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396511396511B000FA15H2A3AGU9IY4LDG03P. Berry2351228521600GREAT Cracker!Tried these when they were on sale 2 for 1 at Safeway. I did see that the box said whole wheat; but, it also said WHOLE GRAIN (second ingredient). They were delicious! Not just salty tasting without flavor - quite tasty! I'm buying more now from Amazon because of the good S&S price. Great for snacks and with soup. Good job, Ritz!
396512396512B000FA15H2A3TJQQN2IV60TAJujube0051337299200I LOVE these!These Ritz are delicious! They're a nice snack for just about anytime, I usually have some before going to sleep. And my cat goes crazy over them! And what's with all the criticism, whole grain wheat flour is the second ingredient, and it tells you that it has 5 grams whole wheat per 5 crackers. What's so wrong with that? It's better than the regular white paste Ritz. DUHHHHH.
396513396513B000FA15H2AIQHUXY8RRFUJJennifer Abshagen0051292803200Yum Yum!These whole wheat Ritz crackers are awesome- our favorite crackers, actually. We usually buy them a box or two at a time from our local grocery store for almost double what I paid for them on Amazon. I love that we bought a bulk lot of the boxes. We're always running out of crackers! Alas, no more!! Thanks Amazon for the free shipping and for selling great products! The shipment arrived in perfect condition too!! Very happy, and definitely would recommend this to other buyers.
396514396514B005LDVJVKA2C9XE9I8RSKNXJ. Johnson1151325289600Outstanding chocolate !!I was very pleasantly surprised by the flavor of these truffles. They are among THE best chocolates I've had (and I don't like grocery store chocolate much at all...). The milk chocolate has a wonderful light center with crispies in it; the hazelnut flavor in the one in gold foil is very mild- but good; the dark chocolate with the dark chocolate nibs was the biggest surprise. I usually don't like chocolate that is any darker than chocolate chips- but this had a really good deep chocolate flavor, with the nibs being a pleasant addition. I will order these again- for gifts now that I've road-tested them :)

Update: reordered these, and one of the containers was badly damaged/broken. Not enough protective packing materials- the cardboard holder at the bottom was placed on top of the package, so damage happened during packing process- not during shipment.
396515396515B005LDVJVKA15U95M3AWC0O0Sooshi Q.0041325116800Delicious!My father got these as a gift from work & they are absolutely delicious. Very smooth & creamy. There are three different flavors in the package & my favorite became the hazelnut. I would definitely order these again when they run out.
396516396516B005LDVJVKA2L27WOQ39XT0Dchocolover0051324339200Delish!omg i love these chocolates!
they are so good and creamy
and the crunch bits/nibs are a bonus!!!!

definitely purchase these if you are a chocolate lover like i am

all flavors are divine. i prefer the milk...and the hazelnut...and the dark, oh what the heck! I love them all!!!!!!!

received this as a Christmas gift and FELL. IN. LOVE.
396517396517B005LDVJVKA10ETISEXZPFLNDH0121324425600Product came poorly packaged and broken.I have had these truffles before and they are delicious. I was looking forward to give them as gifts this season. However, the plastic containers in the box did not have enough package stuffing and the plastic containers came broken. As a result, I can not use them for gifts. In addition, there was no packing receipt included. Sloppy job of shipping. Be careful who you buy this from.
396518396518B000CCIM74AXFH40F92VUMLS. Lachner "coffee junkie"101051168992000So you want to make Turkish coffee at home?I had been interested in acquiring an ibrik ever since my first cup of Turkish coffee at Dilettante in Seattle. For some reason I never got around to making the purchase. Well, this was the year I treated myself, and I'm pretty happy with my purchase. This set includes everything that you need to start developing your skill with the ibrik. (And it does take a few tries to get it right.)

The ibrik that comes with the set is a nice size for making coffee for one or two, and has a nice brass finish. The coffee samples are fun to play with and a nice introduction to the different ways in which this style of coffee is prepared (and here I mean the different spices or flavors which might be ground with the coffee beans). Finally, the cups are a nice way to serve it and match the size of the ibrik very well.

