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396541396541B001M08XA6A2013J74HRACB6dk reviews "dk reviews"0231332806400OK But No Substitute for the Real ThingTwo of four people liked the pasta. The two who did not like it will not try it again. So, if you are a serious pasta person stick to the real thing. We love "Barilla."
396542396542B0010EEWP4A24MGA8P8C8W44RighteousHeart222351289347200Oil PullingI use this oil for oiling pulling. It helps whiten teeth, reduce tooth sensitivity, and strengthen gums.
396543396543B0010EEWP4A11PMACA63EH72E. Allen "butter my toast and sugar my tea, h...111151308096000Got this for oil pulling...It is difficult to not eat it because it has such a buttery flavor. Great for oil pulling and LOVE the amber-glass jar (so much better for the quality of the product itself) Word of caution...keep refrigerated because it will go rancid quickly otherwise.

396544396544B0010EEWP4AZUN564LK0JE3Billy5551314057600Can't Go WrongThis product is exactly what I was looking for when I oil pull every morning. And it arrived in no time. Will do business with this supplier again.
396545396545B0010EEWP4A1FF2EY1713B9Hslimdeadprez4451304553600fresh organicWell I received my product in a timely manner.I also been using it for cooking oil, oral ingestion, facial spa mask, and it really is cold pressed so I was relieved it was not a hoax. Overall the products quality is what made me give a 5 star rating.
396546396546B0010EEWP4A2L8W9HQ1WGDSSTim T3351313625600Good oil and fast serviceIt came good and fresh. Bottle is dark colored. But do keep in mind that this is cold pressed oil made from UNROASTED sunflower seeds, so it has some sunflower taste but it is pretty mild and its color is light. If you are looking for more rich taste for salad oil like in sunflower oil made from roasted seeds you would be disappointed.
396547396547B0010EEWP4A1JWN6U5ADSM8OGod bless you1151342051200very good productGot it today, smells good and taste good. Great for oil pulling. I used another sunflower oil which made me vomit often. But this one has pleasant smell, so oil pulling becomes very comfortable
396548396548B0010EEWP4ALTSUFSJS4B7CSherry Therese Steadman "amazon woman"1151340496000Great for oil-pullingI use this oil for oil-pulling. It has a light and quite pleasant sunflower seed flavor and is exactly what I was looking for. The item arrived early too which was a nice surprise. Great seller.
396549396549B0010EEWP4A3VVWK0EWQ3DW8Anthony M1151327190400Nice oilReceived the product exactly as described. Sunflower oil is definitely gives food a different taste than olive oil and other vegetable oils. More expensive but nice for a change!
396550396550B0010EEWP4ADWJ7IJ2QMCADNB1151324944000Great for Oil PullingI picked this up to try oil pulling. It works surprisingly well. I use a small amount (teaspoon)first thing in the morning on an empty stomach and swish it gently in my mouth for 20 min without swallowing. I rinse my mouth out with water afterwards. I haven't been using it long, but I can already tell the difference. The taste doesn't bother me at all, but it might be an issue for some.
396551396551B0010EEWP4A3JIYWZK02Y6KOelena0021338768000no flavor,overpriced for this reason.No flavor, priced too high for this reason.the sunflower oil suppose to have a pleasant nutty smell and taste. i did not find it in this product.
396552396552B0010EEWP4A12KHGVHRWMU4TFull House0051325635200Perfect for WAP infant formulaThis sunflower oil is the high quality you need for making the Weston A. Price nourishing infant formula. Digests very well. Keep in a cool cabinet.
396553396553B0010EEWP4A3QIZJV8GL6DLCW. Seltzer3551276300800Organic Sunflower oilI received this product very quickly and the oil was in excellent condition. I will buy from this seller again.
396554396554B001M074Q0A3JEC1WY2XMXM3Gluten Free GURU131341249603200Finally! the REAL TEXTURE & TASTE of Black LicoriceWow, I'm eating this new amazing licorice as I write this review. The package arrived not 5 minutes ago and I admit I was skeptical. I opened the bag and inhaled an olfactory bliss of licorice, molasses and aniseed oil that brought back childhood memories of when I could eat black licorice pipes from the country candy store on summer days.

