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396751396751B000E4ARAUA22Z554ZQ8NFPCAF "Whigs"1151290384000Good stuff, but not super chewyI tend to like very chewy jerky. I'm looking for a lowfat, high-protein snack but if I'm going to add something like jerky to my diet I can't have all the usual chemicals and such. So, this product is an excellent price and as far as I'm concerned it tastes great, but it's a softer jerky, almost exactly like Pemmican. Part of the fun with jerky, and why it's such a good snack, as far as I'm concerned, is that it takes awhile to eat it. THis is easier to eat, but that's not a huge deal, really.

Overall, I'm very satisfied with this product. The "consume within 3 days of opening" seems a little odd to me, considering it's a 1 lb. bag. I keep it in the fridge and it's lasted several weeks without an issue. Tastes great without all the bad stuff and it doesn't cost an arm & a leg, which is what I was looking for.
396752396752B000E4ARAUA20LZ1K0QS3RNSAndrew C. O'meara1151244937600So goodI'm not sure why people here review this brand and flavor so poorly here. A good part of me thinks it's because they're so used to the chemical taste and artificial flavorings of the big brands (MSG laden jerkys, or loaded with flavorings and preservatives).

Anyway, back to the jerky...

I work out, run, and teach cardio kickbox classes weekly and without lots of serious, natural protein, I will feel it within a few days. Without exception, every other brand of jerky I've tried either uses MSG or contains so many preservatives I feel sick after eating enough to fit my needs. Stay away from World Kitchens -- tasty but MSG loaded.

So if you're eating real amounts of jerky, give ANY of the Golden Valley jerky products a spin for a few weeks and you'll feel a night and day difference. Also check out my other review for more.
396753396753B000E4ARAUATHGA4EWDNI9HKate the Elder1141164067200Even better than the teriyaki flavor.This brand is properly cut across the grain, so it's fairly easy to eat, and the flavor is distributed through the cuts, rather than sprayed on. It made a pretty good stew meat after long cooking as well, though it had to be broken into small pieces to rehydrate.
396754396754B000E4ARAUAUEK6KM2T5XZ5W. J. Regotti1131151280000High quality, but too sweetHigh quality cuts of meat that can often require putting a little jerking into the eating of your jerky. Extremely sweet for "original flavor".
396755396755B000E4ARAUA222XNVJGMJVO4C. Hofstetter3411162512000poor quality beef jerkyThe meat was poor quality. It was very chewy--not tender at all--and many pieces were gristly, so we'd wind up having to spit wads out since no matter how much you chewed, they'd never break up. The taste was okay, but a bit too sweet for our liking.
396756396756B000E4ARAUA1GNV1E3YOVKX0Kenneth Bellew3441152576000Mixed resultsI ordered a bag of this when it was first listed as a low carb snack. It was the most tender and tasty jerky I've ever had. So, later I ordered another. That one was okay, but it was more chewy than the first. Overall, I'd say it's good jerky. I just hope if I get a 3rd bag it will be more like the first.
396757396757B000E4ARAUA22ZPUMAI5UDSTFrankie4611157241600nastyi was tricked by the other reviews. i've only tried the sweet and hot and that was terrible. probably the worst tasting beef jerky i've ever had. i decided to try something new this time around, that was a mistake.
396758396758B000E4ARAUAHZIZFAR0BCUEG. Sheikh "Gene the book machine"2311178150400worst jerkey i have ever had!this jerkey is possibly the worst i have ever eaten....the texture is very thready and dry...I tried giving some to my dog and he wouldn't even eat it!
396759396759B000E4ARAUA3D7FUBG14QWKXLinda2311156636800Nasty stuffI didn't like this jerky at all. I read other reviews and decided to try it. However, the bag I received was very soft and sweet. I realize that it's called "sweet" n' spicy, but it wasn't spicy at all. The sweetness was overpowering. I prefer at dryer jerky also. This was so soft that you could bite right through it. I'm used to jerky that is tougher.

