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396811396811B000FIAWVEA2RAQEAWNGVE3Gsearchlight750041350604800Good flavor, long storage life, and very convenient.I keep this product on hand and also ship it to my son who is a college student and needs convenient and nutritious food. I recommend this product and the same company's instant pinto refried beans.
396812396812B000FIAWVEAXAJL2EO2D9UVDoug0051350432000Nearly as good as home madeWe have made our own refried beans for years, and it was a pleasant surprise to come across the Santa Fe black refried beans. They are almost as good as our own, and when you factor in the time we save in preparing them they are probably better.

We prepare a lot of traditional mexican food in our home, and we have substituted these beans for our home made beans on many occassions and received great reviews from friends and family.

The other thing we love about the beans is their shelf life. We have bought numerous boxes and we actually include them in our emergency food storage.

They are quick and easy to prepare, taste great, and are less expensive on Amazon then in the local grocier. I highly recommend this product.
396813396813B000FIAWVEAU8S7EGRQHO0SPatoz "Amazon Customer"0051347580800Love these beansMy sister got me onto these beans which I cannot find anywhere else. They are so good, not to mention how convenient and easy they are. It's not a problem ordering them since I don't mind keeping a supply on hand.
396814396814B000FIAWVEAYL2GUZYVM7JHPatience A. Pecoraro "skin guru"0051346630400The best beans ever. Higher in FIBER! and ready in min.I bought these on clearance at my local grocery store and fell in love. They still carry the pinto beans but no longer the black beans. I love the black beans to make a delish black bean soup or chili. All of the Sante Fe Beans are great to make dips with beacause you can alter the consistancy so much easier. I too have tried a ton of beans and prefer natural beans or dried. These are at the top of my list. I seriously can't say enough good things about these. They are super fast, great to take to work, hiking, anything. Also wanted to add that the fiber is higher in these than in most canned beans, which is a super bonus worth noting.
396815396815B000FIAWVEA3L4MGUGFRNK0Javahh0051343779200Santa Fe Black BeansMy family loves these beans! Easy to store, quick to make. A staple in our pantry at home and at the lake.
396816396816B000FIAWVEA1C6X76H0K9D1CCoto "H.K."0051329177600As Good as Home-Made if not better.I have been using these beans, refried and black beans for several years. The company split into two seperate companies but the products are virtually the same. My wife was born and raised in Mexico and she and her brothers and sisters have tried these beans and they thought they were home made. They are light years better than the terrible canned refried beans. I can recommend the fat-free beans becasue you cannot tell the difference between the fat-free and regualar.

They could not be easier to make. You bring 2 1/4 cups water to a boil. (More or less water depending on whether you like your beans thicker or thinner).Dump entire package into boiling water and lower heat to a simmer. Cook for 5-7 minutes according to your preferred consistency. Serve. That's it. I can promise you that you will like these as much or more than home-made refried beans from any good Mexican restaurant.
396817396817B000FIAWVEA2XK4LG0HYBY5Xsboyle0051325635200awesomethese are just as good as made from scratch but a lot easier to prepare. Same great taste! These will become a staple
396818396818B000FIAWVEA36US4LDM5BLGFDale Ray Gardner0041314662400Instant comfort foodThese beans are the backpackers best comfort foods on the trail. Light, easy to prepare and delicious. A must for all light weight backpackers kits.
396819396819B001140E5AAJM15PS35R5V0C. Furches "jcfur"1151322784000diet teaThis product tastes great, works to aid in digestive processes, and must be used cautiously to aviod unwanted results. Overuse can cause diarrhea.
396820396820B001140E5AA1FSSSG3YKGA0JNancy Mitchell0041299974400Good product!I admit, I haven't been using this as religiously as I had hoped, but so far, I am quite happy with this product. The taste is very subtle, so if you like a stronger tea, you might want to add a small amount of sweetener. I would purchase this again!
396821396821B000E1HW0GA33P7CVPGAGS2TA. Villarreal "saramy2000"4511215043200Worst taste. Bring back the old.Kraft changed the bottle and taste. My kids and I don't like it and now I am searching for the last remaining bottles to buy before looking for another Catalina dressing. And it won't be this one. Why change a good thing?
396822396822B000E1HW0GA3TH7OFIO3UENQSoCalHome1111229817600Horrible Job, Kraft!Update of 05/20/2012:
The photo on Amazon features the "New Taste" Catalina product (carefully examine the label), yet the title line for the product includes the word "Classic" in the product available from the 'Ozbo' supplier. Be very careful about what you buy. Some time ago, Kraft finally relented and brought back the 'classic' Catalina after lots of negative commentary about its "New Taste" Catalina formula.