It's been soooo long since I had real licorice I nearly forgot how tasty it was. Other companies have licorice gummy bears or circular things that get glued to your teeth and require 14 toothpicks to remove. This Orgran Licorice is close to matching those good old black licorice pipes....not as tender or as sweet but so so very close. It's the first gluten-free licorice to come this close. HIGHLY recommend to anyone in search of black licorice that is gluten-free.

GMO FREE. The only ingredient I wasn't thrilled about was the corn glucose (which I believe is corn syrup) but at least it's GMO free.

Orgran also makes the tastiest Cinnamon Apple gluten free Pancake mix. We bought it while on vacation in England recently and made it when we returned home to the US. WOW. It's just as good as Bob's Red Mill Gluten Free Pancake/Waffle Mix.

396555396555B001M074Q0AGZM539UJ6AZTNatascha6651250985600Thank you!!!Being born to dutch parents, I grew up on Dutch black licorice. I was devastated when I found out they make it with gluten!! This licorice is could be saltier and stronger flavored for my taste buds but then again my fav dutch licorice is the double salt. I have to hide this licorice from my husband so he doesn't eat it all! LOL!!
396556396556B001M074Q0A3MIB6DHC7T0NDJ. A. Kirkham3351256774400TastyI really love black licorice, but I could no longer eat it because of the items used in the manufacture of licorice that usually shows up in the stores. This is very authentic and gluten free. It does come in very large chunks, which I cut into smaller pieces because I was chowing down way too much of this great candy at one time! It is a tasty licorice.
396557396557B001M074Q0A1FFICK21TE5IGcat girl "cats galore"5631296604800Soy based licoriceI found out after receiving the product it is made with soy flour. This is not listed in the ingredients at Amazon's website. Unfortunately I will never order it again as I can't eat much soy without having gastric issues. So on the basis of poor labeling I'm giving this 3 stars.
396558396558B001M074Q0A1Y5HEHLBH5ZQ4sweatpeagal "sweatpeagal"2251297900800Very yummy!Going gluten free was easy except for the fact I missed licorice. This stuff is awesome-- I can't tell it is gluten free.
396559396559B001M074Q0A5RZ882DHJFOMDavid L.1151325894400Gluten Free licorice can taste great!I thought it was impossible. Having gone gluten free, my wife still pined for the occasional treat, and licorice is her favorite. After some research, this one got the best reviews. And I see why. Neither of us could tell the difference between this and regular. Buy it. You won't regret it.
396560396560B001M074Q0A65UWTN0W4Z1ETuppy1151321660800Pretty darn goodMe recently: "Waaah, why does everybody have to make black licorice using wheat flour??"
Me last night holding my 2nd empty Orgran bag in that many days: "Waaah! Why did someone have to go and make such a good GF black licorice??" :)

