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396571396571B001M074Q0A2U4GKRKZFQJUDBessesdotter "threadability"0041325635200Best Licorice - Gluten Free tooI love this licorice--chewy, full of flavor, robust and perfect in texture. Reminds one of the old fashioned black licorice pipes. I am giving it 4 stars because of the price and difficulty in obtaining it. It was on subscribe and save, but it doesn't get restocked often.
396572396572B001M074Q0A3T5BGGZKCUP6WAvid reader0051303084800Fantastic product!This licorice is flavorful, chewy and a real treat, very much like the "real" licorice I remember and have missed. Will definitely be ordering this again - and probably soon, since my husband, who has no problem with gluten, is also thoroughly enjoying it!
396573396573B001M074Q0A36P1ALUJDY628Sheila M. Moore0051284768000The best licorice I have eatenI first had this when I was visiting with my sister (she is ciliac). When she picked me up at the airport, she 'shared' with me some of her licorice. WOW!! I don't ever remember eating a licorice as nice. Most you usually get are really candy disguised as licorice. Well, I couldn't find this back home, so I went on line. I ordered 2 4-packs so I would have free shipping. I absolutely LOVE this. It is so nice to be able to have something that tastes sooooooo good. I shared some with my daughter today and now I have to share one of my packs with her. She loved it also. What a great product - and I have no problem with Gluten. I just like the product and will continue to order it.
396574396574B001M074Q0AT9ZES76SFEB3Broke in Arizona "gap4"0051282348800great licoriceLike most gluten free products, this item is pricey, but it tastes great. Fifty or so years ago, I used to buy a kind of licorice candy bar. I don't remember what the brand name was, but it was a bar of soft , chewy licorice maybe 2"x6"x1/2". This product reminds me of that in taste and texture. I love it. As another reviewer said, it is difficult to not eat a whole bag in one sitting. I have to remember how much it costs so I can ration it. If anyone knows of a cheaper gluten free licorice, I hope they mention it here in a review. For now, this one is great, except for the price (which is maybe 4 times what regular licorice would cost you). Did I mention it tastes great? I will definitely check out other products by this company.
396575396575B001M074Q0A2PSBO01L51DIIGluten Free Gal0051282262400The Best GF licorice ever!I have loved the taste of licorice since I was a little girl. When I found out I had celiac, it was very hard to find things that I really enjoyed eating without the gluten. This the best licorice EVER.
I found it in a store in Connecticut on a family visit and now order it from It is the best because of the pure licorice taste and the texture. They are perfect. The perfect chew.
396576396576B001M074Q0A2EKNSR01KGKB1James E. Johnson "Grand Pop of a World Champion"0051280102400LicoriceA great snack for a person with Celiac Disease.
If you like licorice, you will love this!
It is soft, chewy and delicious.
It is a great gluten free item.
It keeps well in its plastic bag and stays soft and chewy.
It has a great molasses licorice taste and will keep you
coming back for more.
396577396577B001M074Q0A28OM1RWCZ6RPMgf grandma0041275177600Pretty goodI was glsd to be able to eat black licorice again. This product has a fairly strong flavor so a little goes a long way. I plan to try the other black licorice product I have seen here on Amazon but I would buy this again.
396578396578B001M074Q0A1EERRW81B8322Andrew S. Kuzmich "Andrew"0051274832000FANTASTIC!!!!!!!!!OMG this stuff is awesome, my girlfriend has celiac's and is GF and it makes me gluten reduced, we both really missed licorice, and I found this....

I had to order another four bags the first week, it is that good.

396579396579B001M074Q0A2A179BQZPZKF6SnooZQ1241260835200Addictive, Very Good GF LicoriceDelicious, very chewy, good black licorice flavor. It goes down real quick, 1/2 pkg gone in the blink of an eye. Being on a limited budget, I can't afford to purchase this candy too often!

I would give OrgraN molasses black licorice a five star, but that I've reserved for a different brand of GF licorice -- one that has IMO deeper flavour, a more slowly dissolving candy, a somewhat more satisfying overall experience, and more economical.
396580396580B000FDQV00AD2QRU9ZXBQZ1Domestic Gnome5551250899200Pretty darn good...Food snobs, read no further. Caught an Italian acquaintance (from Milan, no less) buying this stuff at the local Stop and Shop and he did not blush or break into hives when I saw him, simply said that it had an authentic taste and was dead easy to make. He's spot on and when you want an easy, tasty, unusual side, it's the ticket. Our boys who are meat and spud types, love it. Not so keen on the preservatives, et al., but doubt that it will be the cause of anyone's death.
396581396581B000FDQV00A1Y39T2CT36YL0Resips5551225843200This is a really outstanding risotto mixThis risotto mix produces an excellent risotto with a wonderful, rich saffron flavor. It is easy to make because you don't have to stand over the pot stirring constantly like homemade, and it still comes out with a creamy texture and properly al dente rice. I have purchased this risotto mix at least four different times. My family likes it so well we go through the box pretty fast. This mix is a definite winner.
396582396582B000FDQV00A1BZKRDRPLAA90D. McGinnis "dkm72"3451282694400Great Product, but Amazon is charging too much at $39I found this product and the Alessi mushroom risotto while living on the east coast. They're both good, and make for quick easy meals. When I moved back to Arizona, I couldn't find these risotto's anywhere locally. Fortunately, I was able to find them on Amazon. I've ordered them several times, getting the packages of 6, of both types, for around an average of $13. But Amazon has lost it's mind charging $39 for the Milanese risotto. You can still get the mushroom risotto for a reasonable price. Why did they triple the price?????? It's got to be a mistake. I'll be special ordering from my local grocery store until the price goes back to normal.

