Amazon Fine Food Reviews

396661396661B006U3ZZGAAP1LA94AYVSY4Sound Investor1131340755200Used, but Amazon covered it.The jar of curd arrived with the paper seal torn (not just torn, 1/2 inch missing - see photo above), the jar was sticky and there were sticky fingerprints on the lid. When I opened it there was no suction from a seal. It's obvious to me that this jar had been opened, used, then returned and re-sold to me; either that, or someone in shipping had a bad case of the munchies. Since it would cost me more in time and gas to return it for a refund, I'm writing this review. I'll buy the lemon curd the next time I'm in a town with a Trader Joe's. At the time of purchase the seller was Delanotradingcompany and fulfilled by Amazon. ***An Update: a few days after writing this review, I got an email from Amazon apologizing for the problem. Since the jar of curd didn't come from Amazon, they couldn't replace it, but they refunded my money. Very impressive customer service, Amazon, thank you. Since the curd itself is a good product, I'm raising my rating from one star to 3.
396662396662B000FCDAS2AI2N4W51LS987Cheryl E. Spellman2251264550400Delicious Apple JellyAt first I had a hard time finding Apple Jelly. Then I found it on Amazon with the Barry Farm. The Barry Farm Apple Jelly is the best apple jelly I've ever tasted. It's not too sweet and not too tart. It's just right. The best part for me is that this product did not trigger my migraine headaches like so many other products because of artificial flavoring and coloring. Barry Farm uses natural ingredients. It is simply delicious. I highly recommend this product to all apple jelly lovers.
396663396663B000FCDAS2ACR18UOUZQJFSw r rodgers0011343952000Not what I expectedI've had some trouble finding apple jelly as of late. I was encouraged when I found this on Amazon as all my other food purchases on here have been great. I thought it was pretty expensive as jelly goes but decided to order anyway, big mistake. The jelly was separated into a lot of liquid(very sweet) and a little jelly(very bland), needless to say I am still looking for apple jelly.
396664396664B000FCDAS2A2YVIJCYIZX91JD. Smith "video expert"0011327276800Overpriced!Grossly overpriced product! For the price, it should be organic. Very weak flavor, appears to be highly diluted! I'll never buy any of their products again!
396665396665B000FCDAS2A3NVNHJ1SJW080E. Vanketel0031325548800Not so much.............I've had so much trouble finding apple jelly for sauce recipes ( in this case a spiced ham sauce) that I was delighted to find one here on Amazon! Unfortunately, the flavor was pretty soft and bland.....not particularly "apple" flavored, and it was also runny....... which is odd for apple, which is very high in pectin! I'll have to keep looking.
396666396666B0029JU348A3ARWXNPHVQP1BCherryLynn182251295049600Makes the best rolls and cinnamon bunsThis product is extreemly hard to find at our local grocery stores and I was so pleased to have found it here. I ordered this a few days before Christmas and it arrived in plenty of time. Thank you.
396667396667B0029JU348A18BM7KIHVAFYRP. Wolf0011343088000BAD FOR PIZZAI used this mix for pizza dough and was terribly disappointed. The dough was much too soft, wrong consistency for crust, and the taste was just "off" for pizza crust. I do not know about this mix for other baked goods as I only tried it for pizza.
396668396668B0029JU348A315S3F1NHG7Y8cdromm0051324684800Love it!! You can make lots of things from these!I love these! I made the best pepperoni rolls ever
using this mix. They bake up perfect every time.
I was very surprised when I looked on here again
and Amazon didn't have them. I do hope they will
carry them again.

I made some chorizo-pepperoni-cream cheese rolls
using this mix, it was really tasty! You can put
anything in the rolls, or you can serve them plain
they are good either way. Always perfect!