I know I'll never purchase this brand again.
396760396760B000E4ARAUA2O2GWL36JTRO2nuthatch0041345334400sweet tasteIf you like jerky to be somewhat thick cut, moist and sweet, you will probably like this. The quality is good, but if you prefer a drier, not sweet jerky, I would recommend Shelton's turkey jerky.
396761396761B000E4ARAUA1R1LPSGVYR7YWmosoblkcougar0031344988800DryMy pack was very dry. The flavor was ok, pretty bland. Overall I would rate as a below average jerky. Wouldn't buy again.
396762396762B000E4ARAUA1CHF9VHRDTTO5Steve0051337644800That's what i'm talkin-boutI made a mistake on the other review, I mixed it up with a differnt brand. I received a bag of this jerky today, I have just ordered another package.
This is the best beef jerky that I have bought off the market However, the Hi-Country brand from Montana is just as good, only that brand has preservatives.
This natural beef jerky, in my opinion, could not be made any better. This jerky has a sweet and a mild spicy flavor with the right amount of bite.
The beef has the right chewability. I like this jerky so much, that it is hard to explain in a written review. You have to know JERKY to concept,
what I am saying. I would give this product and the company 10 stars if I could. That should explain it. I ordered this jerky one day and received
it the next day. Order yourself a package, then you will see what I mean.................
396763396763B000E4ARAUA17DV9WNAC761BThomas Jefferson0051316390400Best Beef Jerky on AmazonI've tried a lot of the beef jerky on Amazon. This is definitely the best. Big bags, very tender. Will purchase again.
396764396764B000E4ARAUA11HCLDO4PJIDQMichael Coleman0051313107200Awesome!This is great beef jerky. Low in salt and it has a great flavor. Plus...Its the cheapest jerky on amazon. I love it!
396765396765B000E4ARAUAI967UBDMM2XCBrittany0041309651200Excellent quality and priceLike other reviewers on here, I was looking for beef jerky under $20/lb. I was also quite impressed by this product's claim that it lacks MSG, artificial flavorings, nitrates, and preservatives. I decided to give the sweet n' spicy variety a go, and I was quite impressed despite the lackluster reviews. The texture, I must admit, lacked consistency; some bites were tougher than others. Overall, however, the flavor tasted great and the quality of the beef was apparent. If you're looking for inexpensive, natural beef jerky, you can stop your hunt right here.
396766396766B000E4ARAUA2ULKSP3FZ3H24Dr. Alaska0041301270400FantasticThis jerky is the soft, chewy style. Though it is listed as Sweet'N'Spicy, it's quite a bit more sweet than spicy. I doubt even the most sensitive to spice would consider this spicy jerky. It's tasty, it doesn't have any nitrites, MSG, high fructose corn syrup or anything else that's terrible for you. It's also affordable. The only reason it didn't get five stars is that it's not an outstanding and amazing, one-of-a-kind flavor worthy of five stars.
396767396767B000E4ARAUA3R1KAHVYACKLDDan0021294444800Not so muchI have purchased this beef jerkey before and it was very good. This time, the two bags had alot of fat and most of the pieces I couldn't even chew. It's too bad because I used to like it.Thanks
396768396768B000E4ARAUA3SL8MESVHQ28QJ. Yang0021263772800Okay jerkyI buy this jerky because it's all-natural. The taste is great but the quality of the meat is just okay. Half the pieces contain what seems like cartilage or tendons or some stringy thing I'd rather not eat and some pieces are ridiculously tough. For the price, it's not really worth it.
396769396769B000E4ARAUA2KC5PWHVSX6MKSlater Solomon0031240790400Just OkayI am not a beef jerky expert, but I was not overly impressed with this product. It seemed to me that some bags were better than others and that there was some variance in the product quality. I will say that the jerky was better than anything you will find at the gas station.
396770396770B000E4ARAUA1VQACX8UDJVIKBarry Basden "camroc"0031217462400Way too sweetI'm glad this is processed without all the additives of other brands, but it is too sweet and not spicy enough for me. It may be okay for other folks, but I won't buy it again.
396771396771B000E4ARAUA2YFBB6DKXBZU6C. McCauley0041175472000Good Stuff!This is good Jerky! The Jerky police will not come because the original formula has a sweet taste to it. It is probably their own "original formula". The pieces are sized right. I give it a Texas style yeee haw!
