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396601396601B0030CEPAGA2N4BCE9CZGLKJMelayna1111347062400Not the same very disappointed ChihuahuaThese treats were my dogs favorite but the company has changed the formula Now, instead of duck wrap we have duck paint with some bits floating about. A rip off and misleading. My dog rejected this product and will not go near the treat.
396602396602B0030CEPAGA3NFZCJI24QAPZMonica Willis1111346716800These are NOT wrapped in chicken anymore!This product has changed from the original that my dogs loved. These are NOT wrapped in chicken as the packaging and product description will have you believe. This is my 2nd attempt to get the old product without success. Evidently, these have replaced the quality product we used to receive. When I opened them I discovered these flimsy strips of rawhide that are now painted with this mystery substance. The rawhide is like very thin cardboard. There is absolutely NO chicken on these. I contacted Beefeaters and they have not responded. This company is advertising falsely and making a huge profit on this garbage!! Save your money and start looking for a new product. My dogs would not touch these!! I will not be purchasing anything made by this company again. They raised the prices on these too, while replacing quality with crap. So disappointing!
396603396603B0030CEPAGA3O5RKJRJ0T9SQTampaBayNola1131277510400Dog loves them but they are very messyMy 1 year old Weimaraner loves the the taste of the treat; however, they do leave a lot of little crumbs everywhere....I usually have to vacuum up the crumbs daily....Aside from that the dog does enjoy them and do last a decent amount of time - just wish they weren't so messy....
396604396604B0030CEPAGA2NIF8GPP77RMVsaraaileen760011348531200Skimpy duck meatI remember these having a lot more meat on them. Now they are just basted with juice. My dog won't eat them.
396605396605B0030CEPAGA3MHYLTKLITXEVP. Leblanc0051335744000my dogs LOOOOVE these!!!I have a dog that is allergic to chicken. It can be very difficult to find a product that is chicken free. Additionally chicken free and she likes it?? almost impossible. However, these chews both my dogs LOVE and can eat without an issue. This is seriously their favorite treat and I can not find it ANYWHERE else these day!
396606396606B0030CEPAGA3HJCSPW9V4IAHSarah Sixon "Cousin Finder"0041325289600My dog loved them!Fast service,great product.Thanks!
Will do business with you again soon.
My dog loved these treats,look forward to others you may have.
396607396607B0030CEPAGA1NV8LD00PWLUSDGG0051325030400Sweet Potatoe wrapsMy dogs seem to like them OK, they have other chews that they like better. Fast shipping, no problems with the order.
396608396608B0030CEPAGA2D7DU82G1RSQAJana0051296000000Great Product!My 1 year old cocker spaniel loves to chew on these wraps! She gets so excited when she finds them! Her "cousins" also like stealing them when they are around. They are definietly a favorite and keep them occupied for extended periods of time. The only down side is they leave little crumbs on the floor...although, Sami always goes back and cleans up after herself!
396609396609B0030CEPAGA2D7DU82G1RSQAJana0051296000000Great product!My 1 year old cocker spaniel loves these! They leave a few little crumbs behind on the carpet, but keeps her occupied for extended periods of time! She also likes the chicken flavor, but hasn't tried the duck. This is a great product and I would definietly suggest these to other dog owners!
396610396610B0030CEPAGA1FM1VS3KCAK7TEwelina13ny0051283731200Maya LOVES theseI do agree with the other review, these chicken tops do leave crumbs on the floor/carpet. But it is well worth it, because my cocker spaniel loves loves loves theses. Biting on the strip keeps her occupied for long periods of time. I would strongly recommend them to dog owners, whether small or big. They will be pleased.
396611396611B002TP7QQUA32DCJHKUG1KALD. Huang0041289779200Really good, but not enough bunchesThis is probably one of my favorites of all the honey bunches of oats cereals. Unfortunately, there aren't very many bunches, which are the things that make this taste really good. Nonetheless, it's still a great cereal and I will continue to buy it once in a while.
396612396612B002TP7QQUAQWU6G2BW583PKatniss Everdeen "Hash"0211269734400You have to try hard to find any clustersI m a big fan of honey bunches, but this one with pecan is terrible. You have to like try very hard to get any bunches. I threw my packet.
396613396613B001JU2W3IA13HRSMJ5TOWEZIrishFire0031333411200A Perfectly Decent TeaA bit of background: I had a mind-blowing, amazing, world-changing earl grey green by "The Teaman" on Etsy. SO. GOOD. The Bigelow Earl Grey Green was good, but The Teaman's stuff was a portal to another world.*

I more or less vibrated because I couldn't stop drinking all the caffeinated deliciousness, so the hunt to find a decaf version began.

