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396781396781B002T5PXOWA2EKWDE67FHNT0Kevin M. Kendall "trauma"0051311206400Pinocchio OrchidThe company was very kind and has gone ahead and replaced the orchid which died 3 weeks after arrival. Good customer care.
396782396782B000LTTBW8A1MRQZH1CGSJ44Amazon Shopper "lotsoblots"3311242345600Horrible Oolong TeaThis tea is advertised as premium tea and it possesses a modest price tag, however it is the absolute lowest quality tea you can purchase. These are not tea leaf fragments and I'd hesitate to even call them tea's flavorless dust with a musty dirty odor. $19.99 has resulted in 198 tea bags in the garbage can. Cheaper supermarket tea far surpasses the quality you will find here. Beware.
396783396783B000LTTBW8AN3Z0KQXUTHHQDhalsim2451189814400Very GoodVery good low caffeine oolong tea. It has a great tase and its easy going down. Packaging was excellent with air-sealed foil wrap inside, insuring the freshest possible tea.
396784396784B000FIAWVEA2UMSCRZ5BZ0C3hopharveyhop111151207872000Best Beans Ever!!!I eat all kinds of beans as they are a main source of my protein intake. These rank up there as one of my top three favorite. Fast and easy to make and they taste terrific. I like to cook these in vegetable stock, really gives it extra depth to the flavor.
396785396785B000FIAWVEA3K7BOU296HSASSteve Hommer111151168819200No Fuss - Great TasteThis product is very easy to use and is ready in five minutes. The hardest part of the process is cutting open the package. Freeze dried beans in all flavors are far superior to canned. They have the same great taste of homemade, are rich in flavor, fiber and ease of cooking
396786396786B000FIAWVEA2345BDKVRS4RJMichelle8851203638400Excellent!Honestly, these beans don't look so hot in the pan. Kind of look like a thick fudge sauce. However, everyone who has tried them absolutely loves them. They aren't even in the same league with canned black beans and have a smoky, sort of sweetness to them. I also like the fact that you just add them to boiling water and voila!! you have something special.
396787396787B000FIAWVEA1FP5ZLSKR07SUG. Burnick8851182124800Better than cannedI don't mind canned beans, but these are better, and I like the varieties. I got all three of the Santa Fe varieties available and my review is the same for each -- easy to prepare and yummy! Forget the cans and maintain these in your pantry. I use them for dips, for nachos, for a sidedish, instead of meat in lasagna, and whatever.
396788396788B000FIAWVEAKJFAIGUZPDE5Mary B.7751149465600Delicious Black Beans!I love black beans and these are delicious. Much better than canned. I am so glad they are available in a resealable bag! I make the amount that I need and put the rest away. Quick and easy.
396789396789B000FIAWVEA28MTZDW4H9NC6Amazonuser6651289865600As good as my mom's.I have to say that these beans are as good as my mom's home made. At first I wasn't sure how freeze dried beans would taste, no regrets. These are the best I've had and I've had them all! My recipe for them is: I heat up the water, add a tablespoon of olive oil or maybe bacon drippings, then add ground cumin to taste, garlic powder to taste, chili powder to taste, and onion powder to taste. Once it's all boiling I add the beans and mix until I get the consistency I like. Take it from someone who grew up on Mexican food... these suckers are good! Don't skip the oil part because the oil carries the flavors better. Also, no need for salt.
I don't get the southwestern because they have partially hydrogenated oil or something like that.
396790396790B000FIAWVEA198UX2FCPAMYTCheryl Landers7851167782400Great ProductDehydrated beans are SO much better than canned. Very easy to use. You only add water. They have no "canned" taste.

I highly recommend this product.