396772396772B000E4ARAUA31Y5NDRB1WV0KStephen Hong0021171324800Too sweet for its own good.Way too sweet and poor texture for beef jerky.
396773396773B000E4ARAUA293909FFRG9X5ili0031168473600AverageI like that it's all natural and contains no preservatives but it's a little too sweet.
396774396774B000E4ARAUA2ZH6CUAFMSQHFI. Rosier "Cyber Critic"0041163376000Golden Valley Beef JerkyVery fresh and tender. Had a nice texture and flavor. Eat within the first week of opening or it gets stale.
396775396775B000E4ARAUA2BAVASOIHZ0FBAmerican Express Optima1221162425600BEEF JERKYThis beef jerky had little flavor. I order alot of jerky and this was one of the worst.
396776396776B000E4ARAUA26C3Q4CA1Y14VWazutiman2411161993600Well, bluntly put.If you are a fan of peppered beef jerky then you are probably not looking for something sweet. More likely you prefer something spicy. This is not it. I think this is one of the worst tasting peppered beef jerky i have tried. Way to sweet, but if that is what you are looking for, then go for it.
Ok, I hated that beef jerky. It was gross. I dont think you will like it. I dont reccomend buying it . Enough said.
396777396777B000E4ARAUA57Q87B0TC9IJDerek G0121279670400I want to like this, but I can'tNo MSG, no hormones, no antibiotics, makes for a great purchase in my book. So why only two stars? Unfortunately, after giving Golden Valley a chance with both this and their Sweet N' Spicy flavor I couldn't make myself enjoy the taste. The texture is strange, it reminds me of chewing cube steak. You know it's beef but you also know it's a little too chewy to be steak. It's possible people who like their steak rare may enjoy the chewy texture as it's not too tough as far as beef jerky goes. Plus, something about the flavorings they use gives the meat a sour, almost rancid taste. I'm guessing it's the apple cider vinegar as it reminds me of fruit or apple juice that's turning bad. They need to improve their flavors before I try them again.
396778396778B000E4ARAUAIVJ4ZDNGL1O1Gloria0131253232000Golden Valley Jerky OrginalIf you are into hiking, bike riding or traveling. I don't recomand this beef jerky. First once you open the package, you must keep it refirgerated. The instructions say "for best taste use within 3 days." It is good, it is tender, but again the down fall is keeping it in a refrigerator. You are better off going to your nearest Wal-mart or Target, etc. and pick up one of the brands they carry and forget about refrigerating and eating it in a hurry. I hope this helps some of you from ordering to much like I did, I order 2 lbs, and sorry I did.
396779396779B000785OAGA2W9E4E0UGSVTFRachel "Mrs. Cole"1111338854400They sent me product that was past its expiration dateI ordered this as a Christmas gift for a New Mexican living elsewhere who loves red and green chile. What I got was something that was probably a delicious product but it was PAST the expiration date listed on the jar. I contacted them and never heard back. It was like they took my $30+ and didn't give a flying fig what I got for it. VERY disappointing. If they had done right by me I probably would have ordered regularly. I do not recommend this company. They do not appear to be honest or care about quality or customer service.
396780396780B000785OAGA3L82EAZ2PVZDESnuggles D. Rabbit "Puppet God"0051280361600Can't live without this chili sauce!I live in New Mexico where chili is put in almost everything from jelly to stews to Mexican food to cookies. We love our chili and people are passionate as to which sauces and salsas they prefer. I have tasted a lot of chili sauces in my lifetime and Pueblos Roasted Red Chile Sauce is my absolute favorite jarred red chili sauce. I buy this stuff a dozen jars at a time when the weather starts to turn cold, it is a must have for my quick posole, my stew and a wide variety of foods that need that extra "kick".

Use this on your omelets, in your hash browns, add it to stews, mix it into your burger meat or make some awesome chili beans for that cold winter night when the snow is falling and you need something to warm you up.

Be creative and enjoy a wonderful product.

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