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396361396361B002RZAQ1EA1OJB06YY4N5PPM. McMurtry4451258243200Moist & Tasty, EVERY TIME!I can burn water, but this kit gives EVERYTHING needed for an easy baking experience. I've used this product for years (since'98,'99?) and it routinely produces the most flavorful, moist, quick & easy muffins - you CAN make the bread but muffins ROCK!!! ;)
I always try to order extra kits for later in the year, but I can't seem to NOT use them! Delicious without a doubt!
396362396362B002RZAQ1EA35PEG3BX07UECAli Yates "J's Mom"2251287360000I would give this 10 stars if I could!!!!!!Obviously baking/cooking from scratch is the BEST and I would usually never serve boxed food products to my family (let's step it up moms!), but this stuff is the greatest! I stock up on this every fall when it comes out. But don't buy it here on amazon;it's a rip off. Walmart sells it for about $6 for a double loaf kit.
396363396363B002RZAQ1EA1JBP2PSZT6G6XG. Jordan1151261872000Foolproof and Delicious!I discovered this great pumpkin bread kit in time for the holidays this year. Each kit makes two large loaves -- I used my largest loaf pans and it filled them up. The texture is different from any other quick-bread mix I've tried -- it's moist and dense, like you'd make from scratch. You can put the finished loaves in airtight plastic wrappers and they should stay moist for a long time (provided they last longer for you than they did for me). The kits come with the dry mix, a can of pumpkin and a packet of icing for the top. (I also added chopped walnuts to mine for a little crunch.) Great stuff, and since my grocery store ran out of the kits and I can't find them, I'm going to order a couple from Amazon.
396364396364B002RZAQ1EAR4B84QY9UFPPrlyriser0051346371200Greatest Pumpkin Bread Mix EverI LOVE this bread mix. Libby has a hit on its hands. I have tried to prepare other pumpkin bread mixes when this is not available, and they just don't measure up. If you even think you might like pumpkin bread you should try this. YUMMMMM!!!!! I will be purchasing this again, and again, and again.
396365396365B002RZAQ1EA3ITRENFAP2KSIsparker0011337472000are they on crack????Yeah this bread is good...when you pay $5 for it. NOT nearly anything worth what they're asking. Ok so put down the crack pipe and enter reality.
396366396366B002RZAQ1EA2U1GH207731QVLaFae0051328313600Moist and DenseThis is just what I was looking for, a moist and dense cake with just the right amount of pumpkin and spice flavors. Pricy on Amazon, but seasonal and not available elsewhere. I am going to try some of the pumpkin bread recipes at instead.
396367396367B002RZAQ1EA1HBK1NXCM8NMDGeri Alva "mia"0021323302400ripe offi thought i was getting a deal UNTIL I SAW THAT I COULD HAVE BOUGHT A BOX for $ $ 4.98 at Walmart when they were in season...I was charged almost $10.00 per box...wasnt too happy
396368396368B002RZAQ1EAE6BG3QZ2W3P6jhblkz0051320796800can get it at Sam's Club for under $10 per box!We called Libby's to see where it was sold since Costco no longer carries it. The Amazon price way too high. You can get it at Sam's Club
396369396369B002RZAQ1EA15LF8CYRCRVA1R. Mitchell0051293580800Better Than Starbucks Gingerbread LoafThis is my second year to use the Libby Pumpkin Bread Kit for our family. I had looked for a substitute for the Starbucks Gingerbread loaf in the past and not pleased. The cost of serving it to my large family was too much. So I decided to add 2 Tbls. of ground ginger to the kit mix. I also substituted half the oil with melted butter. Unbelievable!! The taste is the best, most moist gingerbread loaf (better than Starbucks) around. I did not use the icing in the kit, but made a cream cheese icing for one loaf. The other loaf I left plain. All through the holidays, guests would choose the gingerbread over other desserts. Keep offering it Amazon. Some of us live in small towns that do not carry it. If you like gingerbread or pumpkin bread, you will not be disappointed in this kit.
396370396370B002RZAQ1EA1JH397A38PID8Katherine K. "farawayandlongago"0051292198400Fast, Easy, Delicious Pumpkin Bread!This pumpkin bread kit is so convenient, easy to make & absolutely delicious! I first had some recently at the home of a friend I was visiting & thought it was made from scratch. It's perfect to give as Christmas gifts.
396371396371B0002SZG0YA2L1WOY6JOMXCNLynn Poehlman101011100822400Finding the Anchovy in the Anchovy Stuffed OlivesRecently purchased Anchovy Stuffed Olives. It was very hard to find, let alone taste the "anchovy" in each olive. The jar should be named "I wish I had Anchovy Stuffed Olives". Unfortunately I am not being funny. Our Martini group will continue the search for anchovy stuffed olives with substance...
396372396372B000LRILPSA3AI9E6O1UAA89L. Faller ""just another person in this w...1151262908800"THOMY hard to find, easy to use up quickly"I was originally looking for the jar's but the availability in the different mustards was not easy to find. I loved these as they were great stocking stuffers. My husband loves Thomy mustard so I got the mustards and remoulade for him to try. He loves the convienence of the tubes as they are great for picnics.
396373396373B006JGHJ12A1XC3BPLXHHTP5Tanja in CA5541336003200Should call these "Sesame Bars," but they still taste greatThis product is definitely yummy, but the overriding flavor is of sesame seeds (second ingredient). I wouldn't know quinoa was even in the bar if I didn't see the label. But I still love these! I would give them five stars if they had just a smidge less sugar, since I don't think they need it. Also, it's really three thin bars in each package, not one big bar. But makes it easier to portion it out if you don't want to eat it all at once!
396374396374B006JGHJ12A2UHK4OG5URQUSSandy4441326931200Oskri Quinoa Bar, Gluten Free, 1.9-Ounce Bars (Pack of 20)I purchased this without knowing anything about the product. I am very pleased. There are three paper thin wafers in each packet. Very crisp and very light. Almost "peanut briddle" like if you will. Very satisfying and it's going to be my new on the run snack. Will purchase again.
396375396375B006JGHJ12A2PGNLCTL9QXSXcharwoman1141345334400Not as good as the sesame bars, but good for me.I loved the Osrki sesame bars, but wanted to try these as they provide a little more nutrition and saw that another reviewer said they could barely taste any quinoa for the sesame flavor in these (which sounded like a win to me). I wish I could say the same. Unlike the sesame bars, these taste like something you eat because it's good for you, and they are a bit harder to chew and stick in my teeth worse. However, they don't taste *bad* exactly, and they do have more protein, fiber, and calcium than the sesame bars. And I do like that they aren't even as sweet as the sesame bars, since I don't need much sweetness to satisfy me. Unfortunately they also have almost twice the fat and a few more calories, although I'm sure the fat is the very healthy kind.