My Previous Entry:
I purchased a bottle of 'new' Catalina dressing at our local supermarket to try it out. What a disaster! DO NOT purchase this 'new taste' product if you are expecting the traditional Catalina dressing.
396823396823B000E1HW0GAFCPE7Y34ATB9B. Senseney "BB"1111224288000New CatalinaOMG... what did you do with the most delicious-tasting Catalina that you used to have? Changing the Catalina dressing has to be the worst possible thing that Kraft could have EVER even imagined doing, most less actually doing it. The new taste is AWFUL! Please bring back the old and completely rid yourselves of this new, disgusting so-called dressing. If you want a new dressing in your line, just name it something else; DO NOT change the existing one that so many people LOVE! The new name for this should be Spiced Castor Oil!!
396824396824B000E1HW0GA2LP1ZP8E7UQSCDoug1111224201600Kraft has really messed up this timeI threw out the "new improved" stuff and went to a local restaurant supply where I bought a gallon of the old stuff. I broke it down into smaller containers and froze it. It thaws perfectly. Too bad there are no negative star ratings.
396825396825B000E1HW0GA2L2QN68VKEF1PTrevor E. Lingo "Trevor"1111223510400good god why?Why has humanity taken a step backwards? This obvious overstatement is a reflection of what I think about this "new taste". The dressing has lost everything about it that made it good. I love salads and this is the only dressing I use on them. Its going to be a difficult struggle to find something that will replace the old Catalina; yet it is something that must be done because this stuff is horrible. Kraft, may god have mercy on your soul.
396826396826B000E1HW0GA3IT8RX8R7WKZXM. Stuber3451250985600Swimming Against the Tide! We Actually Like This Dressing!!Well, I hate to be the "Lone Ranger" here, but we actually like this dressing. I had completely forsaken the old traditional Catalina because it contained high fructose corn syrup. I was THRILLED to be able to buy Catalina again and not have to make my own (which while good, wasn't exactly the same). What a drag when you eat taco salads as often as we do. To be truthfully and brutally honest, I can't tell much difference between the old and the new. I think there had been some "formula" changes down the road because in later years, the Catalina didn't taste the same as I remembered in my earlier days. Sorry if this offends all of you bashers out there! I was very pleased to be able to purchase this conveniently through the Amazon Subscribe and Save program.
396827396827B000E1HW0GA333Q2TFYF0W1EL. M. Edwards "Irish Nana"2311243296000I hate the "new" Catalina!The new Catalina dressing is awful. The 1st time I bought it I thought it was bad & took it back to the store for a refund. I no longer buy Kraft dressings on a regular basis like I used to. Now I buy other brands as they go on sale. So much for Kraft caring what the public thinks. They might as well take this product off the shelves as it appears by these posts that they are not selling to many.
396828396828B000E1HW0GA1AW39KJZZ4YFCboilermaker12311240876800New Catalina is NASTY!What a bunch of wankers @ Kraft. They destroyed the best salad dressing of all time.
396829396829B000E1HW0GAXA9CQ8ULTZ5WF. Todd2311233619200Not for me!I used to be a loyal Kraft Catalina customer, but since Kraft decided to change the formula, I will no longer purchase it. I have been using Marzetti's Honey French which is great (IMHO).

PS: Kraft also seems to be ignoring irate customers on it's forum.
396830396830B000E1HW0GA3TAS1AG6FMBQWJeri Zerr "formerly a Road Rarrior of the Nth...0011350259200Kraft needs to drop petroleum derived food colors such as FD&C Blue 1, causes extreme GI issuesMy husband recently came home with yet another bottle of Kraft Catalina Salad Dressing laden with toxic substances. I had to dispose of the slightly used bottle after consuming a very healthy salad then living on the toilet doubled over in severe abdominal distress.... buyer beware. A waste of money and a waste of several unpleasant hours on the toilet on an otherwise gorgeous fall day.

