener-phobic boss ate a couple, but wouldn't really admit she liked them, just that they would "do".

Sometimes, I can stop after two of them, and sometimes I go ahead and eat four; much more than that and you will need to be alone in your office with some Febreze, or possibly spend some time in the "facilities". As the reviewer above noted, try some at home (alone) first:)
396318396318B000WKXVLIA1PIV58Q7B0K1ZAndante2231296604800well, It's chocolateI was really looking forward to this chocolate since I had another brand that is now off of the market. Even without directly comparing this to the other, I can say that the bags i've had so far have had a lingering taste of nuttiness after an initial impression of milk chocolate. I can also recommend that you try one bag from a more local source.
396319396319B000WKXVLIA2B6T91LZCUM4Xharvey0051348963200great sugar freeeverything tasted fresh was shipped fast and it was something I could not find in the store. I would buy this product again
396320396320B000WKXVLIA2C8Z24UT8W79JDr. Z.0051348617600Hershey sugar free miniaturesThis a very tasty sugar free chocolate that I would buy again and again. Price varies a lot so shop it.
396321396321B000WKXVLIA1ZPXH8857Z6BQAutobuff0041336348800More chocolate delights!I am repeating here what I wrote in another review! Since I am a diabetic I wanted to order some sugar-free candies by bulk and found these on Amazon's website. They are so delicious it is almost a sin to eat them. I have to be careful though because of the "sugar alcohol" content which can be high. All in all though it was a good buy other than my initial thoughts that all the purchases (4 or 5) would meet the free shipping criteria. They did not, so I had to pay shipping for each. Other than that, it was a very good buy. Note: check with your doctor as far as how much you should consume because of the sugar alcohol. Also note: that this is not a low-calorie food. It is my understanding that too much sugar alcohol consumption is not good. Love the candies!
396322396322B000WKXVLIA2RQB340GGQC48Honest Abe "Honest Abe"0041331337600Not the best but a good compomise.As I diabetic, I have to be careful of my sugar intake but love dark chocolate. I did a comparison shop at Wally World and picked up the Hershey's and Dove dark sugar free and the high (86%) but sugar-included Ghirardelli's.

I eat chocolate by letting it slowly melt in my mouth to make it last longer and get maximum taste. Never chew on it. My conclusions:

The Dove is noticeably smoother than the Hershey's and has smaller pieces but is more expensive and melts far too fast. I had to repeatedly check that it was dark chocolate, though because it lacks the required somewhat bitter dark taste.

The Hershey's is very good and melts nice and slowly. It does not have as nice a taste as its sugary counterpart but comes VERY close and is worth getting.

The Ghirardelli is true dark chocolate with the typical real dark bitter taste as it should have. However, the pieces are bigger so you have to break it up but it does melt nice and slowly.

At a little under $2 at Wally World, the Hershey's is the best buy for the amount and taste. Amazon, your price needs to come down a bit. I'd rather buy from you but even 12 packs are higher than Wally's single bag on a per bag basis. Too bad Hershey doesn't want to provide bigger bags of this product.

One nice thing - the sugar alcohol has a laxative effect so you tend to not overdo it or you get punished later! Good way to limit your falling off the wagon.
396323396323B000WKXVLIA1JTDQHWHZHBKAJulio Claret0051325980800Dark chocolate & sugar freeLadies love the sugar free dark chocolate, a source of pleasure, nutrition and good conversation.
Suggested for ladies and for lady-friendly folks.
396324396324B007SUTM1SA2YEWFQSRARD5Ddeavamarie0011348444800All in peaces!Just about every pop tart was broke! I mean crunched! Maybe there were 4 tarts that were hole! About 1/4 for them were so bad you could not toast them!! It truely sucked!
396325396325B007SUTM1SAVEXDKY6VYQFQSandra0051346112000Fresh Pop Tarts are Magically DeliciousI guess I have never had a pop tart as fresh as these. They were delivered quickly and each pop tart was sturdy and not cracked like store bought can be. These are the best flavor assortment and quality pop tarts ever. Trustable.
396326396326B0012TYZ4KA26LOW4UWP6XSQMandy8841291420800Usually great... but occasionally not-so-greatI have purchased three of these now, and the quality and types of treats in the bag is really all over the place. The first bag I bought had a great variety of really fantastic treats that my dogs went crazy for. Several big chunks of snout, a few bully sticks, TONS of cow tails, two halves of a huge twin hoofer, a little rawhide, and other bits and pieces. I felt that this bag was an incredible value given the wide variety of chews, and the specific chews included (some of which can be expensive when bought on their own), and my dogs loved everything, so I quickly ordered two more. I was much less impressed with the second two. The second bag I got was almost exclusively rawhide, with a few cow ears and a cow tail thrown in. Needless to say, I was not very happy with this bag, and my dogs weren't impressed either. I do realize that you always run the risk of getting disappointing results when you purchase any kind of grab bag, so I guess that's just how it goes. The third bag had a lot of rawhide again, and also included just a few tails, a couple of small bones, and a few pieces of snout. Not great, but not completely terrible.