I get the Osrki bars to have as a small breakfast to go with my vitamins, and will finish these for that purpose, but I won't be snacking on them outside of that much. I may grow more fond of them as the box wears on, but speaking after having had three or four of them, I probably won't buy this flavor again. I'll return to update that if that changes.
396376396376B006JGHJ12A193QA9CLUBD55K. Scott Webster0031347840000Good Quality.......but not to my tasteAll of Oskri's products are all very well made. The only reason for giving this product a low score is because I do not care for the taste of the bars. I love the almond and cranberry bars, but these Quinoa Bars....not so much.
396377396377B004JS44N8A132H5R7SUFQUC. Wood0051322352000Excellent AlternativeI grew up on cafe au lait's from Cafe du Monde. Now I can't get enough of my vietnamese coffee. This is a lighter, sweeter taste and so convenient that it's got my $300 single serve machine collecting dust. Sometimes though I mix the powder with a good strong cup of chicory coffee to really wake up. If you've got a good Asian market in near you the it's probably cheaper there.
396378396378B007FRC86AA3ODGAW5Z2EJ1MKevin Currie-Knight "Education Grad Student"8851260835200Nice Bold Earthy Flavor!I absolutely LOVE this tea! From the minute I first smelled its earthy, nutty scents (with hints of tobacco and leather), I knew it would be a delightful morning tea. I couldn't have been more right. For those who love boldly flavored and earthy teas, this is a must try.