I'm a licorice-lover whose favorite self-pampering before the Celiac was to binge on a box of chewy Panda brand black licorice. Orgran has almost (not quite) hit the mark. I will admit that I was disappointed when I first tasted it, because the flavor is more molasses than licorice to me. However, it grew on me at black-light speed, and I'm way past "liking" to serious "craving" now. It gives the old jaw a bit of a workout, with its relative toughness, and of course I wish it were less expensive since it is (for me) habit-forming, but it still gets 5 stars because I am so happy to have found a replacement for my long-pined-after Panda (even if I am eating so much I'm bound to "expanda")!
396561396561B001M074Q0A1ZN56A70GEGN7treecopswife1151299369600Gluten free? Really?I never would have guessed that these were gluten-free! This is the first company that I have found that is as close to the real thing as this. These have a really deep flavor--reminds me of Aussie licorice. Perfect chew. So happy to have found this brand! And relatively affordable, considering it's gluten-free.
396562396562B001M074Q0AI6O8ZSTJWB2T2Irish4u1151297814400Fantastic real licorice flavor without the gluten...Licorice was one of the things I especially missed after going gluten free nearly 12 years ago but, OrgraN Gluten Free Molasses Licorice has changed all that. A few gluten free licorice products are available but I found them to be too hard or lacked that yummy black licorice experience...not so for this product. These soft and chewy little nuggets are packed with the black licorice flavor explosion that is reminiscent of a treat I had as a child in the 60's. A shopping mall high end candy store carried a black licorice product that was shaped like a 2' smooth rope, it was heaven for a little kid who loved soft black licorice, and the taste of OrgraN's licorice reminds me of that prized mall treat so long ago. I can sink my teeth into the OrgraN Gluten Free Molasses Licorice yet not feel like I'm eating taffy. To me, the mothwatering licorice taste is also similar to the gluten laden Panada licorice product that I used to enjoy. Furthermore, I like that I can avail of Amazons Subscribe & Save program as it saves me piles of money over my local gourmet store price. My non restricted husband says this is his favorite licorice and we frequently swipe at each other due to my refusal to share...
396563396563B001M074Q0A1JN2IEV89ATKAJ. M. Brockway "Brockway"1151290556800The BEST!! 5* - But Amazon has a problem!! No *So glad I decided to try this licorice! I love it! Simply the BEST gluten free licorice there is! The BEST taste and texture I have found! I have stopped looking as this is it!!

UPDATE: 5 Star Product but No Stars for Amazon. Went to order more of this licorice as I love it and so does the rest of my family. I had been also sending some to my Mother who loves it. So I put in my order, go to check out and I get a message that I have ordered too much of it in the past and that I am not allowed to order it any more!! I felt like a criminal being reprimanded for doing something wrong. OMG.... I have never had a store tell me I had ordered too much of anything before LOL. I think this is unbeleivable! Amazon told me they wanted to allow other customers to have a chance to buy some. If Amazon feels they are selling out of something too fast then they should increase their stock and not take it out on their loyal customers. Amazon needs to order more not tell their customers they can't order anymore. So I found another online retailer that sells it for the same price with free fast shipping.
396564396564B001M074Q0AYYZEO6HWIX2NDeborah Sheridan "scuba mom"1151288051200Gluten free licoriceFor those that are Gluten Free this is an excellent licorice. Full of flavor and always tender never hard.
396565396565B001M074Q0A1ZBV3EK2PIMWRE. Thompson1151286150400Great licoriceThis licorice tastes just like the Panda licorice I used to love. It's very soft and chewy, and it isn't oversweetened. It has the rich flavor of good licorice. I don't feel like I'm eating a gluten-free substitute at all. This simply very good quality molasses licorice. It's a good thing it comes in 4-packs because it's chewy...chewy...gone!
396566396566B001M074Q0A1L1QPV4VH7ZWQMichael Eric White4621292284800I don't see itHonestly, I don't see what all the fuss is about. I purchased 4 bags of this stuff based on the reviews and I'm very underwhelmed. My wife couldn't stomach more than one piece and I only made it through 4 or 5 myself. While the texture is similar, and there is a faint memory of what licorice sticks used to taste like, it's definitely not the same. I found the after taste to be a little sickening and, if possible, the remainder of my order is going right back to Amazon.

No thanks.
396567396567B001M074Q0A2BFZSGVXW1E3Jchivohvoh0051350086400Gluten free licoriceThis was exactly what I was hoping for. Thick, chewy licorice with that distinctive old fashioned flavor. The texture was perfect, too.
396568396568B001M074Q0A35EUCDKZEHUOEShedstheLight0041333324800Hard to find gluten free licoriceTasty but comes mashed together in one big lump, making it not so fun to enjoy, but, it is gluten free!
396569396569B001M074Q0A10KBXK45S8BZOKaraK0051332374400The best gluten-free black licorice ever!This licorice is absolutely delicious. It is not too sweet with a delicious texture and taste. My favorite kind by far.
396570396570B001M074Q0A26D8E0AKVH1E2NewKnees0051331164800The BestThis is the best licorice, I almost have to hide it from myself. Excellent taste and chews better than most regular licorice.

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