This tea isn't bad, but I think you get the idea that I'm stacking it against a rather compelling competitor. I didn't mind the mint, as another reviewer did, and felt it blended well with the other flavors present. The trouble for me was that this tastes like run-of-the-mill black tea, albeit with some additional flavors and complexity. Big kudos for harmony: all the flavors work well together. They just really, really aren't my thing.

The main flavor seems to be the Breakfast Tea flavor. Yeah, they took Earl Grey Green and flavored it with black tea extract. I have no idea why. Black tea is a dime a dozen if you're into that kind of thing, and I'm not. I think my mother would adore this tea: she eschews most flavored tea and sticks to your basic blacks, though she does like Earl Grey.

I will continue my hunt for an excellent decaf earl grey green. I suspect this one is for black tea lovers who want the health benefits of a green tea.

*lest you think I'm a shill, I didn't care for the majority of his teas, but the earl grey green! Oh, heaven!!
396614396614B001JU2W3IA1UG4J8DEG9NVWResearchingMom1211268265600not earl grey!I'm very disappointed with this tea. It is not what *I* call Earl Grey, which would just have bergamot.
It has peppermint leaves, bergamot FLAVOR and english breakfast FLAVOR!
Wish I'd seen the ingredients before I bought 3 boxes of it.

I don't like it even if I'm not expecting Earl Grey.
396615396615B000WFWZPQATA7SI8QPW9T6digitalbeachbum "digitalbeachbum"0011308787200Zero successful seedsI was really looking forward to at least one of these seeds germinating, but none did. I followed instructions as given but no such luck. Seeds looked good, but I believe they were not of good quality.
396616396616B007BSA8OCA2JLEQXZ0LK64RDragana0051346716800Great taste!Tried this flavor first time in France this summer (2012) and loved the refreshing taste of it! The blue and red ones are also very nice, but my fav was the silver one. Too bad it's hard to find elsewhere
396617396617B0060BIWHQA31GLRUVRI6GIDLovinthedarkside0051350604800I'm addicted!Def a cool product. It really tastes like water! I can taste a slight mineral taste if I drive it at room temperature but if its cold it really refreshing and doesn't have a taste at all. My kids love it too!
396618396618B005GX6QN6A33AYVATA17JURAlyssa Donovan Farrell0051341878400Great taste - and gluten freeEveryone in my family loves this chip - from the 2 year old to the 62 year old. Flavor is milder than we though and great with guacamole or by itself.
396619396619B0016L3M3OAFLMRG3T62QGColleen Moak0011348531200NOT BLACK LENTILSDo not be deceived by the picture - these are white lentils, not black ones despite my search criteria and the picture for the product.

In another fun twist, the cannot be returned. DO NOT BUY unless you want white lentils.
396620396620B0047YVKFEA1QF4GY1H0KCWNDi Carlson2341293321600Pastry flour with no pastry in its name.I thought I was ordering pastry flour, which is used for pie making and biscuits. Consistancy is a little different from what I have had before. Is labelled whole wheat flour. Will try a pie in a few days. Smells fresh and comes in small 2 # bags.
396621396621B0001R05KCAAGW8PW2XW6HQTina "momtobjmso"464831168387200Good assortment, not as many "Retro" candies as you would expectI purchased this for my husband as he'd always talked about the candies he used to eat as a child (his parents owned a candy store at one point). While there was a fair quantity of candy, much of it was stuff that's still available today. We were expecting more "Wow, haven't seen this is 30 years!" candies and fewer "Oh, I had one of these yesterday" choices.
396622396622B0001R05KCA1VCOTDOS8WDWZJane McFarlane566021168992000Fun, but disappointing for the pricePurchased this for a friend who often talked about the candy he grew up eating. Most of the contents are "penny candy" still available today. The packaging was cute, but for half the price I could have put together my own simmilar assortment.
396623396623B0001R05KCA2UTLJJWNBL4YSA. G. Corwin324751145318400Retro Candy baskets make a unique gift for any sure to bring back the memoriesHave you ever been walking and heard a song on the radio and remembered something you thought long forgotten? Have you ever smelled something cooking that reminded you of growing up? Have you ever seen something that is so symbolic that you are transported back in mind? Our five senses are the strongest triggers of memory that we as humans possess, and this Retro Candy basket from the 1970's takes full advantage of that to make a perfect gift for the person who has every gadget, trinket, and item they ever needed.