As one who has recently given up coffee (got tired of the jitters and crash), I have been searching for teas with bold and robust flavors, like in coffee. I do not exaggerate when I say that this tea has the boldest and most interesting and complex flavor I've experienced (without the bitterness of many "bold" black teas).

Coincidentally, this tea also has nearly as much caffeine as coffee. As with all teas, though, the caffeine absorbs into the bloodstream at a much slower rate, leaving the drinker jitter- and crash-free. (For the curious, this seems due to the fact that the caffeine in tea bonds with the tannins, making it much harder to metabolize.)

Thus, this morning mate is not only absolutely delicious for its nutty and earthy, yet smooth, flavor, but is great for concentration and energy. I cannot reccomend it enough, particularly for those looking for boldness from their tea!
396379396379B007FRC86AA1SJUG9W4I5ZJKElizabeth Giustina1151335139200Always arrives ahead of scheduleThanks for the quick delivery. My son-in-law does not drink coffee but this is his morning drink. As he and my daughter were coming from California for a visit, I wanted to insure he had the Mate available and he was really appreciative.
396380396380B007FRC86AA1SCJAO0QKTG8NDana C. Jones1141334880000Great morning teaMy Morning Mate is a mix of mate, black tea, and red rooibos. Listed under ingredients are sweet cocoa, chocolate and almond bits, pistachio nuts, macadamia nuts and coriander with warm hazelnut and cinnamon.

Some of the reviews on the Teavana site state that they think this tastes like coffee. It does not taste like coffee but mate has a very distinct taste. Although the ingredient list is extensive, I think it mostly tastes nutty.

I gave it 4 stars because it is not my favorite mate tea-it is a little bitter to be 5 stars.
396381396381B00445K4JYA2WRMO5KKZ5APCHausfräulein4451324857600Great product. Good way to get fiber throughout the day.We drink a lot of tea in our household - several mugfuls a day, which could result in sugar overload if you like your tea sweet, which we do. We use this Splenda with Fiber in black tea, green tea, white tea, herbal teas, barley tea, and coffee.

To give an idea of how much you might need, I like 3-4 teaspoonfuls in a 15 oz. mug of tea. With 1 gram of fiber per teaspoon, this Splenda makes it easier to reach the recommended daily intake of 25-30 grams.

We often have to have our Subscribe & Save shipment moved up because we run out quickly. Our local supermarket (the only one for 40 miles) sells this product for $8 a bag, so we save a few dollars with Subscribe & Save.
396382396382B00445K4JYA1MFERJPS2ODR2Shea3351330992000Tastes Great, a Little Thick, Overall Excellent ProductSame Splenda taste, but more than just aspartame. Fiber is dissolved well and has quite and effect (at least you know it works). Best fiber additive and sugar replacement found yet, just be sure to mix well in enough liquid or the powder may become slightly viscous, this only happens in very small amounts though. Otherwise excellent product.
396383396383B00445K4JYA2DB4QEGPI84UCB J3351323475200Splenda is splendidWe began using Splenda when my husband was diagnosed with diabetes. It has been a great help keeping his blood sugar under control and tastes so much better than other sugar substitutes. It has also helped me lose some weight. We use Splenda almost exclusively instead of sugar.
396384396384B00445K4JYA1P80DQ1QCO68QHide1151338422400WonderfulSo Splenda may not be the healthiest product but I use it so, the fact that fiber was added to this sweetner is wonderful. I dont cook with it but I use it in my coffee about twice a day so this way I get a good amount of fiber. It doesnt taste like sugar but it also doesnt have a horrible after taste like other sugar-free sweetners.
396385396385B00445K4JYA13EX1Y4LMX0C8AMBER0051347494400Yay!Great deal! Great addition to a product that I already use daily. I am totally happy with this new Splenda product. The biggest improvement I could come up with is it doesn't like to mix in a few liquids and a bigger bag would always be welcome.
396386396386B00445K4JYA2GZ0FJHP1T8XYStephanie Davis "bleedin' heart liberal"0051343692800Looks funny, but...... tastes just like regular Splenda. I use it for everything - well, for everything I put sweetener into, that is. It's great for iced tea & stuff like oatmeal, cream of wheat, etc. I even used it to make a jug of Kool-aid & it was fine. It does have kind of a funny look to it, though - it looks like it's just a pure fiber supplement (you know, kind of powdery & 'not quite right' looking). If you have kids or older adults who are picky about the look of their food, I'd do a stealth job & mix it in before they get a chance to see it - they'll never notice the difference in the taste. Once you stir it up, it's clear, so your tea, Kool-aid, etc. doesn't look any different.