Amazon! Please bring back these rolls in your inventory!
396669396669B0029JU348A19KP8ZTRSHR45Sammy0051322438400Glad to find it hereI have used this product all my life, not just for Hot Rolls. Glad I could find it on Amazon because no supermarket carries what they call "Specialty Mixes" anymore. My family will be happy to have Christmas Stollen and Fastnachts again.
396670396670B0029JU348A31N6KB160O508Fran W.0051320883200Can't be beat!!This is a terrific roll mix. Easy to make, delicious to eat. Have used this for years. Great price on Amazon.
396671396671B0029JU348A1Z722W57RMOGRJudith A. Jeselskis "BambiKat"0051293926400best box mix ever!i live in a town that sometimes the stores carry what i want and need and sometimes they don't. for the holidays i always baked these hot rolls, but this year could not find them. so naturally i went to and sure enough, there they were! and they are absolutely fantastic! try them! :)
396672396672B000RHVHO4A1Q3CX02RSQVKQuicky0041323216000Angie's Gourmet pequin peppersThe peppers came quickly and were very well packaged. Did not feel as if I got taken on the shipping charges. The peppers are great! I didn't give 5 stars because I didn't feel as if the peppers were as hot as they should be. I used to get them from my Dad in New Mexico and his were hot with a capital H. So, I don't know where these were grown but that may have something to do with it. I will buy them again as my Dad is deceased and that option is no longer open.
396673396673B000EEX12GAR3PB5C7WK6Y7Roy6651274486400Plain are hard to find locally, so I've taken to ordering them by the casePrice is reasonable, but I mostly rate high because I get what I want. I don't want frosted and that is what the stores seem to carry the most of. Got frustrated and started ordering these online and have been very happy ever since. Freshness is not a problem, these are just as fresh as what I get from the store.
396674396674B000EEX12GA2Q6W3F92O0VUOEddie H3351196812800Mmmmhmmm....toasty... (Sue me, toasted sub food chain)Like the previous reviewer, I love slapping some butter on these strawberry-filled goodness(es) as they come out of the toaster... Perfect combination.

I also enjoy them just the way they come out of the packets. Having no frosting means a heck of a lot less sugar. Not exactly healthy food, but definitely not as unhealthy either.

Accept no imitation, either... There is just something about these pastries' taste... They got it just right. You just can't replicate it! Thanks, Kellogg's!
396675396675B000EEX12GAZV26LP92E6WUM. Hammond "ColemanFlGuy"2251307923200Delicious!the product arrived undamaged. they are fresh and delicious. the price is good and it is nice having them delivered to my house. i really like the unfrosted pop tarts the best. i think the crust or pastry shell part is really good. they are worth a try. i am happy that i tried them out.
396676396676B000EEX12GAJXQV79DY4755Catherine E. Wiggins2251302393600Poptarts are for Grown-ups, too!WHO?
I am a 54 year old gal with 4 other adults and 3 children in my household.

I bought a case of strawberry unfrosted poptarts.

These are my husband's favorite poptart - nice for a fast breakfast or a quick sweet fix. Great with a glass of cold milk or a hot cup of coffee. I thought these would last for months.

1 - PACKAGING: Poptarts are 2/pack and 4 packs/box. The individual packs are a silver plastic-like material but there is no labeling; if you mix packs of different flavors there is no way to identify the flavors.
2 - PRODUCT: Poptarts are like thin biscuits with a sweet filling. Some have frosting that makes them extra sweet. They can be eaten hot from the toaster or right out of the package. They are not good for purse snacks as they can be broken or squashed easily.
3 - PRICE: I forget the exact price, but with free shipping and a discount for siging up to automatic delivery, it beat the grocery store by far!
4 - SHIPPING: This order arived in 3-4 days, which was faster than I expected.

Yes - without a doubt.
396677396677B000EEX12GAQZKKNNG6GWKVAndrew Kutz2251210723200You Know, Pop-Tarts Aren't Actually Tart...They're Kind Of Sweet!Very good little things...pop them in the toaster and put a thick layer of butter on top. It's pretty hard not to enjoy!
396678396678B000EEX12GA26AS80LD679WXJ. Zumba "Jules"3441254096000Good but too manyI needed a good breakfast alternative to plain old cereal. Pop-tarts are pretty good alternative.