Growing up in the 1970s (warning retro alert) I can remember going to the candy store and picking up some of the items in this basket. Laffy taffy, SO good, bubble gum cigs(probably not the best choice since I later smoked) Lemon and Cherry heads, and of course my personal favorite, Razzles! This basket has it all, and just reading the candy names sent me into a fit of nostalgia. Pixy Stix, Wonka Tart N Tiny, Sweetarts, Laffy Taffy, Bubble Gum Cigs, Candy Cigs, Apple Heads, Cherry Heads, Lemon Heads Small, Charms Sweet & Sour Pops, Sugar Daddy Pops, Atomic Fireballs, Boston Baked Beans, Tootsie Roll Midgees, Licorice Pipe, Necco Assorted Wafers, Bubble Gum Cigars, Wonka Runts, Fun Gum Wax Lips, Pop Rocks, Zotz, Reed's Root Beer Candy Rolls, Classic Now & Laters, Lemon Heads Large, Smile Pops, Jaw Breakers and Razzles Candy Gum. Everything the kid in you still desires, but never had enough dimes and nickles for.

Be warned however, this cool box contains enough sugar to make a rhino hyper, and you run the risk of arousing your co-workers jealousy when you walk in the office with your Neccos and your Razzles. If you buy this for someone else, you will be highly tempted to devour the entire basket, and have to reorder more. There are several other sets in this product line, each with their own unique line-up, but for me, this is the one. What price do you put on memories? For this little trip down memory lane its $26.99, and the enjoyment is worth every penny. Now excuse me while I put in another order...

A.G. Corwin
St.Louis, MO
396624396624B0001R05KCAAU7T7FHD79MESandboarder1121330214400Can we say staleWow thought this would be a Fun mix of candy. Boy was i wrong 90% stale. Makes me think i read the description wrong. Is this candy from the 70's literally. They took the smallest versions of whatever they could find and put it in here. like 1-2 of all the candies. But the candies you can find easily they threw a few more in their. I think the box weighed more than what you get. Being here in Afghanistan i cant just go out and buy candy when i want so i try to get mixes. Found this and was very dissapointed.
396625396625B0001R05KCA2YNQ9H2EEICJ3heidit71051188864000Makes a perfect giftMy brother and I grew up during the 70's, and I thought it would be fun to send this to him for a housewarming gift I didn't get a chance to see the item myself (he lives in another state), but here's what he said in his thank you email: "It really cracked me up and was delicious. They really nailed it with the retro contents, right down to the fake cigs with the pink tips. The wax lips really brought back memories, especially when inserted. It was the first package received at the new address and I was like "what the heck is this?", and then started laughing upon opening. Good call."
396626396626B0001R05KCA3NKOMZO8GZ7M9Kelara81241136160000Brings back memories....This retro candy box was given to me for my birthday, and was a lot of fun to look through! It only received 4 stars instead of 5 because the Double bubble gum pieces were harder than a brick!
396627396627B0001R05KCA1WQBNLET21BEZCeaCea0051347926400we got this today. It was a present for my husband from his sister!Wow! We both went down memory lane! All the candy is really fresh! Gum and Taffee super soft and pliable. Box and packing just perfect! It came with everything and more! Perfect Price! Perfect Gift!
I will buy these as gifts as well!!!! Thank you!
396628396628B0001R05KCA2W47IN3DOXO6VTerrance Carson0051347235200Candy CrateWhen I received this item it was like being a kid on Christmas. I made my way through the packing material to find out what 70's era candy was included. I was pleasantly surprised by many of the items/brands included. Most I remembered from my childhood and some I had never seen before.
396629396629B0001R05KCA1076UA29SK59DJess "The Librarian"0051343779200Awesome... if you get it on sale.I got this set for a single-digit price from Warehouse Deals and, trust me, if you get it on sale, the candy selection will make you MORE than happy. I still question that Dulce de Leche Dum Dums were available in the 1970s, and I think Dip'n Stix were a 90s thing, but there are some other classics in here like Sugar Babies, Freshen Up gum, Pop Rocks, Laffy Taffy, and Necco Wafers. It's definitely a decent collection of retro sweets.
396630396630B0001R05KCAW17OUXVWNNS1Christi C Peterson0051339632000My husband loved it!I bought this for my husband for Christmas and it was a big hit with him and our children.. Everyone enjoyed all the candy ... It also brought back many memories from our childhood!!

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