I haven't tried it for baking yet - I live in Arkansas and it's been in the 100s for over a month, with small relief days of 'only' 95 or so. I am NOT heating up my house to find out if it's good for cheesecake; that'll have to wait for winter!
396387396387B00445K4JYA123879TGBH5LBCynthia A. Kinney "Organic Farmer"0051343001600Great Stuff!I have been using this for a while now.I use it every day and like the idea that I can add fiber to any recipe calling for sugar. Works great for my low carb diet.
396388396388B00445K4JYA65DFK1MSAFGAChrissyLovesSnacks1511323388800not sweet at all. i wish i had known.I usually by purevia, ideal, or stevia in the raw...for the price this seemed like a good deal. Well, I was wrong. It isn't sweet at all, i mean...of course it is technically sweet but you have to use a lot to make something sweet. I'd prefer to spend more for a product that works better than to get a good "deal" that turns out not to be useful.
396389396389B00445K4JYA1GGYYMXEF2KSLaurens R. Schwartz32131311552000Splenda has not yet been duplicated hereSweetleaf is expensive and weird. So Splenda is the best, way overpriced product so far. The others are not the same in terms of taste or the overall exorbitant cost for all of these products. I also use some cactus juice. If one could travel to Mexico without being beheaded, I'd pick up a lot of cactus items for sweetening, itching, different diseases -- it's a dollar for a quart. Here, we pay a fortune, Also, my wife is part Quechua -- the original settlors of North and South America, so I tire somewhat at the 'American Indian' casino stuff -- so the old Andean medicine works better than our idiocies. Look on the Web. I am second-generation diabetic -- 6 ft., 150 lbs. I know sugar replacements. Splenda does add real sugar for baking; avoid it.
396390396390B000V7N4JQA12WZTC4YJ8ZECEthan D Van Vorst9941216598400It is what it advertisesI can't speak for other states but I can tell you that in the state of North Carolina Texas Pete is an institution. It can be found in practically every non-fast food restaurant ranging from barbecue spots to your local Waffle House, as well as about 75% of homes here. It's a pretty versatile hot sauce (I think it excels on pizza and is made for scrambled eggs). It has one pitfall though. It has practically no punch and is widely considered a "starter hotsauce" for this very reason. For those of us that like our hotsauces to have some firepower that's a bit of a problem since we like the taste, but the lack of fireworks Texas Pete provides usually forces us to mosey on over to something a little hotter.

So it was with great surprise I saw that one of the local supermarkets had this on thier shelves. I wasn't expecting Texas Pete Hotter Hot Sauce to be much hotter than it's predecessor, but I was very wrong. This stuff is *plenty* hot and has the same basic taste as the regular variety. I brought a bottle to work where a number of my coworkers are hotsauce afficianados and after a few tentative splashes onto their foods of choice they all began devouring it so fast I had to bring in a replacement bottle 2 weeks later. If I had to guess I'd say that this stuff rates at least 7,000 Scovilles or so. It's brought some fun back into breakfast!

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