The only problem was that this option was for a 12-pack. That was too many for my family. But other than that, the taste was great and they are portable...can't really ask for more.
396679396679B000EEX12GAH30EP1IZ79Q7M.Mano "Sherman"4651164412800unfrosted delightsRemember when you were a kid only the rich kids ate Pop Tarts?Well who knew you could buy a 12 pack for so little?Do the math,that is 96 Pop Tarts.HOOO HOOO.Try them lightly toasted with real butter slapped on the top.The cool part is they come right to your door.Stay in your PJ'S and stare out your window for the mailman.Your two servings of fruit and your good to go.
396680396680B000EEX12GA30QIRX0TROA6AJonathan Green "defrocked cultural anthropolo...464116078400096 TartsWhat caould be more healthy than leaving off the frosting? This simple pleasure needs frosting like a car does. Why, clean-topped pastry is almost like eating a salad. But it's still a Pop-Tart. A clever ploy. I can't wait to get my case of these so I can sit down for an evening of TV and chow down. Hmm. Maybe I should double my order.

A finer desert, I cannot conjure!
396681396681B001EQ5FRWAEZWKLWTAYWZYKatherine E. Metts "katie metts"3341197590400Ireland's Lyons Pyramid TeaI was introduced to Lyon's Tea while in Ireland in January 2007. After returning, it was hard to find locally. Amazon has provided a way for me to get this great-tasting full-bodied cream and sugar tea. It is a favorite of my 20 year old son who makes a cup to take with him to school most mornings.
396682396682B001EQ5FRWA3PQEI8HF3ER45Dorie from Maryland2251181001600Great Breakfast or anytime tea....It's a delicious, malty black tea. Even better with sugar and milk. The "pyramid" bag is easy to use and brews quickly. If you drink tea every day, try this one!
396683396683B001EQ5FRWA16UAMOHZTWH51Doctor Who "learning is life"1151198368000Real Tea :)Well one of the best you can get in the US. All you need now is boiling water and real milk!
396684396684B001EQ5FRWA14LMUB6Y0Y854Kathryn M. Meyers "Celtic harper"1151193356800Lyon's Irish tea bagsThis tea is not expensive, but is the same full-bodied brew you get at a good Irish B&B. m-m-m.
396685396685B001EQ5FRWA3M8Y43PRUE90CElsie A. Keehan0051351123200Lyons TeaI have been enjoying Lyons tea since my first trip to Ireland in 1995. I have had friends and family bring it to me when ever they came over. I also purchased it and brought it back when ever I went to Ireland. It is a blend of teas and has a wonderful flavor. I am so glad to now be able to buy it on Amazon so I am never with out it anymore.
396686396686B001EQ5FRWAIZ0P42ZNV8E9E. Burns "mrsjburns"0051324944000Love this teaThis is by far the best black tea blend out there, got hooked on this 18yrs ago from friend from Ireland.
Good with cream and nice little comfort in a cup
396687396687B001EQ5FRWA2X9IQII5MOOGSangela brown0051303689600Lyons Pyramid Tea, Original Blend, Tea Bagss, 80-Count Package (Pack of 3)I LOVE this tea!!!! We go to Ireland every year and since the first time we went I have been addicted to it. The only place I can get it is online and this is the best deal out there!!!! If you are a tea drinker, try this once and you can join me for meetings at Lyons Tea Anonymous!!!! You will be addicted too. ;)
396688396688B001EQ5FRWA2HXB57SO2IAFYB. Peters0051246233600delicious teaThis tea from ireland is really delicious. Not too strong, and mild on the stomach. Has that good flavor of British tea .Try it with milk.
396689396689B001EQ5FRWAOAP4ZYQGN48BDebra Dyjach0051246233600Lyon's TeaGreat cup of tea. My friend purchased this tea in Ireland for me a few years ago and I've been ordering it ever since.
396690396690B001EQ5FRWA34GVEI2CK7WAKErin James0041210291200If you like real teaI very much enjoy Lyons Original Blend tea. Lyon's is a very good, robust, satisfying cup of tea. It's strong enough to get me going in the morning but mild enough to drink in the evening. Always good. I've found the best prices here at Amazon.

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