All in all, I'd say these are worth a try, but just be aware that not every bag is a good one. Maybe if you could find these somewhere to buy in person so you could peek inside at the contents to make sure you're getting a good bag (part of the front of the bag is clear so you can see inside), it would be a much better buy, but buying online, it's very possible that you could end up with basically a bag full of rawhide and a few other bits and pieces. Then again, you could also end up with a bag with a great variety of fantastic chews, like I did the first time I ordered this. It's all up to chance.

Edit 03/01/11: I recently purchased two more of these, and these two were just like the first bag I got: big variety, all great chews that my dogs love, and a good value, since some of the chews included can expensive when purchased on their own. Because I've been extremely happy with three out of the five bags I've purchased, satisfied with another, and only disappointed by one, I've decided to give this product 4 stars instead of my origonal 3.
396327396327B0012TYZ4KA19J745OVAZRGDawn & Ron (aka FurryReaders) "FurryReaders"4441295481600A dogs point of viewMy name is Nougat and I am a little over a year old, and I am a Border Collie mix. I have had my first bag for several months now and it is time to reorder, so my human mommy and daddy asked me to help give a review. Now to the important stuff, I give this bag of treats 4 paws because as I told my mommy, "There is always room for improvement, from my viewpoint anyway and I didn't have any of my doggie friends with me to add another paw." I don't get to have these treats too often, only once or twice a week (and no that did not go into my ratings, no really, it didn't). My folks and I really like that these are not your standard rawhide chews, the ones made from that inner skin layer of beef, which can upset my tummy, so we try and stay away from those. These are all natural, mostly beef with some pig, I think, and many different fun varieties like tails, snouts, ears, jerky and tendons which are all easier for me to digest. Oh, and they want to add that these are made in the USA (which means they are the safest) and that they think it is a good value for the money, whatever that means, after all isn't the fact that I like them so much more important. Okay, come on, let's order already!
396328396328B0012TYZ4KA2TGKNAG87PYXMJ. Donahoe "Dog, cat, & book lover"2251294790400Bargain mix of BIG treats!This product is a bag of Merrick's "factory seconds", i.e. ugly dog treats! You'll get rawhide chips and chews with tears or ragged edges, beef tails that are too short or thin, and big, big cow hocks, complete with hooves. Dogs love them, and they're very high-quality treats that are made in Texas. As with all rawhide products, the treats are not suited for dogs who will chew off large pieces and gulp them down. But for methodical chewers of any size, these are an excellent value, and the Merrick brand is very trustworthy, based in the US, and as far as I know never subject to a food recall.

For reference, I have a chihuahua and a pomeranian, who are between 7 and 9 pounds. They can barely lift some of the cow hocks and hooves, but it doesn't seem to keep them from chewing them and enjoying them. I also gave a bag as a gift to my parents' 90-pound Lab/shepherd mix, and she enjoyed them as well.

Facts and figures: Rawhide pieces have been between 2x2" and 8x4", 1/4" to 1" thick. Beef tails are about 1/2" in diameter and from 2-8" long. Cow hocks are about a 4x4x4" cube.
396329396329B0012TYZ4KATZAD00EIVTF4V. Antonjuk1121328054400Quality has gone downI have purchased this product previously in the last 3 years and my dog was always happy to discover various goodies like dried tails and bully sticks, the last 2 bags I got were all rawhide or pigs ears with only 1 bully stick and texas toothpick. They also plan on irradiating this product due to fear of salmonella which is definitely not something I want my dog ingesting.
396330396330B0012TYZ4KA2MTAFJI8FIKN6troncalli011131297468800Did not meet expectations, not even close.Yes I understand that these aren't perfectly cut, and some of the pieces smell a little.
That's not the problem I had with them to rate this bag only 3 stars.

Bag consisted of a lot of pig ears, a lot of cow tails, something that looks like a honey bun, a 3 inch GI bone, and a huge hoof of some sort. Most of the pig ears/cow tails are the consistency of pork rinds (human food, very fluffy and crunchy).

The pieces other than the hoof and GI bone, are NOT "long lasting" chews AT ALL. The pig ears you buy from walmart that are thin last at least 3 times as long as the ones in this package. I would rather buy those for my dog to chew on.

The only pros I could find about this bag is, because the consistency is more fluffy and crumbly, the chews are probably digested easier than the rawhides you buy from walmart. Also, the fact that I got probably 30 pieces, makes it SOUND like a good deal.

But overall, Hungry Dog was not worth the money for what I received, and definitely did not meet NEAR my expectations.

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