396791396791B000FIAWVEAENJBZSAD6ARYRPP "RPP"3351325376000better than cannedThese are fabulous after a slight alteration -- I shake out about a tablespoon of salt with a strainer while still dry. Then they're just like homemade in about five minutes instead of hours. Good enough product to please a Mexican husband who can cook!
396792396792B000FIAWVEA348IT6M7H8A67Bufster33351272758400Wonderful product, vegan, gluten free, convenient, natural and healthy!I love these Santa Fe Bean Co. Instant Fat Free Black Refried Beans! Good price too! Quick cooking, just add to boiling water and simmer for 5 minutes, stirring a little. Add whatever seasonings you like. I add chili powder, ground cumin and ground coriander. Use your imagination. Great as dip or with rice. Add to whole cooked black beans or add to black bean soup recipe. Delicious!

What a healthy, delicious, easy way to have black refried beans fast. I just wish they would print directions for making smaller amounts rather than only for making the entire package at once. Other than that, I have no complaints.

It would be great if Amazon had these on Subscribe & Save.

5/2010- Update: I checked Santa Fe Bean Co. website and it mentions that you simply mix equal parts bean mix and water to make whatever amount you want.
396793396793B000FIAWVEA9OA3820POKVYMelissa Metz "Mo Metz"3351240876800The BEST!!!!!This product only gets 5 stars because 6 is not possible! We use these black beans with all sorts of meals, and spread on tortillas as a base for quesadillas. They are DELICIOUS and so easy! The best part is BLACK BEANS AND SALT are the two ingredients, no worries about junky preservatives!!!!!
396794396794B000FIAWVEACT9UD0755D6NDestiver3351205107200Darn tasty!It's already been said over and over, but these are SO much better than canned. I honestly can't eat canned because they taste so bad but I love these! The best part? They're ready in like 5 minutes :-)
396795396795B000FIAWVEA2US8FSCBF0J8XK. WILSON3351201564800Love these beansI can't say enough about these beans - from the ease of preparing to the taste when eating. I have bought both these and the black beans and have a slight preference for those. I make burritos with them and they are so much better than the store-bought cans.
396796396796B000FIAWVEAPX38OL5RONWAEBK3351191715200Outstanding refried beansI discovered these beans about a year ago and have not bought another brand since. They are really good in other food or simply by themself. If you haven't tried them you must.
396797396797B000FIAWVEA140ICK18NAAYRK. Wilson3341157414400Quick, easy and good tasteThis bean mix was simple to use and the taste was very good. I would buy them again
396798396798B000FIAWVEA204906HLJ443EChanteuse2251309824000another happy Santa Fe Bean Company's customerI bought this product for backpacking and camping purpose and did get to try it the past weekend in Yosemite.

Once it was cooked (I added some chicken stock powder, 1 minced Roma tomatoe, and 1 half head of minced red onion), it was creamy and tasty. It was great to eat with grilled sausages and meats wrapped in tortilla flat bread.

I can use half a cup of this product and half cup of TVP by Bob's Red Mill to make a healthy dinner when I backpack. It can be a fast party bean dip mixed with pico de gallo and minced avocado.

At home I saute chopped onion and add half a can of diced green chiles into the pot with the beans. I also use chicken stock instead of water. The result is FANTASTIC! No need to add more salt because chicken stock and canned chile pack salt already. I'd eat it with roasted chicken breast. The drier white meat tastes super delicious eaten with the embelished black beans.

