Amazon Fine Food Reviews

396633396633B0001R05KCA1Z1ABFM1JSC4TRebecca Collin3541209686400Some old faves, but most products still aroundI bought this for my sister's 45th birthday. She liked the idea, but her daughter ended up eating most of the candy. Some nostalgic items but some things are still available easily today. Shipping costs are quite high and "compensate" for the reasonable price of the box. I probably wouldn't order this again, but it is a good (albeit expensive) gag gift.
396634396634B0001R05KCA1VD227UK926KPcg1251290729600LOVE ITTgreat product! i bought it for my om who was a kid in the 70's. she was so excited about ti when she got it as her birthday gift. all the candy was as described, nothing stale! i would definately buy more and would like to try out the other decades they offer
396635396635B0001R05KCA3QUIME0QRLOTDH. J. Crespo-Ferrer "whyteroom"611312108960001970's Retro Gift BoxI am rating the concept of the basket with five stars; however, I am rating the packaging one star. This is a birthday gift. It is customary for most gifts to be a surprise to the recipient. Nevertheless, there is a permanent gold lable that specifically identifies the contents. Some surprise. Inappropriate and dumb. I will have to tape a card over this to preserve the surprise.
396636396636B0001R05KCAMSAKAGEPPAPND. Hostler61251140393600Great GiftMy husband loves candy! I bought this for him for Valentine's day and he seemed to get a kick out of it. When he saw the box from Candy Crate, he was pretty excited. A fun gift for candy lovers out there.
396637396637B0001R05KCAW4QHK4TEHDBGT. Holter91851134518400Retro's 40's basketI received my order very quickly. It is packaged so nice, and I was pleased to find it to be fairly heavy, I was expecting it to weigh much less. It is a gift so I haven't seen what's inside yet, Im sure it will be wonderful. I will write again after christmas! Thanks Candy Crate!!!!!
396638396638B000VLSWI0A1C8HOSYE0WSF3mavric0111333152000Buy this somewhere else. Not from anneeavon!!!This tea is an excellent herbal tea. Love the taste and it's not as weak as most herbal tea is. I used to get it from the Commissary on base but they stopped stocking it so I checked on Amazon. Most wanted to sell by the case but anneeavon sold them in single packages and I swear it said "and free shipping when ordered from this seller" above the "add to cart" button. I ordered last night and opened my e-mail this afternoon to find they charged me $8.49 shipping for each of the 3 boxes I ordered! And the estimated arrival time is a week away! For that kind of money I'd expect overnight. For that kind of money I could have gotten a couple cases and had change. It's probably my fault for miss reading something but just be aware of the shipping charges on anneeavon products.
396639396639B000H25TJSAKMEY1BSHSDG7J. Arena1151255132800Perfection!For me, Old London Whole Grain Melba Toast is the perfect snack when you want a little crunch, but not the overwhelming salt or sugar of chips and cookies. They are great on their own with a cup of coffee or tea, but I love to put just a touch of sugar-free jelly on top for a little guilt-free snacking!
396640396640B000H25TJSA2PB97MVX2XZ1UGail Freeman0051311897600Wonderful CrackerI eat whole grain melba toast daily. It is great with cheese. I have been eating it all my life. It is delicious, has good fiber, and is not caloric. The Old London brand is by far the best.
396641396641B000H25TJSA23SXNJODTIJXCKim Olsen "Kimmy"0031268092800Did the jobI only purchased this for the HcG diet, I got the whole case of twelve boxes and used only two. It did the job as in I used it to snack on, but it tasted like I was eating a crunchy cardboard box. I guess I can feed the rest to the ducks.
396642396642B000H25TJSA33REC3J2JU2ELD. Figueroa0211247961600Deceptive Packaging..NOT WHOLE GRAIN!Big banner on the front of the box...WHOLE GRAIN.

Ingredients: Enriched Flour, Whole Grain BLEND.

