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396358396358B00478L5T6A26D03RF4FZIOJMel1221327708800Drinkable Tea but definitely won't repurchaseI've finished this canister of tea but I won't be repurchasing, it's not very strong and the flavor is just okay. Republic of Tea has some much yummier choices than this one (Pineapple Lychee Hibiscus and Chocolate Peppermint are two I'd recommend).

-Caffeine free
-Tastes better than water

Not so good:
-Not very flavorful - I typically like flavors from Republic of Tea but this tea is just kind of bland
-I can't really taste a distinct flavor or chocolate or strawberry, even if I steep it for a long time
-Smells better than it tastes
396359396359B00478L5T6A2MTL6MOC7NLJ6N. Christi "Nic"0111333065600Very bitter teaThis tea has a bitter, rather than chocolate, taste. It's barely drinkable, no matter how much sugar I dump in. I'm planning to throw it out.
396360396360B000F7A4NGA2OSY3GMCJ6X4IJim S1151178928000Tasty Dog TreatsAfter the recent pet food scare, I was looking for a natural dog food and treats that I could send my parents for their dog. She is a very picky eater, so I first sent them three small cans, one of each flavor, and the dog biscuits. She loved them all, so I ordered them by the case and had them shipped directly to my parents. She cleans her bowl each time, so I would say that is a good indication she likes it! It also gives us all peace of mind because the food is all natural ingredients and contained nothing that came from China contaminated.
396331396331B0012TYZ4KAGCPO3MXJHRV8McGee511121281657600The Quality Plummeted in MonthsLast spring, I bought a bag at a chi-chi pet store of the pretentious name "Phydeaux," and was thrilled. It came with a few high quality treats, for long chewing and snacking. It had jerky, pig ears, a pork shoulder frame with some chitlins affixed, and even some bully sticks. I bought another bag last week as a special treat since we were moving to assuage my dawgs' nerves. Lo and behold, the bag was filled with only the most pedestrian snacks. No bully stick, no ears, no jerky. Just some puffy rawhide, like the dog version of getting puffed grain as a meager substitute for jasmine grain. The dogs are not interested in anything in the bag, whereas last time they went hizzy as soon as I reached in the general direction of the bag. Oh, well. Market players try to adjust things to where they are just of a high enough quality that we will pay a premium. Sometimes, like in this case, they go too far and lose a customer.
396332396332B0012TYZ4KA17QOT08D5KCMSharonSt "Puzzler"1121275091200Mixed TreatsCan't say as I'm pleased. The bag came with the biggest ear I have ever seen. With two dogs that are under 30lbs, I had to cut it into pieces. They still didn't seem to like it. But I like their other products.
396333396333B0012TYZ4KA1MXM2PQVTLJW8J. Oconnor "bargainhunter"23412663648007.00 at Linens and Things onlinelots and lots of great merrick treats! each item usually sells separately for at least 2.oo, but this contains at least 40 different items from the merrick line. made in usa.
396334396334B0012TYZ4KA168A6T4NWSUGULynda0011349654400HORRIBLE!!I have purchased this item from another vendor before, and the variety of the package was wonderful.
THIS package was all (except for maybe 3 or 4 items) the same!!! And the smell of the bag was terrible.
My dog turned away when I tried to give her one of the items (don't even know what it was).
VERY disappointed, and will never buy this item again!!
Now I'm stuck with an entire bag of nothing my dog will touch!
396335396335B0012TYZ4KA2VKGUC5FN5QCYMelissa M. Quest "Melissa"0041347148800Greyhound loves them!Has an assortment of natural product such as beef tail, nose, tendons, bones, ears etc... My dog will eat anything that comes from this bag, regardless of the fact it may not be an easily identified body part. I looked at the label and I think that some of the items in the bag may not necessarily be listed on it. They kind of smell funny but leave no lasting odor after the dog eats them. Regardless, these natural treats are easy on his stomach. And they seem to help his teeth out too. I feel Merrick provides quality products and I will be purchasing it again.