It takes no time rehydrate, offers healthy calories, and is filling. Every cupboard should have a bag or two of this product.
396799396799B000FIAWVEADUPZFIJT04ZPM. McGill2251288569600So easy and so tasty!These refried black beans are delicious, I could eat the whole bag in one sitting if I let myself. As a previous reviewer stated, these take 5 minutes to make. The package is resealable so you can make a small portion and save the rest for later. Unlike when you open a whole can, you don't have to eat it within about a week. I think the flavor is a lot better than canned beans as well. They taste salty to me but in a good way. I usually mix refried beans with salsa but with these I didn't have to, they are good on their own. The one thing I miss is a few occasional whole beans in the mix but there are some bigger chunks in the package (it's not like a puree). I felt silly buying dried beans in bulk but I will probably do it again and sample other Santa Fe products. Thumbs up!
396800396800B000FIAWVEA39ZWNAI7NQN90lottie2251288310400Santa Fe Bean CompanyThe first time I used this product I loved it. Easy and quick to prepare with an excellent taste. I prepared some seasoned steak tips and mix them with the Santa Fe beans. It was great as a soup or poured over a baked potato with cheese. I plan to keep this product in my pantry. An excellent food.
396801396801B000FIAWVEA32PPUZQEHC749Robo "camp mogol"2251265932800musical fruitOh man this product is sooo great.
Now making some re-fried beans is guick and easy and they really have great taste.
I take the packet hunting and devide it appropriatly form a small amount of beans with my dinner.
Works GREAT!
396802396802B000FIAWVEA1J84K8GYMQAXLRobert C. Baum "Ark Prof"2251250467200Wonderful beansI prefer to make beans using dried beans, but these instant black beans from Santa Fe simply cannot be beat ... fast and easy, of course, but wonderful flavor, creamy with texture and so easy to prepare. Not like home-made, but absolutely love this product. Great for breakfast with eggs, onions, jalapeños or serranos and hot sauce or salsa. Great for tacos and carne asada, too.
396803396803B000FIAWVEA12ENBT314RFXRP. Gray "The Gluten Free Assistant"2251246060800Gluten-Free Vegan and Delicious!These beans are a must for any college student, anyone on a budget or anyone who just wants good refried beans. There are two ingredients in these dehydrated beans and they are extra tasty with a little cheese or salsa stirred in while making. The package makes three meals worth for two people, but there is no instructions on the package for making less at one time. I just use a little under 2:1 water to beans and it turns out pretty good.
396804396804B000FIAWVEA35HVXQLD526SGCatlady100 "Catlady"2251237075200Very surprised and delighted with the productMy husband and I have purchased Santa Fee vegetarian refried beans at the store, but we had never tried the black refried beans. All of a sudden the store we were purchasing the vegetarian refried beans from stop selling them. So my husband found them at amazon. com and on they offered two kinds of refried beans so we decided to try both the vegetarian & black refried beans and we are so glad we did because now the black refried beans are our favorite.
396805396805B000FIAWVEA14XWJALRHDAVBLee2251189468800yummm!These are so much better than canned and easy to cook just the right amount for 1 meal, so less waste! I prefer to use less water than called for. Great for nachos or a side dish for a mexican meal.
396806396806B000FIAWVEA1N0RZIVQ6A5AJMinnesota Mom1151307750400Yum!I buy these beans all the time. They're easy to prepare either on the stove, or individual servings in the microwave. They taste better than canned.
396807396807B000FIAWVEA21FJ8CIZXSA8YPatti Cake "basschick"1151299974400Delicious and Fast to MakeThese beans taste great, and they're very fast and easy to make. I just through 1/4 to 1/3 of a cup of the dried beans in a measuring cup with a little more water than beans. Heat them for a minute, stir and if you need a little more water, add it then, cook it for 40 seconds and you're done. Great for a single burrito with rice, lettuce and guacamole, nice for bean dip, goes well with greek yogurt or sour cream.
396808396808B000FIAWVEA38RA208KIMQ4XKaren1141287273600Need something with less sodiumI love the beans don't get me wrong. I just need to lower my sodium. If the sodium content was lower, I would give it a 5 star rating. I am a registered dietitian and think that the product could be modified with less sodium.
396809396809B000FIAWVEA2SUK3FCPZWMRZGinny Bates1151281484800Excellent productGreat product to have in your pantry for a quick side dish or the basis of a bean/cheese burrito. We like to sauté a little chopped onion in oil before adding the beans and water. SO much better than canned and, of course, quicker than cooking a pot of beans from scratch.
396810396810B000FIAWVEALKFCXEGANET8cassandra1151234396800Better than canned!I enthusiastically recommend this product. It takes only slightly more time to prepare than canned, and I find it tastes much better. One caveat -- you might want to use slightly less water than the amount in the instructions.

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