Tip: I found that I needed to scrub the inside of the ibrik to get it clean before its first use, which would have been very difficult if I hadn't had an old baby bottle brush laying around.
396519396519B000CCIM74AUGUIPJOHZHUSnow Betty "Betty"4451203811200Coffee convertI bought this set as a present for my husband. Natasha sent the set in a great box filled with straw so nothing was damaged. She also included a wonderful explanation on the history of coffee and how to make Turkish coffee. Her writing was interesting and humorous. A nice surprise. The ibrik may not be as fancy as it could be, but for novices like us, it is a perfect starting point. The variety of three coffees was great because we didn't really know what we would like. I am not much of a coffee drinker, but this sweet, rich coffee is an absolute treat. I would recommend this gift heartily.
396520396520B000CCIM74A2QQ9KSQ44QZSEJavier Miranda1251317513600Great Way to Get Started in a New Coffee Drinking TraditionI bought this set a few years ago since I was interested in arabic/turkish coffee, but had no clue about how to make it. The ibrik that came with this set is a very nice brass with a detachable handle (great for the constant moving students have to do...). It is my favorite of the six I have as it usually produces the best foam and is easier to pour and use. The set also includes two very nice solid demitasse cups and saucers. They're not anything fancy, but since they're very thick they give an air of robust simplicity. The coffees that the set came with are also very good, though perhaps not as good as say Mehmet Effendi (which is what I've subsequently taken to drinking). The included instructions are also pretty clear about what measurements you should use and how you should prepare the coffee. All in all, for the price this is a great product and I would highly recommend it to anyone trying to break out of the coffee drinking box. Give it a try.

NOTE: As I mentioned earlier, the ibrik is brass and, as a result, will tarnish over time. A quick polish will get it looking new again, but it's just something to be aware of.
396521396521B000CCIM74APPSD1EWOJL7YTatyana0151281052800A wonderful gift for the coffee lovers!Bought as a gift for my in-laws. They absolutely love it and now enjoy making good coffee every morning.
396522396522B003D39V3SA3HKG15UPUVY8ODavid2251331510400Tasty, with all of the "green" credentialsI'm not a coffee snob, my tastes are not sufficiently refined, but I know good coffee from bad, and this is rich enough to please. Combined with the good price, and all of the green marks (organic, fair trade, shade grown), and I can recommend this coffee without reservations.
396523396523B003D39V3SA2YO8731SKDKLLGoofball1151331596800Great taste and flavor and good for the environmentOur office drinks a lot of coffee and found that we enjoy the coffee more from grinding beans than the coffee cups. We have always used Peets but have started to try other brands and found Tiny Footprint to be a great alternative for fresh taste, aroma and the all important kick of life....

The 3 lb bag is easy to use and is big enough to last the week vs using all the 1 lb bags. The added benefit is the company is also working to plant trees as well in the Amazon region.

Great coffee and very fresh.
396524396524B003D39V3SA1XZH3UPQGH6Q1AnimalRescuer0051349136000Great Coffee!Love Tiny Footprint Coffee. The company has a commitment to renewing the rainforest,
and the coffee they make is great! Got a 3 lb. bag of the medium roast and it arrived
in well-sealed plastic packaging. The flavor is rich and bright, similar to the medium
roasts at Starbucks. Was a little hesitant about ordering 3 lbs. of coffee without
being able to actually sample it first, but it suits my taste in coffee.
396525396525B004FDG3CCA3Z0UYDUEJSJYRahw130051330819200Watkins Cherry ExtractI searched store shelves for a cherry extract and came up empty handed. Forgot all about Watkins, so it was a pleasant surprise to find these. And they shipped right away.
I will be ordering from this dealer again.
Excellent flavor! Very pleased!
396526396526B001M08XA6A1PAGHECG401K1Chel Micheline "Chel Micheline"6651282953600healthy without sacrificing taste or textureThis is the BEST whole wheat pasta we've had, and trust me- we've tried most of them. My daughter, who is four years old and a SUPER picky eater, prefer this over her regular semolina pasta. Not only does it taste really great, it stands up to just about anything you subject it to- overcooking, baking with sauces, being sauteed in oil, refrigeration, etc.

The bionaturae pastas all cook up lovely. And unlike other whole wheat pastas, there's no weird aftertaste or bitterness no matter how long you cook it for. No matter how al dente (or how tender) you like your pasta cooked, this pasta holds up to whatever you subject it to. We tend to like pasta more on the tender side, and the pasta retains its shape, doesn't disintegrate or get glue-y even after 12 minutes in boiling water. Holds on to sauces very nicely. Also refrigerates well after being mixed with sauces.

The Penne Gigate is a nice pasta for everything from baked macaroni dishes to just a quick bowl of pasta with some chopped tomatoes and herbs tossed with it. Also great for pasta salads.