396336396336B0012TYZ4KA5Z6TIROUVA5OJ. Lai "JL"0041345680000Pretty good dealGot a variety of huge puffy stuff, some meaty bone, snout, flossies and so on. This is truly bang for your buck. Will order again when we run out.
396337396337B0012TYZ4KA1UC9EQ0X11WJJoel M. Parmer "jmparmer"0051340755200Love it! Love it! Love it!I have ordered the Hungry Dog value pack twice over the past month and have been super has my dog! The first bag had a variety of "flossies", "snozzles", "wishbones", "whizzers" and puffy ears (not sure which type). The second bag contained "Texas toothpicks", "GI bones", "moozles", "hooves" and some puffy ears (again, not sure what type). Do many of the items appear mishapen, smaller or larger than usual, darker or lighter in color than expected...yes. Does my dog care that his pig snout is a crazy shape? These are a great deal considering I have been getting roughly 15 chewies per bag at less than $1.00 each with comparable items costing anywhere from $2.50-$6.00 each (at least in my area!). Of course, with a grab bag, you never know what you are going to get, but based on my previous orders, I will absolutely be ordering more of these in future :)
396338396338B0012TYZ4KAVDVU9Y8W13Y4M. Markel "Consumer101"0041333497600These are a big hit at my rescue!I have about 10 -12 dogs under 20 lbs at any given time. This assortment is great for them. I agree that it can be pretty random but they seem happy with anything they get from the bag so I dont worry too much about that.
I wanted treats that didnt come from China and these dont. I like that they are made in the USA.
I usually order multiple bags at a time and they arrive quickly...and get eaten pretty quickly too.
Still a good value.
396339396339B0012TYZ4KA3LZRMEY97ZPZLangie0041327190400Definitely a hit or a missI've gotten some pretty good bags but sometimes they are sooooo gross with the snouts and other weird parts. It is definitely a hit or a miss because I got one bag that was full of snouts and knuckle bones, but the bags with the texas toothpicks and flossies are awesome :) I recommend this if you have a big and a small dog because then they both have something to chew on. I usually have to throw out the huge knuckle bones and the snouts because they're too big and plus the snouts are kind of gross. It's worth it if you get a good bag!
396340396340B0012TYZ4KA3U52JMNL8A7KVEdyrel0051315180800Merrick Hungry DogMy dog loves these. Some parts are scary. It would be great to to have a bag offered without the bones and hooves,occasionally there are to many.
396341396341B0012TYZ4KALKX009ADAGL8K. Robinson0021311638400Disappointing!We are huge fans of Merrick treats! However, this product was disappointing. The quality was lacking, as well as substance, mainly non descript scraps too small to be a chew treat, or large pieces of fluff. There was no jerky, flossies, wizzlers, or any pieces/scraps of their quality treats. Just a large bag of junk these days. Hope Merrick goes back to the old style of quality and variety in this value pack, otherwise, this isn't a value.
396342396342B0012TYZ4KA2GTTFYU5OSJUFthreehounds0051301616000Great deal on dog treatsThese Hungry Dog treats are a great deal on quality dog treats from Merrick. There is a large variety of chews and treats in each bag which is perfect for my three dogs.
396343396343B0012TYZ4KA8SFFAQVLJCXRRenee0051299715200Great variety and price :-)We all like fun packs...and it's good to see a made-in-the-usa product with such a great variety and at an amazing price! My dog is never bored...and my cats are jealous! Even at the local store this product sells for $17+.