Kraft, please stop including petroleum derived food colors such as FD&C Blue 1 from Catalina Salad Dressing (and other Kraft products) since blue 1 is known to cause many adverse reactions including extreme GI issues- nausea, vomiting, diarrhea and much much worse.
396831396831B000E1HW0GA1GYVU4YLMJH4LMajor Fan0051288656000Tangy Tomato label!!!!This is THE best salad dressing. I've had Catalina, as well as Sweet Honey Catalina and liked them both very much. However I am obsessed with Tangy Tomato Bacon....the new Catalina. I've been a fan for over 7 years. When I moved to Manhattan I had to have friends and family ship this salad dressing to me, since it is the only way I will eat a salad. Not sure why Kraft decided to change the name of Tangy Tomato Bacon & get rid of the old Catalina.......and honestly don't care since they made the right decision in keeping this flavor! Love it, Love it, Love it! It's seriously DEE-lish! Finally Kraft did something right and finally I'm able to buy it at Food Emporiom (or Amazon when I don't want to wait for restocking)! Thanks Kraft! (wink) :)
396832396832B000E1HW0GA1CC8BIUMIT3YTWest Coast Big 10 Guy0051281139200Classic is BACK!Thank goodness they switched back to the old formula. What were they thinking. I stopped buying it a while back and my spouse bought some on accident. I was about to throw it away, but I hate to waste food. To my surprise it tasted good! They call it "classic" now. Some marketers ought to be fired over that one.
396833396833B000E1HW0GA1FDSB49OSS3V6Sharon "bobbi1"0011220572800The "NEW COKE" of salad dressingsThe original Catalina is the only dressing I loved. I have carried it to restaurants who did not offer it! The new Catalina is so digusting I threw it away . (I offered to give it away but one taste and everyone said no thanks) I can only hope Kraft realizes they have made the same mistake as Coke did when they came out with New Coke. This dressing is not OK, it is horrible. I would only eat it if I were starving. I contacted Kraft and got the usual line. (taste tested, consumers like it, blah, blah) I cannot imagine anyone liking this. It tastes like vinegar and white pepper.If you loved the old Catalina PLEASE contact Kraft to let them know your feelings. It's our only hope. This is supposed to be healthier....well it can't be healthier if you can't stand to eat it. They could have extended the original line and given consumers a choice. Really I just cannot imagine that anyone at Kraft could think this is even palatable. Thinking of the taste makes me sick. Thinking about never having my favorite dressing again makes me furious.
396834396834B000E1HW0GAJEQC1E39QG3VSterk0011219708800Lousy new tasteThe "New" taste is horrible. They've ruined a really good thing. I will no longer buy it.
396835396835B000E1HW0GA1FTDAV90BYRABmichael kuzma0011216252800Kraft Catalina What Happened?The new formulation of a this standby product is terrible. The taste and smell have lost their zing and freshness. I can no longer use the is product. The only reason for the "new coke" Catalina, must be it is cheaper to make.
396836396836B000E1HW0GA1BNOEA5VH174Qseedeeshopper1211237248000New Kraft Catalina Dressing is TERRIBLE!!!The New Kraft Catalina Dressing is TERRIBLE and Kraft knows it. There are not any positive comments on it anywhere on the internet including Kraft's own website. Everybody hates it! But Kraft seems insistent that they are going to shove this terrible new stuff down your throat! The fact that they are sticking with it shows that it must be WAY cheaper to manufacture -and they are so arrogant - and think that they are so big- that they can dictate to the consumer and not the other way around.
396837396837B000E1HW0GAFP0G307I07F2Michael Miller "Moguls"0111262736000Catalina "Classic" Is Back!We just found "Classic Catalina" at Walmart! Seems they realized their horrible mistake and brought the old formula back in August 2009. I just got off the phone with them about this. Get this - They say the only change is that they went back to artificial preservatives. They said the change in taste is entirely due to the preservatives used. What a bunch of bull. Coke used the same kind of bogus explanation when they brought back "Classic Coke". Hopefully Kraft has learned its lesson. The babyfaced marketing MBA's at Kraft were probably still in pre-school when Coke screwed up. Apparently this was not covered in their business classes.
396838396838B000E1HW0GA2QHJ318EGVKY1D. R. Dayhuff0111254528000What a waste...Once the most popular salad dressing in America Kraft's Catalina brand dressing, once an icon, is no more. From the fake red dyed color to the off and slightly spoiled, rotten smell this "new" version of America's favorite should be avoided. I am certain some 24 year old MBA probably got a nice promotion out of wringing a few cents of expense per bottle this receipe probably saves Kraft. Frankly, and thankfully, there are a number of receipes available that let you make a fine home made version of the original. Try those instead of this product.
396839396839B000E1HW0GA3PTUXJN9UH6G0Mark Aten0111250294400Vile & Nasty stuff!Here is my rant on the "new" Kraft Catalina dressing. It is the vilest and nastiest stuff I've ever put in my mouth!!! I HATE it! I called to complain on their 800 number and the minimum-wage phone jerk told me how they put all their products under taste testing samples and market research. Well, those people they tested must not have any taste buds. Regardless, we don't have Catalina dressing anymore and I don't believe that Kraft is going to listen to us. While this decision is similar to the Coca-Cola disaster in 1985, it doesn't have the same economic impact that the Coke had. Millions of people don't consume Catalina every second of every day like Coke does, so while Kraft might notice some sales declines, I think their stubborn, marketing-minded mentality will keep the new product on the shelves. Too many corporations these days are more concerned with dollars and "new and improved" products than maintaining tried-and-true products with loyal customers. These corporations are being infiltrated with young college graduates who don't know, nor care, about value and time-honored traditions. For them, everything is about dumping the old simply because it's old and not relevant anymore. This is happening in all areas of our lives. Anyway, in my refund check from Kraft, they thanked me for being a loyal Kraft customer and looked forward to my continued support. They are so large that they don't have a clue as to what's going on. The left hand doesn't know what the right hand is doing. I told that phone jerk that I was boycotting ALL products that Kraft makes. I am very angry that they messed with this dressing. I have found an alternative at Wal-Mart. They have their Great Value brand dressing in Honey French and Homestyle French flavors. The better of the two is the Honey French; however, if you combine the two dressings in equal amounts you have a nice tasting French dressing very similar to Catalina. Of course, if you go with the Honey French by itself, it is very similar to the Catalina taste. All that said, the old Catalina had the best balance of flavors and zinginess that I liked. It's so sad!
396840396840B000E1HW0GA1AHCGTESFID8LC. Butler0111249776000Horrible change!Kraft completely ruined this dressing with the recipe change. The new stuff is a terrible, nasty concoction, like the original recipe made with rancid ingredients.

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