Don't pay $39 for a six pack. $39 should get you 3 boxes, which would be 18 packages, not 6. It should cost the same as Alessi's other risotto's like it always has. You can go to the Alessi/Vigo webpage, they have a store. You can order it there for the regular price, which is exactly the same price as the other flavors.

Someone at Amazon messed up.
396583396583B000FDQV00A27RG19UC0I0SEOrangeSpots "OrangeSpots"0051350950400Real dealI make risotto from scratch and have perfected my technique over the years. Its a point of pride. And I don't mind the time, attention and ingredients it takes...normally. But when this product is basically what I'm trying to achieve, sometimes I just want the easy way! I add some chopped sauteed onions and shaved (real, from a wedge not a can) parmesan, but its fantastic without that. And when I'm making suppli al telefono (rice balls, amazing) this is REALLY what I want. You need cooled leftover risotto for that dish, so when there are 5 steps to THAT recipe its so nice to cut out the 5 initial steps that homemade risotto requires!

This is not a microwave dish by the way, it is the packet of rice and seasonings. Also when I can't get to Trader Joes for saffron this is a necessity, its an arm and a leg at the grocery store. And the grocery stopped carrying this product so I'm glad Amazon came through! Same price as manufacturer's website ($18.75).
396584396584B000FDQV00AXDAGY1W54KTBJames Lee0051344988800Best way to make risotto IMO.. very rich flavor!I love mushroom risotto. I've had it a few times at restaurants, made pre-packaged risottos from a variety of sources, and made it from scratch many many dozens of times.

The porcini mushrooms give it the extra kick in flavor that makes it unique from a lot of the other mushroom risotto's I've had.

A porcini mushroom risotto from a restaurant might cost something like $15-30 per person..
If you make it from scratch, you'll end up buying ingredients for at least a couple dozen servings.. and it'll still end up costing quite a bit.
This package serves 2 people for $1.50 per person, in under 20 minutes

Heres a tip..
While the risotto is cooking, throw half a onion(chopped), and a couple mushrooms (i used baby bellas, thinly sliced) with a bit of olive oil or butter in a separate pan, cook for a few minutes and stir it in with the risotto as it finishes.
It only adds about $1 to the price, but takes the dish to another level.
You can also top it off with some black pepper, some chopped chives or parsley, and maybe some parmesan cheese and you'll have nothing short of a restaurant-quality meal with minimal effort, time, and money.

396585396585B000FDQV00A3DCD22414WLJCMicheleW0041329004800Great flavor and texture from a packaged productI usually rail against processed foods, but every once in a while, I need a little break in the kitchen. That's where this mix comes in. It's got intense saffrony flavor, and good, al dente texture. You can even make it taste a bit more authentic by ladling in hot water or broth in small amounts (true risotto technique), instead of putting the 2 1/2 cups in at once and closing the lid. It will yield a creamier consistency.
396586396586B000FDQV00A220D2275RR2EBChristina0051328054400Delicious quick dinner Length:: 1:41 Mins

I loved Risotto so much that I decided to make another video review. Hope this helps someone :)
396587396587B000FDQV00A2LA7ZWA5YWJ3OD. DeSimone0051289865600Easiest, Tastiest RisottoI used to buy this product in one of the two supermarkets nearby, but they stopped stocking it... What to do? Buy online of course! This Risotto is so easy to prepare (If you can boil water and stir for 1 minute, you can't mess this up) and so delicious it is worth every penny. And, maybe best of all, even with shipping costs, the price is about the same as I paid in the supermarket. Each package makes about 6 servings - try it, you'll like it!
396588396588B000FDQV00A361W8CBLQJA3LPrice Checker0051270425600Do you like to make delicious things with little difficulty?Risotto isn't easy by nature but Alessi makes it seem otherwise. I look forward to learning how to do it the old school way, but in the meantime, I'm always happy with the results of this recipe.
396589396589B001QHRMRUA1VOP8HUX7GDXBE. LAMBERSON3351260057600The best spices!!I have been using these spices for years. They are the BEST for sweet potatoes, beans, etc. Walmart used to carry them. I have to buy them on line now. A great way to use the sweet pototo packet is to use the steam and mash sweet potatoes in the freezer.