What a ripoff. I wrote to Old London and they didn't even answer. They have an entire line of crackers that use this sneaky, dishonest packaging.
396643396643B001NCH08OA1UKXJHS1IXTG1Kindle reader2211322956800Stay away from this companyWe purchased this product and were greatly disappointed. The product did not have the texture or the taste that it should have. We contacted customer service and when they discovered that we were complaining, they suddenly could not understand us and said customer service would contact us. We never got a call back and could not get in touch with them again. Very expensive and no quality. Stay away from this company. We lived in Spain for years and know what this product should taste like and this was not what it should have tasted like.
396644396644B005J0MHIEA15YXLBRH02RCDayna0051335916800My favorite wine!!Love this wine!! tastes amazinggggggg and affordable! cant go wrong with any Rodney Strong wine!!any year...wish I had a glass right now mmm!
396645396645B000ARTNQ0AZSF0L226NFTAStephanie0011320019200Overpriced!I was going to order formula from amazon with the baby food I was getting but realized I can get it $20 cheaper on another site. The product is great though. My son loves it!
396646396646B000ARTNQ0A3LYQHA5TZJIWRAnna J. Bryant0011313366400Your Kidding RIGHT?Great product! I USED TO order this for about $53.00 and some change. But in the last couple of weeks it has been raised to $80.00?!?! Seriously???? THIS is why I give it one star. Will most definitely be switching.
396647396647B000ARTNQ0A1EOK9ZT9FEX1YJ. Kooiker1351272153600Similac is a good brandSimilac is a good brand of formula. My daughter started out on the ready to feed, we tried to switch her to the concentrate, but she was not interested. So we would mix half ready to feed & half concentrate, then she was ok with it. But she still does not like the concentrate alone. My boys drank it fine, but all babies are different. I think it is a good product. I like it better than powder. Powder always seemed to watery to me. My boys never got filled up on powder, but they did on concentrate. Or the powder did not get mixed up good, & they had lumps, not good. Concentrate is easy to mix up & seems to agree with my babies.
396648396648B000ARTNQ0A3ACUDMU5RI1RZEdwin Wai2551154822400Similac's Concentrated liquid vs ready to feedI've tried both for my baby but i must say she reacts a lot better on the concentrated liquid. Somehow when she drinks the ready to feed one she has a difficult time in the restroom. However, when i used the concentrated liquid and mixed with water not only that she can goto restroom without problem but she actually drinks more!!! HIghly recommended, though the cost is quite high.
396649396649B003ZU0SWCA28T6SZ4JGUYNZL. Lewis191951289088000Great ORGANIC seasoning!I have been buying Vogue Vegebase for a few years & use it several times a week for sauces, flavoring for sauteed chicken & veggie dishes...just about anything that needs a little 'zip'. I keep it in the freezer & use a spoonful or two at a is a powder & spoons out just fine.
396650396650B003ZU0SWCAO7EM9CGE117FC. Norris101051299715200Great Seasoning!I really love this seasoning. I've used it for about a year and quit all the others I'd tried when I found this one. I love that it's so low in sodium. The more you add, the more flavor you get - without the salt. I hope it's soon offered on Subscribe & Save - I'll love to have a standing order.
396651396651B003ZU0SWCA6N8YJNAGKS50Troy9951304035200Works Well in a Variety of RecipesIt's worked well in all the recipes I've tried, which vary quite a bit. Considering it's 12 oz of spices, it'll last me a long time as well. I would highly recommend this to anyone, regardless of their cooking expertise (I'm a novice myself).
396652396652B003ZU0SWCA2WQ4FT0CMDSUIProfane Poet121341292112000Not 100% OrganicThis is an excellent soup base product, healthier than many on the market. It tastes wonderful! One of my favorite vegan soup bases, it also doubles as a seasoning powder (excellent to use when baking crackers). The only reason I didn't give it 5 stars is that it's not completely organic - the oil used and a couple of other ingredients are not organic. Would also be great if the jar wasn't plastic.
396653396653B003ZU0SWCA3EJT9WMDJZUI3Naomi7751317168000I like itSo at first I was put off by the smell b/c it reminded me of ramen. However, when I boiled my seitan in it, amazing! I am no going to get the other chicke/beef-veggie seasoning. Perfect for vegetarians like me!
396654396654B003ZU0SWCAUA64NVDBDFD1Robert D. Vickers6651319414400MMMMMM goodGreat product. We have used the 4oz size for a long time. The 12oz is a better value. We use this product in a varity of dishes. It makes home made soups and other dishes taste great without being over powering.
396655396655B003ZU0SWCA26M5O53PHZTKNDebs "peanut"2251346803200Excellent flavor and healthyI am very careful these days what I eat due to a recent diagnosis. One of the things I watch is MSG - read some reports on it and you'll understand why. Everything in my cupboard had MSG in it. This does not. The risk is always, "Will it taste good?". MSG adds a lot of salt and what the brain reads as flavor and sometimes removing it can seem like a reduction in flavor. Not so with this product!! It is so good - I use it wherever and whenever I can. I am finding that I do not have to use very much so it goes quite far. I now have the chicken, beef and onion flavored versions and they are all good. MMMMMMM...happy tummy!
396656396656B003ZU0SWCA17JEFWFN77B5Lluvcats2251336780800great vegetable baseThis vegetable base is pretty awesome. It's very low in sodium, has great flavor and actually has ingredients I've heard of and can pronounce! I'm vegetarian and am able to replace beef and chicken base with this vegetable base without compromising the flavor. The low sodium allows me to adjust the salt flavor to my liking. I've tried other bases and this one has the most versatility and best flavor.
396657396657B003ZU0SWCA1RLLTUBCFQV22Paula the Gourmet2251333324800Instant dissolving, multiple usesA low sodium cook's faithful companion.The flavor is mild and clean. It dissolves instantly without lumping. I use it as a base for gravies and sauces, rather than as a broth (which I tend to make from scratch). I sometimes add a tiny bit dissolved in water to my cat's food, since she prefers her food very moist.
396658396658B003ZU0SWCA3D4VYPFBI08Ccincinnati Jake1141335916800lower saltI like the product but you will have to taste it to see if you like it too.
One star off because it is overpriced.
396659396659B003ZU0SWCA20ULWV75Z6ME2Robert L. Whitaker1141330732800Good product - hard to find.This product doesn't seem to be available in the Columbia SC area, but the price was ok at Amazon, the product was good, and it arrived quickly. I was a little concerned that the use-by date seems to be closer than I would expect. Luckily, we use it often.
396660396660B003ZU0SWCA1ZK87ONRJTIL0Cindy Chandler "Ever Growing Herbalist"0051349481600Excellent quality nurtitionThis is an excellent soup base for those who are looking to have a nutritarian diet. The fact that it doesn't contain a lot of sodium and has all natural ingredients just adds to its benefits. It mixes in easily and I would highly recommend it to anyone. It tastes good as well.
396631396631B0001R05KCAZ518HWKJL0XDP. Stocker "pammyjean"0041331164800No wax lips...My sister sent this to me and my husband for our birthdays, and chose it because of the wax lips in it! We loved those as kids! But, alas, my box did not have them...
396632396632B0001R05KCA2ZR98FYIWVUB5Karen Moran "bird lover"0051326326400vintage candyMy grandaughter is always asking what kind of candy I had growing up and what kind her parents had

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