I like that they put a lot of the "good" treats in, and less rawhide. I would have to say the texas toothpicks are my dog's favorite.

I will certainly continue to purchase.
396344396344B0012TYZ4KA2V3USI7SEL1VWR. Andersen "NatureBabe"0031298937600Roll the Dice or Russian Roulette on Merrick 2 lb scrapsAs a life-long dog owner and avid natural foodie, I have been quite happy with Merrick's line of products, being USA made and really natural. This looked to be like a great choice for a teething retriever mix who will chew ANYTHING! Needing to keep him busy and teeth off the table legs and electronics, a large bag with a plethora of options from Merrick seemed like the jackpot! So happy were we to get it in the mail. I was a bit saddened to see that we were one of the "unlucky" ones that ended up with a bottom of the barrel bag. There were only about 4 decent things for him to chew on. The rest of the bag consisted of more than 20 or so odd bits of 1-2" type "tail" I guess you would call it. I don't even see how a small dog breed could hold these things with their paws to even get a grip on them to chew! Useless bits of bag filler and choking hazard. A couple of puffy ears were a hit, along with 2 (hip) bones with meaty bits attached were favorites. The white rawhide rectangles that were about 2-3 inches by 3-4 inches long didn't warrant his attention I guess, but imagine other dogs might like them. They are so thin (about less than 1/4") and no smell/flavor since they are white and bleached out they ended up being bag filler as well. At $11 with free ship, not a bad gamble, but I now see the price has gone up a few dollars since 2 months ago. I decided to try once more, pay the increased and unwarranted inflated price b/c I love Merrick but keeping our fingers crossed that this bag is better than the first and not so many useless/dangerous (choking hazard size) small pieces. Please don't let me down Merrick!! Especially since your prices have really gone up on this product to boot.
396345396345B0012TYZ4KA1HENP9SV6EEE9Freda0041298419200worth the cost-usuallyI am happy to find a dog treat made in the USA. My dogs have had issues with raw hides so I avoid those, and this variety beg I can get at a local store for $9.99. Aside from the strange looking bleached bone that too often weights down the bag (I cant even find a dog to give it to that will even bother tasting it) my dogs gobble up the other treats. I have 3 different sized dogs, so I can find different sized treats. I supplement their "treat menu" with items from this bag maybe once a day or every other day. But, as with everything these days, seems I get less for the money. Still, I plan to continue buying this.Merrick Hungry Dog 2lb Variety Bag
396346396346B0012TYZ4KA1VHXHB8KZV3PXBen Hansen0011296086400Worst Amazon Purchase EverThe description says Flossies, Texas Toothpicks, etc. It was just a bag of pig ears and snouts, that wasn't even worth the price paid.
396347396347B0012TYZ4KA1A8GHRWHEKEZJInaru "bibliophilia"0041291507200Big varietyThere are always several treats both my dogs love (one's a Lab that loves almost everything, the other a small picky mix). Anything they don't like goes to their dog-guests.
396348396348B0012TYZ4KANAE0ABID4ETMDonna M. Mortensen0051286928000Great for aggressive chewersI have two labs. Both dogs love the variety of chew treats in every bag. I love the cost.
396349396349B0012TYZ4KA3HTPFYDJSPF3Xav0051274659200A hidden gemThis is the best value pack for big chewers. Considering that a single bully stick from Merrick can sell for almost $10, this is a great value! All from Merrick, but apparently this pack is a collection of irregularly cut things. It may not be pretty packaging, but you can't beat the value, and you're still getting ears, tails, and the occasional knuckle. Our dog is big on chewing, and this will keep him distracted from the shoes.
396350396350B0012TYZ4KA3NZA33L2UDQNSKaty Kat0051238889600The dog loves these!This is the dog's favorite treat! I keep treats in different areas of the kitchen. When he knows that it is time for his treat, he walks over to where I keep the Hungry Dog bag, not where the other treats are. He loves them!
396351396351B0012TYZ4KA1GXXM3NK880CLM. Hinderberger0051238544000LOVE THEM!!This product is a FANTASTIC assortment of chews in all different shapes and textures. No two bags are exactly the same. Our dog LOVES them! She knows that when we get the Hungry Dog bag out, she's in for a REAL treat! Plus, they are made in the USA!!
396352396352B0012TYZ4KA1N386S7VQFG3XStrummin Stacy0031236729600what is that funky smellI bought the Hungry Dog super value pack from my local feed store. My dog loves the treats but they smell like a rendering plant. Some kind of puffy pig ears ears instead of the dark leathery pig ears I am used to. I am not sure this is how they are supposed to smell if so let me know. my dog loves the puppy plate by Merrick a lot.
396353396353B0012TYZ4KA3EGHMES7U169SZar0121236038400'Texas Taffy' Treats not safe.I recently bought this Merrick assortment bag. My dogs loved the Texas Taffy ones but proceeded to throw them up in splintered pieces shortly after eating them. The rest of the treats seemed okay but I don't feel the taffy ones are safe.
396354396354B0012TYZ4KA253K416AI39WHHope Wicken "ramzb"0531232323200Hungry Dog Super Value PackWas not particulary impressed with this bag of miscellaneous products. My dogs liked them all, however, I just wasn't particulary impressed.
396355396355B000VZNH0OA1F6PDXFPGUSYOD. Ury0051335571200FABULOUS!!!I ADORE this truffle salt. I can't have breakfast without it anymore, eggs just seem dull without it. It's a mild truffle taste, and for people who might be afraid to try it, this is the one. The smell may put you off when you open it, but don't let that stop you, once it hits your food, it turns into a fabulous taste addition to most foods. I love it on meat and vegetables, and it's incredible on burgers. I cant think of anything I wouldn't try it on. It enhances the flavor of anything it's used on.
396356396356B00478L5T6A31J176KH7ZZEYLalita Tawjareon3451305158400This Tea is Yummy!I've been drinking The Republic of Tea's strawberry chocolate tea for almost a whole year now. This tea makes people smile because of its flavor and aroma. This tea is not bitter. It's totally sweet. You don't need to eat desserts or sweets with this tea because this tea totally satisfies your sweet tooth. I can definitely taste the chocolate and strawberries in this tea. Because this tea is a combination blend of herbs and rooibos/red tea, there is no caffeine in this product. This tea tastes perfect - I don't need to add sugar or milk to it. Besides rooibos, natural chocolate and strawberry flavors, there are cocoa kernels, carob, sweet blackberry leaves, and bourbon vanilla beans blended in this tea. This tea has 36 natural, unbleached tea bags. If you want a unique, romantic, aromatic tea that pleases both kids and adults, then this is the tea for you!
396357396357B00478L5T6A3H7DJ8TDWZTICJulie Holy "bookie book"0041320192000good teaI like this tea and drink it everyday -- I love strawberry and chocolate so this was just a great find -- I didn't give this a five because no matter how long you steep this, it is a weak tea - I love teas of all kinds tea -- and if it was stronger -- it would be great -- It smells great -- you have to try to find out for yourself --- this company makes great teas ---

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