ESL, Charleston, SC
396590396590B001QHRMRUA1YSOGY59QBR15Shopgirl "Tami"1151307404800Love these seasonings - can't get them year roundThese seasonings are the best for any type of greens. I use them every time I make collards, etc. and just realized this year that the local stores stock up in the fall and winter holidays and when the stock is depleted - that's it. Now I know where else to get the product. Order plenty to save on shipping. I think the break point was 7 - meaning buying one more increased the shipping but 1-7 was the same amount.
396591396591B001QHRMRUA25616AL354YK6L. Mills0051320624000Good EatingJust what I was looking for. This product makes cooking greens the best meal ever. This product has been hard to finda again in this area and I went to the internet and looked it up and was glad that I did.
396592396592B001QHRMRUA3F7U9K9CXL1GQDisapointed0051311897600Where is it?I like this product very much I can't find it in the stores anymore. Ordered it frome Amazon but I never recieved it.
I got a phone call from the seller saying they sent it, but thats it.
396593396593B001QHRMRUA2HD0MALVQ0ERGR. Houser0051308009600Magic seasoning!This little bag of seasonings works wonders for collards, turnip or mustard greens. Whenever we cook greens for company using Wiley's we always get compliments on how flavorful they are. One bag will season 2 one-pound batches of greens and there is no fat to speak of, other than the 1-tbsp of olive oil we use during cooking.
I'm glad to see that this product is available on Amazon.
396594396594B0030CEPAGA2JDS3VUDCWID3Inchcape Rock5511339286400Wonderful treat gone badMy two dogs USED TO LOVE these treats. Just the right size - not giant (and therefore affordable) but they still took a while for them to chew through. These WERE their favorite treats. And they were healthy and good for their teeth and gums.
But having received a recent re-order, I am now editing my own review and downgrading from five stars to one. THEY HAVE CHANGED THESE TREATS. They are NOT WRAPPED IN CHICKEN anymore. They have some kind of PAINT on them instead of chicken. It doesn't even smell like chicken. This is so disappointing. If you are re-ordering these thinking you'll get the old wonderful Chewritos - you won't. Change is significant enough that I recommend NOT ORDERING. It's misleading labeling. It's NOT a chicken wrap. It is a rawhide wrap that has been dipped in some kind of chemical/yeast/smoke flavor coating.
396595396595B0030CEPAGAM7P2M8B4TXCKvivere5511325808000Now basted not wrapped!This product used to be great and my yorkie loved it. She spent time pulling the thin duck wrap out of it.
Now, instead of duck wrap we have duck paint with some bits floating about. A rip off and misleading. My dog rejected this product and is complaining.
396596396596B0030CEPAGA3BXL1T9ZWXPI1Cape Cod Lady4411337126400Sorriest excuse for a dog treat I have ever purchasedProduct says "duck wraps rawhide treats", sounds great, right? well this is the sorriest dog treat I have ever purchased, and I have purchased a lot of them. First, there is no duck, the item is coated with some brown crusty dyed-on stuff, looks like it is painted on. Then the so-called rawhide is more like a 3 by 4 inch piece of cardboard, folded into thirds. I know cardboard when I see it! My dog likes to lick the brown stuff off, but then nothing. And he even likes cardboard!! don't waste your money.
396597396597B0030CEPAGA17NBMNP9EWLLVCAM3311329004800Product has changed.This product is something that both of my dogs refuse to take after loving earlier version. Quality has changed for the worse. Agree with what Basted noted earlier. Do not buy this product.
396598396598B0030CEPAGA1L3GY35R7RWZ4casey2211326326400Poor qualityThe quality of treats are not the same as before. My dogs are spoiled but they will not eat this batch. Beefeaters has scrimped on what made them good. Will not order them again and will be returning these.
396599396599B0030CEPAGA2QBZBO4PZZ8QTg3scorpio2211326326400Agree with "basted not wrapped"Like others, I ordered this product after Petsmart stopped carrying it. I ordered 3 packages a month or so ago and the treats were fine, my dog LOVED them like always! When I went to re-order, I read the review about the treats now being "basted" with duck flavor instead of being wrapped with dried duck pieces and thought it was weird, because my order was the same. That is, until I received this last order of 4 packs this week. All of them were basted or really more like stained in duck flavor -- my dog, who was usually so excited to get one of these treats, left it on the floor untouched. We are both VERY disappointed -- not at Amazon, but at the manufacturer for changing their product
396600396600B0030CEPAGA3RK1O7DSQMR1Jdianee2211310515200Will No Longer Buy These!Retracted my ringing endorsement of the product from 6 months ago. Like other reviewers, I just now experienced Beefeaters (the manufacturers) switch from an excellent product to one that is subpar at best. Even more insulting is the dramatic increase in price $5.99 to $8.99-$10.99 per pack) for this terrible product. My pug will no longer touch these "duck wraps", the product name is false advertising at best. Previously these rawhides were wrapped with dried duck. Now they are spray painted orange and smell funny. I have nothing against the online sellers of this product. However these sellers should contact Beefeaters and voice concern about losing so many loyal buyers. And the buyers? Well all of us should contact Beefeaters customer service and voice your disappointment regarding the duck wrap product change. Fingers crossed we can get back to the excellent duck wraps of the past for our beloved dogs!

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