Highly recommended.
396527396527B001M08XA6A143C0DLK90OELFranchesca's Mom5551245283200Best whole wheat pasta and it's organic!This is the best whole wheat past I have had and I've tried all the different brands sold at my local grocer. I have been looking for organic whole wheat pasta for months and didn't care for any of them. This pasta doesn't get that gummy texture that so many whole wheat pastas do. I was a bit nervous to purchase 6 bags at one time but am so happy I did. This is absolutely my favorite and I definitely will order more.
396528396528B001M08XA6ALLFPK4VJC48DArthur Robidoux2251305936000Best whole wheat pastaThis is the only brand I now buy,rated no.1 buy a review I read.Whole wheat pasta is different from reg. pasta,it does take time to get use to but the rewards are:better for you, complex carbs and that alone is worth it.
396529396529B001M08XA6AYGLGNE6QYKN4Mallory Crawford1151304035200perfect in so many waysThis pasta is excellent for hot dishes and cold salads. Although whole wheat, it does not overpower any sauce or other ingredients.
396530396530B001M08XA6A2LW4AKMBVYD92w. jones1151300924800real pasta tasteI read a taste off in the NYT. Having tried several store brands and finding them pretty bad, I tried this. It is really good. It does have a slightly different mouth feel but this is not any problem.
396531396531B001M08XA6A3N6V3L1XFOB6BLady J1151295740800pasta loverI adore pasta and can eat it everyday. I never cared for whole wheat but since buying bionaturae organic pasta I'm a convert. This is great tasting pasta. I wish it were available in smaller amounts. I bought three different shapes, so you know I have a lot. I feel like I should open a pasta store with so much on hand. But rest assured, I will eat it all.
396532396532B001M08XA6AEWK14MXTY8EMKatherine Rutledge4641267488000Organic whole grain pastaThis pasta is pretty good for whole grain, less grainy than most, and it didn't get gummy. I bought it as a healthier alternative to white pasta, and it meets expectations and works pretty well, except in recipes that really rely on essential refined pasta characteristics.
396533396533B001M08XA6A2JIT22OBTD1TCroger Ferraro0051350000000Best whole wheat pastaI use this pasta from everything from baked macaroni and cheese to pasta fajole as well as regular pasta with sauce. It always boils up al dente and the taste and texture is excellent not at all like a lot of the other whole grain pastas.
396534396534B001M08XA6A1RUMTPTXAN5ROValerie Conley0031349308800To sweet for meI don't know what it is but theses noodles have a different taste to them... Maybe like a cinnamon taste? They are not bad but not my favorite.
396535396535B001M08XA6ACDX2DFZKBX2GSomeone0051346198400It's delicious.Good product. It's tasty and it's healthy for you. Great texture compared to other whole wheat pasta. Good amount of pasta in one bag.
396536396536B001M08XA6A2150074LCFKHVTimothy Tranchilla0031342137600tough, but tastes goodfound it a bit tough, but it tastes pretty good - a tolerable variety, but will probably look elsewhere for my next 6-pack...
396537396537B001M08XA6A3PM0WDYFNWORWMfernico0051332806400Organic Pasta for even us picky Italians.I love pasta, generally fresh and homemade like mom does it. Is this as good as fresh pasta? No. But it's close. By just opening up a bag and then just tossing it with your favorite sauce, preferably homemade as well! you get a great tasting pasta that you can be confident is good for you. If I don't have time to make fresh pasta for the kids, I always turn to this. Great product!
396538396538B001M08XA6AMWIKPD78PPN9Ruggii0051331769600Great WW PastaGreat whole wheat pasta for when you need a pasta fix and are trying to be healthy. I rarely eat pasta anymore, but when I do this is the pasta I eat. I've tried other whole wheat pastas and either they taste like regular semolina pasta and have no nutritional value or have some nutritional value but taste like cardboard. This pasta both has nutritional value AND does NOT taste (or feel) like cardboard. Yes it's al dente but it's got a great nutty taste. Highly recommended!
396539396539B001M08XA6A1V5XRLW1P5X6XMichelle Mendoza0051324944000Best whole wheat pastaBionaturae is the best whole wheat pasta I've ever eaten. When Whole Foods stopped carrying it, I started buying it on the internet. It doesn't taste grainy or like cardboard like many whole wheat pastas. It's delicious with a slightly nutty taste.
I highly recommend Bionaturae.
396540396540B001M08XA6A1RHDWTBS8ZDL2jacbee qwik0051313107200great pastabest taste for whole wheat pasta i love it

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